S. Perdikaris & T. McGovern. Beyond outreach to community involvement. Presentation at Resilience 2011
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S. Perdikaris & T. McGovern. Beyond outreach to community involvement. Presentation at Resilience 2011






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  • An excellent example of multi-media outreach and community engagement- but a one day event and one-directional communication. Great of its type and much needed, but can we do more?
  • Other end of the spectrum- long term heavily funded initiative connecting scientists and communities and ensuring engagement, participation, and availability of science records to the local community. Problem: excellent for AK, but how to transfer to other contexts (esp. where there is less $)?

S. Perdikaris & T. McGovern. Beyond outreach to community involvement. Presentation at Resilience 2011 S. Perdikaris & T. McGovern. Beyond outreach to community involvement. Presentation at Resilience 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • CUNY Human Ecodynamics Research Center (HERC)
    Beyond Outreach to Community InvolvementSophia Perdikaris & Tom McGovern CUNY Human Ecodynamics Research CenterNABO & GHEA
  • Ideal: From Outreach to Active Participation in Global Change Science
    Engage local host communities worldwide as active participants in global change science & heritage development
    Foster mutual two-way learning & TEK mobilization
    Create lasting benefits in sustainability education to communities and school systems
    Connect host communities with each other & with the global effort for sustainability education
    Make “outreach” a core field science goal for the next generation of researchers- not an add on.
  • Alaska Native Science Commission (ANSC) was established in 1994 to bring together research and science in partnership with the Native community.  It serves as a clearinghouse, an information base for ongoing and past research for proposed research, and an archive for significant research involving the Native community.  ANSC provides information, referral and networking services for researchers seeking active partners in the Native community and communities seeking research partners. Support from US NSF & EPA http://nativescience.org/
  • Islands of Change Project(NSF REU Arctic Social Sciences)
    Builds on long term research (since 1996) in N Iceland and more recent work in Barbuda W Indies (since 2004).
    Builds on 4 NSF research experience for undergrads grants to Perdikaris combining lab, classroom, field, and outreach components
    Connects Iceland, Barbuda, NYC, and (now) Orkney
  • Engaging Our Public (Who are they?)
    Host communities in Iceland, Orkney, Antigua/Barbuda
    Students from inner city NYC through STAR
    CUNY undergrads and doctoral students participating in NSF REU program “Islands of Change”
    You: fellow scholars, educators, students, and resilience allies.
  • KAPI
    The Kids Archaeology Project Iceland: Fornleifaskoli Islands 2007-present
    • CUNY Hunter College & Brooklyn College
    • HiðÞingeyskaFornleifafélag (Local Archaeology Association)
    • Institute of Archaeology Iceland
    • Þingeyskursagnagarður (Local Historical Project)
    • Þingeyjarsveit Municipality
    • Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
    Founders were Unnsteinn Ingason at Narfastaðir Guesthouse and Baldur Daníelsson at Litlulaugaskóli (local elementary school)
  • KAPI Curriculum
    Archaeology, Landscape Heritage, Environmental Science, Intergenerational connections
    Modules for two different age groups
    Lectures and hands on activities in the fall (visiting scholars)
    Projects under the leadership of local teachers during the school year
    Joining the field teams during summer research
    Building infrastructure and upgrading teaching resources
  • Field days on site with classroom prep by teachers.
    Interacting with cool grad students as well as old guys
  • Survey : changes in cultural landscape
  • Workshop- Reg, Sophia and Þóra
  • Summer school – Viking feast
  • Abandoned Farm Ruins & Walls- with lore attached.....but fading...
  • GPS + Camera Project
    NSF funding (IPY) for Garmin hand GPS + robust digital cameras
    6 kits each for KAPI, Barbuda Schools, & Orkney College
    Coordination & interface help from Anthony Newton (Edinburgh) NABO webmaster
    The place name division of Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic studies
    Garmin Iceland – maps for GPS
    Samsýn engineering firm, database and place names on GPS maps
    Husavík Museum
  • Archives: Place name records aging typewritten MS
  • ..toexcelsheetsingoogledocsto..
  • PlacenamesonMapSource
  • Project areas
  • KAPI Long Term Objectives
    Collect & GPS place names and associated stories from elders
    Preserve place based lore digitally and at local museums- expanding multi-generational community project
    Involve rural students in field science; “I want to be a paleoentomologist too”
    Produce teaching modules with rich visuals and well planned hands- on kits
    Make real and visible contribution to global change science.
  • Connecting Communities & Sharing Ideas
    Bringing community activists and teachers together
    2008-11: Icelanders to Barbuda; Barbudans to Iceland; Icelanders to Orkney; Orkney, Barbudans & NYC educators to Iceland
    Community and school connections to pool best practice
  • Classroom & Museum Development – Learning in 2 Directions
    Renovated science classrooms, early reading science rooms, kid friendly hands on areas in local museums
    Also invaluable training for NYC students in museum studies and creating resources for sustainability education
    Good work Marissa Gamiliel!
  • Resilient & Sustainable?
    Rural and urban schools get resources connected to sustainability and resilience curricula
    US NYC inner city students & rural host students get life changing experiences
    US graduate students get personal hands on experience of sustained community outreach and involvement as part of their basic training
    Connecting and pooling sustainability education ideas and resources internationally
  • Global Human Ecodynamics AllianceBeyond Outreach Working Group
    Founders : Sophia Perdikaris, Ingrid Mainland, & Shari Gearheard
    Getting by with help from friends (please join)
    Work in progress- Allies needed!