4 intertexts- media


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4 intertexts- media

  2. 2. WRONG TURN Wrong turn is about 6 people that find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia and end up getting tortured individually by cannibalistic mountain men. In one scene, 4 of thepeople go into a cabin to look for clues and to investigate a few things they think are suspiciousand end up discovering miscellaneous objects, and human body parts. They are horrified and try to escape, but they hear people coming back and are forced to hide. The camera then focuses on the door and shows 3 cannibalistic mountain men, all whom are extremely disfigured, violently entering the cabin bringing in, one of trapped 6, dead body. The 4 people hiding watch in horror, as her body is brutally butchered and messily eaten.
  3. 3. You can tell when watching this scene, it definitely proves that the films genre is horror. Its very graphic and has a lot of close up camera shots focusing mainly on the actors faces when theyre hiding and watching in horror, their facial expressions show howdisgusted they look and how they really dont want to watch what is actually going on infront of their eyes. Also it has some close up shots on the 3 cannibalistic mountain menwhen they are firmly and violently ripping the dead girl apart and eating her like hungry animals. The music used in the background of this trailer is fast with no pauses which makes it really intense for the viewers and I want something like this in my trailer.
  4. 4. The costumes they wear in the film wrong turn are all very stereotypical for a horror film.For example, the ripped and torn clothes and a lot of blood on their shirts and trousers. I found this link that actually shows the props and costumes that were used in the film – http://www.yourprops.com/view_items.php?movie=Wrong+Turn+%282003%29.I want to use in my horror trailer the type of clothes and props they used in this film, for example if i stick to my plan at the moment with having 3 girls and 2 boys as the maincharacter, I want the typical ripped clothes, dirty, and blood stained on their clothes whenall the action suddenly happens. I also want to use most of the props they used in wrong turn which was knifes and axes.I think the target audience of this film if I had to choose would be 16-30 mainly because it does have strong language in, some drug use and a lot of strong violence and gore in!
  5. 5. EDEN LAKE Eden Lake, like wrong turn, is set in the woods and is about a couple called Steve and Jenny who go away for a nice romantic weekend at an idyllic remote lake but theirweekend away is ruined as they are interrupted at a beach by a group of teenagers with an annoying vicious dog, and they play very loud music and are genuinely rude towards thecouple. As the film goes on, the couple are tortured with all sorts such as having their carstolen by the teenagers, Steve kidnapped and tied up with barbed wire taking turns to stabhim with a knife while one of them are recording everything on their phone, and the film then ends up like a normal stereotypical horror film with them both being murdered in the end.
  6. 6. The film I would say is more of a thriller rather than horror but overall a bit of both, and reading the reviews they all said the film was very wellmade, tight, nasty and scary! Also the film is not enough to make the audience cry as it is quite jumpy! But it is upsetting seeing as it is about a couple who only went away for a romantic get away. Watching this film and using my imagination and thinking about the ideas I want for my trailer, I want it to bequite similar where the 5 main characters I use, 4 of them will be 2 couples and the other girl is the odd one out.
  7. 7. A scene in this film which I loved was when Jenny and Steve were hiding underneath which looked like a bridge and you could tell how fragile both of the characters were, especially Steve as he had just been stabbed and violently tortured, by the way the acted. The camera angle was close up on their faces andJenny had a really serious look on her face which showed how scared she really was. She didnt use any gesture or movement codes in this scene as she was just holding Steve up to keep him balanced and she was almost in a freeze position. Her costume was really effective as she had mud smeared all over face and her white dress was torn, wet and very dirty! I think the target audience for this film would be 18-40 because it does have a lot of swearing and violence in and they show quite dramatic torturing taking place in the film which I think isnt suitable for children to watch as they may get ideas.
  8. 8. SCREAM
  9. 9. Scream is about a killer known to the neighbourhood as the ghost face who begins killing off teenagers, and as the body count begins rising, one girl and her friends find themselves contemplating the rules of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one. The film is rated as an 18 and the genre is crime, horror, thriller and mystery. Scream isnt exactly set in a field/wood or forest like what I am planning to do formy trailer, it is mainly set in a house but the film has the idea I think I would like of the killer having a mask on when he/she is running around looking for their victims. I like the idea of having this because it creates so much more tension forthe audience watching as they wont exactly know who is behind the mask, whether its male or female, and creates mystery for the viewers. I also think its a lot more interesting having the main character in a costume such as a mask, as its not asboring as everyone seeing the person who is causing all this drama, looking normal like everybody else in the trailer.
  10. 10. The editing in the film is quite fast, and the camera shots are never really close up. For example whenever the ghost face is on screen, the camera is never fully close up on his face (mask). I think this is unusual and different but a really good idea because it keeps the audience more involved and drawn in because they never really see a close up shot, they literally just see a quick glimpse of a mask. I also like the costume the ghost face is wearing because its simple- black long cloak with no body parts on show and a mask covering his face, but really effective and creative too.The target audience for this film I think would be 16-30, although it says you have tobe 18 to watch it, personally I dont really think its that bad of a horror film, the only bits I think that wouldnt be suitable was some of the swearing and the killings (violence and gore).
  12. 12. The last house on the left is about a married couple and their 17 year old daughter going on a vacation to their other house near a lake. When they get there after a few hours Mari, the daughter, borrows the family car to meet her friend in the town where she is working but they both end up getting abducted, Mari gets raped and herfriend, Paige, gets stabbed and dies. Mari manages to escape by swimming in a lake back to her but one of the guys shoot in her the back. The guys walk lonely along the road until they reach Maris house and pretend to be lost with no where to go. Eventually Mari manages to crawl home even after being shot in the back and tells her story what happened to her, and the guys get what they deserve in the end!
  13. 13. I like the way in the trailer the music almost fits in with what is happening to the girl. It varies by having slow music which its effective for the audience as they will feel sorry for her and the music helps create sympathy, and then it will change to having a fast up-beat track for example, when Mari gets away and is swimming as fast as she can in the lake. This creates drama and makes it much more intense because the viewers are so drawn in they will almost be shouting her on to get free (this is whatmy mum was doing anyway when watching this film!). I also like the editing sounds inthe film, when she jumps in the lake and is swimming you can tell the sounds of water moving etc have been edited in and it sounds really realistic and worked well.
  14. 14. In this particular scene too, I loved the way the camera used a tracking camera angle so it was like the audience were swimming by the side of her and we could see her close up! This film is rated as an 18 and the genre is said to be drama, horror and a thriller. I think the target audience for the last house on the left would be between 18-40. I think it isnt suitable for children as it does have swearing in, a lot of violence and even rape in which is really serious and really the audience watching need to be quite mature to understand what the film is about and what is going on, especially with therape and stabbing scene as the audience will 100% feel sympathy towards the two girls and will understand how vulnerable they both are.