Metal roofing e book 2013


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Get more information on all the benefits of Metal Roofing for your home or business. Double AA Roofing offers many metal roofing styles and colours to choose from. This guide will help determine what options would be best for your home and provides colour and style charts.

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Metal roofing e book 2013

  1. 1. Double AA Roofing Your Metal Roofing Specialists in SouthWestern OntarioPermanent Metal Roofing Systems Traditional Asphalt Roofing Most homeowners have, at one time or Traditional asphalt roofing at one time another, experienced the painful reality of had seen the pinnacle of the roofing in- needing to replace their existing roof. Clear- dustry. It was the material of choice and ly, there is anxiety in knowing that even almost everyone put asphalt on their though you may have recently replaced your homes time and time again. We feel, con- roof, the new roof you just installed is not sumers today are more educated and are “permanent” and you’ll have to replace it yet trying to build as much value into their again in about 10-15 short years. homes as possible. Homeowners know that housing markets can be tough and want to stay in theirThis time around, do something different! Educate yourself on the homes longer with the best protection possible. They are alsomany benefits that a metal roof can bring to your home and prop- getting wise to the fact that asphalt just doesn’t last as long as iterty value. At Double AA Roofing, we believe that “temporary” just used to.does not make sense. Educating yourself on this subject is as easy asa phone call to Double AA Roofing 1-800-901-6884.
  2. 2. Metal Roofing Styles for 2013.Double AA Roofing offers Metal Roofing in manybeautiful colours and styles to match any home’s decor.We even have specialized software to create photos ofyour home with your favorite choices. Edco Metal Roofing Products: Achieve that distinctive Shake & Slate look with our permanent metal roofing shingles. They will protect your home against the harshest of weather conditions and will look great for a lifetime. From light commercial to residential applications, our unique 4-way interlocking system withstands winds up to 160mph and has the best hail rating available. Engineered for all roofing applications from frigid northern winters to blistering south- ern summers our metal slate shingles come with a lifetime warranty and will never warp, split, peel, or crack. The multi-tone blended finish of our slate singles will give your home a heightened aesthetic impact. Visit EDCO Website Page Classic Aluminum Roofing: Classic Metal Roofing Systems has been a leading manufacturer of residential metal roof- ing since 1980. Our products beautify and protect fine homes, churches, and other build- ings throughout Canada and other countries. As a trained and experienced dealer, along with our customer support team, are always available to meet your needs. Our focus is on increasing your home’s value and protection, making your home the worry-free. Please take a moment to visit our website and welcome to the most beautiful metal roofs in the world. Visit Classic Website Page Ideal Steel Shingles: Ideal Roofing is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing and metal spanish titles. Ideal Roofing prides itslef on offering a complete line of beautiful residential steel shingles with a non pro-rated warranty for 50 years. We have more than 20 profiles, our steel roofing shingles and our steel tiles, each designed for specific applications are available in more than 50 vibrant and durable colours to help personalize your building or home. Visit Ideal Website Page Wiseline Rib Steel Sheets: To each Rib Steel Roofing project, Double AA brings not only a rich heritage of success, but also a commitment to research and development that keeps our technology anticipat- ing tomorrow’s building requirements. We have recently brought Solar Power to our community and if you are considering a solar panel system from our partners sunbeam energy, a Rib Steel Roofing is a great foundation. Contact us today for a free estimate! Visit Wiseline Website Page
  3. 3. Double AA Owner Tim Eansor Says:“Because Temporary Just Dosen’tMake Sense!“Double AA Roofing is Southwestern Ontario’s MetalRoofing Expert. The company has maintained a solidA+ rating with the BBB and positive client reviewssince its establishment in 2003. Conveniently located at2177 County Rd. 42 in Belle River, Ontario, they havea new showroom and visitor area allowing customers tocome in and see their products and facilities first hand.Customer service is priority number one for the staff,who pride themselves on fostering positive client re-lationships and proven testimonials. “We even takepeople on personalized tours to show them how ourroofing projects differ from others in the industry.There is no charge for that. It’s all about personalizingthe customer experience and making it pleasant,” ex-plained Tim Eansor, President and owner of DoubleAA Roofing.Double AA owner Tim Eansor is a professional en-gineer (P.Eng) with over 20 years of experience work-ing in steel manufacturing and processing. Eansor is agraduate from the University of Windsor with a degreein Materials Engineering specializing in steel makingand steel processing. His professional team at DoubleAA Roofing is comprised of 15 employees certifiedand trained in the industry. “Collectively, the DoubleAA Roofing team has many years of experience withsteel materials. This experience level, combined withthe technological advancements made in steel roofingproducts over the last decade allows our company tobe metal roofing experts.Double AA Roofing2177 County Road 42, Belle River Ontario 1-800-901-6884 Double AA Roofing offers the highest quality metal roofing products for residen- tial and light commercial use backed by a “no non-sense” Lifetime Warranty cover- ing both Materials and Labor. We offer professional installation and friendly reli- able service and estimates are always free. Double AA Roofing is a trusted name in the roofing industry focusing solely on metal roofing installations. “As our name indicates, we will provide our customers with high quality roofing at the best possible price. “A1” in quality and installations at an “A1” price! Along with that we offer very close attention to detail with a per- sonal friendly service in all we do.”Call For Your Free Metal Roofing Estimate and Find Out All The Benefits of Metal Roofing !Get a permanent metal roof installed today and protect your home for life with the most durable roofing solution in the industry. SayGood-Bye to Re-roofing Forever, We back our installation with a True Lifetime Warranty which is also Non Pro-Rated which meansthat it won;t loose value over time. In fact metal roofing is one of the only roofing materials that will actually increase your homes value.Other added benefits include, low maintenance, energy savings, colour fade warranty and 4-way interlocking system for extreme weatherprotection. Double AA Roofing, “Finally the Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy!“ 1-800-901-6884