Kraft Foods Europe; iPhiladelphia, Mobile Marketing Seminar


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iPhiladephia, presented by:
Priscilla Domicent
Philadelphia Innovation EU, Kraft Foods Europe

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  • The launch of a state-of-the-art brand website for Philadelphia in Europe is an integral component of the Digital European Strategy developed to leverage the versatility approach more effectively within the online arena while, at the same time, taking into account the specific needs of the local market and consumers. The output of this strategy was a comprehensive umbrella concept from which a set of country-specific measures was derived. All of these activities were explicitly designed to address and activate the modern European woman and mother both on and beyond the brand website. At the centre of all activities is the recipe database with its full range of delicious dishes to be prepared with Philadelphia. All dishes are appetizingly displayed on the brand website and the audience can vote and comment on all recipes. Soon users will also be able to upload their own recipes.
  • Philadelphia Brand Websites The digital basis for all online marketing activities in Italy, United Kingdom, Spain & Germany. An Intuitive Recipe Search At The Core Of Each Website The sizzle sells the steak: Making the recipe search visually more appealing and playful will grab consumers’ attention. iPhiladelphia – Philadelphia Recipes To Go A free application providing iPhone and iPod Touch users with the large variety of easy to cook recipes offered by Philadelphia.
  • Recipe Joggle Shake your phone and you get a recipe suggestion for the day! It’s very simple and inspirational
  • Search List Browse by Categories like occasion, meal or season Everyone discovers the recipes of its own nature Recipe Box Own collection of recipes Shopping List Automatically generated shopping list Just where you need it, on the way, in the supermarket
  • Recipe Detail Clearly arranged detailed description With community features like rating and tell a friend Recipes are synchronized with online EAT database
  • Kraft Foods Europe; iPhiladelphia, Mobile Marketing Seminar

    1. 1. iPhiladelphia The 1 st Kraft Foods EU application
    2. 2. Philadelphia goes digital Close to 3,000 Philadelphia recipes are available in Europe
    3. 3. Why iPhiladelphia?
    4. 5. What is iPhiladelphia? What is iPhiladelphia? Features 1 recipe at the time. Random recipes available via shaking of iPhone. Recipe browsing based on a search criteria Personal “Recipe Box” to store favorite recipes. Editable Shopping List. The overall rating of the recipe “ Tab Bar” at the bottom of the screen is nearly always present on the screen. This ensures the user can switch between the different sections of the application with a single finger tap.
    5. 6. Which recipe would you fancy? <ul><li>You always find an appropriate meal for every situation in just a few seconds because this App offers you a wide range of recipes. </li></ul><ul><li>They can be browsed by many different options like: </li></ul><ul><li>occasion </li></ul><ul><li>season </li></ul><ul><li>meal </li></ul><ul><li>time of day </li></ul><ul><li>time available </li></ul><ul><li>recently viewed </li></ul>Which recipe would you fancy?
    6. 7. Collect your favourite recipes in your recipe box and tell friends by email about some delicious meals and snacks. Send shopping lists to your partner or friends to provide the missing ingredients for cooking.
    7. 8. iPhiladelphia downloads Results from Dec. 7 th – May 30 th 118,509 Downloads 7 Countries 2,093 8,627 11,419 40,995 52,862 290 222
    8. 9. iPhiladelphia - Active users Results from May 1 st - May 31 st Avg. of 2,043.9 active users / day
    9. 10. iPhiladelphia - New users A new user is a user who has just started using your application. Users are identified by unique phone IDs (which vary by platform) to ensure that a user is in fact a unique new user and not just an installation. Results from May 1 st - May 31 st Avg. of 662 downloads / day
    10. 11. iPhiladelphia - Session length Results from May 1 st - May 31 st Avg. of 9.3 mins /day
    11. 12. Thank you!