ENEDA is 10 Year End Report


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ENEDA is 10 Year End Report

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ENEDA is 10 Year End Report

  1. 1. ENEDA PHILIPPINES ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATOR’S ASSOCIATION OF THETHE YEAR-END REPORT SY 2011-2012 Intramuros, Manila Official Address: University of the Philippines - Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI) Room 405, 4th floor, E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ZIP 1101
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS & BOARD OF DIRECTORS SY President Board of Directors Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian Miriam College Dr. Gloria S. Chavez mbgatch@yahoo.com College of St. John - Roxas gloria.chavez@dlsu.edu.ph Vice President Honorata G. Dimapilis Dr. Aurora DC. Santarin De La Salle University – Manila De La Salle University-Dasmarinas dimapilish@yahoo.com acsantarin@yahoo.com Secretary Dr. Richard F. Mariano Evangeline Dominguez Universidad De Zamboanga Lyceum of the Philippines Richard.dba@yahoo.com dominguezjumax@yahoo.com Dr. Melchor C. Morandarte Treasurer Malayan Colleges-Laguna Dr. Nancy C. Bartolome mongcmor@yahoo.com University of Sto Tomas ncbartolome@yahoo.com Salvador Naag Naga College Foundation Snaag29@yahoo.com Public Relations Officer Ma. Luisa S. Lee Eric G. Pasquin UP Institute for Small Scale Industries San Beda College Maluisa.solarte@gmail.com brickserik@yahoo.com Auditor Dr. Arabella R. Pilapil Asuncion G. Nazario Partido State University St. Louis University arapil50@yahoo.com Erl_2k3@yahoo.com Council of Advisers Dr. Narciso N. Garciso –Founder Dr. Amelia Balan Antonio R. Arevalo, Jr. Danny A. Cabulay Dr. Alice T. Valerio Dr. Antonio M. Lopez Jayme C. Ignacio Dr. Edwin P. Bernal, Immediate Past President
  3. 3. ENEDA PROFILE Origin empower them. YES –ENEDA Philippines initiated in school year 2004-2005. wasENEDA is a non-stock, professional non-government, non-profit association registered atthe Securities and Exchange Commission in thePhilippines on November 22, 2002,CN200260725,1 as a professional associationamong College Educators in Entrepreneurship. It ENEDA Philippines is affiliated with variouswas founded by Dr. Narciso N. Garciso, in agencies when it started and plans to reactivateCalamba City. Its’ current address and office is its relationships as part of its progessive standat the University of the Philippines Institure for to move forward. It also intends to networkSmall Scale Industries, UP Campus, Diliman with other local and foreign institutions toQuezon City its development partner. enrich the entrepreneurship program in higher education that would further improve humanPurpose development and thus, catalyze productive endeavors. Very recently, ENEDA more1. Enhance and advance the professional forged alliances with prestigious institutions to growth and development of entrepreneurship strenghten its organization. These are the educators; University of the Philippines, Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP ISSI) ; Small Enterprises and2. Serve as a pool of resources in terms of Research Foundation Inc., (SERDEF); the Ayala faculty and student manpower as well as Foundation, Inc. (AFI) TBI Network - research, teaching methodlology and Entrepreneurship Program; the Enterprise, One educational materials; Meralco Foundation; and PLDT SME Nation.3. Link upwith Entrepreneurs in the Philippines ENEDA has also shared its interests and and abroad for the advancement of concerns with the DTI-BSMED; DOST-DatBed/ Entrepreneurship curricula and the SETUP; Local Government Unit –Marikina; Entrepreneurship students; House of Representative – SME Program with Hon. Teodoro Casino; and other private and4. Address and /or attend whenever feasible to individual supporters in the person of Atty. issues and concerns relative to Loida Nicolas Lewis; Johnlu Koa; Mona Serrano; entrepreneurship both as an educational John Michael Lu; Atty. Marc Marasigan, Theresa course as well as a major means of livelihood; Cruz, MC and YES officers and the ENEDA academic community. Collaborative5. Organize regional and provincial chapters undertakings among these institutions and nationwide. persons can only lead to a brighter future.Status:Membership and ProgramsAffiliation The program for the educators and studentsAt present, there are 4 chapters with more than can be traced back from its growing stage200 registered member educators. To wit: through its chapter creation, knowledge andENEDA National Capital Region, North Luzon, capacity building. Using the “triple-helix-South Luzon and Mindanao Chapters. There approach” to development now, ENEDA enjoinsare also 20 member educators from the the academic community; the private agenicies,Visayas region and Palawan State University institutions and individual supporters; and thewhere the the regional chapter is yet to be government for program collaboration. Itorganized. seeks to reinvent its programs with fresh concepts gained from local experiences with aThe Young Entrepreneurhsip Society or YES is global perspective to bring ENEDA to newthe student arm created by ENEDA to formally heights in advancing entrepreneurshiplink the students and educators as they education; in professionally managing theboth work together through various learning association and strengthening chapterprogram interventions which aims to enrich and operations. Specifically, these are in the areas of effective teaching models and programs; 1On November 23, 2011, SEC approved ENEDA’s application for its reactivation and renewed its operation. From hereon, ENEDA shall comply annually with all repertorial requirements as part of its commitment to its policy on good governance and transparency
  4. 4. and it is a little more special this 2011 – 2012 as it prepares itself to meet the challenges of developing the new generation of transformational agents. The officers, volunteer working staff, partners and supporters are pleased to report to the following achievements that would make us all the more work harder and be the best that we can be as we envision our organization to grow better and sustain our development for the next decade and more.2011 Milestones:June, 2011 The first general assembly, meeting, planning , visioning and tasking was held at Miriam College in June 11 , 2011; general meeting for tasking at 97 Greenmeadows Av; Gatchalian’s residence; urgent priorities set on: the SEC/BIR/Official Receipts/Mayor’s permits, registration and licensing compliance; Finding of official business address for ENEDA, National; Full and complete turnover of reports and pertinent financial matters from the past administration; Review of past programs for continuity; Consideration to hire an administration officer for ENEDA to take care of the administration matters per Board Resolution in the past administration Started working on the SEC repertorial requirements as ENEDA seeks to renew its commitment to the organizaiton and its members with its start-of-year theme: “Progressive Stand and Vigor to Move Forward” UP ISSI as its new institutional partner is also the home of ENEDA as its official business address through a Memorandum of Understanding , for free, without rent for at least 2 years from 2011- 2013; subject for renewal or when the time comes when ENEDA will have the resources it needed to pay for its own rent ENEDA finally found its founder, Dr. Narciso N. Garciso as it moves to further strenghten the organization Pocket meetings were held/in-between Started working on the renewal of business permits, licenses, and other legal registraiton requirements in Laguna, where ENEDA was founded and registered Drafted the professional competency program for entrepreneurship educators based on research results and findings which Gatchalian initiated during the term as ENEDA NCR President; Submitted program proposal to NFTE, New York for possibe partnership arrangements with ENEDA as the primary beneficiary Developed and prepared for the Induction and Program for the 1st Roundtable Discussion with stakeholders as ENEDA started identified priority discussion points and areas 10th ENEDA National Conference Program Folder 1: 1st BOD_Proceedings
  5. 5. August, 2011 The 2nd General Assembly and BOD meeting is a 2-day event: August 5: Induction and Round Table Discussion on the needs, concerns and commitment to action with a theme “Relevant and Progressive Entrepreneurship Education in the Tertiary Level” Renewed institutional relationships with Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation, Dr. Herminia R. Fajardo/ Serenidad Lavador; House of Representative: Office on SME Development, Hon. Teodoro Casino; Private Citizen and Seasoned Entepreneur, French Baker, John Lu Koa; Miriam College and the academinc community; Dean Ma.Concepcion Y.Lupisan, VP Rose Bautista/ VPAA, Dr. Glenda Fortez; CHED, Technical Panel Member, Sonia Tiong-Aquino; Young Entreneneurs and Transformation Agents: Mona Lisa S. lee/John Micheal Lu/Theresa Cruz/Che Villanueva; ENEDA Founder, Dr. Narciso Garciso; and officers/administrators from selected universities and colleges: UST; Lyceum, FEU, Malayan Colleges, Laguna; DLSU-DC; UPISSI; Bicol College; Partido; BSU ; Univesidad de Zamboanga; St. John College,Roxas City August 6: The first Faculty Development Seminar/Meeting /and YES student program was scheduled on Oct 21/22 2012 to be held at Benguet State University; NL program development pursued and intensified through October; CHED endorsement request prepared ENEDA is 10! Program planning; researched and pursued SEC; BIR; Mayors Licenses and other legal reportorial requirements for compliance through September and October; applied for BIR /Permits and Licences on reduced penalties Folder 2: 2nd BOD_Induction & RTD with the theme “Relevant and Progressive Entrepreneurship Education in the Tertiary Level”; Planning for the 1st Faculty Development Program in BSU on October 21-21, 2011October, 2011 Faculty/Student Development Seminar Series planned and scheduled in BSU/SLU did not push though due to the recent calamity in the North Luzon area October 21: 3rd General Assembly with Chapters/BOD Meeting held at Miriam College The 10th ENEDA National Conference Program Planninng was intensified; mapping of program plans; content; commitment; resource line-up; Chapterization; chapter status/achievement presented in October 21, 2012; October 22: Admiministration concerns were taken up; membership certification done with YES officers; Chapter pocket meetings were held in various dates from October through November; exploratory talks on various concerns in terms of event partnership with Ex-Link;
  6. 6. Services of VFR for SEC, BIR, Mayor’s Licencies/Permits/ Official Receipt with TIN/printing etc ; legally complied with (Folder 3_Business Registration; Permits & Licenses; Official Receipts with TIN; and other Paper Requirements by BIR/Mayors Office); Folder 3: 3rd BOD_FDP @ BSU etc SEC Acceptance and Approval for Reduced Penalty; ComplianceNovember, 2011 completed; SEC Registration Updated and Papers Approved for Renewed Operation on November 23, 2011! ; released November 26, 2011; ENEDA is officially and legally approved and licensed to operate! Conference program pursued based on BOD suggestions Network building and development through February 2012 Folder 4: SEC and all other Business Registration, Permits, LicensesDecember 5, 2011 Networking intensified with private and government agenciesthrough February 2012 including pirvate individuals as supporters; Conference program took new devleopment and twists Started joint cooperative undertaking with Colegio de San Juan de Letran with Dr. Nina Cabral thru Ms. Virgie Salonga /R. Mendoza Very frequent pocket working meetings with YES National; MC / YES; Letran; Suppliers; Sponsors; Supporters Program intensified; partnership/sponsorships forged; invitations pursued however limited as it is, under the present circumstances and short preparation period More consultations with resource persons/partners/ supporters;/sponsors ENEDA BDO Makro Cainta Branch opened Pre-conference workshops/discussions with Ayala Foundation Inc – TBI; Enterprise; LNLewis; SERDEF; One Meralco Foundation; PLDT SME Nation; resource persons/ volunteers/friends ENEDA is 10 program is endorsed by CHED : 12-0042^0131_ENEDA_conference.feb 24-26; by Dr. Patricia B. Licuanan Folder 5: Pre-Conference_Letran_Bay Leaf; Conference Proper_Summary Proceedings
  7. 7. The 10th ENEDA NationalConferenceWhat it is:ENEDA is 10! , with its theme: YouthEntrepreneurship: The Future is Bright! held itsstudent and faculty conference at Colegio de SanJuan de Letran and Bay Leaf respectively withinthe historic Intramuros Walls. It also celebratedits 10th anniversary a little more special at PatioVictoria. It is a nationwide gathering of peopleswith shared vision in making the future brightfor the next generation of youth throughentrepreneurship education.ENEDA revisits the roots of its pioneering effortswhile drawing parallelism to the heritage andculture of its very own historic Intramuros.ENEDA together with its student arm, YES, incooperation with Miriam College (formerlyMaryknoll) and Colegio de San Juan de Letran,enjoined to action the key drivers, stakeholders,colleagues and many friends in this conferenceto make the “future brighter” for the nextgeneration of youth.This 3-day event was participated by more than80 stakeholders, educators, schools, andexperts and more than 370 business andentrepreneurship students, with more than 95exhibitors from Letran, Miriam College, PalawanState University, Marinduque State Colleges,Bicol and event sponsors like Sun Cellular,Pharex, AICL and Dong-A. Again, the biggestdelegation of more that 140 students, volunteersand faculty members came from MiriamCollege.
  8. 8. The conference, which is basically an action-oriented program purposely prepared sessions for boththe educators and the students to address the concerns which were repeatedly raised in the pastnational gatherings and researches. ENEDA has organized 3 major events within this nationalgathering:1. For the Entrepreneurship Students: hosted byColegio de San Juan de Letran –CBAA incooperation with Miriam College and YES, thestudent arm of ENEDA. The February 24, Friday,is filled with experiential and simulation seminar/workshops, engaging reality challenges, studentproduct exhibition and displays from variousregional chapters, and variety show. The Searchfor the GAWAD ENEDA’s Most OutstandingEducator and Students also happened in day 1.Day 2 is a cultural and fun treat for students andDay 3 is recreation for the delegates on theirown time. (See Student Activites)2. For Educators and Transformation Agentsheld at Bay Leaf Hotel. The conference proper isopen to ENEDA members and non-members whoare teaching entrepreneurship or businessrelated courses, school administrators,entrepreneurs, the industry, and otherdevelopment and transformational agents heldon February 25, 2012. This was a high-impactconference/forum discussions consisting of 6parallel sessions as current concerns, programsand issues were tackled, identified concerns towork on and corrresponding persons, ENEDAofficers, agencies or schools to network orcollaborate towards transforming theEntrepreneurship Education in the Philippines.(See Parallel Session Summary Proceedings)3. Recognition and Awards Night held at PatioVictoria. A simple recognition and citationceremony for ENEDA’s founding officers and pastpresidents was held as it celebrated its 10thanniversary to give due recognition to their visionand pioneering efforts as they see the fruits oftheir sacrifices unfold as the program presentsthe gains and achievements for the past 10 yearsand the thrust for ENEDA’s future. That is, thetriple-helix-approach, collaboration andnetworking with the academic community,industry and government for its sustainabilityand further development.The next conference venue, for 2013, based onpopular vote and discussions is, Iloilo.
  9. 9. The Triple-Helix Approach to Entrepreneurship Educator &Development The Conference High Points: a. Strong and relevant entrepreneurship program (that understand teaching and learning needs of the educators and the students; considers the many challenges and limitations of the academic structure and community; define competency and skill readiness to the changing landscape of the 21st century and beyond; program that puts premium to the educator, as the key driver in the teaching and learning business; and the students with the “promise and and potentialities” of becoming the productive, socially and ethically responsible entrepreneur; development of projects on teaching content; conduct of research on areas enumerated in PS3; development program highlighted in PS5 & 6; recommendations in PS1,2 &4 b. Professionalize the teaching of entrepreneurship; eventually, be able to certify teachers as highly qualified entrepreneurship education professionals; in collaboration with professional institutions. c. The “triple-helix approach” program that brings together government and private institutions, NGOs, and practicing entrepreneurs, local and international, for the benefit of the educators, students, the schools and society in general. Essentially, this is about good. d. A lifelong education program grounded on authentic entrepreneurial mindset, values, functional and operational skills. e. Transformational – for the greater good Among the project areas that surfaced in the discussions are on research and documentation projects that will put together cases on good teaching practices of ENEDA member educators as we all learn from each other in the context of our diverse regional experience. A program initiative as a business enabling incentive that rallies in behalf of entrepreneurship students that exempts them from business registration fees and licensing dues for business incubation, ventures and start-ups while in school (in the local
  10. 10. Parallel Session HighlightsParallel Session No. 1: Curriculum and 2. Case Models: Ateneo de Naga - COD ; St.Pedagogy Louis University - COD ; Benguet State1. The Entrepreneurship Education Policy: University – Program ModelThe 21st Century Learning Competencies and 3. On Becoming OneEntreprenuership Across the Curriculum Parallel Session No. 5: Enterprise2. Case Models; Experiential & Project-based Development & Enabling Centres:Practices in Entrepreneurship Enabling Student Ventures & Start-ups3. On-line learning - Edu.20: The many 1. Needs, issues & concerns for studentpossibilities in Entrepreneurship Teaching created business/start-ups in licensing,Delivery permits, resource and other government compliance requirements; including technicalParallel Session 2: New Paradigms in support and assistance, consultancy, laboratoryTeaching Entrepreneurship testing, prototyping and other related concerns.1. A Program Model in Teaching 2. Integrate enabling strategies for a “Student –Entrepreneurship-Enterprise Planning to Created-Ventures Support System” by businessIncubation Process: MC Experience development centres in a Position Paper as the2. Breaking the Mold in Entrepreneurship session recommendation to be presented to theTeaching/ Technology and Innovation: The UP policy making bodies e.g. Congress; DTI; DOST;Experience CHED; etc3. Entrepreneurship Across Curriculum: The 3. Help institutionalize the integration and theNew Paradigm extension of services of the enabling centres ; for access of entrepreneurship students and theParallel Session No. 3: Research, Training, & academic community teachingProgram Development entrepreneurship in general1. Entrepreneurship Research and TrainingDevelopment Landscape: Needs, Gaps and Parallel Session No. 6: TransformingOpportunities Entrepreneurship Education in the2. Shortlist of Research and Training Program Philippines: A Collaboration of Mind, Spirit,for Entrepreneurship Educators and Students Purpose and Resources: The Triple Helix3. Action planning for ENEDA’s research and Approach for Development and Sustainabilitytraining proposals for support and grants 1. Presentation of Entrepreneurship Program Proposal/Framework whi and the AcademicParallel Session No. 4: Centers of Community: Needs, issues, gaps, &Development and Excellence: On opportunitiesBecoming One 2. The Triple-Helix Approach for Development1. Anatomy of a Center of Development and & Sustainability a. The Academe; b. Industry,Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Foundations, and Well-meaning individuals; c. Government and Policy Makers 3. Resource allocation, creation of task force,
  11. 11. Workshop Competitions and ActivitiesThese experiential, hands-on activities were * A product or any tangible and graphicalpurposely developed and designed for an illustration of ideasengaging experience to spark creativity, self-discovery and critical thinking needed todeepen ones personal resolve to furtherdevelop or improve their entrepreneurial Workshop Competition 2:skills and values. Specifically these are the i Box: Packaging Design Challengecreative skills & artistic expression like:Openness to many possibilities/imagination Concept & Organizationin action; Critical thinking and articulateness(Use of left and right brain). The behavioral/ * The challenge is to create a product out ofattitudinal/functional skills like: the materials provided to the teams . TheCommitment; teamwork; Time management; product design & prototype, brand and label should be able to effectively communicateMaking sense of the challenges and clearly what it needs to relay to the intendedcircumstances that are presented; consumers or usersResponsibility and accountability; Positiveattitude; Respect for others; Mindfulness; * Group of pre-registered 15 students (2ndProfessionalism; Self-determination, Self- year and 3rd year students) to be divided in 5reliance, Confidence to name some teams with 3 members in a group from various schools * Teams are tasked to create a product design/ prototype that has a possibility of making itWorkshop Competition 1: commercialFestival of Ideas ObjectiveConcept & Organization * To showcase their product design/prototype and will be judged accordingly in terms of* An interpretation of creative ideas, design, functionality and usefulness, value oraspirations, inspirations and self-rediscoveries benefit it can give to the intended market,put into life. This Festival of Ideas are the among others.stories of the entrepreneurship students...come together as they celebrate and expresslife with everyone! Workshop Competition 3:* Group of pre-registered 15 students (1st year Venture Pitchto 2nd year students) to be divided in 5 teamswith 3 members in a group from variousschools Concept & Organization* Teams are given a box of materials wherethey are tasked to express their ideas in any * An interpretation of creative ideas,medium of their choice that they think would aspirations, inspirations and self-rediscoveriesbest show who they are, likes, disposition, put into life.creativity, dreams or aspiration; the idea or itsessence should be felt, or seen or touched, * Group of pre-registered 15 students (3rdlistened to; tasted in whatever form or medium year to 4th year students) to be divided in 5 teams with 3 members in a group form various schoolsObjective and Output * Bring own laptop per team; otherwise, teams may go to Letran Café where there are laptops* To showcase their ideas in some form and for use; but there are only 10 laptops availablestructure and will be judged accordingly in in the Cafeterms of its creative expression, usefulness,aesthetic value , self-rediscovery throughreflectiveness; meaningful sharing of ideas Objective
  12. 12. Workshop Competition 4:In-Basket Exercise Workshop Competition 6:Concept & Organization Non-Alcoholic Beverage* Setting priorities; right, timely and appropriate Concept & Organizationdecision making * An interpretation of creative ideas,* Sorting genuine concerns and nuances aspirations, inspirations and self-rediscoveries put into life.* Group of pre-registered 15 students (3rdyear to 4th year students) to be divided in 5 * Group of pre-registered 9 students (open forteams with 3 members in a group form various all year levels) to be divided in 3 teams with 3schools members in a group from various schools* Teams are transported to “a day in life of an * Teams are given a basket of groceries andentrepreneur where he/she has to set priorities fresh produce with price tags where they areand make urgent decisions based on what are tasked to create a new non-alcoholic beverageinside the in-basket” drink for a specific clientele or target market; that is affordable; with corresponding cost and pricing; tasteful, affordable and well-presented; either for individual serving or for massObjective manufacture for commercial selling* Students posing as entrepreneurs willprioritize, strategize and justify why they areputting one on top of the other; they will define Objectivetheir parameters in segregating the situationsthat needs to be carried out, decided upon, put * To present their concocted drink to a panel oflater behind, or move to trash! beverage/drink critics (in-campus Letran HRM- Barista) and will be judged accordingly in terms of taste, aesthetic value/presentation, nutritional value serving size, cost estimatesWorkshop Competition 5: and pricing for the specified target marketFood Dish CategoryConcept & Organization* An interpretation of creative ideas, Workshop Competition 7:aspirations, inspirations and self-rediscoveriesput into life. Best Barbecue Sauce Concept & Organization* Group of pre-registered 9 students (open for * An interpretation of creative ideas,all year levels) to be divided in 3 teams with 3 aspirations, inspirations and self-rediscoveriesmembers in a group from various schools put into life.* Teams are given a basket of groceries and * Group of pre-registered 9 students (open forfresh produce with price tags where they are all year levels) to be divided in 3 teams with 3tasked to create a new food presentation for a members in a group from various schoolsspecific clientele or target market; that isaffordable; with corresponding cost and pricing; * Teams are given a basket of groceries andtasteful, affordable and well-presented fresh produce with price tags where they are tasked to create the best barbeque and barbeque sauce for a specific clientele or target market; that is affordable; with correspondingObjective cost and pricing; tasteful, affordable and well-* To showcase their dish to the panel of food presentedcritics and will be judged accordingly in termsof palatability, plating/serving size, costestimates and pricing for the specified target Objectivemarket * To showcase their dish to the panel of food
  13. 13. Workshop/Activity 8: Persuasion Activity 10: ENEDAs Search for theA Winning Transactional Most Outstanding Educator andCommunication Workshop Student of the YearConcept & Organization Gawad ENEDA Award for Exemplary* Open to all participating students who arenot part of the various contests or Work/contribution toexperiential challenges or school/student entrepreneurship educationventure product/prototype exhibit Concept & Organization* This is a transactional workshop/game foraspiring entrepreneurs where a lot of people This is an annual project of ENEDA thatconvincing are needed as part of one’s recognizes the achievements , exemplarycommunication skill requirement performance, and contributions of educators and student in the field of entrepreneurship education. The program aims to inculcate among Filipinos the entrepreneurial mindsetObjective and values* To be able to get the message across to theright audience with the right information atthe right time. The workshop is to be handled Objectivesby communication experts from Train Station * To raise the standards of entrepreneurship education in the country through competition * To recognize the efforts, achievements ,Activity 9: Venture Product Exhibit contributions and merits of exemplary@ Letran Grounds deeds and action of educators/studentsExhibition: Schools and students * To highlight the importance of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and values amongConcept & Organization Filipinos* Schools /entrepreneurship and businessstudents may join product exhibitions theyshowcase/sell their venture projects; they can Activity 11: YES National Electiondo live demonstrations; or do market/productacceptance research if their product matches Concept & Organizationtheir target audience * Schools are encouraged to send selected students to represent their school and participate in the YES National electionObjective * To represent schools; address students* To conduct product demonstration and needs and concerns; advancepractice effective communication skills entrepreneurship learning* To experience retail selling; to conduct * Election will be conducted by the currentmarket/product/acceptance research and YES National and ENEDA Faculty Moderatortesting Objectives * To develop socially responsible and ethical business leaders
  14. 14. Activity 12: Variety and Game Show strongly underscored the role of the "Youth as the future of our country!"Fun and Healthy EntertainingActivityConcept & Organization* Schools/students are encouraged to Objectivesparticipate by showcasing talents andrendering healthy , fun and entertaining * To develop the well-roundedness ofshows * To represent schools; address personalities; ; develop friendships; and havestudents needs and concerns; advance e healthy community fun; as the youth make a stand "Youth Makes The Future Bright!"Objectives Activity 15: Recognition and* To develop the well-roundedness of Awards Nightpersonalities; ; develop friendships; and havehealthy community fun A Celebration of Learning and Growth; Achievements and Gains - ENEDA is 10!Activity 13: Fun Run Concept & OrganizationRun for a Brighter Future by YouthEntrepreneurship! * A modest program in celebration of ENEDAs decade of learning and growth, andConcept & Organization its present achievements and gains as it give* Schools/students are encouraged to due respect and recognition to the vision andparticipate to "Get the Message of the Youth aspirations of the founding members andAcross the Country: Youth, the Hope of the past officers.Future, Run for a Brighter Future!" ObjectivesObjectives * To give due recognition and citation to the* To develop the well-roundedness of pioneering mission and vision of the foundingpersonalities; ; develop friendships; and have members ; the conferring of awards to thehealthy community fun; as the youth make a winning teams and the best of the beststand "Youth Makes The Future Bright!" among students and educators ; a get- together of educators as we all contribute our own little share to make the future bright!Activity 14: Intramuros Walk * To render for the first time an original musical composition of the "ENEDAs theme"Rediscovering our Roots Through a by Brenda Valerio , to be performed together her friends Mariol Acero and RumielleHistoric and Cultural Walk with our Hernandez all sophomore entrepreneurshipHost School - Letran! students from Miriam College.Concept & Organization* Schools/students are encouraged to joinand rediscover "our roots" as we drawparallelism in rediscovering ENEDAsfounders in this 10th year anniversarycelebration . The historic Intramuros makesus remember our National Hero JR as he
  15. 15. Activity HighlightsThe event’s success has been unmistakable as it reaches 368 number of registrantsfor students and 56 for educators. This year’s national conference has beenparticipated into by the following schools and colleges: • Ateneo de Davao • Miriam College • Ateneo de Manila • Palawan State University • Capiz State University • Partido State University • Colegio de San Juan de Letran • San Beda College • Colegio San Agustin Bacolod • Saint Paul University Quezon City • De La Salle University-Dasma • Southville International School and • De La Salle University-Lipa Colleges • Far Eastern University • Treston College • Lewis College • Universidad de Zamboanga • Lyceum University of the Philippines • University of Santo Tomas • Marinduque State College • University of the PhilippinesPREPARATORY UNDERTAKINGS: SET-UP & INGRESSAs the culmination of the long period of preparation for the big celebration, the organizingcommittee has begun more intensive and logistics preparations on the week of February 20,2012 to organize and arrange the physical set-up. The core team has mobilized packing ofconference kits, registration details and other event paraphernalia.DAY 11. Mass and Opening ProgramIn their mission and vision to contribute to the holistic growth of both educators and students,the event kicked-off with a spiritual start. The mass has been officiated by Rev. Fr. Juan Ponce,O.P., Colegio de San Juan de Letran’s Vice President for Academic Affairs. The program hasbeen opened by the national presidents of ENEDA and its student body YES, namely MariaLuisa Benig-Gatchalian (Miriam College) and Aldwyn Dumago (Ateneo de Davao) respectively.
  16. 16. 2. Student Workshop and ChallengesTo enhance and hone their entrepreneurial skills and values, the students were grouped toparticipate in several challenges to test their capabilities as budding and new generationentrepreneurs. The challenges have been conceptualized by ENEDA’s president for thisevent to promote entrepreneurial skills such as openness to new possibilities, imaginationin action, critical thinking and articulateness.The following are the competition workshops winners:NON CULINARY CHALLENGES: d. Product Design Competition: iBox Categorya. Venture Pitch Workshop Mau Diuco (Miriam College)Renee Kesha Lacad (Miriam College) Hershey San Juan (San Beda College)Gian Directo (San Beda College) Maureen Remanes (Colegio de San Juan deJoshua Hipolito (Colegio de San Juan de Letran)Letran) CULINARY CHALLENEGES:b. In-Basket Exercise a. Best Barbeque Sauce CategoryMara Bianca Paragas (Miriam College) Thea Leyva (Miriam College)Pamela Pardo (San Beda College) Jewel Daliganasay (Colegio de San Juan deValelie San Pablo (Colegio de San Juan de Letran)Letran) Kristoffer Bantay (Colegio de San Juan de Letran)c. Festival of Ideas WorkshopMaura Alvero (Miriam College) b. Non-Alcoholic Beverage CategoryJoanne Mary Eco (Colegio de San Juan de Pamela Acleta (Miriam College)Letran) Charlotte Tan (Colegio de San Juan deLeonard Villan (San Beda College) Letran) Raymand Roy Sardido (Ateneo de Davao University)On the other hand, program partner Train Station has provided support through a verydynamic and developmental activity. This persuasion workshop is entitled “EmpoweringEntrepreneurs” conducted by Mr. Edwin Soriano focusing on improving their skills andentrepreneurial values and building confidence among others.
  17. 17. 3. Inspirational Talk The conference has also been graced by the presence and attendance of the presidential niece and social entrepreneur, Bam Aquino. He talked about his project HAPINOY, a colloquial term referring to both happiness and being a Pinoy. He talks about helping mothers develop their entrepreneurial capabilities through the program. The talk has been an eye opener for the students to be socially responsible in cultivating an entrepreneurial society.4. Exhibit Dominating the open grounds was the very festive set-up of the exhibition area wherein event sponsors and homegrown products of the students from the participating schools were sold. The open grounds have been a buzzing avenue in showcasing the best from both YES members and our supporters. Dean Nina Cabral of Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Rev. Fr. Juan Ponce, O.P. and Maria Luisa Gatchalian formally opened the exhibit right after the mass and the opening program.5. Variety Show The evening’s event turnout has been the perfect way to cap off the first day of the conference. Students were all excited in giving an all out support and cheers to performers coming from different schools. The night has been made more exciting as
  18. 18. DAY 21. Parallel SessionsThe opening program for the educators’ parallel session has been graced by the KeynoteSpeaker, Committee Chair for SME Committee of Congress, Hon. Teddy Casiño. Dr. ConradoE. Inigo, Jr., Chairman, Technical Committee for Business Administration, Entrepreneurshipand Office Administration-CHED opened the program. The educators were treated to a fungame by Dong-a Pens before they breakout to each of the parallel sessions. The 6 parallelsessions tackled specific concerns and best practices among educators. The following are the6 concepts for the parallel sessions:Parallel Session No. 1: Curriculum and PedagogyParallel Session 2: New Paradigms in Teaching EntrepreneurshipParallel Session No. 3: Research, Training, & Program DevelopmentParallel Session No. 4: Centers of Development and Excellence: On Becoming OneParallel Session No. 5: Enterprise Development & Enabling Centres: Enabling Student Ventures &Start-upsParallel Session No. 6: Transforming Entrepreneurship Education in the Philippines: ACollaboration of Mind, Spirit, Purpose and Resources: The Triple Helix Approach forDevelopment and SustainabilityNOTE: See details in Folder 5: Parallel Sessions-Summary ProceedingsBefore commencing with the plenary, Sun Cellular treated the educators to a raffle of anotherunit of Samsung Corby. The plenary discussed the summary of what has been discussed ineach session. Parallel Session 6 has been participated into by selected discussants frominstitutional partners, affiliates and supporters namely: Ayala Foundation Inc, Enterprise, UP-ISSI, CHED, DTI, One Meralco Foundation and other individuals essential to the triple helixapproach for entrepreneurship education.
  19. 19. 2. Fun RunThe fun run has been very dynamic as it marks the second day of fun student activities.Refreshment and prizes has been sponsored by Robinsons and Rebisco. The students wereall beaming with energy as they start of their run and sprinted within the Intramuros walls.3. Intramuros WalkStudents explore, learn and appreciate
  20. 20. 4. ElectionElection Results for ENEDA National Officers for SY2012-2013: President Board of Directors Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian Miriam College Dr. Gloria S. Chavez mbgatch@yahoo.com College of St. John - Roxas gloria.chavez@dlsu.edu.ph Vice President Dr. Melchor C. Morandarte Ma. Luisa S. Lee Malayan Colleges-Laguna UP Institute for Small Scale Industries mongcmor@yahoo.com Maluisa.solarte@gmail.com Dr. Richard F. Mariano Secretary Universidad De Zamboanga Prof. Maria Elsa F. Hufano Richard.dba@yahoo.com St. Paul University Quezon City misshufano@gmail.com Salvador Naag Naga College Foundation Treasurer Snaag29@yahoo.com Dr. Nancy C. Bartolome University of Sto Tomas ncbartolome@yahoo.com Dr. Arabella R. Pilapil Partido State University Public Relations Officer arapil50@yahoo.com Dr. Cristina M. Castro-Cabral Colegio de San Juan de Letran Prof. Leopoldo Tagarino ccabral@letran.edu Benguet State University Pol_tagarino@yahoo.com Auditor (Note: term expires April 2012) Evangeline Dominguez Lyceum of the Philippines Janet Maduro dominguezjumax@yahoo.com Palawan State University Council of Advisers Dr. Narciso N. Garciso –Founder Dr. Amelia Balan Antonio R. Arevalo, Jr. Danny A. Cabulay Dr. Alice T. Valerio Dr. Antonio M. Lopez Jayme C. Ignacio Dr. Edwin P. Bernal, Immediate Past President
  21. 21. Election Results for YES National Officers for SY2012-2013: President Board of Directors Ma. Francesca Laureen C. Custodio Miriam College Rona frayres cheska_custodio@yahoo.com The Lewis College rhon_kissme28@yahoo.com Vice President for Nat. Affairs Jhon Roland Damiano Allyssa Karla Nolsol San Beda College Palawan State University jhonrolanddamiano@gmail.com nolsolallyssakarla@y.c Vice President for Regional Affairs Louie Guzman Jerald A. Sakay Capiz State University De La Salle University - Dasmarinas louie28@yahoo.com sheree_kets0989@yahoo.com Ruben N. Tinambacan Universidad de Zamboanga Secretary basculeruben@yahoo.com Christine Joi Ulpindo Far Eastern University christine_joi@yahoo.com Auditor Liezel Anne L. Lagleva Treston International College la_lagleva@yahoo.com Public Relations Officer Kristine Mae A. Bustos Colegio de San Juan de Letran stine_alit04@yahoo.com Auditor Evangeline Dominguez Lyceum of the Philippines dominguezjumax@yahoo.com
  22. 22. 5. Awarding
  23. 23. 5. Awarding
  24. 24. 6. Conference & Activity EvaluationSee Folder 1.2 Evaluation_Educators & Students7. Financial Report: Dr. Nancy Bartolome; Prof. Eric Pasquin; Dr. Richard Mariano; Prof. Asuncion NazarioSee Folder 1.4 Details of Financial Report (To be submitted by Dr. Bartolome)