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  • Bobo lived in an African Village with his parents
  • Bobo knew God and every day before he started his work, he would read his Bible…
  • He loved the story of young David being delivered from the lion, as lions are an ever-present danger in his country… that’s why, every morning…
  • Bobo prayed to the Lord asking him to help him be like David and be delivered from lions!
  • Then he went off to work…
  • He travelled through the forest, so beautiful with the trees and birds…
  • And sometimes worrying… sometimes a predator would cross his path, but Bobo put his trust in God…
  • One day a tremendous roar errupted behind on the forest path… a lion!
  • Bobo turns, and then tries to flee with only his stick… but where was he to run to?
  • There was only one solution- climb a tree!
  • the lion furiously pursued him, and Bobo scrambled up the tree…
  • And the lion sat at the foot of the tree.
  • The hours passed, night fell and the lion fell asleep… Bobo was trapped up the tree!
  • Bobo did not climb down.. He thought that the lion may wake up
  • As Bobo prayed, he asked God to send the lion away.
  • Bobo settled comfortably into the tree branch, he knew God was watching over him and he was not afraid… Bobo goes to sleep
  • It is deep night, everyone is asleep in the jungle
  • During the night Bobo wakes up.. And, forgetting that he is sleeping in a tree…
  • He loses his balance and falls out of the tree onto the lion.. Waking it up! What will the lion do? What will happen to Bobo?
  • He's so afraid of Bobo… the lion runs away ... And Bobo does the same…in the other direction!
  • … And runs home to his village.
  • Bobo and his Mother thank God for saving him as God saved and protected David.
  • Psalm 4:1 says; Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be me rciful to me and hear my prayer.


  • 1. Read the notes for the story.
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