Kenya.meat emea-jan12-bro-s Researched Abi Abagun


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Kenya.meat emea-jan12-bro-s Researched Abi Abagun

  1. 1. Kenya
  2. 2. Kenya Meat CommissionA prime cut Kenya Meat Commission is determined to resume its leading position in East Africa as a producer of top quality meat cuts and processed products. Julia Smith reports
  3. 3. Kenya Meat CommissionC attle-farming has been a staple the Kenyan government recognised its element of the Kenyan economy potential to contribute to the nation’s for decades. The livestock sub- economic development. The site belongingsector accounts for about 10 per cent of to KMC, which had previously been closedthe agricultural gross domestic product for a number of years following earlier(GDP) and employs over 50 per cent of the privatisation initiatives, already had large-agricultural labour force. It makes both scale facilities in place that simply requireda direct and indirect contribution to food upgrading. With the capacity to slaughtersecurity and the sustainable development 1,000 head of large stock per day as well asof the country, contributing to household 1,500 smaller animals, this is far in excessincome at many levels through the sale of any other slaughterhouse in the country.of livestock and livestock products. It also Moreover, in its earlier days, KMC hadprovides raw materials established a clear leadershipand by-products for agro- role in the region and aindustries, in addition togenerating foreign earningsthrough exports. Although much of the 2006 Year KMC re-opened reputation for excellence, which, despite years of closure, the government felt could be’s herd, which for business when the It was decided thatnumbers in the region of Kenyan government a reinvigorated KMC15 million, remains in the recognised its potential could play a key role inhands of pastoralists and to contribute to the complementing governmentsubsistence farmers, the nation’s economic efforts to revive the livestockdomestic market is booming development sector and turn Kenya intoand becoming increasingly a major exporter of high-professional in character. Urbanisation quality beef and other livestock products.and the healthy appetite of the growing Targeted livestock development is underwaymiddle class is giving rise to a new wave throughout Kenya based on a series ofof commercialisation as standards and strategically placed zones, which have beenexpectations steadily rise. certified as disease-free and are subject to However, Kenyan meat is not only prized the strictest control of animal home. It has a fine reputation for taste Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agricultureand succulence which extends far beyond is engaged in an extensive programme tothe country’s borders, with animal cuts and build skills and knowledge in animal health,related products traditionally sold as far production and the quality assurance ofafield as the Middle East. value-added animal products. Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) KMC has a mandate to purchase cattlere-opened for business in 2006 when and small stock and to acquire, establish and
  4. 4. Kenya Meat Commission Carcasses are held for five to seven days to give the most tender and juicy meat cuts operate abattoirs, meat works, cold storage canned products and other value-added concerns and refrigeration works. The products. The focus on quality—competitors operational focus is on animal slaughter, are major meat exporters such as Brazil andPartial list of instruments stocked and Partial list of spares for the abovesupplied on order: equipment: the processing of by-products, preparing Australia—has enabled KMC to penetrate• Process control instruments; testing and • RTD assembly; industrial heaters;calibration instruments; HVAC solutions; thermocouples; oil fuel pumps; mechanical hides and chilling, freezing, canning and a diverse range of markets which alreadypressure/temperature transmitters; levelinstruments; gas detection analysis equipment; seals; flexible couplings; pump couplings; flexible oil pipes; quick release couplings; storing beef, mutton, poultry and other takes in several destinations in the Middletank gauging equipment; electrical measuring sequence controllers; ignition transformers; meat products. The chilling facilities have East including the United Arab Emirates,equipment; timers, sensors and controllers; photocells; diffuser plates; thermostats; hot oilhand-held equipment to measure humidity filters; solenoids; electrodes; damper motors; a capacity to hold 1,750 carcasses operating Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In Northairflow, velocity, sound and lighting; data HP pumps; mechanical seals; Mobrey floatsloggers; flow meters for steam, water and oil; and switches; fusible plugs; boiler glass tubes; at temperatures of between zero to 2°C and Africa, a foothold has been establishedcombustion management equipment; flue gas asbestos tapes and ropes. the carcasses are held at these temperatures in Sudan and Egypt and closer to home,analysers; ultrasound flow meters; tube fitting Instrumentation Engineers (EA) Ltd has atequipments; needle valves and accessories. its disposal a competent team of specialized for five to seven days to give the most tender KMC serves markets across East and engineers and technicians equipped with allInstrumentation Engineers (EA) Ltd enjoys the relevant skills to execute any project within and juicy meat cuts. Central Africa.the full support of suppliers both locallyand internationally who have made it the East Africa region. Although most output KMC now operates the 1,000possible for us to stock a variety of spare We undertake turnkey projects for theparts for: design, supply, installation, erection, is destined for domestic single largest and most• Steam Boiler; Rotary cup burners and pressurejet burners of all makes. commissioning and after sales service consumption, approximately technica lly adva nced of Instrumentation and Automation of Engineers (EA) Limited your plant, steam boiler, Air Compressors P.O. Box, 18986-00500, 1st Floor ABC Bank 1,000 tonnes of fresh and export abattoir in the and its accessories. This includes detailed engineering, civil construction, and Building, Dar Es Salaam Road, frozen goat, lamb and beef is Approximate amount East, Central and Horn of Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya fabrication assembly on-site. exported each year. Export in tonnes of fresh and Africa and the management Tel: +254-20-2108606 consignments cover the frozen goat, lamb and team are proud of the Mobile: +254 731384111 whole spectrum of entire beef exported each year exceptional attention to Email: carcasses, primary cuts, detail in ensuring that all
  5. 5. Kenya Meat Commission KMC buys livestock from individual livestock owners, traders, ranchers and organized livestock trading groups “KMC is now determined to increase in place and is seen as a vital cornerstone in the battle to regain market leadership. of processed chicken and camel products. A number of opportunities have been identified further its export market and sees “This ISO certification will give the Commission a competitive edge that will for canned corned beef and production is expected to increase dramatically in 2012 scope for many more products” ensure greater market reach both locally and when a new one-acre beef chilling facility internationally,” stated Dr Mohamed Abdi will also become operational.products are prepared in accordance with kept and samples of all final products are Kuti, minister for Livestock Development, Most importantly of all, KMC’sthe highest international standards. analysed for compliance before dispatch. adding that it would augment KMC’s role achievements are radiating out to the wider All livestock are inspected on arrival by This takes place through carefully selected in providing a market to the livestock Kenyan economy. Government officialsveterinary officers and repeated inspections logistics partners with a proven capability to industry which will give a major boost to have repeatedly praised the operationalare carried out prior to slaughter, a process maintain the vital cold chain during transit. the economic dynamics of the country’s efficiency of the plant and are delightedwhich adheres to strict halal guidelines. Both domestic and export markets offer pastoral communities. at the contribution it is making towardsAnimals are bled along the conveyor a clear opportunity to gain further market Looking to the future, KMC is now Kenya’s development efforts.for approximately seven minutes before share and the main challenge confronted determined to increase further its exportcarcasses are eviscerated and then split, by KMC is how to win back its former market and sees scope for many more For more information aboutwashed, weighed and graded. A fully- market leadership position. ISO 22000:2005 products, particularly in the value-added Kenya Meat Commission visit:equipped in-house laboratory ensures certification is seen as fundamental in category: a team of food scientists and quality monitoring standards are gaining customer confidence. This is already technicians are at work on an innovative range
  6. 6. Kenya