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What is your story

  1. 1. Re: [Trainers Forum] Article: "What is YOUR story?" -byNarendraGoidani, Life SchoolWhat is YOUR story?Did you realise, through learning you can become anything….ANYTHING!!! Didthisever occur to you? It did to me and changed my life…In the boxing ring the boxer has a weakness. The opponent exploits that weakness.The coach eliminates that weakness. Both learnt about the weakness. One becamethesaviour. The other – the destroyer. Through learning, I can become anything –Thewitness, the coach, the critic, the improved performer, thedestroyer…ANYTHING!What I become, is my `RESPONSIBILITY. That is my STORY.One darling student of mine, Neha is in London, studying early child education. Iwas concerned about her health and mailed her to `stay in charge. Shereplied…."Naren, trust me. My work has taken me far beyond everything else intheuniverse.. Its so interesting that no force can come and disturb it. Focus, isjust a small word now…"I was blown away. FOCUS is just a small word now. Ahaaa….! As I read it, thesmileof the century was pasted on my face.A few years ago, this young lady will not step out of her home alone, easily.Today she is ready to be a rock of Gibraltar. How did this happen? Learning! Herlearnings created her STORY.My father is never going to respect me or my mother, cried one of my studentsRajesh. To drown his sorrows he turned to hard drinks. Today at the age of 33,Rajesh is a total addict needing to consume half a bottle of liquor every evening.Without this, he claims, he cannot survive. He LEARNT his father does not careforhim. Blaming his father, he went on to create his own downfall. Last I heard, hiskidneys have failed. He has lost 28 kgs in six month. He now looks like askeleton.
  2. 2. I also know of a Ravi Varma. His father had an extra-marital affair. His mother,his younger brother and he, were dumped by his father when Ravi was 16 yearsold.They were made to stay in the outhouse of a bungalow while the `other womanandhis father stayed in the bungalow. He LEARNT the three of them – he, hismotherand his younger brother were unwanted. In other words, he too LEARNT, hisfatherdoes not care for them.He left Punjab his home state, worked harder than anyone he knew, moved first toAgra, from there to Mumbai, from there to Pune. He was always looking for betteropportunities and never hesitated from grabbing one as it emerged. Within aboutfifteen years of committed hard work, his net worth was a few crores. His fatherlived the last few years of his life with Ravi and begged for forgiveness almostevery day.Both LEARNT that their father did not care for them. Rajesh destroyed himself,Ravi created himself. Their learnings created their STORY. One wanted to escapeand failed. The other wanted to explore and soared.Lifes responsibility is to give us lessons. Our responsibility is to learn. Whilelife gives us lessons, what we become, is our STORY.When Praveen LEARNT his right hand man is opening a shop right next to his, hewasshattered. Day and night he kept on asking why his right hand had to do this tohim. Had he not taken good care of him? Had he not helped him every time heneeded? Praveen felt his goodness had been exploited. He promised to himself hewill never be good again to anyone as good people are not respected buthumiliated. His joy and laughter left him. He became a machine. Every time acustomer would go to his ex-right hand mans shop, Praveens blood pressurewouldshoot up and his mood would be spoilt. He became very negative and harsh withhisremaining employees. His business was going downhill every day.When Rahul LEARNT his right hand man has left the factory taking away 80% ofhisexisting marketing team and joined hands with the competitor, he was shocked.Thiswas totally unexpected. Their main summer season was about to begin. They hadmadeplans to expand to Gujarat this season. All this will be impossible now. His right
  3. 3. hand knew all their strategies and plans. He was feeling down and out. He felt hisbusiness was doomed.In that moment, a thought occurred to him. This is the time to show your mettleand courage. When things are going great guns, you start believing you are thereason. When things go wrong AND you put them back on track, then you are`trulythe reason. Time to show to yourself, you are the REASON for your till-nowflourishing organization.Rahul wrote to me, "Naren, you told me a great businessman always has fire in hisbelly. Right now, I have a VOLCANO in my belly. I will make you very proud ofme.This summer our results will be better than ever before."In fifteen days flat, he recreated the team. When they saw his courage andundeterred appetite to recreate, more than half the team that left him expressedregret, requested forgiveness and are back with him.Both Praveen and Rahul LEARNT their right hand men have left work and becometheircompetitor. While Praveen decided to feel helpless and back stabbed, Rahul facedit with courage. Both were given a lesson. Both wrote their own STORY.My dear readers, whats your STORY? Does your story match with Neha, Ravi,Rahul?Or does it resemble Rajesh, Praveen? We sincerely pray your STORY inspires.Life would have bestowed you with lessons. You would have LEARNT. Would youliketo share your STORY with us? Especially if your life story can inspire, we wouldlove to receive a mail from you. Do mail it to us at naren@lifeschool.co.inWaiting to get inspired….With loads of love, prayers and best wishes,Narendra GoidaniAs I Live…I Learn