Kazphosphate emea-apr12-bro-s Researched Abi Abagun


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Kazphosphate emea-apr12-bro-s Researched Abi Abagun

  1. 1. KazphosphateA pipeline of improvements www.kazphosphate.kz
  2. 2. Kazphosphate A pipeline ofimprovements General director Mukash Iskandirov explains to Gay Sutton how the phosphate mining and manufacturing company Kazphosphate is introducing the latest technology to take advantage of the growing market for high quality phosphate products
  3. 3. Kazphosphate I n recent years, Kazakhstan has been knows how much ore there is in the entire recognised as having some of the world’s Karatau deposit,” he continues, “but it is largest deposits of natural resources. Its believed there could be as much as 45 phosphate deposits, discovered around billion tons in total, so we are operating on 70 years ago in the Karatau basin to just a small part of that. Estimated reserves the south of the country, have been mined are 23 billion tons.” since 1946 and are among the biggest in The mines are located close to Karatau the world. In 1999 Kazphosphate, which and Zhanatas, two cities that have grown up operates all the phosphate mining, almost exclusively around the industry. The processing and manufacturing interests ore is crushed and sorted and put through of the region, became a limited liability the beneficiation process at the Chulaktau company, and began looking at ways of processing complex at Karatau, and the modernising and diversifying. Karatau processing complex at Zhanatas. Completely owned by local investors, Some percentage of mined phosphate the business includes six is exported to Russia, mines, of which two are Ukraine, Uzbekistan and underground and four are open pit, a range of processing and chemical $80 Turkmenistan, but the vast majority is then transported to a range of Kazphosphate manufacturing facilities in various locations and a Million manufacturing facilities near Taraz some 200 privately owned railway kilometres away. These Investment in new network interconnecting sulphuric acid plant include elemental technical them and linking with the phosphorus and its national network. derivatives and mineral Kazphosphate is in the enviable position fertiliser plants in Taraz, a detergent plant of having an extensive phosphate resource in Shymkent and chemical plant producing that is scalable for the future. “We have a MAP in Stepnogorsk. total resource of 1.8 billion tons of phosphate Interestingly, Kazphosphate used to be ore at our current mines,” says general the old USSR’s supplier of fertilisers for local director Mukash Iskandirov. This works market and exports. Today, the company out to give an estimated mine life of many continues to export the product into the years and means that unlike most mining CIS countries as well as the European companies there is a guaranteed availability Union (EU) and China. Meanwhile, the of ore and no need to continuously invest main market for technical phosphates, in exploration. Moreover, the company is particularly yellow phosphate, is almostEmployee working currently only exploiting a small part of the exclusively the EU.in the mine resources available in the region. “Nobody The vision behind the programme
  4. 4. Kazphosphate of ex pa n sion a ndSince 1949, Hosokawa Bepex modernisation across the Hosokawa Bepex GmbH Particle size enlargement has been Bepex’s core businessGmbH has been dealing with particle size company is to build a high- in Leingarten near Heilbronn since 1949. Compacting,enlargement of fine disperse bulk material tech industry producing briquetting and pelleting with roll type presses entailsand since then sets standards in this business an increasing diversity of more than just the design of the machines: understandingarea. Due to the fact that we are constantly quality phosphor products specific applications and developing optimum solutions for export to Europe and can only be achieved with expert experience in processadvancing our technologies in the areas engineering. the surrounding countries.of compacting, briquetting, extrusion, We are familiar with the problems in handling powders, Exporting to Europe andsize reduction and plant construction on China, however, presents dusts and slurries. Flakes, briquettes and pellets providethe basis of the users’ specifications, our dust-free products, good flow and metering properties as some interesting challenges, well as a higher bulk density. With particle size enlargementtechnology leads the global market. Whether ones that Kazphosphate has the handling problems can be reduced substantially,processing of pharmaceutical products, been working to resolve. whether filter dusts, fertilizers, metallic ore or metal chipsfertilizers, refractories, pigments, salts, ores, The very location of are processed. Project development, laboratory and pilot Kazakhstan, in the centre plants as well as production are all under one roof at Bepex.soda, filter dusts, etc. is concerned, you will of the Eurasian landmass, www.bepexhosokawa.comderive professional support from Hosokawa ma kes long-d ista nceBepex GmbH. logistics very difficult. “In the fertiliser industry, large producers usually operate their own port terminals from where they can export around the world,” Iskandirov explains. “Our nearest port is around 4,000 kilometres away, so our export capability is limited to locations we can reach by railway.” Railways, therefore, form the backbone of the company’s operations, and as long ago as 1973 it constructed its own private “We have a total resource ofHOSOKAWA Bepex GmbH | P.O. Box 1152 1.8 billion tons74207 Leingarten, Germany of phosphate oreTel: + 49 (0)71 31 907-0Fax: + 49 (0)71 31 907-309 at our mines” Technician inside the plantE-mail: compaction@bepex.hosokawa.comwww.bepexhosokawa.com
  5. 5. Kazphosphaterailway network. Totalling some 250kilometres of track, the railway links themines with each of the processing andmanufacturing plants and also with thenational and international rail network.This private line stretches from Zhanatasin the north to Taraz in the south andwest to Shymkent. The company ownsand maintains a fleet of 30 locomotivesalong with over 930 specialist wagonsfor products as diverse as yellowphosphorus, sulphuric acid, phosphoricacid, rock phosphate, ammonia, soda ashand liquid pitch. Several significant modernisationprojects have already been completed,and are delivering a variety of qualityimprovements, cost savings andenvironmental benefits. One such is the Exterior view of Kazphosphate plantintroduction of a process to reduce wasteat the elemental phosphorus plant in sodium tripolyphosphate, and improved residues,” Iskandirov says. to the fertiliser plant in 120,000Taraz. The sludge produced in the yellow the acid to food quality, opening new “To tap into this market Taraz, and due to comephosphorus manufacturing process retains markets in the EU where the product is we have upgraded and online in the fourth quarterhigh phosphorus content. The upgrades in great demand. modernised our yellow of this year. Utilising theenable the plant to recycle the sludgerepeatedly to extract the phosphorus, The EU is a lucrative target marketplace for Kazphosphate, easily reached by rail, phosphorus plant, a project that was completed last tons latest technology, the plant will deliver significantcutting sludge output to zero. and demanding increasing volumes of year.” The output capacity Annual output cost savings, not only An upgrade completed at the purified yellow phosphorus. “Many of our clients of the plant continues to be capacity of yellow by reducing the need tophosphoric acid plant last year has more in the EU are asking for a higher quality 120,000 tons per annum, phosphorus plant purchase sulphuric acidthan doubled the output of acid and product with a lower content of organic but 7,000 tons of that can on the market but also now be purified to a higher by harnessing the heat grade. “And we have buyers for all that generated in the production of sulphuric “We have upgraded and modernised higher grade product, so we are in effect acid and using it in the plant, cutting energy already sold out for this year.” consumption and reducing the impact on our yellow phosphorus plant, a project There is a continuing pipeline of the environment. improvements underway and in the The second major project currently that was completed last year” planning stage. The largest is an $80 million underway will have impressive long term sulphuric acid plant being built adjacent environmental and cost cutting benefits.
  6. 6. KazphosphateGases produced during the production of “This will save us approximately $10.5P4 elemental phosphorus were previously million per annum by reducing our naturalburned and vented into the atmosphere, gas requirement by 37 million cubic metresbut new technologies are being introduced a year. It’s a great economy on naturalto recycle the gas to fuel the process. “So resources, and will have a significantfar we have completed two furnaces, and impact on the environment.”will be finishing all four by next year,” Another project slated for the future isIskandirov says. The projected cost for to recycle dust, a waste product of yellowthe project is $16 million, but the return phosphorus production, so it can be usedon investment will be surprisingly rapid. in the fertiliser plant. “This is a very new “So far we have completed two furnaces, and will be finishing all four by next year” The company exports its product via railway project and we’re doing the feasibility and so on.” Still in the planning stage, the study on it right now,” Iskandirov says. “But project is likely to enter the construction the dust contains significant amounts of phase in 2015. potassium, and we plan to use it to produce Kazphosphate, which employs some NPK fertilisers.” 5,800 people across the business, is investing The most important and also the most significantly to establish itself as a high-tech ambitious project on the horizon is the organisation, supplying quality phosphor construction of a new $170 million high- products to Europe, the CIS countries and tech beneficiation plant near the mines in China. The benefits to the regional economy Karatau. Comprising both suspension and around Taraz, Karatau and Zhanatas are flotation processes, it will produce a much significant, and look set to grow. higher grade output. “This is our most expensive project to date and will produce For more information about 3.5 million tonnes of new product with a Kazphosphate visit: higher P2O5 content which we can then www.kazphosphate.kzMining truck fleet export or use to produce fertilisers, MAP
  7. 7. KazphosphateSamal 1 dst., 1 A, Almaty050051, Republic of KazakhstanT +7 727 330-56-00www.kazphosphate.kzProduced by:www.bus-ex.com