Jindal AfricaA land of opportunity                   www.jindalafrica.com
Jindal AfricaA land ofJindal Africa has been tasked by its parent company, Jindal Steel and Power Limited   (JSPL), with h...
Jindal Africa                               SCIC Energy’s planned Coal-                  eeing as Africa produces moreto-H...
JINDAL MINING Africa                                                                       Jindal AFRICAin Lorem ipsum pro...
Jindal Africa                                                                                                   Jindal Afr...
Jindal AfricaRoad construction doesn’t have to                                                        is the development o...
JINDAL MINING Africa                                                                         Jindal AFRICAto Jindal closel...
Jindal AfricaNEW PRECIOUS                                                           Jindal Africa’s philosophy is to build...
Jindal Africa                                      $166 million                                       The price paid to ac...
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Jindal africa africa.mining-mar13-bro-s


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Jindal africa africa.mining-mar13-bro-s

  1. 1. Jindal AfricaA land of opportunity www.jindalafrica.com
  2. 2. Jindal AfricaA land ofJindal Africa has been tasked by its parent company, Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL), with harnessing the immense potential that Africa has to offeropportunity written by: Will Daynes research by: Jon Bradley
  3. 3. Jindal Africa SCIC Energy’s planned Coal- eeing as Africa produces moreto-Hydrocarbons (CTH) than 60 different metal andProject intends to convert mineral products, and is a majorcoal to low sulphur dieselfuel and associated products source of several of the world’s most important commodities, it is little wonder that it remains an area of profound interest for mining companies. While exploration and mining developments across the continent have undoubtedly increased in recent decades, there is still considerable scope for expansion. One company that has been making waves across Africa over the last several years is the multinational conglomerate, Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL), a leading figure in the steel, power, mining, coal to liquid, oil and gas, and infrastructure sectors. Recognising that Africa is indeed endowed with great mineral wealth, as well as a nation of warm, hardworking and committed people, JSPL established Jindal Africa in 2008, with its remit being to discover minerals primarily for JSPL’s steel production in India. “Our African operations,” explains chief executive officer of African Business Ventures, Ashish Kumar, “span across South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania and Madagascar, and provide direct and contract-based employment for approximately 2500 people.” Today, Jindal Africa is working diligently to expand its footprint across the continent. Its headquarters is based in Johannesburg and it is from here that it overseas the businesses’ regional operations and on-going expansion plans. Its operational activities in the country include the Kiepersol Colliery, outside the town of Piet Retief
  4. 4. JINDAL MINING Africa Jindal AFRICAin Lorem ipsum province, Mpumalanga dolor sit Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,amet, consectetur adipisicingin which it has taken a consectetur adipisicing elit,elit, sed do eiusmod temporsignificant shareholding. sed do eiusmod temporincididunt utproduces doloreThe mine labore et high incididunt ut labore et doloremagna aliqua. Ut enim adquality anthracite coal magna aliqua. Ut enim adminim veniam, locally andthat is sold quis nostrud minim veniam, quis nostrudexercitation ullamco laborisinternationally. exercitation ullamco laborisnisi ut 2012, ex ea commodo In aliquip Jindal Africa nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodoconsequat. Duis aute irure This is a caption this is a caption consequat. Duis aute irurestarted its coal miningoperations in Mozambique’sdolor in reprehenderit in dolor in reprehenderit in The Kiepersol Colliery, South Africavoluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiatcoal-rich Moatize area.nulla country’s thermal-grade coal and nulla apariatur. Excepteur sint occaecatThe pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat make lasting and significant impact. JSPLcupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui cupidatat non was fortunate to have firstsignificant coking coal reserves present Mozambique proident, sunt in culpa quiofficia deserunt mollit anim id est Africa to officia deserunt mollit anim idof only threea major opportunity for Jindal laborum. mover advantage, being one est laborum. RRL GRINDROD RRL Grindrod Locomotives is proud to be Rail operations services include train associated with Jindal Steel and Power crewing, driver training and management, Limitada Mozambique (“JSPL”). rail siding and cargo management. In Partnership with JSPL, RRL Grindrod Our clients vary from mainline rail operators will be managing the rail logistic solution requiring long haul traction to large and for the open cast mining project at Chirodzi. medium-sized mining operations with a Our involvement in the project includes the need for short haul, branch line or shunting manufacture, maintenance and operation of services. We have a growing footprint on the locomotives freighting coal on the Sena the continent with existing operations in Line to the port of Beira. several African countries including Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, About RRL Grindrod Mozambique, Sierra Leone and South Africa. RRL Grindrod is a diversified rail and As a part of the wider Grindrod Group logistics company which aims to provide rail the company is committed to providing engineering and operations solutions for customers with a seamless pit-to-port rail customers across the African continent. solution to freight bulk cargo in the region. Our main service offerings are: We look forward to a lasting partnership Locomotive and wagon manufacture which with JSPL as we continue to keep rail includes design, manufacture and sale of freight moving!! rolling stock, rolling stock refurbishment, locomotive leasing and wagon maintenance. www.rrlgrindrod.co.za BE WEEKLY | 2
  5. 5. Jindal Africa Jindal Africa hopes to develop Zambia’s copper resources international companies to mine the rich hand, represents Jindal Africa’s foray Moatize region in the Cahora Basa district into the copper industry, where it is in of Tete province. the process of exploring and developing Further afield, the company has plans to greenfield copper concessions. Jindal Africa establish a cement plant in Madagascar that hopes to play a pivotal role in developing will be supplied by its own Zambia’s copper resourcesArlona Engineering, which is based at theDurban Harbour, is one of the leading designers and limestone mines. Meanwhile, and downstream facilities. Jindal Africa is involved “In the past twelve 2008manufacturers of bulk handling and lifting equipmentin Southern Africa. in extensive coal, copper months,” Kumar continues,The company, with extensive experience in the design and iron ore exploration “we have made significantand manufacture of innovative handling equipment,has the expertise and machinery to manufacture activities in Tanzania and investments that we feelequipment according to stringent specifications. This has been granted a license The year that Jindal will quickly bring addeddesign and manufacturing service is enhanced by a to mine copper. Africa was established value and growth to thespecialised proofloading facility for lifting equipment. Zambia, on the other business. The first of thesewww.arlona.co.za
  6. 6. Jindal AfricaRoad construction doesn’t have to is the development of ourbe as costly, time-consuming and Mozambique operations. Here we have invested Global Civil Solutions Global Civil Solutions is a construction company specialisingcomplicated as you think. considerable capital in both infrastructure projects and in the field of environmentally driven engineering. The company provides leading edge road construction technology to the Mining Industry and has developed specialist soil in our people, and this stabilisers as fast, cost-effective methods for road and railGlobal Civil Solutions provides innovative, leading edge road constructiontechnology to the Mining industry. The company is a proud supplier to the Jindal is already starting to construction. Global Civil Solutions is headed up by AndyGroup with a list of clients that include Jindal Mining, Anglo Platinum, Impala produce results.” Shand who has extensive experience in the constructionPlatinum and Australia based Stonewall Mining. A not he r i mp or t a nt and project management industry, having successfully development for t he managed projects ranging from highway construction, miningRecent projects include the design and construction of the main access haul road to construction, resort hotel construction to infrastructure company was the recentthe Jindal Mine at the Piet Retief Colliery using a natural soil stabiliser (J.G.R.S) development, waste water treatment and water purification.which was specifically designed to handle Heavy Haul Loads. International projects acquisition of the Botswana- Clients include the Jindal Group, Anglo Platinum, Impalainclude a joint venture with Jindal Group in India to complete a state of the art road based Canadian company, Platinum and Australia based Stonewall Mining.stabilisation development with the product manufactured locally at the Jindal CIC Energy, for $116 million. elschke@globalgroups.orgRaigarh Plant and used extensively throughout the Indian Sub-Continent. This purchase highlights Jindal’s plans to tap into the power business in southern Africa. These plans that see the organisation invest up to $700 million in Botswana over the next three years. “Beyond these developments,” Kumar highlights, “we have also acquired a number of greenfield exploration projects in South Africa and Namibia where we are now in the process of conducting several extensive drilling campaigns.” Throughout the seven countries in which it is present, Jindal Africa strives “Jindal plan to invest up to $700 million in Botswana over the next three years” Coal train on the move from the Kiepersol mine For more information contact Andy Shand on +27 83 442 8924 email andy@globalgroups.org or visit www.globalcivils.com
  7. 7. JINDAL MINING Africa Jindal AFRICAto Jindal closely with local work Mining Africa tempor incididunt ut laborecommunitiesto and here...feature text go key et dolore magna aliqua. Utstakeholders dolor sit amet,Lorem ipsum to foster long enim ad minim veniam, quisconsectetur adipisicing elit,term relations. “In South nostrud exercitation ullamcoAfrica for eiusmod temporsed do instance,” Kumar laboris nisi ut aliquip exincididunt ut labore et doloreenthuses, “we look to employ ea commodo consequat.local people, Ut enimourmagna aliqua. while ad Duis aute irure dolor inminim veniam, quis nostrudlocal procurement policies reprehenderit in voluptateensure thatullamco laborisexercitation wherever we velit esse cillum doloreare ut aliquipwe ea commodonisi based ex endeavour eu fugiat nulla pariatur.consequat. Duis aute irureto source the majority of Excepteur sint occaecatwork locally from reliable This is a caption this is a caption cupidatat non proident, suntdolor in reprehenderit insuppliers who have proven CSR is a central theme that drives Jindal Africa’s business operationsvoluptate velit esse cillum in culpa qui officia deseruntdolore of fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur mollit anim id est laborum. Lorem ipsum dolorcapableeu meeting the strictsint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt important strengths is its ability elit, sed doconditions and standards that we set.” sit amet, consectetur adipisicing to acquire,in Being qui officia deserunt mollit anim id and subsequently retain, some of thedolore culpa part of a multi-national, multi- eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et mostest laborum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, skilled aliqua. Ut enim adindustry. “In India,”billion dollar company, it won’t surprise magna employees in the minim veniam, quismany to hear that one of Jindal Africa’s most Kumar enthuses, “it is fair to say that nisi utconsectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris Jindal INGWENYA MINERAL PROCESSING COmpany name EhendanisMineral Processing (Pty) Ltd Ingwenya de dollam, sit lacerum nobiscienis enditiate simus, quid ut abore saero of 45 has a BEE shareholding component endi eium fugit,South African owned company (IMP) is a ipicilluptae nonsed quaerfercium cust volenihici volore mi, representation. percent as well as board voluptatem ex based in Mpumalanga Province, with its fugit dolorem audiciissit auta vendi dus eatis est imus rem si assit have proudlycumquia For Jindal Africa we prae conem designed head office in Witbank in South Africa. quo tem asit lanis doloribust ulpa cumquun tiisima sandionsequi dellam,processingmolor and installed a 200tph coal volupidio tiberitatio. Nam quam laboremquas latter The company was incorporated in the plant capable of producing 120,000 tons reptur, nam quam que aliant utas imus half of 2006, and was formed to service the accuscietur, officat iaessum facepel iquisqu aliquunt teon a four shiftvolupisand capable per month voloria quam basis, sitaquae atusdae pratiis sedthe fields ofde eossitiunt mining industry in est dicatis design, build of modification in future to increase the nobis pro modipsundi quo bea voluptam. renimpo rerernam idusdam ex et fugia as and install (processing facilities), as well capacity by the addition of extra modules. sandionsequi dellam, volupidio molor reptur, contract mineral processing (operate and nullatio voluptis magnis enihil moste nobis nam plant is located at Kiepersol Colliery in This quam que aliant utas imus aliquunt magnam utand consultingvoloria volupta maintain), ius sunt quia services, with te voloria quamis designed to treat 50mm Piet Retief and volupis sitaquae nobis pro nonserferia voluptatem asindustry. aestio specific focus on the coal dendand modipsundi quo bea voluptam eos eos. for nominal top size. IMP is also responsible IMP takes account of specialised industry idebis sandias nostisqui cus solupit volore the operation and maintenance of this coal sandionsequi dellam, volupidio molor reptur, requirements in providing mineral processing volorio nectorum in ea porum facerrum inum processing facility. nam quam que aliant utas imus aliquunt. expertise to various clients for the benefit of inctiunt, ut la at expeditia sit, acia int. ad stakeholders. The company recognises all que nos andus dolor re nimus aliquo int info@ingwenyamp.co.za E. xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com vollut re doloritas of theeribear iaesed mod the requirements velit, mining charter and www.ingwenyamp.co.za www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com BE WEEKLY | 2
  8. 8. Jindal AfricaNEW PRECIOUS Jindal Africa’s philosophy is to build strong and long-term relations with communitiesRESOURCE Group is so well regarded that it is the dream As well as wanting to cater for today’sDISCOVERED of many simply to work for the organisation. What we want to do is recreate that same workforce, the company is also taking significant steps to nurture its next level of passion here in Africa. Yes we may generation of employees. It is doing so by be a relatively new company in the grade awarding specific scholarships to some of scheme of things, but we already believe the most promising young individuals on that we have the tools needed to make this the continent and providing them with a very special place to work.” the opportunity to study for a four yearClick here to visit ourdedicated homepagefor the mining community “Africa represents a sourcewww.bus-ex.com/mining of immense opportunity for JSPL, BEST PRACTISE IN MINING particularly when it comes to mining”
  9. 9. Jindal Africa $166 million The price paid to acquire CIC Energy degree in India. Once that time has passed they will then be able to return to Africa and apply the knowledge and skills they have gained abroad, as well as have the opportunity to work in one of the Jindal Africa operations. Africa represents a source of immense opportunity for JSPL, particularly when it comes to mining, and it is because of its growth, rapid development and possession of a culture that is not dissimilar to that of India that JSPL is very confident when it comes to tapping into the continents’ potential. “At present,” Kumar concludes, “we are undertaking exploration and greenfield and brownfield projects, with our focus also beginning to turn towards important infrastructure projects. Thus it is clear that as a company we are very positive about what Africa has to offer. By harnessing its potential correctly there is no reason why we can’t reach a point where at least 20 percent of JSPL’s total group revenues come from Africa in the not too distant future.” For more information about Jindal Africa visit:Jindal are undertaking greenfield www.jindalafrica.comand brownfield projects
  10. 10. Jindal Africawww.jindalafrica.comProduced by:www.bus-ex.com