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Cd change

  1. 1.   CD sales have dropped massively over the past 5 years.  the top 10 albums accounted for 56.4 million unit sales in 2000, by 2012 this had dropped by 38.7 million to 17.7 million (a 69% drop). What Happened
  2. 2.   Piracy is key to the decline of cd sales. Nowerdays people are downloading songs illegally from various websites  People use Youtube to mp3 converters to download songs  People that download songs legally from itunes also helps to the decline of cd sales Why does this happen
  3. 3.   Artists like Michael Bublé, Adele, Susan Boyle and Josh Groban represent the new ‘safe’ market for album sales. These artists appeal to older music buyers who still predominately buy CDs  Susan Boyle debut album sold 2 million copies in one week which smashed the record for sales of a debut album by a UK artist Artist who still sells records
  4. 4.   50 Cent is one of the best selling rap stars of all time  His debut album, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" broke music records and went multi-platinum. It was number one right away on the Billboard 200. It sold 872,000 copies in the first four days. Example of artist album sales decline
  5. 5.   50cent second album The Massacre was also a great album  It was released in 2005 and sold 1.14 million copies in the first four days. Highest ever from a rap artist in the first 4 days. 50Cent second Album
  6. 6.   His third album ‘Curtis’ was released in 2007 and didn’t do aswell as his past two albums but it still sold a high amount  It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, selling 691,000 units in the first week,[52] behind Kanye West's Graduation, whom he had a sales competition with, as both albums were released on the same day. 50cent’s third album
  7. 7.   Before is self destruct is the fourth studio album by American rapper 50 Cent, released November 9, 2009  This album shows the highest drop of all his albums  The album only sold a little bit over 100k in its first week, 10 times less than his second album and 8 times less than his first. 50cent’s fourth album
  8. 8.   The decline of 50cent albums told me that it might be due to his product not being as good as before  But I believe that it’s that the world is becoming more digital so people will be able to download his album illegally for free instead of buying it and wasting money. What does this tell you
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