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Target ICSE is the most reputed e-learning portal for ICSE students. Target ICSE provides online tutoring to ICSE students, preparing them for the ICSE examintaions.
For ICSE 2011 Target ICSE has just launched the complete set of fully solved 10 sample papers in subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography and English (1 & 2)

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  • ILP: Lesson is designed keeping with the sequence of lessons followed in school and breaks are adjusted with school exams.
  • Teachers can be emailed or be requested for chat anytime.Target ICSE provides video and audio based lectures with assignments and online evaluation.Mock tests are held thrice and questions are sent by post and the answer scripts are to be sent by post. We will evaluate the scripts and send it back to the students.This course requires good communication skill and will make you more proficient in communication on email and on internet. This will help you in future in your career.The courses are conducted online and is available anytime during the day.The average price per subject comes to about Rs. 300 per month.Email is the prime mode of communication. You can call us up too in our number. Writing frequent emails will automatically enhance your grammar and writing skills which will be an added advantage of enrolling in this courseOur online tutorials are designed to clear the basic concepts in every subject. While we do not believe in spoon feeding (as it cannot take you to the higher level) we are very sure that our intensive curriculum, teaching methodology and test evaluation techniques are bound to make a sea-difference to your ICSE scores over what normal coaching classes would help you achieve. For entrance examinations after class twelve it becomes mandatory for you to understand the concepts first and then apply the concepts in numerical. This is something that we would try to initiate at the ICSE level itself so that it eases your journey in the plus two level.Other online tutorials present in the market is meritnation, e-tutor etc. They provide course materials only but we provide excellent course materials, assignments, evaluation and 24x7 online support.
  • Target ICSE online tutorials, Target ICSE sample papers

    1. 1. Welcome to Target ICSE<br /><br />Change the way you learn…..<br /><br />
    2. 2. Who are we?<br />Our Mission:<br />“To deliver quality and affordable learning to every ICSE student”<br />Target ICSE, an online tutorial is the brainchild of Dr. ParomitaSengupta (MA, PhD) an academician and visionary. In creating Target ICSE, Dr. Sengupta has combined her rich experiences and her deep knowledge in academics with her in depth understanding of student psychology and student requirements.<br /> Dr. Sengupta is assisted by a team of young academicians who are constantly striving to deliver quality learning to ICSE students. Target ICSE has people from Engineering, Science and Literature backgrounds. All of them have excellent educational background and are attached to Target ICSE online tutorial with a dream to change the way you learn.<br /><br />
    3. 3. What we offer?<br /><ul><li>Subject wise enrollment for ICSE 2011 and 2012.
    4. 4. Comprehensive (all subjects) Enrollment for ICSE 2011 and 2012.
    5. 5. Fastrak 2011 for ICSE 2011.</li></ul><br />
    6. 6. What is an Online Tutorial<br />Online Tutorial is a web based tutorial. Online tutorials are accessible anytime from the comfort of your home. <br />It is an interactive system which evaluates your knowledge and helps you in gaining confidence over the subject.<br />Online tutorial is delivered through a<br /> Learning Management System (LMS)<br /><br />
    7. 7. What is an LMS<br />LMS stands for LEARNING MANGEMENT SYSTEM. It is a web-based software for online tutoring. It is a comprehensive tool. Enrolled students can attend interactive lectures (audio/video), upload assignments, view and store evaluated assignments.<br />In India at present LMS is used in IIMs and IITs. It is a common tool in school level learning in the US. We have adapted the LMS concept to suit the need of ICSE students in India.<br /><br />
    8. 8. Why do you need Target ICSE?<br /><ul><li>Target ICSE is the one and only 24 hour helpline for students like you.
    9. 9. Target ICSE is just a phone call away at all times.
    10. 10. Target ICSE solves all problems within 24 hours.
    11. 11. Target ICSE provides you 1000s of solved and unsolved questions.
    12. 12. Our Mock tests give your ALL INDIA RANK as you compete with students across India.
    13. 13. Online tests and instant results.
    14. 14. Students get to know the practical application of the principles which they are learning.
    15. 15. We try to answer the question: “Why Do we learn this”?
    16. 16. The entire course material is available anywhere and anytime.
    17. 17. Students get a pan Indian Forum to exchange their views</li></ul><br />
    18. 18. Advantages of Target ICSE Online Tutorials<br />Target ICSE offers the following advantages:<br /><ul><li>Audio-Video aids to enhance learning & conceptual understanding.
    19. 19. Available 24X7.
    20. 20. Totally Flexible Study Hours. Take the tutorials at your convenient time.
    21. 21. Problem Solving in 24 hours.
    22. 22. Weekly Interactive Sessions with an assigned tutor.
    23. 23. Regular INTENSIVE Tests for Revision
    24. 24. 1000s of solved and unsolved questions
    25. 25. 10 Sample Test Papers in each subject.
    26. 26. 3 ICSE Mock Tests .
    27. 27. Personalized feedback on all assignments and tests.
    28. 28. The hard copy of the Study Material shall be sent by post periodically.</li></ul><br />
    29. 29. How Target ICSE conducts classes?<br /><ul><li>All the lectures are delivered through LMS.
    30. 30. Students are enrolled to new lectures every week as per the ILP (Individual lesson plan).
    31. 31. ILP- An Individual Lesson Plan is followed for each student in keeping with his/her school curriculum.
    32. 32. All lessons are followed by online Assignments.
    33. 33. Student can clear their doubts by email/phone or chat anytime.
    34. 34. All questions are answered within 24 hours.
    35. 35. Hard copy of the lessons/study materials are couriered once in a quarter.
    36. 36. Weekly chat sessions with teachers are held to clear doubts.
    37. 37. Mock tests are held thrice in a year on whole syllabus.</li></ul><br />
    38. 38. Frequently asked on Target ICSE<br /><ul><li>What types of lecture will Target ICSE provide?
    39. 39. When can the courses be taken?
    40. 40. Who will be my teachers?
    41. 41. How will I get in touch with my teacher?
    42. 42. How will I communicate for my doubts?
    43. 43. How should I upload assignments?
    44. 44. How are assignments checked?
    45. 45. How are the mock tests held?
    46. 46. Will I be able to score good marks in ICSE by taking the online tutorial?
    47. 47. How Target ICSE is different from other ICSE online tutorials?
    48. 48. What value addition will Target ICSE have on my development?
    49. 49. What is the price of the tutorials ?</li></ul>[ All questions are answered in]<br /><br />
    50. 50. Our Testimonials<br /><br />100 more testimonials in<br /><br />
    51. 51. Our Testimonials<br />“hi.... <br /> lEt me Do this on behalf of all....This post is to thnx targeticse.....we wanna pay a real gratitude 4 al kindz of help....questions...solutionzzz....n.n.nn.n.n....lotzzzzz more!!realy icse studntz who were usin dis were gr8tly blesd!thnx once again!!!!!!! also wanna thnx al my frnz here for there Support n co.operation!!!!wish evryone flies up wid great ReSult!”<br />“Same here I would like to thank the Target ICSE team profusely for answering my questions <br /> time to time and for providing excellent revisions for all the ICSE students all over the world . Also to mention, the forum has been a great help to me . Ms. Paromita I need to thank you a lot . I should mainly appreciate the thought you got for putting such a wonderful website . I would love to keep in touch with you through Target ISC . Thanking you “<br />--Sindhura<br />“I agree with both of you. This has been a marvellous initiative and all of us have certainly benefited from this. Thanks not only to the founders of Target ICSE (though they deserve a big round of applause too!) but also to all the students (and the friends I have made here) as only student help could have really made this work. I look forward to seeing all of you on the Target ISC forum. “<br />---Sakhi<br /><br />
    52. 52. Result of ICSE 2010<br /><br />
    53. 53. Meet our Faculty<br />English<br />Dr. A.R. Das<br />Dr. A. R. Das, a noted academician and scholar, headed the Linguistics Department in Anthropological Survey of India. After retiring from service he has been into publishing. Currently, he heads the English Team in Target ICSE. He is the guiding spirit for not only the English team, but also for all members of Target ICSE.<br />Mr. Koushik Bhattacharya, MA (English)<br />Koushik is the bright young star in the team who has an unrelenting spirit and is ever ready to be by the side of his students. His zest for teaching and his love for students make him a teacher with a difference. Koushik operates from Cochbehar.<br />Miss. Swatilekha Saha BA (English)<br />Swati is pursuing her MA in English and has her specialization on Shakespeare. She is also the contact point for Target ICSE and course architect.<br />Social Science<br />Miss Soumita Bhattacharya BA<br />Soumita is an young and enthusistic teacher inducted into the team for her vision in delivering quality tutorials. She is our faculty in History.<br />Mrs. Roy MSc (Geography)<br />Mrs Roy is an ex-teacher in Geography retired from Don Bosco school, Liluah. She has about thirty years of teaching experience in Geography and was a paper setter for ICSE.<br /><br />
    54. 54. Meet our Faculty contd..<br />Science<br />Mrs. Tandra Das Msc, BEd<br />Mrs Das is a chief mentor for Target ICSE. She has many years of teaching experience in Mathematics in Little Flower School Shillong and Auxilium Convent School DumDum. <br />Miss AnushuyaPatilMsc (Pursuing Phd)<br />Anushuya is a postgraduate from University of Pune and currently pursuing her PhD in material science from University of Pune. She is our faculty in Physics.<br /><br />
    55. 55. QUESTIONS<br /><br />
    56. 56.<br />