Jet airways digital strategy


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A presentation outlining digital strategy for airline.

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Jet airways digital strategy

  1. 1. Abhishek Gaurav Jet Airways | Digital Strategy 2013 - Abhishek Gaurav
  2. 2. Abhishek Gaurav Agenda  Overview  Objective  Approach  Digital Strategy  Conclusion
  3. 3. Abhishek Gaurav Agenda  Overview  Objective  Approach  Digital Strategy  Conclusion
  4. 4. Abhishek Gaurav 2013 : India is 3rd largest internet user base in the world Close to 150 million people entangled in the digital web
  5. 5. Abhishek Gaurav The Internet Evolution Evolution of internet : Link+Research+Browse+Read+Book+Search+Email+Buy+Write+Tag+Share+Watch+ Socialise+Map+Aggregate+Locate+Stream There is an addition of roughly one key behavior per year to internet capability
  6. 6. Abhishek Gaurav Evolution Of Mode For Accessing Internet Single Touch Point (1995) Multiple Touch Points (2012) Invent of smart phones and tablets have fuelled the growth of internet and has given marketers an opportunity to reach and engage the users effectively
  7. 7. Abhishek Gaurav Internet: A boost to the Travel Industry
  8. 8. Abhishek Gaurav Reasons For The Phenomenal Growth Macro:Buoyant Economy Rising Incomes Growth in Aviation Industry Increase in online travel portals Better air connectivity Micro :Transparency, Better deals, Convenience and Choice. 18+million credit card users and 27+million debit card users Cheaper and Easier access to Internet and Mobile connections 150 million internet users, 75% below 35 years Internet is conducive to pre-purchase decision making for travelers Source : Comscore, IAMAI
  9. 9. Abhishek Gaurav Agenda  Overview  Objective  Approach  Digital Strategy  Conclusion
  10. 10. Abhishek Gaurav Jet Airways, a leading airlines brand in India An objective to build awareness & customer acquisition through digital media.
  11. 11. Abhishek Gaurav Agenda  Overview  Objective  Approach  Digital Strategy  Conclusion
  12. 12. Abhishek Gaurav Approach Category Target Group Brand
  13. 13. Abhishek Gaurav Approach Category Target Group Brand
  14. 14. Abhishek Gaurav About Jet Airways  Founded on April 1, 1992. It is a full service airline  With its first flight in 1993, Jet Airways has come a long way to becoming the fastest growing airlines in the world  It connects 20 international destinations and operates flights to and from 50 destinations in India  Its subsidiary JetKonnect is positioned as a value based airline, and flies to 54 domestic destinations  Jet Airways and JetKonnect combined caters to all the need of Indian air travellers
  15. 15. Abhishek Gaurav Approach Category Target Group Brand
  16. 16. Abhishek Gaurav TG  Age : 18 – 60 years  Gender : Male, Female  SEC : For Internet, targeting the intent  Geography* : India, US, UK, UAE, SE Asia, SL *Based on the international destinations connected by Jet Airways
  17. 17. Abhishek Gaurav TG : Reach India is among the top 5 countries in % reach growth to airlines category (as of Feb 2011) Source : Comscore
  18. 18. Abhishek Gaurav TG : Transacting Users  Total number of users transacting online in India is 15 million (approx) and is expected to increase to 38 million by 2015  Online travel industry contributes 76 % to the total ecommerce industry in India  In online travel portfolio contribution of domestic air travel is approximately 60% and international air travel of about 6% Source : Avendua
  19. 19. Abhishek Gaurav TG : Top Online Travel Activities Source : CopperBridge media
  20. 20. Abhishek Gaurav TG Summary  Airline category is witnessing high growth in terms of online reach in India  Online air travel will have close to 17 million transacting users by 2015  62% users research online for an upcoming trip  With increasing penetration of smart phones and 3G there will be a higher influence of social media, videos and mobile on the TG
  21. 21. Abhishek Gaurav Approach Category Target Group Brand
  22. 22. Abhishek Gaurav Category : YOY Growth  There has been a year-over-year growth of 35% for air travel booking online Source : IAMAI
  23. 23. Abhishek Gaurav Category : Market Share (April 2013) Airline Market Share (%) Indigo 29.8 Jet Airways (India) 22.6 SpiceJet 19.6 Air India (Dom) 19.2 GoAir 8.9  Jet Airways with its subsidiary is placed second in terms of market share  It has witnessed a decline in market share over the last 1 year due to stiff competition from LCC Source : DGCA
  24. 24. Abhishek Gaurav Category : Online Search Trends  Higher search volumes from south India  Search for online tickets is higher during holiday season : June and Dec
  25. 25. Abhishek Gaurav How are different brands addressing the online tickets related searches by Indians ?
  26. 26. Abhishek Gaurav Immense competition on non-brand keyword
  27. 27. Abhishek Gaurav OTAs dominate non-brand keywords search negating the presence of airlines
  28. 28. Abhishek Gaurav Category : Summary  The category is witnessing healthy YOY growth  LCC are steadily grabbing majority market share  The category growth is driven by seasonal demands  Brand faces a very high competition from OTAs in online search
  29. 29. Abhishek Gaurav Agenda  Overview  Objective  Approach  Digital Strategy  Conclusion
  30. 30. Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy Technology Earned Paid Owned
  31. 31. Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy Technology Earned Paid Owned
  32. 32. Abhishek Gaurav Owned Media     This gives a full brand experience and acts as a source of information for users Build for long term relationships with existing and potential customers Reach niche audiences not reached through media activations Marketer has full control of this and thus needs to have strong call to action
  33. 33. Abhishek Gaurav Owned Media : Action point for Jet Airways | Engage with users & provide pathway to action This needs to be done through : 1. Website : a. Introduction of video to show human side of the brand and values b. Establish testimonials 2. Blog : Create an official blog and encourage owners, employees and customers to share their experiences 3. Facebook : Create engaging gaming application on the page for engagement and lead generation (ex: Fly yourself to preferred destination) 4. Mobile : Integrated application for flight booking and sharing on social media
  34. 34. Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy Technology Earned Paid Owned
  35. 35. Abhishek Gaurav Paid Media  Use this to introduce, announce, spark interest and entice users to transact  Marketers have control of message  Acts as a catalyst that feeds owned media and can stimulate earned media
  36. 36. Abhishek Gaurav Paid Media : Action point for Jet Airways | Target intent and drive action This needs to be done through : 1. Search : a. Plan as per user buying cycle : Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action b. Targeted campaign across devices c. Use PPC affiliates to increase chances of conversion 2. Video Ads : Create enticing video ad with call to action 3. Affiliate marketing : ROI driven campaigns with CPA pricing; 4. Display ads : a. Target major horizontals and related verticals like news, finance, travel, matrimony, B2B and automobiles b. Arbitrage deals with portals for higher ROI 5. Social media ads : Use humor and helpful information to give users something to share
  37. 37. Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy Technology Earned Paid Owned
  38. 38. Abhishek Gaurav Earned Media  Two-way information flow between company, customers and between various media. Talk , listen and respond is the key  This channel compounds attention and has exponential access to people  Customers have control of message media and can stimulate earned media  Most credible and is increasingly having key role in sales
  39. 39. Abhishek Gaurav Earned Media : Action point for Jet Airways | Allow consumer to play participatory role This needs to be done through : 1. CRM : Integrate social media with CRM to understand and engae with the customers better 2. Integrate digital across functions : Bind digital marketing team with traditional marketing and customer care teams to respond better 3. Editorials on online websites of condenast, vogue, forbes etc 4. Invite travel bloggers to interact with the management team and understand the brand philosophy
  40. 40. Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy Technology Earned Paid Owned
  41. 41. Abhishek Gaurav Technology  Technology plays an important role in helping the organization meet business objectives  This plays an integral role in the entire AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire Action) cycle  Helps monitor, engage , widen reach and meet ROI expectations
  42. 42. Abhishek Gaurav Technology : Action point for Jet Airways | Empower users and deliver ROI This needs to be done through : 1. Mobile a. Update friends with text message for all the friends travelling on Jet flights at the same time b. Give users the choice of knowing their fellow travelers through application while booking their seats 2. Optimizing search, display and social media campaigns through technology platforms like Marine, Efficient frontier etc 3. Integrate with CRM tools like salesforce for better customer understanding and engagement 4. Use of APIs and widgets like inbound calling widget –Boundz for better customer experience and higher conversion
  43. 43. Technology High Summary Earned Reach Paid Low Owned High Control Low Awareness & Customer Acquisition Abhishek Gaurav
  44. 44. Abhishek Gaurav Agenda  Overview  Objective  Approach  Digital Strategy  Conclusion
  45. 45. Abhishek Gaurav Consumers Conclusion : Multiple Routes to Your Consumer     WEBSITE Develop content that is relevant and cost effective Theme based advertising targeted to consumer intent Integrate online and offline mediums Reach out to larger audience base, engage them and eventually graduate them as brand advocates and propagators
  46. 46. Abhishek Gaurav Thank You