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Computers accessories digital mix



Presentation suggesting digital mix for computer accessories companies and vendors.

Presentation suggesting digital mix for computer accessories companies and vendors.



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    Computers accessories digital mix Computers accessories digital mix Presentation Transcript

    • Abhishek Gaurav Computer & Accessories Vendor | Digital Mix 2013
    • Abhishek Gaurav Digital Mix : Its time to invert the AIDA model ! What does this mean for Computer & Accessories Vendor?  Computer & Accessories Vendor needs to sync itself with the evolution of digital media (internet & mobile) to tap the potential of word of mouth through owned and earned media  Content is king, not channel – and actions that demonstrate and deliver a brand’s promise speak louder than words  It would make more financial sense to create targeted behaviour change first and then let your consumer advocates create awareness for you for free 
    • Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy
    • Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy
    • Abhishek Gaurav Action: 360 Online Media Approach Action
    • Abhishek Gaurav Action: Website  The website needs to be enhanced to include online videos for demonstrating the process  B2B and B2C testimonials to be established for regional and national customers with pictures  Include referrals and award them on sale
    • Abhishek Gaurav Action : Social  Computer & Accessories Vendor needs to graduate from social media presence to social media connect  Currently Computer & Accessories Vendor doesn’t have any foot print on the social media apart from a very small fan base on FB  Content strategy needs to be devised for all social media channels  Create engaging social media applications (ex: Win yourself a branded tablet)
    • Abhishek Gaurav Action : Integrate with leading recharge websites with small value coupons Computer & Accessories Vendor coupon to be integrated here  It would give access to highly targeted users with minimum wastage  Non-intrusive environment for users Source : themediaant
    • Abhishek Gaurav Action : Affiliate Marketing LEADS / SALES Affiliate Marketing Companies Computer & Accessories Vendor Commissions and incentives Additional route for Computer & Accessories Vendor to reach their consumers Leverages high number of smaller websites Performance based advertising i.e. Cost Per Action pricing model for Computer & Accessories Vendor Use of PPC affiliates, Display and email affiliates
    • Abhishek Gaurav Action : SEM Search Search Advertising Advertising Content Content Network Network Advertising Advertising *Target users *Target users Through relevant Through relevant Keywords or Keywords or Phrases and devices Phrases and devices *Targets relevant *Targets relevant Content and Content and Contextually shows Contextually shows the message/ad the message/ad Site Site Targeting Targeting *Targets relevant *Targets relevant Websites Websites  Optimize campaign on non-brand keywords, Computer & Accessories Vendor has high competition from classified sites and regional repair and computer services chains  Use of search re-targeting with targeted ad copy to entice prospective consumer who left the site without purchasing or availing services  Use of technology like Marine to optimize search spends
    • Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy
    • Abhishek Gaurav Desire Desire : Collaborating Owned and Earned Media
    • Abhishek Gaurav Desire : Social CRM  Develop social CRM to influence viral customer advocacy  Customer advocacy will result in customer acquisition
    • Abhishek Gaurav Desire : Online PR  Build relationships with the most influential websites and online journalists  Create quality SEO links back to Computer & Accessories Vendor website  Tailored to new search trends that your prospects are using
    • Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy
    • Abhishek Gaurav Earned Media Interest Interest : Combination of Earned and Paid Media Paid Media
    • Abhishek Gaurav Interest : ORM  Offer great products and customer experience  Create unique, useful content for both owned (website) and earned (i.e. guest blog) media  Spark fresh earned media acquisition with paid media and word of mouth
    • Abhishek Gaurav Interest : Social Media Advertising  Targeted campaign and sponsored posts on Facebook  Contests and user testimonials for twitter handle to promote brand advocacy  Targeted ads for age groups, interests and demography for better conversion
    • Abhishek Gaurav Digital Strategy
    • Abhishek Gaurav Awareness : Paid Media  Use this to introduce, announce, spark interest and entice users to transact  Computer & Accessories Vendor should use this to communicate new product offering, testimonials and offers
    • Abhishek Gaurav Awareness : Paid Media - Display | Shift in trends
    • Abhishek Gaurav A shift from buying “Ad Space” to buying audience profiles
    • Abhishek Gaurav Display : Online Marketing  Use of horizontals and verticals for reach  Use real time bidding platforms for conversions  Use display re marketing for missed opportunities
    • Abhishek Gaurav Display : Mobile Marketing  Mobile penetration in India is the second highest in the world today  Leverage mobile marketing channels from SMS to in app advertising to as network and search
    • Abhishek Gaurav Conclusion : Multiple Routes to Your Consumer Consumers Hor iz Vert ontals / icals Affiliat es Search - PP C & S EO WEBSITE Email edia Social M le Mobi     Develop content that is relevant and cost effective Theme based advertising targeted to consumer intent Integrate online and offline mediums Reach out to larger audience base, engage them and eventually graduate them as brand advocates and propagators
    • Abhishek Gaurav Thank You