Service Supply Chain Management by Abhishek Tripathi


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Service Supply Chain Management by Abhishek Tripathi is a presentation which includes useful information which helps you to understand the term and get to know as how to maximize the supply chain to build a strong organizational position and enhance market stability. I am pretty sure this would be very helpful. In case any query, please comment or mail me at

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Service Supply Chain Management by Abhishek Tripathi

  1. 1. Service SupplyService SupplyManagementManagementPresented ByPresented ByAbhishek TripathiAbhishek TripathiAbhishek_23july@yahoo.comAbhishek_23july@yahoo.comContact : 7827398207Contact : 7827398207
  2. 2. Service SupplyService SupplyManagementManagement What is Service.What is Service. What is Service Supply.What is Service Supply. What is Service Supply Management.What is Service Supply Management.
  3. 3. What Is ServiceWhat Is Service
  4. 4. What is Service SupplyWhat is Service Supply
  5. 5. What is Service SupplyWhat is Service SupplyManagement ?Management ?
  6. 6. Service Supply ProcessService Supply ProcessInstitutionCounselorStudents
  7. 7. Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Management
  8. 8. Investment StrategyInvestment Strategy ReturnReturn RiskRisk Performance RequirementsPerformance Requirements InvestmentInvestment
  9. 9. Total Cost of OwnershipTotal Cost of OwnershipCategoriesCategories Research & planningResearch & planning HostelHostel CounselingCounseling Deal through web., Study material etc.Deal through web., Study material etc. FacultyFaculty AssetsAssets Services like library, canteenServices like library, canteen ProcessesProcesses Web AdvertisementsWeb Advertisements Journal, magazine publishingJournal, magazine publishing Maintenance of building, ClassMaintenance of building, Class Other,. Electricity etc.Other,. Electricity etc.
  10. 10. Customer’s Supply Chain TeamCustomer’s Supply Chain Team
  11. 11. Organizational Design vs.Organizational Design vs.Performance HierarchiesPerformance HierarchiesV P M a r k e t i n g V P M a n u f a c t u r in gP la n n i n g G r o u pO p e r a t o rC a ll C e n t e rO r d e r E n t r yC u s t o m e r S e r v ic eI n v e n t o r y P la n n i n gM a n u f a c t u r in g P la n n i n gB u y e rP r o c u r e m e n tS u p p ly M a n a g e m e n tT r a n s p o r t a t io nF o r k li f t O p e r a t o rD C 1W a r e h o u s in gD is t r ib u t i o nV P L o g is t ic s V P A d m in is t r a t i o nP r e s i d e n t & C E OB o a r d o f D ir e c t o r sS h a r e h o ld e r sManagementPlanningSupervisorOperatorPerformance@ StoresSuppliers’PerformanceIndicatorsTaken from CELSE presentation
  12. 12. Service Supply HierarchyService Supply Hierarchy
  13. 13. Resources InvolvedResources Involved
  14. 14. Quantify Associated Outputs…Quantify Associated Outputs…Taken from CELSE presentation
  15. 15. Where to start?Where to start?Where to end?Where to end?Elapsed Time in HoursTaken from CELSE presentation
  16. 16. 3D View - Performance3D View - PerformanceMeasurementsMeasurementsHierarchyPerspectiveSatisfactionQualityVelocityProductivityCostIndividualActionTeamProjectOrganizationCustomerSupplierEmployeeStockholderGovernmentCommunityType ofMeasurementTaken from CELSE presentation
  17. 17. Cause and Effect AnalysisCause and Effect AnalysisTaken from Anand Subramaniam
  18. 18. Questions…?Questions…?
  19. 19. Thank youThank youAbhishek TripathiContact no.