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Subaru full IMC plan || A.Tantawy
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Subaru full IMC plan || A.Tantawy


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pharmaceutical product IMC marketing campaign

pharmaceutical product IMC marketing campaign

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  • 1. 2010 Marketing Communication Plan SUBARU
  • 2. SITUATIONANALYSIS What’s in the Market?
  • 3. Company Background  One of theTop Japanese Automotive companies.  Subaru is internationally known for their unique use of :  BOXER ENGINES in most of their vehicles.  ALL WHEEL DRIVE (AWD) as standard equipment in 1996.  TURBOCHARGED VERSIONS of their passenger cars, like the ImprezaWRX which is well-known in motorsport.
  • 4. SUBARU  Powerful Speed cars positioned in Egypt as Unique, Sporty & Money Worth.  Abou Gahly offers:  Impreza  Legacy  Forester i. BOXER ENGINE. ii. AWD. iii. Symmetry. iv. Safety. v. Stability. vi. Suspension system. Background SUBARU Unique Points
  • 5.  MITSUBISHI LANCER: Strong efficient car seeks high performance. Suffers the lack of powerful creative promotional activities.  HONDA CIVIC: Beautifully designed Sports car. Suffers low after sales service & unavailable spare part.  COROLLA: Comfortable family oriented car. Not enough when it comes to safety & stability standers.  VW GOLF: Sports powerful car with very strong engine. Can’t describe it as comfortable one.  OCTAVIA: Heavy … however it’s not enough for speed seekers. Direct & Indirect COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS
  • 6. POPs & PODs POD SUBARU BOXER Engine AWD Symmetry Safety POD Competitors Cheap Spare parts Strong after sales prices POP Power Technology Safety Luxury M a i n t a i n a l l P O P s a n d S t r e s s o n o u r P O D s All What Competitors HaveOnly SUBARU
  • 7. Strength Weakness •BOXER ENGINE •AWD •Symmetry •Safety •Stability •Suspension system •Expensive Spare Parts •Weak after sales prices Opportunities •Market Growth •DrivingTechnology Awareness •Nothing else in the market now is positioned as “Powerful Car” •It will be easy to Position SUBARU cars in the market. •Brand SUBARU in the consumers’ perceptions as Extremely Unique Cars. •Instruct consumers about the several advantages of the Agency’s Services. •Consumers believe that high prices means high quality and durability. Threats •Competitors’ Strong after recession campaigns. •Cheaper cars. •Early Innovative Campaigns & promotional activities. THREATS OPPERTUNITIES WEAKNESSES & STRENGTHS TOWS MATRIX
  • 8. SUBARU’S Editions  IMPREZA:  Class:A & B  Age: 20-40 years.  Gender: Male/female.  Life style: Speed Seekers.  Only for Real car drivers.  LEGACY & FORSTER:  Class:A  Age:Above 35 years.  Gender: Male/female.  Life style: Safety Seekers.  Only for Adventurous & luxurious car drivers.
  • 9. Positioning We talk about Unique Cars Unique Feature “Boxer Engine” Symmetrical Shape AWD Suspension & the Breaks System Benefits Only Subaru Can DoThis Feature Only Subaru has these Features
  • 11.  1ST: Symmetrical AWD  2nd: BOXER Engine.  3rd: Suspension System.  4th: Ring-Shaped Frames.  5th: Automobile safety. Unique selling Propositions USP
  • 12. Objectives Make Consumers BELIEVE that SUBARU isTotally Unique Cars. Position SUBARU in the market as Stable Strong Cars. Improve consumers awareness of the up to date Automotive Technology & how it affects the car’s strength, safety & durability.
  • 13. Communication Strategy SUBARU Is Different & Within Special Category ConsumerThink SUBARU Is Powerful Japanese Cars but expensive (compared to the competitors) ConsumerBelieve SUBARU Is Unique Safe & Durable Meet Expectations Consumerwill Believe Branding SUBARU as Unique Cars within Special CategoryObjective Always Deliver the message in Unique & Innovative way Which presents how Unique & Innovative is SUBARU Challenge
  • 14. Communication Strategy Branding Phase Extra Communicational & promotional Phase PR Phase Test Drive RS phase
  • 15. Communication Message
  • 16. Advertising: Outdoors Radio TV Press Online PR activity Press Releases Events Road Show. Test Drive Marina Showroom
  • 17. ADVERTISING OUTDOORS Creative, Innovative & Directive
  • 18. Billboards Stability of Symmetrical AWD
  • 19. Billboards Stability of Symmetrical AWD
  • 20. Billboards Stability of Symmetrical AWD
  • 21. Billboards City & Hard Roads Car
  • 22. Billboards City & Hard Roads Car
  • 23.  6 of October Bridge.  Nasser City – Nasser St.  El-Ma’ady.  Cairo-Alex Desert Road. Strategy Billboards: Location  Rent & replace  increase CPM (Number ofViewers) Best way to Increase viewership & decrease expenses 6 of October Nasser City City Stars Branding Cairo Alex Desert Road Summer Activity Al-Ma’ady Holidays and New-Year
  • 24. CITY STARS BRANDING City Stars Rush hours during Weekends & Holidays.
  • 25. LED Screen Attractive, tempting & delivers the message in a visualized way…
  • 26. LED Screen  Example
  • 27. Floor Branding Make the Floor Shouts “ONLY SUBARU CAN DOTHIS”  Creative ad presented in putting pictures on the floor showing tires' black marks & addressed “Only SUBARU Can Do This”.  It proves how strong, powerful & speedy SUBARU cars are.
  • 28. Floor Branding
  • 29. PRESS Be Creative or Traditional
  • 30.  Newspapers:  AlAhram (Syarat)  AlAkbar (Syarat)  Magazines:  Extreme.  Arabety. Press Selection
  • 31. Press Ads
  • 32. Press Releases
  • 33. Example Press Releases
  • 34. MARINA & SUMMER 2010 North Coast
  • 35.  Billboard on North coast way.  Road Shows.  Test Driving. Summer Plan
  • 36. ONLINE Interactive Channel
  • 37. Why Online Targeted Interactive Cheap
  • 38. © Market Compass Consultancy 2009
  • 39. © Market Compass Consultancy 2009 Facebook Side Ad
  • 40. © Market Compass Consultancy 2009 Facebook Side Ad
  • 41. PR Change Perception & develop Trust
  • 42. Make Subaru the dream everybody dreams about!! HOW Through memorable Events & Press Releases. Between SUBARU & the competitors. “What SUBARU Definitely can do while the others can’t ”. About the main features of SUBARU It’s beneficial community services, role & responsibility towards the Consumers. PR Information Comparisons Inspiration
  • 43. Events
  • 44.  Giveaways:  T-Shirts  Key Chains  Car Mugs  Drawing Subaru logo on the Ground Korba Festival Personal Interaction
  • 45. Autocross & Rally
  • 46. THE ROAD SHOW Road Show … Test Drive
  • 47. Road Show  Duration: Summer 2010.  Location: Start from Cairo and end in Marina Booth .  Road show Stops in  On-the-Run.  Test Drive locations.
  • 48. Cairo Alex El-Mansora Marina Road Show path way
  • 49. PERSONAL SELLING Most effective.
  • 50. Personal Selling Legacy & Forester are Quite new in Egyptian market Personal Impact with the car BUT HOW ????
  • 51. Show Room Car Branding  Car Branding in SUBARU Agency & other Show Rooms
  • 52. 002 010 74 20 147 By:Abdulrhman AttiaTantawy