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  1. 1. Finance and AdministrationPortal Redesign10/30/2012
  2. 2. Finance and AdministrationAgendaGeneral OverviewPartnering with UniconWhat We’re GettingWhat We Need to DoMilestonesScreenshotsQuestions
  3. 3. Finance and AdministrationGeneral OverviewAn Enterprise Web Portal will allow differentgroups on campus to access resources, services,information and applications at BGSU. Thisproject should include setting up the infrastructurefor a new portal, selecting a software package thatmeets our needs, setting up the portal softwareand adding portlets to the new environment
  4. 4. Finance and AdministrationWhy We Need to Do this ProjectNeed to update hardwareNeed to update user interface/user experienceNeeds to work across all browsersNeeds to work on all screen sizesNeed to interface with other systems utilizedby BGSU
  5. 5. Finance and AdministrationKey TermsPortal – A single web based environment where multiple applications can runand be integrated together. A portal consists of multiple portlets and pages toprovide one unified user experience.Portlet – A portlet is a piece of software that will run inside of a web portal.A portlet can be used to pull or push data to other enterprise systems.Page - A page is a container within a portal that can group logical itemstogether. Pages can contain both portlets and pages. Access to pages canalso be defined by roles that are setup in the my.bgsu.edu portal.
  6. 6. Finance and AdministrationKey Terms
  7. 7. Finance and AdministrationPartnering with Uniconhttp://www.unicon.net/Specialize in Open Source SoftwareCAS(Central Authenication Service), Liferay,uPortal, Shibboleth, Sakai,Specialize in Higher EducationWorked with Ohio University, University ofMassachusetts, University of Wisconsinhttp://www.unicon.net/company/about/clients
  8. 8. Finance and AdministrationWhat Were GettingLiferay EE Platinum Subscription and SupportCAS Implementation ServicesCASify Liferay EE 6.1CASify PeopleSoft Solutions v9.0CASify Exchange 2008 OWA AppCASify Live@EDUCAS/Ship Idp
  9. 9. Finance and AdministrationWhat Were GettingLiferay Development/CustomizationsCustom Theme Development for Desktops, Tabletsand Mobile DevicesWSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) GuidanceOne way to connect to Web ServicesLDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)Setup and ConfigurationCustom Portlet DevelopmentIntegration with BGSU Enterprise Systems
  10. 10. Finance and AdministrationWhat We Need To DoProvide InfrastructureServers, Databases, etcInstalls, Configuration, etcBranding GuidanceLook and FeelLayout of new portal
  11. 11. Finance and AdministrationWhat We Need To DoPortlet DevelopmentIdentify needs from Unicon (Class Schedule, Grades,Human Resources portlets)Identify what we need to develop in houseDevelop Governance Structure on how toManage the Portal Long Term
  12. 12. Finance and AdministrationProject MilestonesCAS Single Sign On ImplementationCAS/PeopleSoft ImplementationLiferay Portal ImplementationLiferay Theme DevelopmentPortlet Development
  13. 13. Finance and AdministrationScreen Shots
  14. 14. Finance and AdministrationScreen Shots
  15. 15. Finance and AdministrationScreen Shots
  16. 16. Finance and AdministrationScreen Shots
  17. 17. Finance and AdministrationScreen Shots
  18. 18. Finance and AdministrationScreen Shots
  19. 19. Finance and AdministrationScreen Shots
  20. 20. Finance and AdministrationUpcoming Open ForumsSession 1 10/30 1:00-2:00pm BGSU Olscamp113, Firelands CPC 1003Session 2 11/14 1:00-2:00pm BGSU Olscamp113, Firelands CPC 1003 1:00-2:00pmSession 3 11/29 1:00-2:00pm BGSU Olscamp113, Firelands CPC 1003 1:00-2:00pm
  21. 21. Finance and AdministrationQuestions and FeedbackView our project websitewww.bgsu.edu/portalFeedback FormFAQ’sProject Overview