The UK Ecosystems Research Landscape


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Overview of the UK ecosystems research landscape by Mark Reed. More information at:

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The UK Ecosystems Research Landscape

  1. 1. The UK ecosystem research landscape Mark Reed
  2. 2. • Many UK programmes funding research on Ecosystems Approach and ecosystem services• Many of the same end users/stakeholders• By co-ordinating knowledge exchange: – Less stakeholder fatigue – More comprehensive information for decision-makers – Work together to respond rapidly to emerging issues – More impact, less resources• Stellar Communications Group – uniting UK ecosystems research
  3. 3. Analysis
  4. 4. What research did we consider?Currently active, UK-based research programmesthat promote or draw upon both the EcosystemsApproach & ecosystem services framework…
  5. 5. • Centre for Ecology & Hydrologys (CEH) water and biodiversity programme• NERCs Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability (BESS) programme• Follow-on to the National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA2)• DfID/NERC/ESRC funded Ecosystem Services & Poverty Alleviation programme (ESPA)• Scottish Governments Strategic Research Programme (SRP) Theme 1: Ecosystem Services• NERCs Insect Pollinators Initiative (IPI)• NERCs Valuing Nature Network (VNN)
  6. 6. • Overlap between: – Programme goals – Stakeholders – Planned knowledge exchange activities
  7. 7. Improve evidence re: Which goals are shared? Size of circle is proportional to no. programmes sharing a goal relationships between BESS: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services & ecosystem processes and Sustainability programme CEH: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology natural capital biodiversity & water programmes ESPA: Ecosystem Services & Poverty stocks/ecosystem service Alleviation programme flows under different IPI: Insect Pollinators Initiative NEA2: National Ecosystem Assessment scenarios follow-on phase SRP: Scottish Governments Strategic Research Programme Theme 1:Shared by BESS x2, CEH, ESPA x2, NEA2, SRP Ecosystem Services VNN: Valuing Nature Network x2, VNN, Policy instruments for the sustainable management of Develop tools to ecosystem services Understand how different measure, track & map Shared by CEH, ESPA, IPI, NEA2, social groups value SRP ecosystem services & changes in ecosystem incorporate these values in services under different decision-making processes scenarios Shared by ESPA, NEA2, Methods to value Shared by BESS, CEH, contribution of natural VNN, SRP NEA2, SRP capital stocks & ecosystem services to human well- being Shared by NEA2, VNN, SRP
  8. 8. BESS: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services & Sustainability programme National CEH: Centre for Ecology & Valuing Nature Ecosystem Ecosystem Services & Poverty Hydrology biodiversity & water programmes Network (VNN) Assessment Alleviation (ESPA) IPI: Insect Pollinators Initiative (NEA2) NEA2: National Ecosystem Assessment follow-on phase SRP: Scottish Governments 3 shared goals: Scottish 3 shared goals: Strategic Research • Sustainable management • Sustainable management Programme Theme 1: of ecosystem services Government of ecosystem services Ecosystem Services • Incorporating different SRP • Incorporating different values into decision- values into decision- making making • Methods for valuing • Relationships between natural capital & ecosystem processes, ecosystem services stocks & flows IPI 1 shared goal: • Sustainable management of ecosystem services BESS, CEH, NEA2 2 shared goals:Which programmes share • Relationships between ecosystem processes, stocks & flowsmost similar goals? • Measuring, tracking and mapping ecosystem services
  9. 9. e.g. Scottish Government, Devolved Government funded Administratio Welsh Assembly Government, Defra, BIS, DECC, knowledge exchange ns & Govt. Depts. DfT, DARDNI, DFIDe.g. EKN, EMTF, NCI, ClimateXChange, CREW e.g. regional Local bodies, local Research funded Government councils, regional offices of NE, EA etc knowledge exchange e.g. RELU, NERC fellows/interns, ESKTN, ESRC KE projects like Landbridge e.g. Agencies & EA, SEPA, NIE regulators PA, NE, SNH, LWEC CCW, JNCC e.g. RSPB, National Trust NGOs Ecosystems e.g. agricultural research Industry companies & unions, professional programmes bodies, water utilities etc. e.g. those involved in Public & local landscape level management communities via partnerships
  10. 10. Working together
  11. 11. Early success
  12. 12. Future opportunities?• Joint conferences for research users• Joint training events• Joint website and/or data sharing• Combined contacts list• More cross-programme policy briefs – Link to ESPA briefs on impact & research into use? – New policy issues as they arise• Work together on other ways of getting research into policy/practice – Joint films, public engagement activities…
  13. 13. NEA follow-on• Strong synergies with Valuing Nature Network (already being exploited)• Major overlap with ESPA goals – worth investigating synergies?• Only programme working towards all 5 goals• So, need to foster links with all programmes• Given NEA focus on informing policy, make better use of KE initiatives to draw this research in
  14. 14. Next steps• LWEC workshop in November (invite only)• Join in: edit our Wiki• Or email me or Ruth Welters: – Missing research programmes, users & KE initiatives – Collaboration ideas
  15. 15. Get in KE wiki: