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Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld
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Mobile App Stores - BlackBerry's AppWorld


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Published in: Technology
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  • Adam (21/04/2010) : Added Bold3 & Pearl3 images (Black smartphone with shadow) and full names.
  • Transcript

    • 1. BlackBerry Appworld Klemens Schrattenbacher September 7 th , 2010
    • 2. BlackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry® Pearl ™ 3G smartphone BlackBerry® Bold ™ 9700 smartphone BlackBerry® Torch ™ smartphone
    • 3. Some Figures
    • 4. BlackBerry AppWorld - Figures Source: a median price point of $5.99 per app, compared with $2.72  on Android and S1.99 on iPhone. Analysis: BlackBerry Users Willing to Pay the Most for Apps, by Monida Alleven Wieless Week March 2010
      • Launched April 1, 2009
      • On-device app
      • Available in 6 languages in 60 countries
      • Pre-loaded with some carriers
      • Free and Paid apps
      • Distribute custom Themes
      • Desktop storefront for browsing apps
      • Over 20 million unique App World client downloads
      • Over 1 million app downloads per day
      • 10,000+ apps available
      • Great success stories from our partners
      • Co-marketing can drive huge boost to downloads
      • Positive “app usage” metrics*
      Results To-Date
      • Paid app catalog in all countries where available
      • Carrier billing integration
      • Credit card billing
      • 70/30 revenue split for all transactions
    • 5. Product Overview
    • 6. BlackBerry App World 2.0
      • Neue Funktionen
        • Carrier-Billing-Integration (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Rogers and more to come this year)
        • BlackBerry® ID-Integration
        • Zusätzliche Bezahloption mit Kreditkarte
        • Ansicht für top new apps
        • Barcode-Scan
        • verbesserte Suche
        • My World-Ergänzungen
        • Sync-Möglichkeiten von e-Commerce und My World in die Desktop-Website der App World integriert
        • WiFi-Unterstützung
    • 7. BlackBerry® ID Set-Up
      • Users are prompted to create a BlackBerry® ID to:
        • Download and Purchase apps
        • Access ‘My World’ Features
      • Users are prompted to authenticate their BlackBerry® ID when:
        • Changing or modifying their personal account/payment information
        • Purchasing or downloading
        • Authentication sessions expires after 10 minutes.
      • Users are able to sync previous purchases when they create their BlackBerry® ID:
        • Existing users that have paid with PayPal will initially be required to set up a PayPal Billing Agreement to sync their previous purchases.
        • All users are able to change their payment options to select a new payment method.
    • 8. Credit Card & PayPal Billing Options
      • Paying with PayPal
        • PayPal account will be tied to new BlackBerry user account/password
        • Previous PayPal purchases will be migrated to the new BlackBerry user account/password (for My World functionalities)
        • Requires user acceptance of PayPal billing agreement
      • Paying with Credit Card
        • Support for major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
      • Carrier Billing
        • Carrier Billing will be available with selected Carriers in NA.
      • All BlackBerry App World users can select either/or payment method, but not both
      • Desired payment method can be changed at any time by user by modifying their personal account/payment information.
    • 9. Purchase Flow
      • Simple User Purchase Flow:
        • BlackBerry® ID
        • User reviews/confirms Purchase
        • Download begins…
      • Benefits:
        • Incorporation of BlackBerry® ID to manage BlackBerry App World login to allow download and purchases.
        • Allows users to access free applications when they switch BlackBerry devices.
    • 10. New “Top 25” List switcher
      • Quickly switch between multiple “Top 25” lists:
        • Top 25 Free Apps
        • Top 25 Paid Apps
        • Top 25 Themes
        • Top 25 Newest Apps
        • Top 25 Updated Apps
    • 11. Scan a Barcode, just like BBM! Menu option available on Feature view Scan a barcode from the anywhere – print, web, etc… App World instantly finds the app you scanned!
    • 12. Search Improvements
      • Search improvements include:
        • Higher accuracy on searches
        • Performance Improvements
        • Character Support
        • (I.e. Ka-Glom)
    • 13. For Developers
    • 14. BlackBerry Plattform-Vorteile
      • Konzept der „Super Apps“
      • „ Always on“-Erlebnis
      • Tiefe Integration in Standard-Applikationen sowie Drittanbieter-Apps
      • Proaktiver Informationsfluss durch Mitteilungen
      • Multi-Kanal-Fähigkeit mit im Hintergrund laufenden Apps
      • APIs für Kontext-basierte Einbettung von Inbox, PIM, Kamera, Telefon, etc.
      • Integration von Location Based Services und Karten
      • Beispiele für „Super Apps“-Funktionen
      • Direkter Start der App mit aktuellem Kontext aus der Inbox
      • App ergänzt automatisch Kalender und Adressbuch (z.B. Hotelbuchung etc.)
      • App informiert automatisch über Aktion (z.B. WM-Spiel, eBay etc.)
      • App erkennt außergewöhnlichen Standortwechsel und meldet dies
      • App kann unauffällig im Hintergrund Content herunter laden
    • 15. BlackBerry App World v2.0 features: Developers
        • Key Features:
        • Credit Card and Carrier billing payment options for end-users
          • Expansion of PAID app catalog availability across launched regions
          • New Revenue Split (70/30) to support new billing models
        • Improvements to the ingestion process to stimulate the development community
        • Real-time status updates on the progress of application approvals
        • Vendor Credit System
          • Vendor Credit History
        • Change Request Management
          • Override Application and Vendor Names
        • Application Language Management Features
    • 16. BlackBerry AppWorld – OS Statistics In May 2010, pre OS4.5 downloads accounted for less than 2% of app downloads.  5.0 (which didn’t launch in market until October 2009) accounted for 52% of all app download with 4.6.1 a close second with 27%. 
    • 17. Country and Language Expansion
      • Country Support
        • BlackBerry App World is now available in over 60 countries
        • Currently reach over 80% of the 4 1 Million worldwide subscriber base
        • Country Support will grow aggressively in the future
          • Major markets – China, Middle East , Eastern Europe
      • Language Support
          • BlackBerry App World currently supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese . This will expand in calendar 2010
              • Languages being considered are: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Dutch, European Portuguese, Turkish, and Polish