Work Example(Testing Report)


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Work Example(Testing Report)

  1. 1. QA TESTING REPORT1. Project Testing background2. Pre-deployment testing results3. Tasks performed by development team4. List of interfaces and pages tested by QA testing team5. List of interfaces not included in testing6. Post-deployment testing results (on test and production environment) a. Steps taken prior to testing b. List of services tested i. Slaves & master database: ii. APIs: dialup_edit_status, dialup_add, dialup_edit_pass, dialup_cancel, dialup_schedule_cancel, webaccel_only_add, webaccel_add,webaccel_cancel, webaccel_schedule_cancel, email_add, email_edit iii. FTP Upload to the server2 iv. Check server2 Download speed
  2. 2. v. Check Ticket in ticketing system vi. Run the xxx Script with test build to test xxxaccel service vii. Radius Log Check: Setup and Remove Dialup, Email and FTP Accounts in billing system viii. Administrative pages : Usermanagement, Usermanagement_dialupusers, Usermanagement_dialupusers_canceled etc ix. Charge a CC and verify it in xxx.netBackroom for CompanyA has been moved behind a firewall (in ABC location)and the credit card info will be encrypted too. This work is done as part of PCICompliance.INITIAL TESTING1. Steps taken before testing:For testing purposes Programmers copied the data from production database toa test database. We went through two rounds of testing in which we tested abc2interface (all links on We tested to make sure thateverything has been moved over and working. Any issues reported during testingwere fixed by Programming.2. Testing abc interface:
  3. 3. In particular we tested these interfaces. Testing was done with both re-seller andpartner’s account with following scenarios: o Everything is set-up correctly on the server o Add and modify data and make sure all links are working properly. INTERFACES TESTED SUPPORT UTILS MANAGEMENT BILLING INFO ISP EXTRAS Documentation Wiki Dial-up Add a Deposit ISP Settings Ticket System User Management Online Invoice ISP Software Support Center Web Hosting Current Invoice Web Acceleration FAQ & Answers Domain Enduser Billing Enduser Stats Network Status Summaries API Your Resellers YOUR WEBSITE PROGRAM INFO COMPANY INFO NO LONGER SUPPORTED General Info Your Totals Contact Us Rockstar WebSite Utilities Upgrade Info Easy Config WebSite Examples Realm Order Marketing Advice Website Design 4 U3. Testing other links on abc2: and Logged into sam.safepages and ems.safepages with a test account to confirm changes can be made on the account. Browsed to the links to confirm everything is working.
  4. 4. Earlier it was found that may not be used, however it is used by the techs. It has customer information, and there’s no authentication on live server. If it’s placed behind the firewall then techs from home wont be able to use it, therefore, it is restricted by IP addresses. For testing, the IP address was added so The records were accessed and updated for testing. (web acceleration) Testing was done by updating xxx builds on xxx website and then use this URL (https://) to push them from the xxx website to From there, update the batch file on the xxxx servers with the new client build up package number and make sure its pointed to (http://) so that when a customer logs in with an older version of the xxx build… they will get prompted to update to the new version and then they be able to download it. used for web acceleration (tested along with 4. Following entries were not tested. Some of them are served up by other places other than backroom, or points to a directory that does not,,,,,, etcTESTING AGAINST PRODUCTION DATABASE (cutover testing)1. Steps taken before cutover testing: o Communication was sent out to partners regarding backroom testing and update.
  5. 5. o Public access was given to xxx. o Opened firewall for xxx to access production database. o Pointed xxx to production database. Detailed procedures are in “cutover document” o After testing, xxx pointed back to test database. o Outstanding issues found during testing were reported to programming.2. Testing:Along with testing mentioned above, we tested following services againstproduction database. Slaves & master database: Initially, Xxx was allowed to access the master files only, and not the slave files. This could have caused latency. Therefore, Xxx was also granted permission to access the salve files. To permit xxx to access Slaves database, IP addresses and un/pw for xxx were added in the master database (authentication was replicated to slaves database automatically). Initial testing (before cutover) was done by checking the connectivity of Xxx to slave and master file.
  6. 6. APIs: Partners use the APIs to set-up services like acct activation, or online billing etc. An API for call finder script and account activation scripts were set- up on a test server (xxx which communicates with production database). Other APIs were tested via Perl script. The perl script accessed for xxx. We checked the database, logged into webmail, FTP client and test dial to confirm the APIs are provisioning correctly. dialup_edit_status, dialup_add, dialup_edit_pass, dialup_cancel, dialup_schedule_cancel, webaccel_only_add, webaccel_add,webaccel_cancel, webaccel_schedule_cancel, email_add, email_edit_pass, email_edit_status, email_edit_spam, email_edit_forward, email_cancel, email_schedule_cancel, ftp_add, ftp_edit_pass, ftp_edit_status, ftp_cancel, ftp_schedule_cancel, dialup_full_report, email_full_report, ftp_full_report, full_cancel, full_schedule_cancel, user_pass_check, view_customer_data, modify_customer_data, usage_report_current, usage_report_last, radius_check, phone_book network_alerts ,online invoices ISP Wizard Backroom Setup FTP Upload to the Xxx Check Backroom Download Slip Stream Backroom Setup Check Ticket in OTRS Run the Web Accel Script with bogus build Check Backroom DownloadISP.COM Setup and Remove Dialup Accounts in billing system Setup and Remove Email Accounts in billing system Setup and Remove FTP Accounts in billing system
  7. 7. Duplication Possibility Create an account in BSN on Backroom1 Create an account in BSN on Xxx Check for duplicationAdministrative Safepages Usermanagement Usermanagement_dialupusers Usermanagement_dialupusers_canceled Usermanagement_dialupusers_dedicated Usermanagement_dialupusers_spammers Usermanagement_ftpusers Usermanagement_ftpusers_canceled Usermanagement_mailusers Usermanagement_mailusers_canceled Webhosting_packages Zone_files Radius_realm_setup StaticipsRadius Log Check Setup a test dialup username Request someone at the NOC to testdial Check the radius logsEmail Check Setup a test email account
  8. 8. Log into webmail and test itFTP Check Setup a test FTP account FTP into the accountCron Jobs Charge a CC and verify it in abc.netFINAL TESTING1. Steps taken before testing:Pine was installed on xxx. This was done to keep track of traffic on xxx to confirmno traffic is directed to backroom1 after deployment.DNS switch was made to point to new server. Fortesting, we assigned DNS so we’ll hit xxxSame cutover procedures were followed (attached)2. TestingSame testing procedures were followed as mentioned above.3. Open Items: 1. ISP wizard builds and web accelerator builds would not fire email to SysOps (Person A and Person B will work on this in the morning). Work around involves Person A manually checking and sending the build.
  9. 9. 2. There are very few cron jobs that Person C needs to look through and enable. She was able to activate all those of priority.3. 18 of 36 api’s were fully tested. Remaining less important scripts will be tested in coming days (Person D and Person E).4. Person F will work with xxxNet regarding payment gateway confirmation of test payments. This is strictly an xxxNet issue and not related to backroom.5. The issue is that reports will be pulled up until 2007, and not for a later year. Programmer mentioned that its being worked on.6. usage graph not creating new data ETC ETC