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Sky diving
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Sky diving

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  • 1. Sky diving
  • 2. Skydiving, also known as  Parachuting, is the action of exiting an aircraft and returning to earth with the aid of a parachute.
    Parachuting is performed as a recreational  activity and a competitive sport.
  • 3. History of skydiving
    The history of skydiving starts with Andre-Jacques Garnerin 
    who made successful parachute jumps from a hot-air balloon in 1797.
    Early competitions date back to the 1930s, and it became an international sport in 1952.
  • 4. A typical sky dive :
    From an altitude of 1000-4000 m.
    If jumping from a lower altitude the parachute is deployed immediately.
  • 5. By manipulating the shape of the body in freefall, a skydiver can generate turns, forward motion,
    backwards motion,
    and even lift.
  • 6. Safety
    Fatalities are rare.
    In US , around 30 skydivers are killed per year.
    AAD (automatic activation device) which deploys the parachute in emergency.
    Carry two parachutes.
    Wear a oxygen mask if diving from a high altitude.
  • 7. Parachuting and weather
    Parachuting in poor weather, especially with thunderstorms, high winds, and dust devils can be a dangerous activity.
    It can cause cannopy collisions.
  • 8. Training programmes
    Vertical wind tunnels are used to practice for free fall.
    Tandem skydiving -
  • 9. Variations in dives –
    Hit and rock
    Stuff jumps
  • 10. Pond swooping
    Cross country
    (immediate deployment)
  • 11. Camera flying
    Night jumps
  • 12. Tracking
  • 13. Drop zones
    In parachuting, a drop zone or DZ is the area above and around a location where a parachutist freefalls and expects to land.
    It is usually situated beside a small airport, often sharing the facility with other general aviation activities.
  • 14. Some Records
    Largest formation
    -400 linked persons
    8 Feb, 2006
  • 15. Largest head
    down formation
    -108 linked persons
    31 july, 2009
  • 16. Worlds largest
    canopy formation
    100 persons
    21 Nov, 2007
    Florida , USA.