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Some Practical HR forms for different HR functions

Some Practical HR forms for different HR functions



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    Hr forms final Hr forms final Document Transcript

    • 2011HR Toolkit Forms Dr.ABDELRAHMAN NABIL Kelma HR Consultancy Group 9/11/2011
    • HR FormsBRIEF INDEX OF HR FORMSChapter 1: HR Planning Pages 2-5Chapter 2: Job Analysis & Description Pages 6-26Chapter 3: Recruitment & Selection Pages 27-52Chapter 4: Employee Orientation & Socialization Pages 53-66Chapter 5: Training & Development Pages 67-79Chapter 6: Compensation & Benefits Pages 80-87Chapter 7: Employee Satisfaction & Motivation Pages 88-110Chapter 8: Performance Appraisal Pages 111-148Chapter 9: Termination of Employee Page 149-158 1HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 1 HR Planning 2HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsHow to write a KSA?1. What is KSA?KSA model includes elements of knowledge, skills and abilities. It is used for human resourcedepartment to review applicants. So that it is very important to create your KSA for job profile.2. Process of writing KSA includes steps:Step 1: Review job advertisement• First, you should read KSA carefully. If you do not understand each KSA, you will not be able to writegood responses.• Find out nature of job. It will help you identify key tasks as well as reasons of recruitment.• Identify list of task, duties, responsibility.Step 2: Write your KSA by factWith each task, you should answer questions:• How to do this task?• What are knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform this task?Step 3: Comparison• Make summary list of knowledge, skills, abilities to perform job.• Classify each element of knowledge into: importance / medium / not importance. And same for skills,abilities.• Comparison your competency and KSA requirements.• You must pay attention to important KSA.Step 4: Complete your KSA• Write your KSA.• Review your KSA before sending.Competency mappingWhat are competencies?Competencies are the human capabilities and work-related behaviors that provide a competitiveadvantage to an organization. 3HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsWhat is competency mapping?Competency Mapping is << a process of identifying key competencies for an organization and/or ajob and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes of the organization.>>Types of competencies• Knowledge: Information and understanding needed to fulfill the responsibilities.• Skills: Acquired ability or experience needed to fulfill the responsibilities.• Attitudes: Way of thinking or behaving needed to fulfill the responsibilities.• Aptitudes: Natural ability that prepares the person to fulfill the responsibilities.Methods of conducting competency mapping• In Basket Exercises• Stress Interviews• Structured Group Discussion• Psychometric Tests• Case Studies• Peer Coaching & Counseling Exercises• Focused Behavioral Event Interview• Presentation Vision / Strategy Speeches• Leaderless Group Exercises• Role Play• Business GamesTypes of competency1. Employee core competenciesCompetency that relate to organization’s values, mission and strategy; these are competencies thatreflect organizational core capabilities.Examples: Customer satisfaction; quality orientation or some “employee core competencies of 3M,Google…”2. Managerial competencyCompetencies that relate to skills needed to perform managerial work and process; it deals with theinteraction process either with individual or group of people.In typical organizations, managerial competencies will play greater emphasis as the position progresseswithin the organization.3. Technical/Functional competency 4HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms<<Competencies that pertain to specific bodies of knowledge and skills required. It includes the abilitiesto use the procedures, techniques and knowledge of a specialized field. >>4. Personal attributeCompetencies that relate to inherent personal characteristics (e.g. motives, self-image, self-concept, etc.)and potentially affect work attitude and performance.Process of competency mappingStep 1: Identify customer valueActivities of any organization have to result into economic value to the customer. Organizations areinterested only in the products and services required by the customers. So that organizations have todefine their outcomes.Step 2: Identify strategy and objectives• Understand business strategy and objective of organization.• What is objective behind doing competency mapping in organization?Step 3: Build business processThen organizations have to define their business process to enable them to deliver outcomes to customerrequirements in a brief time at an economical cost without sacrificing quality.Step 4: Identify value of business processThen companies have to define the time, cost and quality standards of each task of the business process.Step 5: Job analysisWe can use 18 method of job analysis to analyze jobs.Step 6: Identify competencies• Then define the competencies required for each task in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes tocomplete the task within the quality standards defined.• Connect the competency mapping with your any of above mentioned system• Discuss with line managers about the project• Find out the competencies required to perform each Job• Rate the competencies according to importance to perform job 5HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 2 Job Analysis & Description 6HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsJob analysis exampleIt includes 6 types of question based on methods as follows:1. Sample questions of critical incident techniqueIt is a job analysis form that includes factors:• Context Questions• Behavior question2. Job analysis interview questions sample/exampleIt is a job analysis form that includes factors:• Job purpose:• Job duties• Job criteria / results• Records and Reports• Supervisor• Authority• Working instruments• Health and safety• Working conditions• Responsibilities• Knowledge• Skills/ Experience• Abilities required3. Job analysis interview questions for management positions sample/exampleIt is a job analysis form that includes factors:• Management by functions• Management by activities4. Position analysis questionnaire sample/exampleIt is a job analysis form that include includes 195 items of job elements includes six categories.These questions are designed base on Position Analysis Questionnaire model (PAQ model).5. Functional job analysis questions sample/exampleThis sample include questions designed base on FJA method.6. Job Analysis Questionnaires sample/example 7HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsIt is a job analysis form that include factors:• Physical demands.• Mental requirements.• Education:• Working experience• Problem solving• Decision making• Management responsibilities.• Contacts• Job complexity• Work environment• Skills and/or licensing/certification required• Employee info• Key tasks and responsibilities:Questions of critical incident technique1. Contents of critical incident:• Context – in which the incident occurred• Behavior – exactly what the individual did that was effective or ineffective• Consequences – of the behavior and whether or not consequences were in the employee’s control2. Sample questions of critical incident techniqueContext Questions• Tell me what you know about what happened.• Please think of what was happening when you were carrying out activity X.• Were any events particularly good or helpful to you.• Were any events particularly bad or unhelpful to you?• Ask participants to describe an event, what let up to it, and what happened as a result.• Incident context – What led up to the incident (background)? What was the situation?• Describe what led up to the situation.• What assumptions have I made about the client or problem or situation.• What were the circumstances surrounding the incident? What was the situation?• What will I do if I am faced with a similar situation in the future?Behavior question:• What exactly did the person do that was effective / ineffective?• Exactly what did the person do or not do that was• especially effective or ineffective?• What was the outcome or result of this action? 8HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Why was this action effective, or what more effective• action might have been expected?Consequence questions:• What was the outcome of the behavior?• What were the consequences of the behavior? Were the consequences due to the person’s behavior?• How long ago the incident happened;• What you observed being done, or not being done – the behavior; and• What resulted that led you to believe the action was effective or ineffective – the consequences.• You also will be asked to supply some descriptive information about the context in which the incidentoccurred• the circumstances leading up to the incident – the antecedents;Job analysis interview questionsJob analysis interview questions include questions as follows:1. Interview information• Name of Employee:• Job Title:• Job Analyst:• Department:• Date:2. Job introduction• Describe: location of job and, if necessary or appropriate.3. Job purpose:• What is the essence of work in your position? What is the job’s overall purpose?4. Job duties• What are the main duties and responsibilities of your position?• Describe your duties in the following categories: daily duties, periodic duties, duties performed atirregular intervals• How long do they take?• How do you do them?• Are you performing duties not presently included in your job description? Describe.• Do you use special tools, equipment, or other sources of aid? If so, list the names of the principal tools,equipment, or sources of aid you use. 9HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Describe the frequency and degree to which you are engaged in such activities as: pushing, throwing,pulling, carrying, sitting, running, kneeling, crawling, reaching, climbing…5. Job criteria / results• How would you define success in your work?• Have work standards been established (errors allowed, time taken for a particular task, etc.)? If so,what are they?• Describe the successful completion and/or end results of the job.6. Records and Reports• What records or reports do you prepare as part of your job?• Who do you have to send these reports?7. Supervisor• Who is your supervisor?• What kinds of questions or problems would you ordinarily refer to your supervisor?• Are the instructions you receive clear and consistent with your job description?8. Authority• What is the level of authority vested in your position?• What is the level of accountability and to whom are you accountable?• What kinds of independent action were you allowed to taking?9. Responsibilities• Are you responsible for any confidential material? If so, describe how you handle it.• Are you responsible for any money or things of monetary value? If so, describe how you handle it.10. Compensation• Consider your level of productivity, and the skill level required to fulfill your responsibilities, do youthink that you are: underpaid? Equational paid? Overpaid?11. Knowledge• What special knowledge of specific work aids are needed for this position?• Describe the level, degree, and breadth of knowledge required in these areas or subjects.• Indicates the educational requirements for the job (not the educational background of the incumbent).• What level of education is required for your position?• What type of certification and licensing is required for your position?• Can you specify the training time needed to arrive at a level of competence on the job?• What sort of on the job training is needed for this position?12. Skills/ Experience 10HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• What activities must you perform with ease and precision?• What are the manual skills that are required to operate machines, vehicles, equipment, or to use tools?• Indicates the amount of experience needed to perform the job.• What level of experience and skills are required for your position?13. Abilities required• What mathematical ability must you have?• What reasoning or problem solving ability must you have?• What interpersonal abilities are required? What supervisory or managing abilities are required?• What physical abilities such as strengths, coordination, a visually acuity must you have?14. Working instruments• Describe briefly what machines, tools, equipment or work aids the incumbent works with on a regularbasis.15. Health and safety• What is the safety conditions related to this position?• Does your work present any type of hazardous or unusual working conditions?16. Working conditions• Describe your working conditions.• Describe the frequency and degree to which you will encounter working conditions such as these:cramped quarters, moving objects, vibration, inadequate ventilation.Job analysis interview questions for management positionsJob analysis interview questions for management positions include questions as follows:1. Management scope:* How many staff do you supervise directly? ____ Indirectly? ____* How many trainees do you supervise directly? Directly? ____ Indirectly? ____2. Management by functions2.1 Professional functions:2.2 Human resource functions:What is your power related to? 11HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms* Recruitment and selection* Training and development* Performance appraisal* Compensation and benefit2.3 Accounting functions:* What is financial matter you have to manage?* What’s budget you have to manage?2.4 Administration functions:* List asset/instruments you have to manage?2.5 Document authority* What is document you are allowed to sign?3. Management by activitiesDescribe the activities that are part of your supervisory duties:* Work assignments* Instruction and training* Performance appraisal* Discipline* Grievance handling* Placement* Work flow* Program improvements* Developing new programs* Troubleshooting* Reports* Follow through* Other supervisory dutiesHow to write a job descriptionHow to perform / conduct a job description? You should do 5 steps as follows for conducting /writing a person description.Step 1: Collect job information• Using methods of job analysis in order to collect job information.• Collect all written job description used. 12HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Analyze organization chart to identify job location.Step 2: Task analysis.• Identify and list the critical tasks that have to be carried out of job.• With each task, you should answer question: how to do this task and you will set up procedure, instructions. For each task, you should:- Are arranged in order of importance that indicate the weight, or value, of each duty; weight of a duty- Stress the responsibilities that duties entail and the results to be accomplished.- Indicate the tools and equipment used by the employee in performing the job.- Should comply with law by listing only the essential functions of the job to be performed.• Identify sub-task.• Identify elements of task:- Frequency with which they are carried out.- Chronological order- 0rder of importance- The main processes of management that are carried out.• Group related tasks should come under prescriptive headings to enable to a quick appreciation of the range of activities.Step 3: Identify key results area, performance criteria• What are results of each task?• What are performance criteria for each task?Step 4: Identify job specification and working conditionYou should use post “contents of person specification” at the end of this post to identify personspecification.Step 5: Create a job descriptionBased on above contents, you group them into category as tasks, duties, knowledge, skills…You also can refer to posts: contents of a job description and job description form as below in order tofulfill your job description.How to develop job descriptions?You can use “process method” (management by process) in ISO 9000 standard or job analysis methodsin order to develop person description. It is not difficult to create a job description if you use jobdescription form as below. 13HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Job Description Format This is free sample job description form; you can convert it to work sheet in order to create your forms by yourself. I/ FORM OF JOB INFORMATION 1. Job title: 2. Job code: 3. Department: 4. Job location: 5. Manager / Supervisor’s title: 6. FLSA status (exempt or non-exempt). 7. Type of job: Regular, Temporary, Full-time, Part-time 8. Hours worked: ………. /wk. 9. Date revised of job description: 10. Purpose of the job: II/ FORM OF JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. List of main duties (include % time pent of each task) 2. List of responsibilities 3. List of employee empowerment: 4. Employee relations: (Internal, External) 5. Supervision: • Number of employee: • List of employee (job title, number of employee (same job title), job nature). 6. Key result areas 7. Standards of performance III/ FORM OF JOB SPECIFICATION 1. Knowledge 2. Skills 3. Experience 4. Abilities IV/ FORM OF WORKING CONDITIONS: 1. Environmental conditions 2. Job hazards / safety 3. Machine, tools and equipments _________________ __________________ ____________ Prepared by (print) Signature Date Here are some Different Practical Samples of Job Description forms for different Jobs:i. Job Description for the position of Assistant Vice President - Training 14HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Job Description for the position of Assistant Vice President - Training Department Training Reporting to : First Vice President Training Required qualifications Essential Graduation Desired : Train The Trainer Certified, Green Belt Training Train The Trainer skills Knowledge of Instructional Design Knowledge of latest training tools & techniques eLearning Required work experience Total Relevant (BPO) Number of years 10 - 12 3 - 5+ Specific Industry BPO / ITES / Sales / Hospitality / Collections / Customer Service Required Attributes (Analytical skills, Communication skills, etc.) Essential Desired 1. Develop Talent 1. Ability to lead a team, motivate & retain 2. Communication skills 2. Public speaking / good presentation skills 3. Decision making ability 3. Ability to take risk 4. Collaborative approach 4. Networking skills - Global mindset 5. People management skills 5. Speed & energy 6. Solution oriented 6. Result oriented and open to change 7. Exposure to American Accent Training 8. Exposure to Customer Service Training. Job description Build a robust team - operationalize training - Meet/exceed customer expectations - build BCP/DRP - succession planning and focus on knowledge management ( documentation, compliance and audit)ii. Job information of compensation and benefits (C&B) manager 1. Job title: 2. Job Code: 15HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms 3. Department: 4. Report to: 5. Job purpose: Key tasks of compensation and benefits manager 1. To be a strong contributor to the development of new compensation strategies through creative input combined with data analysis and a deep understanding of the company’s future challenges (bonus plans, market position, salary range design, and pay mix analysis.). 2. Design & deliver Remuneration & Benefits strategies for the organization. 3. Implement a grading structure based on company methodology. 4. Work closely with HR to design and deliver retention plan/schemes. 5. Design and implement policies that support the rapid growth and expansion of the organization. 6. Custodian of job evaluation and performance management processes within the organization. 7. Identify and implement benefits that increase the quality of life for employees. 8. Participate in remuneration networks representing the company. 9. Coordinate and deploy performance management, annual salary reviews, bonus payout processes throughout the company. 10. Ensure that a culture of performance is rooted deep in the organization through the definition of guidelines and KPIs related to performance assessment and their translation at the time of salary and bonus review. 11. In cooperation with HR and Finance, establish budgeting guidelines for the different populations, countries and package components at the Group level (salary increases, allowances revision, bonus provisions). 12. Act as a recognized subject matter expert, advising HR and business managers. 13. Devise solutions for specific issues in countries or businesses, ensuring the respect of corporate philosophy on C&B while addressing the needs of the business (for example, inflation/devaluation approach, special adjustments.). 14. Actively involved in the deployment of the grading system. 15. Participate to the elaboration and deployment of the education program of HR, line managers, enhancing their C&B and performance management skills to support the growth of the company. 16. Contribute to the education of employees on C&B matters to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Job specification of compensation and benefits manager 1. 5-7 years strong experience in design and / or administration of C&B programs. 2. Excellent Networks in the industry/sector. 3. At least a bachelors degree (preferably in HR). 4. Proven track record of delivering remuneration strategies. 5. Is an intellectually astute with strong drive for results. 6. Excellent communication skills and cross-group collaboration. 7. Excellent Command of English. 8. Planning, organizing and coordinating competencies. 9. Advanced IT skills.iii. Job information of Banker: 16HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Function Location Netherlands Intercompany Mumbai – Mafatlal Chambers Job Reporting To Band 3 - Executive Deputy Team Leader PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES CRITICAL SKILLS REQUIRED 1. Overall responsible for service delivery 1. Strong interpersonal and influence (designated activities) management skills 2. Role will include, supporting NL Inter- 2. Good communication skills company process (against UK) - managing SLA requirements & metrics 3. Ability to work and communicate with people across organizational units 3. Responsible for implementing tools and 4. Ability to think strategically and translate methods as per internal ACES requirements strategy into action plans 4. Focus on stabilizing the process and 5. Strong analytical skills with an ability to problem meeting the customer expectation while solve with a win-win negotiation approach optimizing the cost. 6. Advanced knowledge of MS Office Applications 5. Implement productivity improvement 7. Excellent Customer facing skills and ability to methods/tools from time to time build rapport with clients. 6. Implement and monitor various 8. Knowledge of Customer’s Culture development initiatives identified for the domain 9. Excellent English written and communication skills 10. Knowledge of the derivatives industry is desirable CANDIDADATE SPECIFICATION 1. Preferably Graduate in Commerce/ Finance. CA Inter would be an added advantage 2. 3+ years of Post Qualification experience in investment banking/brokerage/ custodian banking 3. Previous experience in a BPO or Transaction processing business preferred. 4. Good Communication skills 5. Demonstrated Experience of handling large teams/ departments 6. Good interpersonal skills with excellent man-management capabilities. 17HR Forms | P a g e 7. Good analytical skills.
    • HR Forms 8. Aptitude for understanding technology 9. Independent decision makingiv. Organization Development Manager (Change Agent) (Continuous Improvement) Function: Training Title Org Development Manager Job Summary The Training manager is responsible for ensuring successful rollout and implementation of Organizational Development Initiatives in the L&D function. Responsible for the design, development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of OD training projects. Principal/Primary Financial Accountabilities • Defines budget requirements to meet training objectives; tracks training costs for the company. • Coordinates with local sites on all project specific updates and up training, tracking and reporting all training hours for all positions. • Maintain appropriate headcount and keep controllable costs to a minimum within the department. Performance • Effectively managing training by distributing workload appropriately, reviewing project materials and developing skills necessary for performance, and evaluating performance. • Oversees the development of instructional material in alignment with OD guidelines and performance objectives (training content outline, flowcharts, quality guidelines, student guides, facilitator guides, job aids, quality evaluation forms and other training and quality documentation). • Oversees communication and delivery of programs and measures effectiveness of delivery People • Ensures Intelenets policies and procedures are administered honestly, consistently, and with sound judgment. • Takes ownership of the training taking a leadership role from conception to completion. • Builds a high-performing training team through recruiting, hiring, coaching, motivation, recognition, self-development and support of career development Scope/Impact • Defining the top talent management framework for the organization. • Drive the performance management culture; design the framework to ensure goal settings, review, consolidation, action planning and development planning. • Supporting Training Head in development of the entire leadership development program for the organization. Decision- Will be responsible for managing training delivery at the local sites at par with organizational making/ expectations. Has a high degree of autonomy in the role. Freedom to Act Knowledge and • Must have at least 2 years prior experience in Managing Organizational Development Skills Initiatives in another company. • Adapts strategies and solutions that are consistent with project goals and objectives, demonstrating critical thinking when making decisions and problem solving. 18HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Education/ • Must be in a role similar to the one being managed with a minimum of 2 years experience in a Licenses/ OD delivery environment or related position must be from the BPO background. Experience • Comprehensive experience with all aspects of training (assessment, development, facilitation, analysis, etc.) • Minimum of 7 years of experience. Reports To Corporate Training Head (Direct Line-Implementation and Delivery), Site head (Dotted Line- Coordination at local level) Other Extensive travel will be required. Able to work in a 24x7 call center environment. Position is based in Mumbai Other Graduate Degree, MBA preferredv. Job Information for National Sales Manager Job Title: National Sales Head Reporting Authority: Director Location: Mumbai Job Function: Business Key responsibilities Preparation of long term & short term business plan for revenue generation PAN India. planning and development of aggressive and imaginative marketing strategies for the company, with a view to ensure market penetration, increase in market share and correct brand positioning. identifying potential Clients base across India pioneering the diversification project of the company for providing services among BTL advertising across the country. inventing new business strategies followed by its execution for the growth of company. Manage and mentor a team of KAM / BDM / Sales professionals Qualification criteria: Graduate / Post graduate from a reputed University. Experience in a reputed Advertising Agency or Media House Should have handled large budget, national client accounts. Personality: Self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on high quality and business profit. A natural forward planner who critically assesses own performance. Mature, credible, and comfortable in dealing with senior big company executives. Reliable, tolerant, and determined. Empathic communicator, able to see things from the other persons point of view. Well-presented and businesslike. Sufficiently mobile and flexible. Keen for new experience, responsibility and accountability. Able to get on with others and be a team-player. 19HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Formsvi. Staffing representative Common Duties and Responsibilities: • Participate in a variety of recruitment activities so that the organizations recruitment process is efficient, effective and equitable. • Ensure that all open positions are closed as per the pre decided timelines • Prepare internal and external job advertisements, web postings, specifications for external recruitment agencies and other materials in accordance with the organizations recruitment standards and business needs so that potential job applicants have the information they need to decide whether, and how to, apply for a vacant position. • Respond to enquiries from candidates, managers and external recruitment agencies about the organizations recruitment activities and about the status of job vacancies so that interested parties are kept informed without compromising the organizations standards of privacy and confidentiality. • Contact candidates, arrange interview times and develop appropriate interview questions in collaboration with the hiring manager so that interviews are conducted efficiently and equitably. • Interview, test, rank, check references, select candidates and provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates based on the jobs pre-established selection criteria and the organizations recruitment policies. • Prepare job offer materials in accordance with the agreed job specifications so that successful candidates have all the information they need to decide whether to accept the position. • Represent the organization at job fairs and other recruitment venues so that potential candidates have an opportunity to learn about the organization and its recruitment activities. • Conduct employee orientation/induction and introductory training so that new employees are quickly integrated into the organization. Knowledge / Skills/Attitude • Minimum Qualifications: Degree or equivalent • Years of Experience: 2 to 3 • Focused and detail oriented • Timeline oriented • Stretch and learnability • Process oriented • Good communication skills – both written and verbal • God interpersonal skillsvii. Job Description for Telecom Operation Designation: Sr. Engineer Telecom Operations Department: Information Technology 20HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Work Experience: 3 or more years Job Profile: Managing the Telecom Infrastructure of Zenta at various sites Viz: Avaya ACD system, Nortel Passport, Nice Logger, CMS Troubleshoot tickets Create and Manage process requirements. Understand Business strategies. Implement new Projects. Launch new process. Attend weekly Conference calls with Clients ,Service providers, Vendors Render Remote support to Telecom department. Skill Set required: Diploma or degree Engineer in Telecommunications. Fluent in English. Good communication, Presentation skills. Understanding of business requirements related to BPO industry. Should be willing to work in shifts. Industry Certification IP telephony Experience on LAN/WAN technologies. Worked on Avaya CM 2.1 and above, CMS and Nice loggers Capable to give remote support manage remote sitesviii. A.M./Mgr.-Information Security Position Name: A.M./Mgr.-Information Security Level: Manager/.Asst.Manager No of positions: 1 Experience level: Overall 3 - 7 years Education: Graduation / MCA Salary: 7- 9Lakhs Date needed to join: ASAP Shift: General Shift (9.30 A.M -6.30 P.M) But must be willing for night shift Description: 21HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Coordinate - Information Security Training programs - Certification programs such as SAS 70, ISO 27001:2005 etc. - BCP / DR Plans - Record Management Coordination - Development of various Policies, Procedures and Guidelines in align with Security Standards and best practices - Internal and Client Audits to meet Legal and Regulatory requirement of Indian and other countries - To provide various daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual reports - Anti-virus controls (Trojan horses, worms, malicious code, and other network threats) - Monitor Logs and evaluate Firewall / Intrusion detection systems - Incident response and prevention best practices - To monitor activities relating to change control ESSENTIALS: - Hands on experience in ISO 27001:2005 implementations. - Good presentation skills with Power point to carry out various training programs. - Familiar with various network technologies and security products. - Configuration of network devices such as VPN and IDS solutions and firewalls. - Familiarity with risk analysis and mitigation methodology, security policy and procedure development, incident response, program, patch management and vulnerability management processes, security training and awareness - Development and implementation of security policies and procedures, and building security architecture - 3-7; years relevant experience in the areas of IT security / Network and Infrastructure - Graduate / Post graduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Administration, Computer Applications or related field. - Additional security certification like ISO 27001:2005 / Ethical Hacker / CISA / CISSP / CISM desirable. ********************ix. Sales Manager 1. QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCE & TRAININGa. University Graduate preferably with a postgraduate degree or diploma in Business Management.b. Exposure in sales preferably in retail sales in consumer durables or automobiles (Some experience in direct sales will be an advantage).c. Exposure in handling sales team with a large number of front line sales people reporting to him through junior supervisory and managerial staff. 22HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Formsd. Exposure to control administratively medium to large size automobile workshops & spare parts management.e. Working knowledge of branch accounting, general administration & branch HR related matters.f. Skills, experience & knowledge of modern business methods and controls. 2. LIMIT OF AUTHORITYa. Capital Expenditure: Limited only by resources, group policies from time to time & budgetary provision.b. Personnel: Should work in conjunction with respective divisional heads like Branch Head, GM (Sales), GM (Service), Head (Parts) and also to work closely with the HR manager.c. Operational: Authorized to operate the Branch to meet sales & service requirements and expectations within the budgeted norms. 3. MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB a. To ensure maximum efficiency and profitability of the Branch whilst giving a high level of customer satisfaction. b. To maximize sales potential of the assigned Branch, Maximize the bay utilization of the workshop at a level commensurate with budgetary profit requirements. c. To maximize Branch profitability through the sales of vehicles, accessories and other associated products like finance & insurance. d. To create and project and image both within the Branch and outside as a top class professional company with a total customer satisfaction as it’s main objective. e. To help and co-operate with the divisional heads in order to achieve the overall organizational objective. 4. RELATIONSHIP AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES a. Directly responsible to: Branch Head/GM-Sales and heads of the respective divisions for functional and administrative responsibilities. b. Responsible for: Sales team (both functional & administrative) Team Leaders, Warehouse management, processing management. c. Relationship with: Vehicle manufacturer, banks and other financial institutions (with whom the organization will have business relation from time to time), professional organizations, other motor vehicle dealers, Suppliers, automobile associations, chamber of commerce as well as all departmental heads of the organizations in order to ensure smooth function of day to day business. 5. OBJECTIVES AND KEY RESULT AREAS 5.1 Improved Profitability: a. To ensure profitability targets are met on a regular basis from all the areas of operations like unit sales, accessories, finances, insurance, service & spare parts revenues. 23HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms b. To ensure the Branch attains net profit as detailed in the business plan and annual budget. c. To device a mechanism in order to continually monitor the financial situation on a daily/weekly basis to ensure on target performance and suggest effective course correction to higher authority wherever and whenever necessary. d. To examine all accounts, operating controls and composite figures to initiate improvement. e. To ensure high level of contact with the banks and other financial institutions to ensure smooth and timely cash flow f. To maintain and increase market penetration to meet dealership objective. g. To improve stock turnover ratios, reduce stock holding value and increase sales to meet branch objective. h. Always be on the lookout for new and related business opportunities to add to the bottom-line as well as enhance branch’s brand image amongst prospective buyers. 5.2 Customer service and satisfaction:a. To maintain high level of customer satisfaction whilst maximizing profit.b. To improve the quality of customer service and retention by enhanced facilities and improved technical and soft skills resulting in lower cost of ownership and improved marketing methods.c. To ensure high standard of quality both in terms of hardware and software (Facilities and Human elements).d. To stay in constant touch with the customer relation department real time to find out any dissatisfied customer and take immediate action.e. To maintain a high level of relation with all corporate customers to ensure constant flow of profitable business and take care of all their problems irrespective of the source of the problem. 5.3 Staff related matters:a. To establish and agree staff requirement with GM-Sales and departmental heads.b. To analyze the training requirement for providing a satisfactory staff development program.c. To ensure training needs are met and accurate records are kept to maximize effectiveness.d. To ensure all new recruits have gone through our orientation and induction program before assigned to a particular job.e. To operate a quarterly appraisal system to discuss individual and branch performance level with key branch personnel and ensure action is taken on results.f. To maintain an excellent and professional relations with all in order to achieve a very healthy working environment.g. To constantly motivate all staff reporting to him and maintain an environment of healthy competitiveness in order to achieve better results.h. To always encourage people to be innovative in order to maintain a competitive edge over others.i. To ensure correct reporting system and compliance.j. To establish KRAs for all staff members under him. 5.4 Administration: 24HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms a. To ensure that the Branch is operated within the law. b. To review from time to time all departmental activities and reporting systems. c. To ensure that adequate safety and security measures have been installed to meet municipal requirements. d. To strictly adhere to systems, procedures, credit policies, discount structure laid by the company from time to time. 5.5 Communication: a. To maintain good liaison with directors and managers. b. To submit the day end, weekend & month end reports to the management in timely manner which should reflect the current sales/service situation vis-à-vis sales plan, shortfall if any, corrective action plan to make up the short fall, future projection, major achievements, lost opportunities etc. c. To ensure direct liaison with manufacturers, professional bodies, suppliers statutory representatives, corporate customers and all other contacts. d. To always maintain a healthy line of communication with all staff members. e. To maintain professional relation with the Honda co-dealers and to stay in touch with them and co-operate wherever possible. 5.6 Marketing: a. To plan and oversee the execution of local area promotional activities in both sales and service. To agree plan with respective divisional head. b. To instigate research into customer satisfaction and requirements for improvement. c. To device strategies for effective and real time market intelligence in order to stay ahead of competition. d. To come out with innovative and cost effective marketing ideas in order to stay always on top. e. To ensure approval has been taken before any campaign is initiated from competent authority and respective departmental head. f. To inform management any significant development in the market in terms of new launches, new campaign by competition or any other relevant matter which is significant and important in nature. g. To constantly be on the lookout for new business avenues and opportunities to increase market share both in sales and service. 5.7 Finance: a. To keep the financial aspects of the business under constant review. b. To highlight all sales discounts, fleet discount and suggest necessary action to higher management whenever change is necessary. c. Collection of payment from customers should be on time as per the policy laid down by the management and outstanding amount should always be kept under control. 25HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms d. Credit sales should be avoided as far as possible and extension of credit to any customer should only be done with prior management approval. e. To negotiate constantly with the banks and other financial institutions in order to derive maximum benefit for the organization as well as the customers.5.8 Cost control: a. To maintain effective control of expenses in line with budget objective. b. To carry out monthly examinations of all expenses and look for saving potentials. c. To ensure maximum cost effective stock turnover ratio. d. To examine weekly/monthly debtor situation and effectiveness of credit control procedure. 26HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 3 Recruitment & Selection 27HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsRecruitmentAPPLICATION FORMI / CANDIDATE INFORMATION:1. Position applied: _____________________________________2. Name: ______________________________________3. Email: ______________________________________________4. Present Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________5. Permanent Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6. Date of Birth: _________________________________________7. Sex: Male / Female_____________________________________8. Marital Status: ________________________________________9. Date of Marriage: ______________________________________10. Number of Children: ____________________________________11. Age of Children: _______________________________________12. Family BackgroundYou design a table with columns: member, occupation, address, phone.II/ EDUCATION1. Language Spoken: (State Mother Tongue First)You design a table with columns: Language, Spoken, Written, Both. And rating scales can be Native,Fluent, Fair, Poor.2. Academic Details:-You design a table with columns: Course Main Subjects, Year of Passing, % of Marks Obtained, Nameof School / College / Institution (Along with University).III/ EXPERIENCE1. Work Experience Summary:You design a table with columns: Company Name, Designation, Duration, Reason for Leaving.2. Current Job Details:-a) Company Name ____________________________________b) Current Designation ____________________________________c) Date of Joining ____________________________________d) Current Salary (All Inclusive package) ______________________e) Expected salary (All inclusive package) _____________________f) Job Responsibilities ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 28HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms3. New Job:-a) Do you have any experience in the XXXXXXX Industry? If yes, please specify theIndustry ________________________________________________Position _________________________________________________Tenure. _________________________________________________b) what kind of growth are you looking for yourself in the next 3 years?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. What do you feel is your major accomplishment? Give reason in support of your claims________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Other Details:a) Have you ever been convicted? ________________________b) Do you have any political Involvement? __________________c) Does any family relative have political involvement? ________d) Do you have any relatives employed overseas ____________e) Family Business / Service? ___________ if yes, give details _________________________________________________________________________IV / GENERAL INFO1. What are your strengths?——-——-2. What are your weaknesses?——-——-3. What are your hobbies?——-——-4. Have you applied to **************** before? YES / NOIf YES, when_____________________________________________In what Capacity: _________________________________________Final Outcome ____________________________________________a) Do you wish to relocate? ______________________________b) How may days’ time would you require to attend a personal interview in Mumbai ________c) What is your notice period before you can join? ___________5. List Three References (other than relatives)You design a table with columns:, Name, Official Designation, Address & Phone No, Period for whichhe knows you, Capacity in which he knowsV/ DECLARATION 29HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsI hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Incase any false statement is made by me, Company would have the right to terminate my services at anytime.DATE: ____________ PLACE: _____________ Signature: ____________Pre-Employment ChecklistDate:Applicant: __________________________________________________________Position: ___________________________________________________________ References Requested: Date Received: ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________ Interviewed By: Approved By: ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________Education verified: _________________________________________________Licensure of certification verified: ________________________________Bonding Company approval: ___________________________________________Starting Salary $Fringe Benefits [List]:Effective starting date:Recruitment request form1. General information of recruitment requestYou should design a table with columns and rows as follows:• From• Name 30HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Department• Date:2. Recruitment request formYou should design a table with columns as follows:• No• Designation• No. Of Requirements• Qualification• Skill Sets• Years of Experience• Date of Joining• Period of Requirement• Salary Range• Project to handle Expected3. Remarks:Please attach job description and job specification for each position.SignaturesManpower requisition formThis form is applied for recruitment/hiring process.From:Department:Position:Date:You should design a table with column as follows:1. No2. Designation3. No. of Requirements4. Qualification5. Skill Sets6. Years of Experience7. Project to handle8. Expected Date of Joining9. Period of Requirement10. Salary Range 31HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsDepartment head SignatureHR signature (Please attach Job Specification and Job Requirement)Appointment Letter Format Company Name / Logo Company AddressDear Sir / Madam, Dated.............................Name: _____________________________Father’s Name: _______________________Address: ______________________________ This has reference to your application dated__________________and the subsequentInterview / test which you had with us. We are pleased to appoint you as_________________(Designation) as per the following terms & conditions.1. That your appointment as ___________________________________is affected form the date of issuance of this letter.2. Your appointment is on probation. The initial period of probation is 3 months, which will automatically be extended up to a period of 6 month. Unless so confirmed in writing. During the period of probation or extended any period of probation your services can be conformed form the date orders are communicated in writing confirming your service.3. That you will be paid a salary of Rs.__________________ in consolidation. You will not be eligible for any other allowance or benefit except as stated above.4. That you headquarter for present is at but it can be changed to such other place that may be decided by the management & communication to you. Thus your head quarter is likely to be changed.5. That you will be eligible for leave & other benefit as per service rule of the company as in vogue or altered from time to time. The company has right to amend the rule, which shall be applicable to you. 32HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms6. You duties will include for efficient, satisfactory and economical operation in the area of responsibility that may be assigned to you from time to time. As an employee of the firm you will maintain a high standard of loyalty, efficiency, integrity, and secrecy and will liaison with employees working under your supervision or your colleagues and will be responsible for execution of the decision taken by the management from time to time.7. You will devote your whole time and attention to the interest of the any company/ firm/ establishment will not engage yourself in any other either paid or in honorary capacity without written permission.8. In case there is any change in your residential address, you will intimate the same in writing to the personal department/manager within three days from the date of such change and get such change of address recorded9. If by your conduct & performance, you will render yourself incompetent to perform the duties or you became dishonest, intemperate, irregular in attendance , negligence to work, disobedient & or commit any misconduct or any breach of condition of employment then you render yourself liable for dismissal without any notice or compensation. Apart from this you shall make good the loss, if any arise out of your act. If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you please sign the carbon copy intaken of its acceptance and return the same for our record. For Authorized / Competent official Declaration by the EmployeeI accept the offer and the terms and conditions mentioned in the aforesaid letter.Signature of the EmployeeDate:- Human ResourcesRecruitment & Selection – Interview Agreement APPLICANT DETAILS: (name) 1 33HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms 2POSITION: 3SECTION: 4VAC REF NO: DATE: 5PANEL MEMBERS: 6 7INSTRUCTIONS:SECTION 1 & 2 - MUST BE COMPLETED ON ALL APPLICANTS INTERVIEWED(Completion of Section 1 by providing a consensus rating of each applicant against the selectioncriteria may assist panels in formulating comments on each applicant required for Section 2)SECTION 1 - INTERVIEW CONSENSUS RATINGSAll panel members to contribute to the justification of the rating between 1 - 5 based on thoroughdiscussion of the merit of each applicant against the selection criteria. A minority report may belodged if consensus cannot be reached. May be used to assist in consolidating panels comments forSection 2.*Please use WHOLE NUMBERS only in your final consensus ratings (i.e. the use of + or –, orfractions [e.g. 0.5] is not permitted)ESSENTIAL SELECTION CRITERIA INTERVIEWED APPLICANT RATINGS (by consensus)Skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7qualifications which are minimumrequirements for effective job performance. 34HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsDESIRABLE SELECTION CRITERIASkills etc which would improve jobperformance but are not essential forappointmentRANK ORDER OF APPLICANTS*SECTION 2 - CONSENSUS SUMMARY REPORTThis section seeks a summary report on each applicant against the selection criteria. Focus on eachapplicants demonstrated capacity to meet the essential selection criteria for this position. In someinstances it may be appropriate to address desirable criteria also (where there is a close field). Suchcomments will be used as part justification for a recommendation (together with informationobtained in the application and referee reports), for feedback to unsuccessful applicants, immigrationand other matters as required.APPLICANT NO 1 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position* 35HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsAPPLICANT NO 2 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 3 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 4 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 5 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 6 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position* Appointable Yes / No RankAPPLICANT NO 7 Position*In determining rank order applicants who meet all (or a high proportion) of the essential criteriashould be ranked higher than those who meet a proportionately higher number of desirable criteria.Comments: 36HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsSECTION 1 and SECTION 2 VERIFICATIONPANEL MEMBERS SIGNATURES:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________DATE: _____/_____/_____Attach this report to Recommendation to Appoint and other documentation. Human ResourcesRecommendation to AppointVACANCY DETAILSVacancy ReferenceNumber :Position Title:Faculty/Section: 37HR Forms | P a g e
    • NAME OF APPLICANT/S RECOMMENDED FOR APPOINTMENTHR Forms 1. 2.RECOMMENDED CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENTProfessional Employees Academic EmployeesUSQ USQLevel: Level:Step: Step: Continuing Fixed Term Continuing Fixed TermProbationary Durati yea Probationary Period: Durati yearsPeriod: on: rs on: months Expiry ___/___/_ months/y Expiry ___/___/___ Date: __ ears Date: Probationary Period: Probationary Period: months monthsStart / / Start / /Date: Date:Supervisin Supervising Position g PositionTitle: Title:Other OtherCondition Conditions: s: 38HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsCharge to: Charge to: Dept. ID Program Dept. ID Program Project (if req) Project (if req)SELECTION PANEL MEMBERSCo-ordinator:Non-Faculty/SectionMember:Other Members:NAME OF APPLICANTS INTERVIEWED Please tick if unsuccessful notification is not to be sent until successful applicant accepts offer of appointment.SIGNATURESPanel Members: 39HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsRecommending Delegate: (if appropriate) / /Approving Delegate: / /ATTACHMENTS Position Description Recommended Applicant’s Full Application Interview Consensus Summary Referee Reports on Recommended ApplicantADDITIONAL INFORMATION if required (e.g. outlining developmental plans for probationary period,reasons for waiving or shortening probationary period etc.) 40HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsNOTES All information provided is to remain confidential until the outcome of an offer made by the Executive Director, Human Resources is known Details outlined on this form must be in accordance with Human Resources Policy and Procedure Recruitment and Selection http://policy.usq.edu.au/portal/custom/detail/recruitment-and-selection/ Satisfactory referees’ reports on the nominee must be obtained and attached. A minimum of two referee checks must be obtained for all advertised positions. In accordance with Human Resources Policy and Procedure Probationary Appointment, “the Vice- Chancellor approves any shortening or waiving of a r probationary period for” In such instances, please complete the “Additional Information” section above This form is to be forwarded to your HR Client Service team once completed (including all relevant signatures) and including attachments 41HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Selection Forms Interview forms i. Interview assessment form ii. Interview questions form iii. Job interview form iv. Candidate interview form v. 2nd interview invitation letter vi. Interview invitation letter vii. Interview appraisal formi. Interview assessment form 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Interview appraisal factors: Education & Experience • Basic Qualifications • Other Relevant Courses • Years of Experience • Relevance of Experience Job Knowledge & Skills • Functional Knowledge • Thoroughness 42HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• General Knowledge• Computer Skills Personal Attributes• Personal Appearance• Confidence & Assertiveness• Team Spirit• Analytical Ability• Creativeness Maturity• Emotional Stability• General Attitude• Diplomacy/Tactfulness Communication• Ability to Logically Organize Thoughts• Ability to Express Ideas• English Language Skills• Arabic Language Skills4. Overall rating:• Outstanding• Very Good• Good• Satisfactory• Unsatisfactory5. General Observations:Joining Potential: Strong/Weak ________________Expected Salary ______________ Previous Salary _____________Offered Salary _________________Interview Committee: 1. _____________, 2.______________, 3.____________________Signature: 1._________________ 2.___________________3.______________________Final Assessment. HR:Concerned Dept.: 43HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Formsii. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FORM 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Interview appraisal factors: • Qualification (s) • Job knowledge • Experience Profile & Consistency in jobs • Personality (Appearance, Dress, Manners) • Awareness about technical Dynamics. • Interpersonal skills / team spirit. • Attitude towards tasks, people and technology. • Confidence level (Positive mental attitude) • Age Group suitability • Communication skills • Business Orientation • Analytical skills, logical reasoning • Clarity of thoughts • Maturity • Achievement Orientation. • Conceptual Clarity • Openness Of Mind • Leadership Ability / Proactive ness • Personal Profile • Careers Plan 4. Overall rating: • Outstanding • Very Good 44HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms • Good • Satisfactory • Unsatisfactory 5. General Observations: Joining Potential: Strong/Weak ________________ Expected Salary ______________ Previous Salary _____________ Offered Salary _________________ Interview Committee: 1. _____________,2.______________, 3.____________________ Signature: 1._________________ 2.___________________3.______________________ Final Assessment. HR: Concerned Dept.:iii. Job interview form 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Appraisal factors: • APPEARANCE: Bearing and poise, neatness, physical fitness, dress mannerisms • EDUCATION 45HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms • EXPERIENCE Specific to the position being considered for • KNOWLEDGE Of the product or field • PERSONALITY Mature, sincere, courteous, likeable, enthusiastic, self-confident, introvert/ extrovert, loner/ team worker, at ease and friendly, ability to pick up the ball and carry it • ABILITY TO EXPRESS SELF: Clear and pleasing voice, expresses himself forcefully and clearly, uses hands, face and voice to add meaning to what he says • MENTAL ABILITY: Alertness, logic, perception, judgment, organization of thoughts, comprehends what you are trying to say, asks good questions, he structures answers to your questions • LEADERSHIP: Ambition, high energy level, initiative, decisiveness, record of accomplishment, plans for the future and has objectives, self – reliant • INTERESTS: Has breath of curiosity and information, good general knowledge, technical knowledge of a general character, social cultural and political • ATTITUDE: Willingness to learn and to work, co- operation, positive outlook on life, enthusiastic about his future, regard for former employersiv. Candidate interview evaluation form 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Appraisal factors: 3.1 Appearance 46HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Dress• Grooming• Body Language• Eye Contact3.2 Characteristics• Assertive• Achievement-oriented• Cooperative• Responsible• Outgoing• Open• Dedicated• Poise• Maturity• Professional• Verbal/persuasive• Ability to learn3.3 Goals/perception of self• Realistic appraisal of self• Reason for interest in field• Realistic career goals3.4 Qualifications• Education/training• Accomplishments• Skills• Relevant experience• Potential3.5 Decision making/problem solving• Creativity• Logic3.6 Reasons for selecting particular organization• Commitment• Knowledge of organization• Knowledge of industry3.7 Job expectations• Realistic• Match employer’s needs3.8 Long term objectivesRealisticPotential to grow 47HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms 3.9 Overall evaluation 3.10 Additional comments: Signature: Interviewer 1 ——————Interviewer 2:v. 1st Interview invitation letter Date Name of Applicant Address City – State Sub: interview Invitation for position of ………… Dear Name of Applicant, Thank you for submitting an application form for the above post. I am delighted to invite you to attend on interviewing you for the position of sales manager. This letter confirms the phone conversation in which we scheduled your interview on………. The interview will consist of contents as follows: + Interview time: + Types of interview If you have any questions, please call me at……….. Sincerely yours, John Tan HR coordinatorvi. 2nd interview invitation letter sample [Date] Dear [Name] Re: Vacancy for [position title] First of all, we thank you for your application for the above position. 48HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms We would like to inform you that you pass 1st round interview. We are grateful if you could attend an 2nd interview: At [Address]. On [Date]. At [Time]. The interview will be with [name and job title of interviewer(s)]. The interview is scheduled to last approximately [state duration] and will take the form of [short description of format of interview such as panel, group interview…]. Please can you bring along the following documentation to the interview: 1. 2. 3…. Please contact [name of contact] on [telephone number] to confirm your attendance at the interview. If you have a any questions to assist you at the interview, please let [me/name of contact] know. A map showing the location of the interview venue is included. We are looking forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely John Tan HR managervii. INTERVIEW APPRAISAL FORM 1. Candidate details • Candidate name • Post Applied for • Date • Line Manager 2. Appraisal You should design a table which includes columns such as No, Contents of appraisal, HR Manager, Line Manager. Contents of appraisal: 49HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Attitude• Knowledge• Communication• Experience• Loyalty Expectation• Present ability• Initiative• Team SpiritRating scales:(1-Poor, 2-Average, 3- Good, 4-V.Good, 5-Excellent)3. Remarks:a> Strengths…..….b> Weakness….….Signature…………………………..HR Manager……………Line Manager……………DirectorSample interview questionsIt includes types of question as follows:1. Phone interview questionsPhone interview i a method to interview candidate by telephone. You have a little time to conduct it sothat you should just ask question about candidate’s basic job requirements.2. Situational interview questionsIn situational interviewing, job-seekers are asked to respond to a specific situation they may face on thejob, and some aspects of it are similar to behavioral interviews.This type of interview is most often used with college graduates who do not have as much past workexperience.3. Behavioral interview questionsIn behavioral interviews, candidates are asked to explain their skills, experience, activities etc – asexamples of your past behavior. 50HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsIt includes interview questions about knowledge, experience, soft skills, management skills, abilities …of candidates.4. Stress interview questionsThe stress interview is designed to find applicants who can handle stress, and handle it well.5. Tough / difficult Interview questionsIt include 51 Tough / difficult interview questions about last job, competencies, new job etc.Here is an example of difficult interview questions about Last Job & candidates their self.I. Difficult interview questions of last job1. What do you think of your last boss?2. What is the riskiest thing you have ever done?3. Why are you leaving/did you leave your last position?4. What do you think of your previous manager?5. If you could change one thing about your last job, what would it be?6. Why you had so many jobs in such a short period of time?7. Tell me 3 good things and 3 bad things in your last company?II. Difficult interview questions of candidates their self1. How many hours a day/week do you need to work to get the job done?2. If you stayed with your current company, what would be your next move?3. How do you measure success?4. Describe a job that would be your worst nightmare?5. Where do you see yourself in ten years?6. What is your long-range objective?7. How do you balance life and work?8. What is your favorite book? How about your favorite movie?9. What did you do during this six month gap in employment?10. What do you feel this position should pay?6. Interview questions from companies• Microsoft interview questions (Check over the internet)• Google interview questions7. Common interview questionsIt includes questions as follows: 51HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• 60 Common interview questions• 36 Good interview questions• Illegal interview questions• Top interview questions8. Interview questions by departments• HR interview questions• Training manager interview questions• Secretary interview questions• Administrative assistant interview questions• Sales interview questions• Marketing interview questions• Accounting interview questions• Finance interview questions• CEO interview questions• Production interview questions• Quality interview questions• Project interview questions• Purchasing interview questions• Health care interview questions• IT interview questions 52HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 4 Employee Orientation & Socialization 53HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsHiring formsYou can refer more information about Hiring forms by topics as follows:1. Job offer letter2. Appointment letter3. New hire integration feedback form4. Confirmation of employment letter5. New employee introduction letter6. Welcome New Employee Letter7. Probation extension letter8. Employment rejection letter9. 90 days evaluation form10. Employment offer letter11. Employment agreement checklist12. Employee drug testing agreement1. Samples / examples job offer letterAnpha corporation123 Ani St – DapotPhone 23245-0989-123March 12, 2008Jimmy Tan12 VMP StNew De City, 12342Dear Jimmy TanJOB OFFERANPHA CORP is pleased to offer you the position of Marketing Director for our organization. We areexcited about the potential that you bring to our company.1. Job contentAs we discussed during your interviews, you will be working in our office at………, where ourmarketing departments are located.You will report directly to the Vice-President of sales and marketing and be a member of our ExecutiveManagement Team.2. Compensation and benefits 54HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsShould you accept this job offer, per company policy you’ll be eligible to receive the followingbeginning on your hire date.Salary: Annual gross starting salary of $123,500, paid in biweekly installments by your choice of checkor direct depositBenefits: Standard, ANPHA-provided benefits for salaried-exempt employees, including the following• 401(k) retirement account• Health, dental, life and disability insurance• Profit sharing• Sick leave• Vacation and personal days• Annual stock options• Child daycare assistance• Education assistance3. Process of joiningTo accept this job offer:• Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below.• Mail all pages of the signed and dated documents listed above back to us in the enclosed business-reply envelope, to arrive by Monday, Oct 12, 2008.• Attend new-hire orientation on Friday, Oct 16, 200x, beginning at 8:00 AM.To decline this job offer:• Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below.• Mail all pages of this job offer letter back to us in the enclosed business-reply envelope, to arrive byMonday, Oct 12, 2008.We look forward to your arrival at our company and are confident that you will play a key role in ourcompany’s expansion into national and international markets. Please let me know if you have anyquestions or if I can do anything to make your arrival easier.Sincerely,[Signature]JohnHR Coordinator, Human ResourcesAccept Job OfferSignature: _________________________________ Date:_____________Decline Job Offer 55HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsSignature: _________________________________ Date:_____________2. SAMPLES / EXAMPLES APPOINTMENT LETTERNameAddress:CityDear Mr. Name.Sub: Letter of AppointmentOn the basis of interview held we are pleased to offer your services on our Company in the followingterms.1. Job information• Position• Probation time• Hours of work2. Compensations and benefits• Salary:• Leave: 12 days for casual Leave; 12 days Sick Leave per year• Break3. General conditions• During the probation period, the company may terminate your services without notice if yourperformance is not up to our expectations or for any other reason.• You will be governed by the service rules of this company as may be applicable to you from time totime.• The company reserves the right to alter or modify its working hours or to increase them.• This is a position of continuous responsibility and does not entail payment of extra time or overtime.• All programs, System Designs, Manuals, Literature etc. developed by you, while in the companyservice will at all times be deemed to be sole property of the company. Also, the company will at alltimes, have the sole proprietary right in any new system which you may develop while in the company’sservice.• During the period of your employment, you will work honestly, faithfully, diligently and efficiently forthe growth of the company. You are expected to maintain utmost secrecy in regard to the affairs of thecompany and shall keep confidential any 56HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Your appointment will be subject to being medically fit at the commencement of and at any timeduring the tenure of your employment with the company; the company has a right at all times to sendyou for a medical checkup to ascertain your fitness for the job.We welcome you to our organization and look forward to your contribution to the growth of theorganization and yourself.Sincerely,Name of the company.NameCEO3. NEW HIRE INTEGRATION FEEDBACK FORMDear Mr/Mrs…………….This form is intended to improve the over on boarding process and your feedback is important for us.Thanks for your cooperation.I/ Rating scales1. 0 = not applicable2. 1 = Completely Disagree3. 2 = Somewhat Disagree4. 3 = Somewhat Agree5. 4 = Completely AgreeII/ Feedback questions1. My Recruiting Process was well scheduled and arranged.2. I found the information and learning provided during the orientation training sessions relevant inhelping me integrate better within………..3. Guest House accommodation provided a comfortable stay for me.4. I am satisfied with my overall experience with the following teams:• Recruiting• Transport• IT (Computers, NT Login)• Finance• Training & Development• Guest House Accommodation 57HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms5. I was given a useful ramp up for the project to help me learn fast.6. I found the orientation program comprehensive and useful?7. I found induction kit was useful.What can we do better as a team to improve your on boarding experience?Other remarks:For companyJimmyHR Manager4. Sample / Example Welcome New Employee LetterNew employee nameAddress:CityMr/MrsDepartmentFANDA CORPAddressPhone:Sub: Welcome New EmployeeDear Mr John,Welcome to FANDA CORP and sales department.I am delighted you are joining us as corporate sales manager. I am very pleased that you have chosen toaccept our offer of employment and know that this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial association.The enclosed information is designed to serve as an introduction to sales department and provideresources that will help you make a smooth transition into your new role.The sales team is here to support your transition so, please know that you can call on any of us to assistyou. We are looking forward to you joining our team and your success at FANDA.Yours sincerely,John TamHuman Resources Manager 58HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms5. Employment offer letterDate: ___________Ms. / Mr. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Subject: EMPLOYMENT OFFER LETTERDear ________________,With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us, we are pleased to offer you theposition of ___________________ in our organization at a company of USD. __________________(Rupees ___________________ only).We would expect you to join as early as possible but not later than _________, beyond which the offerwould stand withdrawn, unless a new date is mutually agreed upon, by us in writing.On the date of your joining, you may please bring along the following:1. Proof of age2. Copies of Educational Certificates3. Copies of professional Certificates4. Relieving certificate from the previous employer5. Appointment letter of the previous employer and salary revision letters6. Last pay slip received from the previous employer7. 3 Passport Size photographs8. An updated Curriculum Vita9. Form 16 (TDS certificate)This Offer of Employment is subject to receipt of satisfactory references.This Letter of Offer is being sent in duplicate. Kindly sign the copy as a token of your acceptance of theoffer and return us the same.For, Company NameName: Employee NameDesignation:6. Employment agreement checklistThis checklist is used to negotiate employment agreements between employer and employee. 59HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms1. Job description and specification• What is the title of the employee’s job?• Is employee guaranteed a seat on the board of directors while an employee?• Where is the place of employment? What are the regular working hours?• Can employee be relocated unilaterally to another city, or only with the employee’s consent?• Is the employee allowed to be involved in other activities (e.g., a directorship on other boards,involvement in community activities)?• What are the employee’s responsibilities?• Can the employee be demoted? Can employee’s responsibilities be substantially modified, decreased,or increased?2. Wage and Salary• What is the base salary? What about overtime? What about commissions?• Does the salary go up each year by a designated amount or by cost of living increases?• Are there designated times for performance reviews?• When is it payable?3. Benefits• Will the employee participate in all benefit plans of the company?• Which of these plans should be in place for the employee? Are all of the payments for the benefits theresponsibility of the company? such as:- Health and medical (including spouse and dependent coverage)- Educational reimbursement- executive financial counseling- Disability- 401(k)- Pension- Cafeteria plan- Life insurance- Stock option/stock grant- Dental, vision- Professional liability insurance• Any special loans or forgiveness arrangements?• Are some of the benefits taxable to the employee? Should employee be reimbursed for the tax?• How much vacation per year is employee entitled? Does unused vacation continue to accrue for thebenefit of employee and payable on termination of employment?• Is there a designated sick pay policy?4. Bonus• Are there bonuses to be tied to objective performance standards?• Are target bonus levels or minimum bonuses to be established? 60HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Does employee get a signing bonus?• Is employee entitled to a guaranteed bonus?5. Reimbursement of expenses• Are moving expenses to be reimbursed?• Is there a relocation package available for employee (e.g., the company purchasing employee’s houseon a move?)• Will the employee’s business expenses be reimbursed promptly?• Is there a car or car allowance, cellular phone provided, or other such amenities?6. Stock option grants• Does the option exercise period terminate 90 days after termination of employment or can it be longer?• Are the shares obtained upon exercise of an option subject to repurchase on termination ofemployment? If so, at what price? (From the employee’s perspective, repurchase rights should not beincluded or should be limited.)• Are the shares obtained upon exercise of an option subject to a right of first refusal? If so, on whatterms?• Is the option a tax advantaged incentive stock option?• Does vesting of options accelerate on a change of control of the company? Or, on other events such astermination of employment by the company without cause?• Will employee get stock options?• What percent of the company do the options represent? (Note: in venture capital backed privately heldcompanies, the usual price for common stock options is 1/10 of the price for the latest round of preferredstock issuance.)• What is the exercise price for the options?• Are any options deemed automatically vested upon grant?• How long will unvested options vest? Monthly? Yearly cliff vesting?• How long is the option exercisable?7. Stock grants• Does vesting accelerate on a change of control of the company? Or, other event such as termination ofemployment by the company without cause?• Does employee have to pay anything for the grant?• What tax will the employee have to pay for the grant? Will the company also pay employee an amountto cover the tax?• Does employee have a right of first refusal for future company stock issuances to avoid dilution?• Will the employee be granted stock?• Is this stock subject to vesting? What is the vesting period?• Is this stock subject to repurchase rights or rights of first refusal?• Should employee file a § 83(b) irc election?8. Confidentiality restrictions• If there are confidentiality restrictions on the employee, are the following excluded from the definitionof “confidential information”?: 61HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• How long do the confidentiality restrictions last? Indefinitely? A set number of years after disclosureto the employee?• What restrictions have been imposed on the employee by the prior employer?• The employee must be careful not to use or divulge confidential information of a prior employer – thenew employer will often want a covenant from the employee prohibiting such use or disclosure.9. Invention assignment issues• What is the scope of the company’s rights to the employee’s development of new inventions, tradesecrets, and ideas? Are these the company’s only if they specifically relate to company business anddeveloped during company time?• Do the invention assignment provisions comply with the California labor code or other applicable law?10. Term and termination• How long is the employment term?• What are the circumstances that the employee can be fired “for cause”, such as: Conviction of a felonyor any act involving moral turpitude; Commission of any act of theft, fraud, dishonesty or falsification ofan employment record; Material uncured breach of the employment agreement; Failure to performreasonable assigned duties; and/or Improper disclosure of the company’s confidential information; Lossof licenses; Disability• Avoid “for cause” definitions that give the company too much latitude for termination.• Is employee entitled to severance pay on termination? How much?• If the employee is terminated without cause, is it clear that employee will get all salary and benefitsthat employee would otherwise have been entitled to for the remaining term of the agreement?• If terminated without cause, is the company required to continue paying for benefits or cobra benefitsfor some period of time?• Is employee given the right to terminate at the employee’s discretion prior to the end of the term?• Does the agreement get renewed automatically on a year-to-year basis unless the company gives theemployee notice of non-renewal at least 90 days in advance of the end of the term?• Is the employment “at will”?• What are the grounds, if any, on which employers can terminate?• What are the terms, if any, for compensation in the event of early termination?11. Liability protection for the employee• Does the company’s articles of incorporation limit the liability of officers and directors to themaximum extent permitted by law?• Is there an indemnification agreement that protects the employee, covering: Indemnification protectionfor claims; automatic advancement of legal expenses; Protection even if the employee is no longeremployed by the company? (Note statutory limitations on indemnification.)• Does the company have directors’ & officers’ (“d&o”) insurance coverage? Is the company required tomaintain a minimum amount of such coverage?• Do the company bylaws provide for indemnification protection for officers and employees?12. Breach of agreement 62HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Is the company required to give notice to the employee of any alleged breaches of the agreement andan opportunity to cure?13. Disability and death• What is a disability event?• What happens on death? Can medical and other benefits continue for some period for the spouse andchildren?• What happens on disability? Does the employee continue to receive salary and benefits?14. Golden parachute• What are the tax implications of the golden parachute payment? Will the company also gross up theparachute payment to cover the tax?• Will the company reimburse the employee’s expenses in connection with an IRS audit claimingadditional tax?• In the event of a change of control of the company, is employee entitled to terminate employment andreceive a “golden parachute” payment (e.g., two or three times the yearly salary)?15. Representations and warranties of the company• Are there specific representations and warranties of the company that should be set forth (e.g.,financial resources, venture capital backing)?• Has employee been promised something orally that should be reflected in the employment agreement?16. Post-employment limitations• Are there limitations on the employee soliciting company employees? For what period?• Is there a covenant not to compete after termination of employment?17. Dispute resolution• How are disputes to be resolved?• Should arbitration be considered?• In what city must disputes be brought if litigated or arbitrated?18. Miscellaneous provisions• Choice of law• Integration clause• Is the company prohibited from assigning the agreement?• Is there an attorneys’ fees clause where the prevailing party in a dispute would be entitled to recoup itsattorneys’ fees incurred? 63HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsNew employee surveyI/ Purpose of new employee survey• To know new employee’s satisfaction about new job.• This survey can conduct after 60 or 90 days from starting day.II/ Content of new employee survey1. Do you feel that your job title is properly named: Yes NoIf “No,” what should it be?Please name the three least enjoyable aspects of your job:1.2.3.Please name the three most enjoyable aspects of your job: Recruitment processWas the job for which you were hired accurately described during the recruitment process?Yes No CommentWhat improvements can be made in the company’s recruitment process so that we can hirebetter employees?3. Orientation and trainingHow can the company improve the orientation process which introduces new employeesto the company’s operations, personnel, products and services?What can the company do to provide you with skills training so that you can excel at yourjob?Would you be interested in future cross training in anotherdepartment? Yes NoIf so, please state job position you would be interested in training for:4. Compensations and benefitsAre you unclear about any wage or hour issues (pay, overtime, vacation, missed timefrom work, etc.)? Yes NoIf yes, please indicate any questions that you have: 64HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms5. Company policies and proceduresAre you unclear about any company policies or procedures as set forth in the employeehandbook or by your supervisor? Yes NoIf so, please indicate any questions you may have:6. New employee‘s commentsIf you are aware of any possible improvements to the way we run our business, pleasegive us your comments or suggestions.Probationary contractProbationary contractDay……..date………..year………..We are from:1. SIDE A:• Address: Telephone• Mr on behalf of side A2. SIDE B:• Mr/Mrs: date of birth:• Identity card number: issued by police of province:• Permanent address:• Contact address:Our agreement as the following provisions:Article 1: Side A agrees to let side B work as a probationary employee at:Side A (address above), in the duration: months.Article 2: The working time is from 7.30 to 16.30 every day ( 1 hour midday free time – includinglunch), if side A has the desire to Work more time, size B will be willing to satisfy except for thecircumstance in which side B is sick (with medical certificate).Side B will be paid by time or piece wage, Side A ensures that the wage rate of side B is no less than75% of the average wage of the regular employee at similar position. Payment time is from 15th to 20thof the next month.Article 3: In the probationary period, Side B will be responsible for strictly observing the labordisciplines and rules of side A. If side B violates, he (or she) will be judged as rules by side A. 65HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsArticle 4: The probationary contract will be valid from the signing day. When the probationary time isover, if side B satisfies well the requirement of side A, side A will officially recruit side B to work forthem. If side B can’t satisfy side A’s requirements, the relation between two sides as mentioned in thiscontract will finish, side A will have the duty to pay probationary salary fully to side B.Signature:Side A representativeSide B representative 66HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 5 Training & Development 67HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsPractical Training techniquesTraining techniques include 6 types as follows:1. Demonstration technique• Learners observe the performance of a task, operation, or procedure which demonstrates whatsomething is how to do something…• The demonstration may be live or pre-recorded.2. Role Playing• During a role play, the trainees assume roles and act out situations connected to the learning concepts.• This is a good technique for customer service and sales training.3. Case Study• A written or oral account of a situation which requires resolution is given to the learners.• Learners are asked to analyze the case and present recommendations.• This techniques is used to apply learning in order to solve problems.4. Critical Incident• Learners will give incomplete data.• Then learners analyze the case and asking the right questions, they are given the additional data neededto resolve the problem or situation.• This method is a variation of the case study.5. Brainstorming technique• Groups are given a question or problem and asked to produce as many ideas as possible throughcreative of suggestions with no judgment of the suggestions.• A more careful analysis of the ideas and their usefulness is postponed until later.• Free-association is encouraged; ideas are written as they are called out.6. Business games• Business game is a training technique in which one or more players aim at achieving one commonobjective.• Moreover, business game is a simulation; on the basis of a designed economic model, the game aims atrecreating the market reality as accurately as possible. 68HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsTNA MODEL Skills, Knowledge & attitudes should be defined earlier. 69HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsSuccession planning formYou can set up Succession Planning form that includes columns such as:1. Position title2. Incumbent name3. Retirement statusRetirement status includes types as follows:- Retirement likely within 1 year- Retirement likely within 3 years- Retirement eligible within 5 years4. CriticalityCriticality includes types as follows:- Critical – Must “hit the ground running”- Very Important – Fully functional within 6 months5. Number of staff ready now6. Number of staff ready in 1-2 years7. Succession planning prioritiesCourse checklists1. Pre-course checklist• Reserve AV equipment• Confirm with lecturers by email/phone• Send lecturers confirmation letter and agenda• Schedule caterer• Purchase participant and lecturer parking passes• Order certificates• Gather copies of pre- and post-tests• Reserve room• Send participants initial confirmation letters and pre-course documents 70HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Assign clinical/laboratory practicum schedule• Send practicum schedule to preceptors• Order binders and separator sheets• Order nametags• Create Sign-in Sheets (one for each day) in Microsoft Word• Set up room• Create lecture and program evaluation forms in Microsoft Word• Order copies of all documents for manuals• Check AV equipment• Print out Program Director’s introduction• Make nametags• Collate manuals• Put out sign on day of training• Check laser pointer• Check lapel microphone• Order batteries & bulbs if necessary• Create participant roster in Microsoft Word• Create lecturer roster in Microsoft Word2. Post-course checklist• Return room to original set-up• Collect evaluations and post-tests• Summarize evaluation instruments• Pass out certificates at end of course• Grade pre- and post-testsTraining evaluation formIn order to determine the effectiveness of the program, please give us your honest reactions, and makeany comments or suggestions that will help us to serve you.I/ TRAINEE INFORMATION• Name:• Date:• Department:• Course:• Location of the program:• Instructor:II/ TRAINER EVALUATION1. You can design question as follows: 71HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Explanations and directions for the class exercises were…• Effectiveness in communicating the course content was…• Comfort level with the subject matter appeared to be…• Answers to my questions were…• Clarity in responding to my questions was…• Explanation on how to best utilize the job aids was…• Checks for understanding were…• Ability to keep the session lively and interesting was..• Ability to use the visual/teaching aids effectively was…• Rapport with the trainees was…2. Rating scales can be excellent, high satisfaction, satisfaction, less satisfaction, poor...3. Comments:III/ TRAINING CONTENT EVALUATION1. You can design question as follows:• The exercises/activities gave me sufficient practice.• There was an acceptable amount of exercises/activities in this course.• The courses in this class helped me to apply the skills and or concepts.• The training manual and handouts were valuable as learning tools.• I feel prepared to go out and perform the skills taught in the class.• The pre and post tests in this course were accurate and fair.• The pre and post tests asked questions answered in the training.2. Rating scales can be agree strongly, agree, neutral, disagree, disagree strongly.3. Other information:• What skills or specifications did you have difficulty learning or understanding?• Were there areas that you felt were covered too quickly or too slowly?IV/ TRAINING FACILITY EVALUATION1. You can design question as follows:• Rate the following items regarding the training facility:• Seating arrangement• Classroom temperature• Lighting• Room configuration• Learning environment• Overall noise level (outside the classroom)2. Rating scales can be excellent, high satisfaction, satisfaction, less satisfaction, poor.. 72HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms3. Other information:• What did you like about it?• What would you improve?V/ OTHER INFORMATION• What did you like about the program?• What would have improved the program?Training self-evaluation form1. Evaluation questions of training self-evaluation form:Place this paragraph at above the table below. “Please review the following list of knowledge and skillsstatements. Give some thought to what you knew before this training and what you learned here today.Circle the number that best represents your knowledge and skills before then after this training.”You should design a table with 4 columns:• Number.• Evaluation factors.• Before training. This column includes 5 mini-columns (rating scale 1-5 as below).• After training. This column includes 5 mini-columns (rating scale 1-5 as below).Rating scale: 1 (low), 2, 3 (medium), 4, 5 (high).2. Other information of training self-evaluation form:Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Your comments are an important contributionas our company design training programs to meet your professional needs.• What will you do differently in your practice/service setting as a result of this training?• What do you feel were the strengths of this training?• What do you feel were the weaknesses of this training?• How can we improve this training?• What additional training-development education do you require? 73HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Career Path Model Deputy General Manager - Materials Planned Job Rotation Senior Manager – Materials Manager – Manager - QA Production Assistant ManagerTrainee 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 1990 1995 2000 2005 2008 - Years Training Evaluation Feedback Sheet FEEDBACK SHEET Dear Participant, we request you to provide us with open Venue: feedback to make this training process more effective. We shall really appreciate your time in filling up this form. The Date: rating scale is: Course Title: 5- Outstanding, 4- Exceed Expectations, Facilitator Name: 3- Meet Expectations, 2- Needs Improvement, 1- Poor (Please write your remarks in case the rating is 3 or Name (Optional): below) DIMENSION RATING REMARKS S.No TRAINER To what extent did the trainer clarify the objectives 1 of the module? 2 How do you rate the trainer’s level of interaction? To what extent did the trainer satisfactorily answer 3 your questions? 74HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Was the trainer able to help you learn through 4 activities and exercises? Did you find the trainers pace of conducting the 5 session comfortable for learning? 6 How do your rate the overall ability of the trainer? CONTENT 7 Did you find the content relevant to your job? To what extent can you utilize the learning from 8 this module? To what extent was the content appropriate to 9 your individual needs? 10 Was the content clear & organized logically? 11 How did the program flow? FACILITY 12 Was the training venue comfortable? To what extent was technology effectively used to 13 facilitate learning? Were the service breaks adequate and managed 14 effectively? OVERALL To what extent would you recommend others with 15 similar needs to your own to attend this module? 16 How do your rate the overall session? Additional Feedback: (You may use other side of the page too) 75HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Kirkpatricks four levels of training evaluation in detail This grid illustrates the Kirkpatricks structure detail, and particularly the modern-day interpretation of the Kirkpatrick learning evaluation model, usage, implications, and examples of tools and methods.evaluation level and evaluation description examples of evaluation tools relevance and practicability type and characteristics and methods Reaction evaluation is how the delegates felt, and their personal reactions to the training or learning experience, for example: Did the trainees like and Typically happy sheets. Can be done immediately the enjoy the training? training ends. Feedback forms based on Did they consider the subjective personal reaction Very easy to obtain reaction training relevant? to the training experience. feedback Was it a good use of their Verbal reaction which can be Feedback is not expensive to time? noted and analyzed. gather or to analyze for groups. 1. Reaction Did they like the venue, Post-training surveys or Important to know that people the style, timing, questionnaires. were not upset or disappointed. domestics, etc? Online evaluation or grading Important that people give a Level of participation. by delegates. positive impression when relating their experience to others who Ease and comfort of Subsequent verbal or written might be deciding whether to experience. reports given by delegates to experience same. managers back at their jobs. Level of effort required to make the most of the learning. Perceived practicability and potential for applying the learning. Typically assessments or tests Relatively simple to set up, but Learning evaluation is the before and after the training. more investment and thought 2. Learning measurement of the required than reaction evaluation. increase in knowledge or Interview or observation can 76HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms intellectual capability be used before and after Highly relevant and clear-cut for from before to after the although this is time- certain training such as learning experience: consuming and can be quantifiable or technical skills. inconsistent. Did the trainees learn what Less easy for more complex intended to be taught? Methods of assessment need learning such as attitudinal to be closely related to the development, which is famously Did the trainee experience aims of the learning. difficult to assess. what was intended for them to experience? Measurement and analysis is Cost escalates if systems are poorly possible and easy on a group designed, which increases work What is the extent of scale. required to measure and analyze. advancement or change in the trainees after the Reliable, clear scoring and training, in the direction or measurements need to be area that was intended? established, so as to limit the risk of inconsistent assessment. Hard-copy, electronic, online or interview style assessments are all possible. Observation and interview Measurement of behaviour change Behaviour evaluation is over time are required to is less easy to quantify and the extent to which the assess change, relevance of interpret than reaction and trainees applied the change, and sustainability of learning evaluation. learning and changed change. their behaviour, and this Simple quick response systems can be immediately and Arbitrary snapshot unlikely to be adequate. several months after the assessments are not reliable training, depending on the because people change in Cooperation and skill of observers, situation: different ways at different typically line-managers, are times. important factors, and difficult to3. Behaviour Did the trainees put their control. learning into effect when Assessments need to be back on the job? subtle and ongoing, and then Management and analysis of transferred to a suitable ongoing subtle assessments are Were the relevant skills analysis tool. difficult, and virtually impossible and knowledge used without a well-designed system Assessments need to be from the beginning. Was there noticeable and designed to reduce subjective measurable change in the judgment of the observer or Evaluation of implementation and activity and performance interviewer, which is a application is an extremely of the trainees when back variable factor that can affect important assessment - there is 77HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms in their roles? reliability and consistency of little point in a good reaction and measurements. good increase in capability if Was the change in nothing changes back in the job, behaviour and new level of The opinion of the trainee, therefore evaluation in this area is knowledge sustained? which is a relevant indicator, vital, albeit challenging. is also subjective and Would the trainee be able unreliable, and so needs to be Behaviour change evaluation is to transfer their learning measured in a consistent possible given good support and to another person? defined way. involvement from line managers or trainees, so it is helpful to involve Is the trainee aware of 360-degree feedback is useful them from the start, and to their change in behaviour, method and need not be used identify benefits for them, which knowledge, skill level? before training, because links to the level 4 evaluations respondents can make a below. judgment as to change after training, and this can be analyzed for groups of respondents and trainees. Assessments can be designed around relevant performance scenarios, and specific key performance indicators or criteria. Online and electronic assessments are more difficult to incorporate - assessments tend to be more successful when integrated within existing management and coaching protocols. Self-assessment can be useful, using carefully designed criteria and measurements. Results evaluation is the Individually, results evaluation is It is possible that many of effect on the business or not particularly difficult; across an these measures are already in environment resulting entire organization it becomes place via normal management from the improved very much more challenging, not4. Results systems and reporting. performance of the trainee least because of the reliance on - it is the acid test. line-management, and the The challenge is to identify frequency and scale of changing which and how relate to the Measures would typically structures, responsibilities and 78HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms be business or trainees input and influence. roles, which complicates the organizational key process of attributing clear performance indicators, Therefore it is important to accountability. such as: identify and agree accountability and relevance Also, external factors greatly affect Volumes, values, with the trainee at the start of organizational and business percentages, timescales, the training, so they performance, which cloud the true return on investment, and understand what is to be cause of good or poor results. other quantifiable aspects measured. of organizational performance, for instance; This process overlays normal numbers of complaints, good management practice - staff turnover, attrition, it simply needs linking to the failures, wastage, non- training input. compliance, quality ratings, achievement of Failure to link to training input standards and type and timing will greatly accreditations, growth, reduce the ease by which retention, etc. results can be attributed to the training. For senior people particularly, annual appraisals and ongoing agreement of key business objectives are integral to measuring business results derived from training.Since Kirkpatrick established his original model, other theorists (for example Jack Phillips), and indeedKirkpatrick himself, have referred to a possible fifth level, namely ROI (Return On Investment). In myview ROI can easily be included in Kirkpatricks original fourth level Results. The inclusion andrelevance of a fifth level is therefore arguably only relevant if the assessment of Return On Investmentmight otherwise be ignored or forgotten when referring simply to the Results level.While Kirkpatricks model is not the only one of its type, for most industrial and commercialapplications it suffices; indeed most organizations would be absolutely thrilled if their training andlearning evaluation, and thereby their ongoing people-development, were planned and managedaccording to Kirkpatricks model. 79HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 6 Compensation & Benefits 80HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsJob evaluation formJob Title Job codeDepartment NumberLocationSupervisorPrepared byWhat is the primary purpose of the job?What are the essential functions of the job? % Time Required 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. . 6. . 7. . 8. . 9. . 10. .What is the most complex function of the job and why?What are the nonessential functions of the job? % Time Required 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. .How much formal education is required to perform this job?How much similar or related experience is required to perform this job?Who does this position report to directly? (Position title, not incumbent name)What are the nature and scope of independent decisions made in this position?List five most important: 1. . 81HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. .What type of impact does this position have on overall company performance?How much supervision is received?When errors occur, how do they affect the company?What are the consequences if errors are not discovered?What type of problems is the incumbent in this position likely to encounter?What are the consequences if problems are not resolved?What type of decisions is the incumbent in this position responsible to make?Who does the incumbent in this position most frequently have contact with? List five examples each:Contacts within companyContacts outside companyWhat degree of influence does the incumbent in this position have when contacting others?What resources is the incumbent in this position responsible for?What are the consequences if something happens to these resources?Does this position have responsibility for the supervision of others? [ ] Yes [ ] NoIf no, please skip ahead to next section.Assigns, reviews and checks work of othersNumber of direct reportsNumber of indirect reportsWorking ConditionsPlease check all that apply.Regular office conditions [ ]Exposure to extreme temperatures [ ] 82HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsExposure to high noise levels [ ]Exposure to fumes [ ]Exposure to dirt [ ]Other [ ]Please list any physical demands required and give examples. Company Name Salary Slip for the Month of Employee Name Employee No. Designation Month Department Location Cost To Company 0 Mode of Payment Details of Payment Pay & Allowances Annual Monthly Deductions Amount Basic Salary 0 0 Labor Welfare Fund 0 House Rent Allowance 0 0 Provident Fund 0 Conveyance Allowance 0 0 Loan EMI Special Allowance Other Deductions Incentive Reimbursements Gross Earnings 0 0 Gross Deductions 0 Net In-hand Salary 0 Total Loan Amount Amount Recovered Till Last Month Total Outstanding Loan EMI Amount EMIs Left 83HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsPay Certificate Sample:NAME Tel : Cell:Executive Director Email:Date: Pay Certificate This to certify that [EMPLOYEE NAME] employed with our company as a Software Engineer fromto has received a consolidate salary of Rs.25,000 per month from to . During her tenure, we found her to be hard working, diligent and sincere. Her services were found to beextremely satisfactory.Regards,NAMEExecutive DirectorFor [COMPANY NAME]Pay Certificate 2nd ExampleMay 19, 2007 TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERNCERTIFICATEThis is to certify that Mr. XYZ, Code -XYZ, is working with us since 17/06/1996 and his salarydetails are as under:-Particulars Amount (Rs.) P.M 84HR Forms | P a g e
    • LOGO COMPANY NAMEHR FormsBasic 13545.00Medical Allowance 2550.00Leave Travel Allowance 1600.00Education Allowance 1600.00Conveyance Allowance 3100.00HRA 3375.00 / Quarter -----------------Total 25770.00 ------------------(Rs. Twenty five thousand seven hundred seventy only)Provident Fund – 12% of Basic = Rs. 1625/-This certificate is being issued to him on request for the purpose of getting loan.For XYZ LTDXYZMANAGER (HRD) PAY SLIP 85HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms ADDRESS PAY SLIP FOR THE XXXXXXXXX 2008 Name XXXXXXXX Site HO Designation Manager - Internal Aduit EPF NO. TN/MS/XXXX/01 Credited to D.O.J 8-Oct-07 110012345 A/c. Earnings Deductions Basic Loss of Days 7,740.00 0.5 Loss of DA 5,160.00 Amount 445 Provident House Rent Allowance 5,160.00 Fund 1,548.00 Transport Allowance Staff Loan 2,580.00 1,000.00 Educational & Other Salary Allowances 5,160.00 Advance - Telephone Gross 25,800.00 Recovery - Incentive TDS - - Total Total Salary 25,800.00 Deductions 2,993.00 NET PAYABLE 22,807.00 LOAN BALANCE - Employee Signature COMPANY NAME ADDRESS PAY SLIP FOR THE XXXXXXXXX 2008 Name YYYYYYYY Site HO Designation Driver EPF NO. TN/MS/XXXX/02 D.O.J 2-Nov-07 Credited to Cash 86HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms A/c. Earnings Deductions Basic Loss of Days 1,350.00 0.0 Loss of DA 900.00 Amount 0 Provident House Rent Allowance 900.00 Fund 270.00 Transport Allowance Staff Loan 450.00 - Educational & Other Salary Allowances 900.00 Advance - Telephone Gross 4,500.00 Recovery - Incentive TDS - - Total Total Salary 4,500.00 Deductions 270.00 NET PAYABLE 4,230.00 LOAN BALANCE - Employee Signature 87HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 7 Employee Satisfaction & Motivation 88HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsEMPLOYEE SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIREYou can setup your survey based on information as follows:1. Employee satisfaction questionnaire for finding out opinions of employee about organizationIn this part, employee satisfaction questionnaire include questions to identify employee’s opinionsabout policies, organization itself etc.You use rating scales as (1) strongly agree, (2) agree, (3) neither agree nor disagree, (4) disagree, (5)strongly disagree.1. I am proud to work for our company.2. I am satisfied with the training provided for my current job.3. I am satisfied with the amount of training offered for advancement.4. Our company is concerned with the long term welfare of the employees.5. I feel secure that I will be able to work for the company as long as I do a good job.6. I feel I can voice my opinion without fear.7. My immediate superior is technically competent.8. My immediate superior is competent in human relations.9. Employee policies of company are administered the same in all departments laterally.10. I like my job i.e. the work I do.11. My immediate superior deals with employees problems fairly.12. My immediate superior deals with all employees fairly.13. The communication I received from company is timely.14. The communication I received from company is accurate.15. Our company maintains salary levels that compare well to other companies in this area.16. Our company maintains benefits that compare well to other companies in this area.17. I receive co-operation from all other departments.18. My department is well organized for the work it does.19. The employees in my department work well in a team.20. Company employee policies are properly and equally administered in my department.21. I feel there is adequate opportunity for me to move to a better job within the company.22. My superiors are concerned for providing quality product and services.23. The employees of other departments are also concerned with quality product and services.24. I feel the top management is committed to quality of the product and services.25. The company recognizes the accomplishment of employees.26. I receive regular Job performance feedback.27. The company has adequate safety & health standard.28. My Superior recognizes my performance.29. I have an annual set of performance standards.2. Questionnaire for appraising “important level” of organization to employee. 89HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsIn this part, employee satisfaction questionnaire include questions to identify employee’s opinionsabout a matter that is important or not.You use rating scales as (1) very important, (2) important, (3) unimportant, (4) very unimportant, (5)neither important nor unimportant.1. How important to you is the performance of the Top Management?2. How important to you is the recognition you receive from the company?3. How important to you is the quality of good produced and customer service?4. How important to you are the opportunities to advance in your line of function?5. How important to you are the employee policies at the company?6. How important to you is it to work at Company?7. According to you how important is the work you do to Company?8. How important to you is the job you do?9. How important to you is the type of supervision you receive?10. How important to you are the overall operating procedures of the department in which you work?11. How important to you is the fairness of the way the company treats all employees?12. How important to you is Job Security?13. How important to you are the benefits provided by the company?14. How important to you is the salary you receive?15. How important to you is the performance appraisal system of the company?16. How important do you think the quality systems like ISO, 5S for the growth of the company?17. How important to you is the training & development provided by the company?18. How important to you is the overall communication of the company?3. Employee satisfaction questionnaire for appraisal of employee about organizationIn this part, employee satisfaction questionnaire include questions to identify employee’s opinionsabout organization related to good points or not.You use rating scales as (1) excellent, (2) very good, (3) typical, (4) fair, (5) poor.1. All things considered, how do you rate company?2. How do the company’s employee policies compare with those of other companies you know about?3. All things considered, how do you rate company’s employee policies and procedures?4. How do you rate company as a place to work compared with other companies you know about?5. How do you rate company on treating employee problems fairly?6. How do you rate the overall relationship between the company and its employees?7. All things considered, how do you rate the overall training & development provided?8. All things considered, how do you like your job?9. How do you rate the company’s business prospects for the next five years?10. All things considered, how do you rate the job security provided by the company?11. All things considered, how do you rate the company’s salary structure?12. All things considered, how do you rate your long term career potential with Company?13. How do you rate the credibility of the top management?14. How do you rate your immediate superior? 90HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms15. How do rate the amount of communication you receive from the company?16. How do you rate the standard of quality with regards to material produced?17. How do you rate the safety and health standard of the company?18. How do you rate the total compensation you receive compared to what you could receive forsimilar work from another company in this area?19. How do you rate the relationship between the amount of compensation you receive and yourperformance?4. Questionnaire for appraising quality and quantity of workIn this part, employee satisfaction questionnaire include questions to identify employee’s opinionsabout quality and quantity of work.You use rating scales as (1) much too much, (2) too much, (3) just right, (4) too little, much too little.1. How do you feel about the quantity of work you are asked to perform?2. How do you feel about the quality of work you are asked to perform?3. How do you feel about the amount of time spent by your immediate superior?4. How do you feel about the number of approvals required to get a decision made?5. What is your level of understanding of the company’s Quality Management System?Employee satisfaction surveyI/ Employee information:1. Name (optional)……………………………………………2. Age……………………………………………………………..3. Sex……………………………………………………………..4. Marital Status……………………………………………….5. Department……………………………………………………6. Number Of Children:……………………………………….7. Joining month and Year…………………………………..II/ Satisfaction questionsRating scale1 = Disagree2 = Somewhat Disagree3 = Neutral4 = Somewhat Agree5 = Strongly Agree1. Communication and planning (Please circle one number for each statement) 91HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• I understand the long-term strategy of the company• I have confidence in the leadership of the company• I have confidence in the top management of the company2. Please do mention your role in this company (Please circle one number for each statement)• I am given enough authority to make decisions I need to make• I like the type of work that I do• I believe my job is secure3. Corporate culture (Please circle one number for each statement)• Corporate communications frequent enough• I feel I can trust what the company tells me• I believe there is a spirit of cooperation4. Your relations with your immediate supervisor (Please circle one number for each statement)• My supervisor treats me fairly• My supervisor asks me for my input to help make decisions• My Supervisor gives me full freedom to take any decision5. Training programs at your company (Please circle one number for each statement)• Do you think that the company has provided as much initial• training as I needed• Do you think the company has given you enough time to get• Settled to the work environment• Are you provided with the minimum gadgets to perform your job6. Pay and Benefits (Please circle one number for each statement)• My salary is fair for my responsibilitiesSpecifically, I’m satisfied with the:• Amount of vacation• Work Environment• Perks that the company pays me• Challenging job• Work timings and work culture• SalaryAny Others PleaseMention…………………………………………………………………………………………………..Are there any benefits you would like added to company’ benefits package? 92HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsYesNoWhat would you like added? ____________________________________________________________7. Are there any specific suggestion to improve your job satisfaction.………………………………………………………………………………………..III/ Overall appraisal:Overall, how satisfied are you with your current job ? (Please circle one number)1. Very dissatisfied2. Very satisfied:Employee signatureSample employee satisfaction SurveyName:Department:Position:Date:I/ Ratings scales1. Disagree Strongly2. Disagree Somewhat3. Netural4. Agree Somewhat5. Agree StronglyII/ Survey questions1. Overall, how satisfied are you with XXX as an employer? (Please circle one number)1234562. XXX’s leadership and planning.• I have confidence in the leadership of XXX 1 2 3 4 5• There is adequate planning of corporate objectives 1 2 3 4 5• Management does not play favorites 1 2 3 4 5• Management does not “say one thing and do another” 1 2 3 4 5 93HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms3. Corporate Culture• Quality is a top priority with XXX 1 2 3 4 5• Individual initiative is encouraged at XXX 1 2 3 4 5• Nothing at XXX keeps me from doing my best every day 1 2 3 4 54. Communications• XXX’s corporate communications are frequent enough 1 2 3 4 5• I feel I can trust what XXX tells me 1 2 3 4 5• There is adequate communication between departments 1 2 3 4 55. Career Development• I have a clearly established career path at XXX 1 2 3 4 5• I have opportunities to learn and grow 1 2 3 4 5If you have been here at least six months, please respond to these Performance appraisal items• My last performance appraisal accurately reflected my performance 1 2 3 4 5• The performance appraisal system is fair 1 2 3 4 56. Your Role• I am given enough authority to make decisions I need to make 1 2 3 4 5• I feel I am contributing to XXX’s mission 1 2 3 4 5• I have the materials and equipment I need to do my job well 1 2 3 4 57. Recognition and Rewards• If I do good work I can count on making more money 1 2 3 4 5• If I do good work I can count on being promoted 1 2 3 4 5• I feel I am valued at XXX 1 2 3 4 5• XXX gives enough recognition for work that’s well done 1 2 3 4 5• My salary is fair for my responsibilities 1 2 3 4 58. Teamwork and Cooperation• I feel part of a team working toward a shared goal 1 2 3 4 5• “Politics” at this company are kept to a minimum 1 2 3 4 59. Working Conditions• I believe my job is secure 1 2 3 4 5• My physical working conditions are good 1 2 3 4 5• Deadlines at XXX are realistic 1 2 3 4 5• My workload is reasonable 1 2 3 4 5• I can keep a reasonable balance between work and personal life 1 2 3 4 5 94HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms10. Your Immediate Supervisor• My supervisor treats me fairly 1 2 3 4 5• My supervisor treats me with respect 1 2 3 4 5• My supervisor handles my work-related issues satisfactorily 1 2 3 4 5• My supervisor asks me for my input to help make decisions 1 2 3 4 5• My supervisor is an effective manager 1 2 3 4 511. XXX’s Training Program• XXX provided as much initial training as I needed 1 2 3 4 5• XXX provides as much ongoing training as I need 1 2 3 4 512. Benefits• Overall, I’m satisfied with XXX’s benefits package 1 2 3 4 5• Leave policy 1 2 3 4 5What, if any, changes would you like made to XXX’s benefits package?13. How long do you plan to continue your career with XXX?Less than a year / One to two years /Two to five years / More than five years / Don’t Know14. Would you recommend employment at XXX to a friend?Definitely not / probably not / maybe / probably would / definitely would15. How long have you worked for XXX?• Less than six months• Less than one year• One year to less than two years• Two years to less than five years• Five years to less than ten years• Ten years or more16. What is your age?• Under 21• 21 to 34• 35 to 44• 45 to 54• 55 or older17. Which of the following best describes your role in the organization? 95HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• First-level supervisor• Manager/supervisor higher than first level (including senior management positions)• Not a manager or supervisor18. What is your total annual income from this job, including bonus?• Less than 40,000• 40,000 to less than 90,000• 90,000 to less than 1, 30,000• 1, 30,000 to less than 3, 00,000• 3, 00,000 or more19. What can XXX do to increase your satisfaction as an employee?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Employee Signature HR SignatureEMPLOYEE SATISFACTION FORMDear all employee,We are conducting an Employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at our company.This survey is aimed at providing us an opportunity to communicate our opinions about our companyand job. We assure you that your responses will be held in confidence.1. Instruction for survey• Kindly rate your satisfaction level on the questions given below• Kindly add comments with the questions, if any.• Mentioning your name at the end of the form.• Send this form to HR department before…. HR department is responsible to collect all employeesatisfaction forms.2. Rating scale of survey:5- Very Satisfied4- Satisfied3- Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied2- Dissatisfied1- Very Dissatisfied 96HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms3. Content of question:You design a table with columns of question, answer. You also should leave a space for comments ofeach question.1. How satisfied are you with your job security at our company?2. How satisfied are you with the performance management system & the outcome?3. How satisfied are you with our company?4. How satisfied are you with our company’s employee policies?5. How satisfied are you with the fairness of the way the company treats all employees?6. How satisfied are you with overall communication at our company?7. How satisfied are you with the facilities provided by our company?8. How satisfied are you with your job?9. What is expected out of you at work?10. How satisfied are you with your level involvement in project planning & execution?11. How satisfied are you with your salary in the company?12. What are the key three things/initiatives that can be introduced?13. If you have any additional information or comments that you feel will be of assistance to this survey,please write them in the space below:14. How satisfied are you with the opportunities to advance in our company?15. How satisfied are you with the training & development provided by our company?16. How satisfied are you with the supervision you receive?17. What are the three things that you feel needs to be improved the most at company?18. What are the three things that you feel need to be discontinued at company?You name: Job code: Department:Signature: 97HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsSAMPLE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEYDear all employees,We are conducting an employee satisfaction survey to measure you satisfaction level at our company.This survey is aimed at providing us an opportunity to communicate your opinions about our companyand job. We assure you that your responses will be held in confidence.1. Instruction for survey:• Kindly rate your satisfaction level on the questions given below.• Kindly add your comments with the questions, if any.• Writing your name at the end of the form.• Send this form to HR department before…… HR department is responsible to collect all theseemployee satisfaction surveys.2. Rating scale of survey:5- Very Satisfied4- Satisfied3- Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied2- Dissatisfied1- Very Dissatisfied3. Content of question:About organization• I am proud to tell people i work for this company• My company is one of the best companies to work for.• My company treats me well.About work• I understand what is expected of me in my work.• I have the material/equipment and tools I need to do my job well• I am satisfied with my working conditions.• I am satisfied with my job and the kind of work I do.• My job is challenging and interesting.• I am getting enough relevant training for my present job.• My manager recognizes and acknowledges my good performance.• Overall, I am satisfied with my present job.Career and Development 98HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• I was given enough feedback on my performance.• I am satisfied with the opportunities for training.• The company makes every effort to fill vacancies from within before recruiting from outside.• I am satisfied with the job opportunities in the company.• Promotion goes to those who most deserve it.Relationship with managers / supervisors• My manager establishes plans and work objectives with me.• My manager gives me clear instructions.• My manager is available when I need advice.• My manager (immediate supervisor) trusts me.• My manager helps me to improve myself.• My manager takes prompt and fair corrective action on employees who fail to perform their worksatisfactorily.• I feel free to talk openly and honestly to my manager.• My manager praises me when I do a good job.• My manager holds regular meetings with my work groups.• Those meetings keep me informed, give me information and enable me to do a better job.• My manager is effective in making decisions.• My manager knows what is going on in my work group.• My manager is doing a good job.Relationship with coworkers• I am satisfied with how members of my work group solve problems.• My work group works well together.• Work is fairly distributed in my work group.• I feel free to talk openly and honestly with members of my work group.Working conditions and environment• I believe my job is secure• My physical working conditions are good• Deadlines at Radiant are realistic• My workload is reasonableBenefits and compensations• I am satisfied with the company’s employee welfare programs such as rewards, incentives, foodcoupons, insurance and health care, etc.• I am satisfied with the recreational activities provided by the company, e.g. picnics and annualdinner.• I am satisfied with the company’s people programs, such as birthday announcements, valuableemployee of the month, bulletins and newsletter, etc. 99HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsConclusion:• What is it that you like most in your job right now?• What is it that you are not comfortable in your job right now?• What do you need to improve your performance and productivity?• Give us at least three suggestions to improve the work environment in this company?You name: You job code: Department:Signature:(Employee Satisfaction Survey - Year 2007) Note:-The data filled by an employee will be confidential, kindly do not write your name on the form)1 How long have you worked for SC? Less than one year....................................... One - two years ............................................ Two - five years ............................................ Five years or more .......................................2. My reporting supervisor / Team Leader is Mr. / Ms. … ………………………………….There are few questions on the pages ahead. Please mention the number in the box, which bestrepresents your satisfaction level:1 = Disagree2 = Somewhat Disagree3 = Neutral4 = Somewhat Agree5 = Strongly Agree 1 = Disagree, 2 = Somewhat Disagree, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Somewhat Agree, 5 = StronglySecurity1. My personal belongings & official expensive items are secure in the office. 100HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsFacilities2. The common areas (toilets, passage etc.) are kept clean3. First aid treatment is readily available to treat any injury at work.Work Environment & Infrastructure4. I have enough lighting in my work area5. The temperature in my work area always is comfortable6. My chair is comfortable7. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work rightJob Clarity8. My job duties / KRA are clearly given out.9. I know what is expected of me in my job.Culture10. Different departments cooperate with each other11. I feel free to offer comments and suggestions12. Politics is kept to a minimum13. SC is a fun place to workProcess14. The processes and procedures here make it easy to do my work well.15. I know who is responsible for what, who needs to be informed, and who is to be contacted forgetting a solution. 1 = Disagree, 2 = Somewhat Disagree, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Somewhat Agree, 5 = Strongly AgreeTop Management16. The top management pays careful attention to employee suggestions. 101HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms17. I can trust what management tells me.18. Management doesn’t play favorites.19. The top management communicates about changes or decisions that affect employees.Balance in Life20. Work-life balance is supported.21. I have the flexibility to arrange my work schedule to meet my personal/family responsibilitiesCompany’s Image22. I am optimistic about the future of SC.23. SC is an aggressive competitor in the marketplace.24. SC is a good Company to work for.Employee Development25. I am growing as a professional in this company.26. I can see a career path for me while working with SC.Team Work27. There is a spirit of teamwork at SC.28. My group works well together to accomplish our organizations goals.29. The people I work with cooperate to get the work done.30. We resolve conflict honestly, effectively and quickly.Salary33. My salary is appropriate as per my experience & skills.Manager34. I feel free to contact my Manager / Supervisor as & when needed.35. I am treated fairly by my Manager / Supervisor 102HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms36. My Manager delegates work effectively.37. My manager is an effective leader (i.e. shows behavior that is consistent, positive & motivating)Reward & Recognition38. I am adequately recognized for my good work.Decision Making39. I am involved in decisions that affect my workClarity of Policies40. I have a clear understanding of our company policies.Initiative41. My team focuses on fixing the problem rather than finding someone to blame.Trainings47. Non-technical (HR) trainings are interactive & useful.48. I receive adequate technical trainings as per my job.49. Technical trainings help me improve my performance.Overall, I am happy with SC as an organization?From my point of view, the five most important issues which need immediate attention at SC are………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Would I recommend employment at SC to my friend? Yes No 1 = Disagree, 2 = Somewhat Disagree, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Somewhat Agree, 5 = Strongly Agree 103HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsFeedback on Support Departments HRD ITFM Management Admn/Facilities A/CI get response to my needs / queries as& when I approach them.People are cooperative & professional.I get timely supportWhile working with SC, pls. rate the following factors as per their importance in yourprofessional and personal life (mark most important factor as 1):Job ProfileProspects & Career GrowthSalary PackageSatisfaction with Manager / SupervisorDo you think that Employee Satisfaction survey will help the company understand its employeeneeds?Yes NoDo you think the feedback & suggestions will be implemented?Yes No PartiallyAny other suggestions: 104HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsRecognition ProfileThe questions asked here are intended to create an opportunity for supervisors,employees, working colleagues, and team members to get to know one another better.This tool is designed to share information that will make it easier for us to express sincereand meaningful appreciation for one another.Date:Name:Position Title:Department: My Recognition Profile 1. Listed here are some words that describe the type of work environment I find most rewarding:2. Listed here are examples of the kinds of actions I take, or qualities of character I feel I bring to the workplace, that I am personally most proud of:Recognition Profile (Continued)3. These are some specific things I like to be recognized for: A task performed or completed. A skill that I possess or demonstrate. A quality of character that I have demonstrated. Persistence. Remaining reliable through a difficult period of time. Team effort. Pitching in, helping out, supporting others, etc. Exemplary customer service. Caring, compassion, helping out, etc. My role in resolving a particularly difficult problem. Creativity. Generating ideas, solving problems in creative ways, encouraging creative thinking. Other:4. The following are considered meaningful forms of recognition to me: 105HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Acknowledgement: Verbally and/or in person Acknowledgement: In written form Expanded Participation Receiving more information Being asked for input Getting to know someone on more of a personal level Being asked to take on new responsibilities Opportunity to learn something new A chance to be creative / innovative / risk taking Work schedule flexibility5. This is how I prefer to receive recognition. (Examples: In Private. In small groups. As a part of more formal ceremonies or gatherings.)Optional Personal InformationBirthday: (Month and Day) Home Phone:Children’s Names:Spouse/Partner’s name:Hobbies, Outside Interests: 106HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsGrievance formSAMPLE GRIEVANCE FORMTo: Mr/MrsPosition:From:Dept.:Date:Immediate Superior:Dear………….,On ………………, I appealed to against the decision made at my initial grievance against.I remain dissatisfied with the outcome of this meeting and would like to appeal to yourself for a furtherhearing of my grievance, in line with the company grievance policy.I enclose a copy of the original letter regarding this matter and any other correspondence andinformation related to it.Yours sincerelyEmployee signatureReceiver:I received this form on…………………………….I will respond to this formal written grievance within ……. working days.Signature:OUTCOME OF FORMAL GRIEVANCE MEETING LETTERMr/MrsPositionDepartmentRe: Outcome of grievance meeting letterDear [Name]I am writing to inform you of the outcome of the Formal Grievance meeting heldon…………..at…………………….. The meeting was held to resolve the grievance(s) you raised inyour letter of dated… 107HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms1. Member of panel:a.b.c.2. Contents of meetinga. At time of ……………..:b. At time of ……………..:(Should show all ideals of all members).3. Conclusion:a.b.You have the right to appeal against this decision by writing to Director within 10 working days fromthe date of receiving this letter, specifying why you are not happy with the outcome and your suggestedremedies for resolving the grievance.Yours sincerelyJimmy HanHR ManagerGrievance letterSample / example grievance letterFrom: John TamPosition:DepartmentTo: Mr/MrsPosition:Date:Re: grievance letterDear……………,I am writing to tell you that I wish to raise a grievance.This action is being considered with regard to the following circumstances (should describe conciselyand clearly with facts and dates, etc.): 108HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms1. Describe situations2. Contents of requirementsI am entitled to a hearing to discuss this matter; also I am entitled, if I wish, to be accompanied byanother work colleague or my trade union representative.Please reply within …….. Days of the date of this letter.Thanks and best regardsYours sincerelyJohnInvitation letter to grievance meeting (SAMPLE)Mr. /Mrs.PositionDepartmentRe: Invitation letter to grievance meetingDear [Name],I am writing to confirm receipt of your written grievance, which was received on [date], and to seek toarrange a formal meeting. This meeting may enable us to resolve the issues you have raised based onGrievance Policy of our company.I would like to offer you a meeting on [date] at [Location]. If you are unable to attend please contact meto propose an alternative date.You have the right to be represented by a trade union representative or fellow worker of your choice atthe meeting. It is your responsibility to arrange the attendance of your representative, but it would be ofhelp to me if you would let me know before the meeting who your representative will be.I look forward to seeing you.Yours sincerely,John TanHR manager 109HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsAppeal hearing letter (Sample / example)From: John TamPosition:DepartmentTo: Mr. /Mrs.Position:Date:Re: appeal hearingDear……………,On…………………., I was informed that (name of employer) had decided to……………………. (statedecision and/or action by the employer) based on my grievance of dated…………………… which Iraised on ……………….to ………………….(person letter sent to).I would like to appeal against this decision.I wish the following information to be taken into account (state reasons, mitigation, justification, etc.)a.b.c.Please reply within ……days from the date of this letter.Yours sincerely,John 110HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 8 Performance ManagementPERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 111HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsPERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORMS1. General forms • Rating scale form • Weighted checklist form • Forced Choice form • Essay evaluation form • Employee performance appraisal form • Performance appraisal form • Employee feedback form • Sample performance appraisal2. Self-appraisal forms • Self-appraisal form • Self-evaluation form • Self-appraisal format • Self-appraisal sample • Self-appraisal form • Self-evaluation form • Self-appraisal format • Self-performance appraisal • Self-appraisal questions3 – 360 degree forms • Peer appraisal form • Appraisal by subordinates form • Peer appraisal form4- Appraisal checklist • Performance appraisal checklist • Appraisal checklist for employees • Components of appraisal form • Performance appraisal checklist5- Appraisal questions • Performance appraisal questionnaire • Performance appraisal questions • Performance appraisal questionnaire • Interview questions of performance appraisal • Appraisal questionnaire of 360 degree system 112HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms6- Management forms • Supervisor performance appraisal • Director performance appraisal form • Manager performance appraisal formRating scale form1. Elements of the rating scaleElements for performance appraisal can includes as follows.• Initiative• Overall Output• Attendance• Attitude• Cooperation• Quality of work• Quantity of work• DependabilityFor each element, you can ask some questions.2. Rating scales:Rating scales of each element above can include scales as follows:• Excellent – 5 points• Good – 4 points• Acceptable – 3 points• Fair – 2 points• Poor – 1 pointWeighted checklist form in performance appraisal1. Identify question:Based on elements of job performance, you can design questions as follows (for example)• Employee works overtime when asked to• Employee keeps work station well organized• Employee listens to advice but seldom follows it 113HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Employee cooperatively assists coworkers who need help• Employee plans actions before beginning work2. Design table of checklist• You should design a table with 5 columns: No, Question, Yes / No, Weight.• Then, Using benchmarking to identify weight of each question.• Send this form to employees for answer (stick yes or no).• Identify result by summarizing all points at weight column.Forced Choice form (In Performance Appraisals)1. Design question Forced ChoiceRequirements of questions: both statements in the pair may be positive or negative.• Learns quickly: ____work is reliable____• Performance is exemplary: ____usually tardy____• Quality of work: ____quality is good____• Absent too often: ____works hard____2. Deployment of Forced Choice form• This form is conducted by line manager.• The rater is required to choose the most descriptive statement in each pair of statements.Employee performance appraisal formPerformance appraisal formI / EMPLOYEE INFORMATION:• Name• Date• Job Title• Date of Last Review• Department:• Appraiser NameII/ PERFORMANCE ACHIEVEMENT 114HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• You should design table with columns as No, agreed objectives, weight, result, total score.• This table is used for objective performanceIII/ COMPETENCIES1. Identify competencies needed for job, for example:• Negotiating skills• Technical skills• Financial skills• Decision making ability• Analytical ability / problem solving• Initiative/perseverance/enthusiasm• Flexibility• Written communication skills• Oral communication skills• Customer focus• Teamwork• Organizational ability.2. Rating scales can be:1 = Exceptional2 – Strong3 = Fully Competent4 = Continued Development5 = PoorN = Not ApplicableIV/ DISCUSSIONS1. Strengths (examples of where individual has excelled).2. Developmental needs (areas that need strengthening, additional experience/exposure).V/ OVERALL RATING1. Rating scales• Exceptional• Strong• Fully Competent• Continued Development• Poor• New to Position2. Definition of each element: 115HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Exceptional (clearly outstanding performance). Performance falls within top 5 – 10 % of employees athis/her level.• Strong (excellent performance). Performance falls within top 15% of the employees at his/her level.• Fully Competent (solid performance). Consistently meets expectations. Two-thirds of your employeesshould fall within this category.• Continued Development. Needs development in current position. Overall performance is somewhatlower than expected for the current position.• Poor (unsatisfactory performance). Performance is clearly below what is expected at currentposition/level.• New to Position. Employee has been in position for less than six (6) months.VI/ EMPLOYEE COMMENTS———————–———————–VII/ SIGNATURES:The employee’s signature below indicates that a performance development discussion was conducted onthe specified date, but does not necessarily indicate agreement with the content of the session.Employee Signature Supervisor SignatureDate.Distribution: (1) Copy to HR departmental Personnel File (2) Copy to line manager. (3) Copy toEmployee.Performance appraisal formI/ RATING SCALES OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM:We can use scales as follows for this performance appraisal form.1. Unsatisfactory: Major improvements needed.2. Needs Improvement: Less than Satisfactory could be doing better.3. Meets Expectations: Performing duties as directed with minimal Supervision.4. Excellent: Performing all duties in a cost-effective manner with positive, measurable results.5. Outstanding: Performing at a level above and beyond the duties of the current position’srequirements.II/ CONTENTS OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM:1. Quality of work 116HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Consider accuracy, thoroughness, effectiveness.• Pressure, ability to meet standards of quality.• Use of time and volume of work accomplished.• Work output matches the expectations established.2. Quantity of work• Competence, thoroughness, and efficiency of work regardless of volume.• Neatness and accuracy.3. Teamwork:• Establish and maintain effective working relationship with others.• Shares information and resources with others• Follows instructions of supervisor and respond to requests from others in the team in a helpful manner.• Contributing work and effort to group performance to meet agreed upon objectives and achieve teamsuccess4. Job knowledge• Application of appropriate level of technical and procedural knowledge in specific field• Degree of technical competence• Understanding of job procedures, methods, facts and information related to assignments.• Perform duties with minimal supervision but seek guidance where and when appropriate to the job,consults the appropriate staff5. Initiative• Consider the extent to which the employee sets own constructive work practice and recommends andcreates own procedures.• Self-starter, develop and implement new methods, procedures, solutions, concepts, designs and/orapplications of existing designs or procedures.• Accepts additional challenges and responsibilities and willingly assist others, self-reliant.• Completes assignment on time.6. Interpersonal relations• Consider the extent to which the employee is cooperative, considerate, and tactful in dealing withsupervisors, subordinates, peers, faculty, students and others.7. Health and safety compliance• The degree to which he or she complies with or over sees the compliance with university safety rules.• The following are also to be completed for supervisory personnel and members of the administrativestaff.8. Communications abilities 117HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsPerformance appraisal of communications includes elements as:• Ability to listen and understand information;• Presents information in a clear and concise manner.• Knows appropriate way of communicating with immediate superiors and the management• Demonstrates respect for all individuals in all forms of communication• Regardless of their background or culture;9. Planning and organizing:• Adapting to changes and using resources effectively;• Maintains confidentiality as appropriate.• Setting objectives, establishing priorities, developing plans;• Arranging work schedules and prioritizing work to meet deadlines.• Know when to ask for clarification before proceeding on a work project.10. Problem analysis and decision making• Anticipating problems and facilitate problem resolution.• Willingness to make necessary and immediate decisions given incomplete information.• Understanding practical and workable solutions.• Recognizing when a decision is necessary, asking for input, making decisions and providinginformation and feedback in a timely manner.11. Staff development• The extent to which the individual provides guidance and opportunities to his or her staff for theirdevelopment and advancement in the university.12. DependabilityPerformance appraisal of dependability includes elements as:• Starts work at appropriate time.• Respects time allowed for breaks and lunch.• Follows policies for requesting and reporting time off.• Helps ensure work duties are covered when absent.• Consider the extent to which the employee completes assignments on time and carries out instructions.• Employee’s presence can be relied upon for planning purposes.• Attendance and punctuality meets supervisor’s requirements. 118HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsEMPLOYEE FEEDBACK FORMEmployee name:Department:Position:Period of feedback:1. Identify your essential Job functions.2. What Areas of your Job do you like the most?3. What areas of your Job do you like the Least?4. In this position, what do you feel you excel most at?5. In what areas do you feel the need for Improvement?6. Do you understand your immediate senior’s expectations of your position, and know theresponsibilities assigned to it?7. Have you shown the ability to grasp new ideas and job functions needed for this position?8. In what areas do you feel the need for Improvement?9. Your Job assignments during the review period have beenChallenging Not ChallengingComments:10. How many projects have you worked during the review period?11. Have you met all the aspects of the project in time?12. Your Work load during this review period has beenToo light; just light; too heavy.Comments:13. What aspects of your work provide you with your greatest sense of satisfaction and achievement?Comments:14. Have you experienced any major disappointment(s) in Job Performance since your last review?Comments: 119HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms15. What Training/development programs would improve your job skills and/or help prepare you foradvancement?Comments:16. How can your superiors help you improve your effectiveness and the quality of relationship youhave with each other?Comments:The Company welcomes suggestions or comments that you feel will improve the department/Team.Sample performance appraisal formI/ Employee information:1. Employee Name2. Position:3. Department4. Division5. Date of Joining6. Period of Review7. Purpose of jobII/ Rating scale:1. Out Standing – 52. Commendable – 43. Meets Expectations – 34. Developmental – 25. Below Expectations – 16. Not Applicable – NAIII/ Self-AppraisalTo be filled in by appraisee before his performance is assessed.1. Is it possible for you to improve upon your target/ areas for the next half year? If so, which target /area and to what extent.2. In order to achieve enhance target / performance, what action and priority plan do you purpose tohave.3. In your view; what are the major contribution made by you in the Organization during the periodunder review. 120HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms4. In order to achieve enhanced target/ performance, what help you need from the organization.5. Which are your personal problems which are likely to come in your way in achieving the enhancedtargets/performance?6. Strength of Appraisee7. Areas of improvement of Appraisee8. Suggestions of improvementIV/ Appraisal by line manager1. Quality of Work• Reliabilities• Accuracy or Precision• Thoroughness / neatness• Responsiveness to requests for service• Follow-Through/Follow-up• Judgment /Decision making2. Quantity of Work• Priority Setting• Amount of work completed• Work Completed on Schedule3. Technical Skills• Job Knowledge• Analyzes Problem• Provides suggestions for work improvement• Follows proper safety procedure4. Approach to work• Planning & Organization• Flexible / adoptable• Challenges status processes in appreciate ways• Attendance• Actively seeks ways to streamline process• Open to new ideas and approaches5. Special CommentsName of the Head:Signature with date 121HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsV/ Appraisal by HR Department1. Interpersonal Skill• With co-workers• With Superior• With Junior• Team Participation2. Communication Skill• Written Expression• Oral Expression• Share information willingly• Tact & Diplomatic3. General Performance• Working Time• Behavior• Response to the order• Tact & Diplomatic4. Overall Performance• Working Time• Behavior• Response to the order• Tact & Diplomatic5. Action Plans/training6. Special CommentsName of the Head:Signature with dateVI/ Employee CommentsI have read and discussed these evolutions with consent persons & understand its contents. My signaturemeans that I have been advised of my performance status and does not necessarily imply that I agreewith either the performance review or the contents.SignatureNameDate:VII/ General conclusion: 122HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsOverall Performance by:1. Head of the Department2. Human Resources Department3. Vice PresidentSelf-appraisal formReview period: from ___to___Name:Department:Position:Job code:Based on your job description and current work assignments, please answer questions as follows:1. Please list your most significant accomplishments or contributions during this appraisal period.2. Describe any factors, positive or negative, you feel may have helped or hindered in meeting yourformal or informal goals or objectives.3. Have you successfully performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regularresponsibilities? If so, please specify.4. What skills do you have that you feel could be used more effectively?5. In your opinion, how does the work you perform align with or support the objectives of the UniversityMission Statement?6. Describe the areas you feel require improvement in terms of your professional development. List thesteps you plan to take and/or the resources you need to accomplish this.7. List 2-4 of your career goals for the coming year and indicate how you plan to accomplish them.8. Please evaluate yourself on the following factors: outstanding, very competent, satisfactory, needsimprovement• Teamwork• Innovation/Creativity• Interpersonal Skills• Time Management SkillsPlease use this space to provide any additional comments. 123HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsPlease attach additional sheets if necessary.Employee Signature:Date:PEER PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORMEmployee name:Position:Department:Date:Appraisal period:I. Names of your peers.a.Name__________________________ Position: __________________b.Name__________________________ Position: __________________c.Name__________________________ Position: __________________d.Name__________________________ Position: __________________II. Peer Appraisal:Please rank each member (a, b, c, d) with a 4, 3,2,1,0 (4=highest, 0=lowest)1. Contributes ideas to the groupa.__________ b.__________ c._________ d. __________2. Respects each group member’s opinionsa.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.___________3. Contributes his/her share to discussionsa.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________4. Reliable for meetingsa._________ b.__________ c.__________ d.__________5. Reliable with meeting deadlines for work in progress and final projecta._________ b.__________ c.__________ d.__________6. Knowledgeable about assignments and her/his role and fulfills that rolea.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________7. Gives input for work-in-progress promptly and with a good faith efforta.___________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ 124HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsIII. Future of group:If given the opportunity, would you want to work with this team member again?(“Yes”= 4 points; “Maybe”= 2 points; “No”= 0 points)a.___________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________IV. Overall appraisal:In one sentence, what is your overall impression of each member’s performance?a) ___________________________________________________________b) ___________________________________________________________c) __________________________________________________d) __________________________________________________Employee signature:Appraisal by subordinates formSupervisor / Manager Appraisal by subordinates formI/ Employee info:1. Subordinate name:2. Position:3. Department:4. Appraisal period:5. Appraisee:6. Position:II/ Appraisal questions:1. Does the manager map out the projects, set the directions, and then assign small pieces to thesubordinates?2. Do the subordinates actually make decisions comparable to their abilities?3. For subordinates who have been reporting to the manager for at least one year, can you,independently, observe unusual skill growth in the subordinates?4. Does the manager encourage or criticize individuals who have opposing positions?5. At meetings, do subordinates express their opinions or confirm agreement?6. Which type of questions do the subordinates tend to ask? 125HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms7. What does (the manager) want?” or “What does this situation require?”8. Does the manager rely on a small inner circle, excluding others from responsibility?Subordinate signature:Performance appraisal checklist1. The preparation of performance appraisal:• Give employee advance notice so that he /she can prepare for the discussion.• Review mutually understood expectations with respect to job duties and standards.• Observe job performance measured against these mutually understood expectations.• Take notes and keep records so you don’t rely on memory.• Avoid paying attention to some aspects of the job at the expense of other.• Review the employee’s background including, skills, work experience, and training.• Focus on performance areas that are the most important.• Prepare a potential development which can include training and special projects.• Identified areas for concentration in setting goals for the next appraisal period.2. The discussion of appraisal:• Begin the discussion by creating a sincere, open and friendly atmosphere.• Review the purpose of the discussion – mutual problem solving and goal setting.• Explain the agenda for the meeting.• Discuss the employee’s primary responsibilities in the past year. (A written summary ofresponsibilities should have been provided to the employee.) Discuss how the employee’sresponsibilities relate to overall unit objectives.• Discuss employee’s goals and needs for the next review period.• Discuss long term career goals and development needs to achieve them.• Discuss employee’s feedback/suggestions for supervisor. 126HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Discuss anything else the employee or supervisor would like to address.• Discuss employee’s strengths and areas for growth in the five general performance categories.• Discuss employee’s significant accomplishments from the past year.• Discuss possible ways to improve performance.• Discuss barriers to effective work performance and job satisfaction in the past year.• Complete appraisal forms, as applicable.3. The Follow-Up:• Immediately after record the plans made and points requiring follow-up.• Provide a copy for the employee.• Evaluate your own performance. What I did well? Could have done better? Learned about theemployee? Learned about myself?Components of appraisal formComponents of the appraisal form include factors as follows:1. Key performance areasThe first step in a performance appraisal process is identifying key performance areas (KPAs) andsetting objectives for the next appraisal period. This may be done either through periodic discussions orat the beginning of the year.2. Self-appraisalAt the end of the appraisal period, employees appraise their own performance against the KPAs,objectives and pre-identified behavior. Information on these factors is provided in an appraisal form.Employees also write their self-appraisal reports and hand them to their supervisors.3. Performance analysisThe supervisor/line managers reflect on the performance of the employee, and identify the factors whichfacilitated or hindered the employee’s performance.Then, the manager calls the employee for a discussion to better understand his or her performance andprovide counseling on further improvements. 127HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsDuring this discussion, appraisal records are exchanged. Then, the manager gives a final rating andrecommendations regarding the developmental needs of the individual. These are shown to the subjectand his or her comments are recorded on the appraisal form.The appraisal form is then transmitted to the HR department for the necessary admin actions. The HRdepartment uses these forms for identifying and allocating training, rewards and other activities.4. Identification of training needsThe use of a development-oriented performance management system is based on a good understandingof the concept of HR development.During the discussion between the line managers and the employee, the development needs of thesubject are identified and goals set for the next period.The need for developing employee capabilities, the nature of capabilities to be developed, and theconditions under which these capabilities can be developed have to be appreciated.5. Identification of qualitiesThe line managers may also identify the qualities required for current as well as future tasks, and assessthe employee’s potential and capabilities to perform jobs at higher responsibility levels in the company.Performance appraisal questionnaireI/ Employee appraisal information1. Employee name:2. Position:3. Department:4. Start working from:II/ Rating scales of Performance appraisalYes / No / NAIII/ Performance appraisal questions1. Quality of personal objective setting is poor.2. Personal objectives are not aligned to the business goals.3. No direct link to other relevant HR processes exits e.g. succession planning, continuous professional development, and job evaluation.4. The current process is too time-consuming.5. Getting Managers to complete the forms is difficult.6. Getting meetings arranged to discuss each stage of the process is difficult. 128HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms7. Personal objectives do not contain clear measures of success.8. Team objectives do not exist.9. No process exists for cascading Personal Objectives.10. Personal objectives targets are not up to date.11. Personal objectives are not updated as business needs change.12. Participation in the process is not at the required level.13. Once completed the forms are just filed away.14. Evidence of performance is not gathered throughout the year.15. Ratings are sometimes seen as based on subjective judgments.16. All the responsibility seems to lie with the manager17. There is no facility to run reports to analyze overall development needs of the whole organization.18. We cannot run reports to match suitable staff against job roles for succession planning purposes.19. We do not have the capability to provide automatic E-Mail reminders, and prompts, when targets are due.20. Evidence on progress towards qualifications is not included.21. Evidence from project work is not included.22. Comments from mentors or coaches are not included.23. Feedback on good or poor progress is saved up to the end of the year.24. Successes are rarely recorded.25. Low performance is highlighted, but no development support is defined.26. Personal Development Plans do not exist.27. High performing staff are not easily identified.28. Personal Development Plans do not contain specific development actions and targets.29. Missed targets are not commented upon until the year end.30. There are no reminders for forthcoming target dates.31. The process does not support our values/culture change.32. Evidence on competency development is not included.33. Evidence on skill development is not included.Appraisal questionnaire of 360 degree systemI/ Company info:1. Name of the Company……………….2. Address:3. Tel: 129HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms4. Website:5. Person Interviewed….6. Position……………II/ Appraisal info:1) What benefits are you looking to gain from using 360 feedback?2) How is it better than?• MBO• Assessment Centers• Balanced Scorecard• Traditional Methods of performance appraisal?3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of 360 degree process towards the individual, team andorganization?4) Which type of 360 degree systems do you use?• Paper-based either electronic paper or the real thing• Third party e-mail based system• Personal/telephone based• ‘Off the shelf’ can be purchased and run it in-house.5) Can you explain the 360 degree process carried out in your company?6) What is the role of the HR manager in this whole process?7) Any training required in conducting this process? If Yes, what kind of training and for who?9) What briefing do you have in place for the participants and observers?10) How capable are your managers of debriefing the 360 profiles with their people?11) How many observers for one individual?12) Who administers this process?13) How are the questionnaires distributed?14) On what basis are the questionnaires made (competency or result)?What competencies do you measure?15) How many different questionnaires will be required for different levels of management or is ituniform for all employees? 130HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms16) Is there any scoring system and which tool do you use to scale the scores?17) What are the difficulties faced during the process and how do you overcome them?18) Who appoints or chooses the raters, observers, etc.?19) How much access do people have to internet and e-mail?20) How well is the company IT system able to support this initiative of conducting a 360 degreethrough the internet?21) What kind of information is targeted through the 360 degree appraisal?22) What security is needed for individuals and for corporate compliance?23) Who sees the individual 360 profiles?24) What benefits have your managers gained from using a 360 feedback process?25) How much are you using any organizational data from the 360 processes?26) Who provides the internal administration of the system?27) What mix of narrative and numerical data is required in the profiles?28) What does the 360 degree report contain?29) How do you manage the feedback process after the profiles have been completed?30) How much follow-up is carried out after the 360 profiles are received?31) What is the agreed level of confidentiality for the 360 profiles?Supervisor performance appraisal form by employeeName of Supervisor Being Reviewed:Name of manager:Supervisor’s Position:Faculty/Section:Date Form to be Returned:Date Form Completed: 131HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsThis review is an evaluation of the competencies of your supervisor as they apply to you and yourposition in the past.The information you provide on this form will be confidential. This form should be submitted to yourmanager. This person will summarize and discuss the results of the questionnaire with your supervisorwithout identifying the source of the comments. Your supervisor will NOT see the completed feedbackform.Please indicate with an “X” the appropriate rating from N (never) to A (always) and write comments asrequired.1. My supervisor clearly explains my job responsibilities.Rating: N R AComments:2. My supervisor discusses performance issues with me when they arise.Rating: N R AComments:3. My supervisor is receptive to feedback from me.Rating: N R AComments:4. My supervisor provides me with constructive advice on my performance.Rating: N R AComments:5. My supervisor shows interest in my career development.Rating: N R AComments:6. My supervisor supports training as an aid to my development.Rating: N R AComments:7. My supervisor is an effective coach with regard to my own development. 132HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsRating: N R AComments:8. My supervisor gives recognition when deserved.Rating: N R AComments:9. My supervisor is discreet in handling matters of some sensitivity.Rating: N R AComments:10. My supervisor practices transparency in matters that affect my work unit.Rating: N R AComments:11. My supervisor is fair in dealings with me.Rating: N R AComments:12. My supervisor has my respect.Rating: N R AComments:13. My supervisor actively helps to build positive working relationships.Rating: N R AComments:14. My supervisor promotes independent decision-making.Rating: N R AComments: 133HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsDirector performance appraisal form1. Mission, policy and planning• Ensures that the Company has a short- and long long-range strategy that achieves mission, and towardwhich the organization makes consistent and timely progress.• Develops programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economywhile maintaining quality.• Evaluates program relevancy, quality and effectiveness.• Provides leadership in developing program and organizational plans with the Board of Directors.2. Management and administration• Maintains a climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse group of top quality staff andvolunteers Recognizes and rewards staff and volunteers.• Ensures compliance with personnel policies and state and federal regulations on workplaces andemployment.• Provides a learning environment. Guides employee development and education.• Ensures that job descriptions for employees are developed, and that regular performance evaluationsare conducted and documented.• Divides and assigns work effectively to employees, delegating appropriate levels of freedom andauthority, while maintaining adequate supervision and support.• Tactfully handles people-oriented situations with constituents and peers. Encourages cooperative spiritand teamwork. Works well with others.3. Governance:• Works effectively with the Board, Board officers, committees, committee chairs and task forces.• Provides appropriate, adequate, and timely information to the Board, its officers, committees and taskforces.• Effectively enables Board members to provide their best thinking and involvement in support of theCompany’s mission.4. Financing and legal compliance• Assures that funds are disbursed in accordance with contract requirements and donor restrictions. 134HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Provides information and recommendations regarding risk management to the Board.• Assures adequate control and accounting of all funds, including developing and maintaining soundfinancial practices, maintenance of records and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.• Provides leadership in development of and adherence to short- and long-range financial plans and cashflow management.• Assures development and implementation of realistic and ambitious fund development goals and plansto secure adequate funds to permit the agency to carry out its work.5. Community relations, marketing and communications• Serves as an effective spokesperson for the Company. Represents the program and the company’spoint of view to key constituencies including clients, government agencies, donors and prospects.• Assures that sound working relationships are established and maintained with the company’s diverseconstituencies and participates in this important work.• Effectively communicates – orally and in writing – with the company’s diverse constituencies.6. Leadership• Demonstrates initiative and creativity in identifying and addressing strategic of company issues.Effectively manages continuity, change and transition.• Deals effectively with demanding situations and designs and implements interventions.• Consistently displays integrity and models the company’s values.• Bases plans and initiatives on thorough analysis of relevant facts. Sets and achieves clear andmeasurable goals and reasonable deadlines. Schedules work for the most efficient handling andelimination of unnecessary activities.• Makes quality decisions in a timely manner and accepts responsibility for outcomes. Effectively solvesproblems.• Assures high quality in all areas of operation including customer service.7. Any other comments?Current evaluation period:Your name: ______________________________________Date _____________This form also is used for CEO performance appraisal form, Executive / managing director performanceappraisal form. 135HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsManager performance appraisal formI / MANAGER INFORMATION:• Name• Date• Job Title• Date of Last Review• Department:• Appraiser NameII/ PERFORMANCE ACHIEVEMENT• You should design table with columns as No, agreed objectives, weight, result, total score.• This table is used for objective performance.III/ COMPETENCIES1. Identify competencies needed for job, for example:• Technical skills• Financial skills• Decision making ability• Analytical ability / problem solving• Initiative/perseverance/enthusiasm• Flexibility• Written communication skills• Oral communication skills• Customer focus• Teamwork• Organizational ability.• Negotiating skills2. Rating scales can be:• 1 = Exceptional• 2 – Strong• 3 = Fully Competent• 4 = Continued Development• 5 = Poor• N = Not ApplicableIV/ MANAGEMENT SKILLS 136HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms1. Staff Development/ Mentoring2. Influencing Skills3. Analytical/Conceptual Thinking4. Ability to Lead a Team5. Using Business Acumen6. Coaching skill etcV/ DISCUSSIONS1. Strengths (examples of where individual has excelled).2. Developmental needs (areas that need strengthening, additional experience/exposure).VI/ OVERALL RATING1. Rating scales• Exceptional• Strong• Fully Competent• Continued Development• Poor• New to Position2. Definition of each element:• Fully Competent (solid performance). Consistently meets expectations. Two-thirds of your employeesshould fall within this category.• Continued Development. Needs development in current position. Overall performance is somewhatlower than expected for the current position.• Poor (unsatisfactory performance). Performance is clearly below what is expected at currentposition/level.• Exceptional (clearly outstanding performance). Performance falls within top 5 – 10 % of employees athis/her level.• Strong (excellent performance). Performance falls within top 15% of the employees at his/her level.• New to Position. Employee has been in position for less than six (6) months.VII/ MANAGER COMMENTSVIII/ SIGNATURES:The employee’s signature below indicates that a performance development discussion was conducted onthe specified date, but does not necessarily indicate agreement with the content of the session.Manager / Supervisor Signature Supervisor SignatureDate. 137HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsDistribution: (1) Copy to HR departmental Personnel File (2) Copy to line manager. (3) Copy toManager / Supervisor.Performance Appraisal Phrases/Comments(Also other topics: Performance review phrases, Performance evaluation phrases, Performancemanagement phrases…)Performance Appraisal is an increasingly important phase in management tasks. The management shallnot be effective if the manager doesn’t give appropriate appraisal on his/her employees’ performance. Itis even worse and may affect the overall performance if the employees are appraised wrongly andinadequately.The following sample phrases shall come in handy if a manger wants to give the most appropriateevaluation on his/her employees’ performance:1. Management Style phrasesa. Positive Appraisal Phrases• Mandy started the period with such poor performance; she, however, finished it amazingly with herteam performance was the best of all the groups.• Greg took over the worst team of the company, but he managed so well that he has changed everymember to be one of the most effective employees in the company.• Terry has received much positive appraisal from his subordinates and other line-managers.b. Negative Appraisal Phases• Holly is not effective in leading her team to high performance.• Paul has not yet known the ways to deal with situations among a group; therefore, his team gives ourcompany a poor result.• Julie is a great employee; she, however, does not well in being a manager.2. Teamwork Skill phrasesa. Positive Appraisal Phrases• Maria is a good team member. She is very cooperative and helpful in times of need.• Out team’s success depends on the performance of each member and Bill’s ability to coordinate suchperformance together.• Ben doesn’t care who receives the credit. He only cares about how to get the job done excellently.b. Negative Appraisal Phases 138HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Andrea is more suitable to an individual-focused environment than a group-work environment.• Esther directed each member toward accomplishing their tasks; she didn’t focus on coordinating themtoward one common goal, however.• Olive still doesn’t get it the benefit and efficiency of sharing the tasks with others.3. Working Attitude phrasesa. Positive Appraisal Phases• Thom can maintain his cheerful attitude under any situation, good or bad. Such attitude helps usalways keep enthusiastic.• Angle has strong and firm personality which is reflected in her calm attitude toward any situation.That’s a great trait to look up to.• Bob always look at the bright side of the situation. He is one of a few that we can count on every time.b. Negative Appraisal Phases• Terry is quick to dissatisfy with his work. He should consider how negative such attitude can affectthose around him and change that behavior.• Lindsay is a good person; however, she is very vulnerable against any criticism. Such fragilecharacteristic of hers is not much good to the team.• To put it simply, Jim’s negative attitude shall affect negatively on the team performance. He shouldchange that.4. Communication Skill phrasesA. Positive Appraisal Phases• Barry always knows the important and necessary information to share with other colleagues.• One of Jane’s talents is that she can communicate very well with other people.• Brenda has such a competent communication skill.B. Negative Appraisal Phases• Tom’s word is not reliable anymore. His poor communication skill only gives us less trust.• Justine only gives our customers a negative image of the company.• Jim is not good at communicating with others, both in written or verbal manner5. Cooperation phrasesa. Positive Appraisal Phases• Greg is such an important element in boosting the team’s morale.• Peter always looks at criticism as an opportunity to improve himself even better.• Danny is very sensible to other people’s feelings.b. Negative Appraisal Phases 139HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• Bob cannot stand it when people do not help him when he required; he, however, refuses to giveassistance to others when being required.• Bill is too focused on individual method but ignores the benefit of group work.• Instead of utilizing the abilities of whole group, Holly often gives up the task for such simple reasonsas she doesn’t know how to do it.6. Creativity phrasesa. Positive Appraisal Phases• Jim is very creativity and is a great asset in time of need.• Sally has such innovative approach in daily work, which prevents the team from boredom.• Clinton always knows to add something in his tasks and projects, which makes them ever exciting andfun to do.b. Negative Appraisal Phases• Jennifer rarely considers new ideas or approaches, even if the progress has come to a standstill stateand needs a change.• Kailan should be more creative in his tasks and projects.• Ally is unwilling to take up any risk of applying new changes.7. Reliability phrasesa. Positive Appraisal Phases• George is best known for his reliability and willingness in helping others.• We can count on Danny. He has never failed us in completing any task.• Walter is very enthusiastic. He is willing to work overtime if it means to get the job done better.b. Negative Appraisal Phases• With such irregular performance, we should not rely too much on Ben.• We should pass Lenny over for this assignment. He is not reliable enough.• Peter shall not meet your expectation. He is never prepared to do whatever it requires to get the jobdone.8. Interpersonal Skill phrasesa. Positive Appraisal Phases• Pete is a very interesting colleague to work with.• Bill always knows how to establish a good rapport with other team members.• Jane gets on well with other people easily. She has a very good communication skill.b. Negative Appraisal Phases 140HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• It’s rarely for Tide to appreciate other members’ performance. He shall only upset those around him.• During his path, Ryan has gained nothing but left traces of bad relationship with others.• Paula tends to stand alone in the corner among a crowd. It’s hardly to communicate with her.If You Want to Stop Struggling and Use the Collection of Ready-To-Use Phrases for PerformanceAppraisals, you can see more at: E-book: Phrases For Performance AppraisalsList of Performance Review Phrases 1. Goals-setting 27.Decision making 2. Teamwork 28.Flexibility 3. Problem solving 29.HR 4. Critical-thinking 30.Ideals 5. Quality of work 31.Improvemen 6. Communication 32.Innovation 7. Time management 33.Integrity 8. Training ability 34.Job Knowledge 9. Technical skills 35.Job performance 10. Management style 36.Judgment 11. Interpersonal skills 37.Leadership 12. Dependability 38.Listening Skills 13. Customer satisfaction 39.Management Skills 14. Cooperation 40.Mentoring 15. Attitude 41.Planning skills 16. Attendance 42.Productivity 17. Initiative 43.Relationship Building 18. Creativity 44.Reliability (attendance 19. Accountability and tardiness) 20. Adaptability 45.Strengths and 21. Appearance/Hygiene weaknesses 22. Collaboration 46.Stress management 23. Commitment 47.Supervision 24. Core competencies 25. Customer focus 26. Customer service 27.Performance appraisal phrases – time managementPerformance appraisal phrases – time management (evaluation phrases, review phrases…).Every employee must know, or at least learn to know, time management skill to manage their valuabletime resource. Evaluating time management skill of an employee means evaluating how well an 141HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Formsemployee can deal with deadlines, estimation, project schedule or balance between private life andwork. Only when the employee has mastered this skill, he or she can give the best performance.I/ Positive performance appraisal phrases for time management 142HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsII/ Negative performance appraisal phrases for time management 143HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsSelf-appraisal examples SamplesIn the process of the Performance Appraisal, self-appraisal is considered a vital factor, in which the staffgives out his own feedback or ideas, points on his working. Basically, employees will do this thanks tousing a form of self-appraisal, which allows him to rates himself based on a number of parameters, suchas his demands for training, if any, his achievements, strong points, weak points, current difficulties…1. Tips for self – appraisal• Be honest: When talking about your achievements or failures; stay honest and be true. You should notoverstate your strong points or ignore your weak points. In addition, do not have any personal ideas onothers.• Well-prepared: Before the meeting, you are advised to have good preparations. Put everything neededin an appropriate order; prepare all the evidences and references.• Be objective: In self-appraisal, being objective is of great importance. Do not just overstate or justignore your accomplishments or failures. Be focused and concise in any idea you give and if allowed,provide them with possible examples, references or dates. For instance, it will be much nicer to say: “Ireplied all questions within 48 hours”, instead of saying “I offered good service to the customers.”• Positive attitude: Within the process of appraisal, try to have a positive attitude. Prove that you are acooperative staff. Be willing to take accountability for your failures and accomplishments also. Showyour enthusiasm to make improvements in the future and calmly take all recommendations. Do not giveany complaint or have any negative attitude.• Cover all the aspects: In addition to your strong points, weak points, failures or achievements, try toquote such chances of development and improvement you would like to have. Make recommendationsfor resolve the arising issues. Valuate your abilities, attitudes and skills as well as competencies.• Seek future responsibilities: Based on your job description and such valuation of the KSA’s, makeshort-term and long-term plans for your future working year. Do not hesitate to seek tasks in addition tosuch current accountabilities of your job. This will bring out chances for personal improvement whilehelping you contribute to the productivity of the company.In self-appraisal process, you should quote your achievements, goals gained, the failures as well as yourown improvement (including new skills achieved, such plans for the future…), the difficulties during theworking period, such effort to resolve them, recommendations, areas of training as well as developmentsuitable for you.2. An example of Self-AppraisalSelf-appraisal formEmployee: _____________________________Date: _________________________________Company: _____________________________ 144HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsPosition Title: __________________________Review Period: _________________________Office: ________________________________Department: ___________________________From/To: ______________________________I. Job descriptions and responsibilities:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________II. Specify ways that you feel you met or exceeded job requirements and any reasons why.1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________III. Specify the ways that you feel you did not meet job requirements and any reasons why.1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________IV. In what specific areas would you like to improve your job performance?1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________V. List the steps you would like to take to improve your preparation for futureopportunities.1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 145HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms VI. What job-related goals would you like to accomplish in the next 6 (12) months? 1. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ VII. List additional items you would like to discuss. 1. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Employee’s Signature: ____________________Date: ______________________ Reviewer’s Signature: ____________________Date: ______________________ Reviewer’s Manager’s Signature: ____________Date: ______________________ PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORMAppraisee Name: Designation: Employee Code : DOJ:Department: Appraiser Name: Reviewer Name: Period Of Appraisal: From ToHR Appraiser Rating Rating ScaleJob Knowledge 1 2 3 4 5 Tot 1- PoorBusiness/Professional expertise in the respective functionalarea 2- FairKnowledge of HR policies & procedures in the company 3- GoodFocus on creating Strategic HR plan for the company & drivingcontinuous improvements 4- Very GoodCommunicates effectively with the employees and handlesemployee grievances 5- ExcellentCommunicates persuasivelyProductivityManages a fair work load Rating InstructionsTakes additional responsibilities Appraisee / Appraiser to select 146HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsFollows work procedures column by tick mark whichDevelops work procedures Corresponds to the rating scale.Quality of work In the total column, write theDemonstrates accuracy, thoroughness and reliability column number selected ( 1,2Communication Skills 3,4 or 5)Communicates views clearly & logically both in one to one Total up the figures in totalconversation & group columnInterpersonal & Working Relationships ScoringInterfaces effectively with customers, co-workers and the publicHas good interpersonal skills and gets along well with people Appraiser Score:Seeks and provides help & cooperation from team memberswhen required Divide grand total for each by 34Exhibits appropriate sensitivity to others feelings Appraisers remarks &Collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams SignaturesInitiative & ResourcefulnessDisplays proactive behaviour.Is meticulous in following through work ideas.Displays competence of working within resourcesPlanning & Organizing EffectivenessEffectively prioritizes work and establishes work plansPerforms tasks thoroughly on timeWorks within organizational policies and guidelinesWorking under Pressure Appraisees Acknowledgement I have reviewed this document and discussed the contents with my Appraiser. My signature means that I have been advised on my performance and competency status and does not necessarily imply that I agree withDisplays ability to work under pressure the evaluationAdaptabilityDisplays adaptability to change. Modifies behaviour to dealeffectively with changeWilling to learn from mistakes. Treats change as an opportunityfor learning & growth Signature :Result Orientation Appraisers remarks &Demonstrates strong commitment & drive to achieve results SignaturesTakes timely decisions & ensure completion of tasksCan be relied on to deliver despite obstacles or complexsituationsClarity of visionUnderstands the philosophy of companyDisplays clarity of vision with respect to department andorganization 147HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsProblem SolvingHas the ability to identify problems & identifies variousdimensions of problemIdentifies alternate approaches/solutions to problemAbility to handle crisis even under pressure Appraisees Acknowledgement I have reviewed this document and discussed the contents with my Appraiser. My signature means that I have been advised on my performance and competency status and does not necessarily imply that I agree with the evaluation Grand Total Signature : PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM TEMPLATE (ALREADY DONE FOR YOUR USE) Separate Paper Attached. 148HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms Chapter 9 Employee Termination 149HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsDiscipline Documentation Form1. Employee InformationName of Employee:_______________________________________________Employee’s Job Title: _____________________________________________2. Incident InformationDate/Time of Incident:____________________________________________Location of Incident:______________________________________________Description of Incident:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Witnesses to Incident:____________________________________________Was this incident in violation of a company policy? Yes NoIf yes, specify which policy and how the incident violated it. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Action TakenWhat action will be taken against the employee?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Has the impropriety of the employee’s actions been explained to the employee? Yes NoDid the employee offer any explanation for the conduct? If so, what was it?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Signature of person preparing report:_________________________________Date: __________________________________________________ 150HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsExit Interview Questionnaire Name: Position: Department: Name of immediate Manager: Commencement Date: Last Day of Employment: (Length of service):We have been informed of your intention to leave the Company. In order for us to improve ourworking environment at ABC, it is important that we provide you with the opportunity to give usfeedback about your employment with the Company. The information you furnish will be used insummary form as a means to identify patterns or trends in the work environment at the Company.Your honesty is greatly appreciated, and your opinions are highly valued. If there is a particular item towhich you do not feel comfortable responding, leave it blank and go on to the next. Thank you foryour time and effort.1. Please rank the top five reasons that led to your decision to leave the Company. Place a “1” in front of the item that is most important, a “2” in front of the next most important, and so on. Do not use any number more than once. If there are fewer than five reasons, rank just those reasons. Higher salary Dissatisfied with Remuneration and Benefits Career advancement / change Transportation problems Lack of child care Dissatisfaction with supervision / leadership Received an employment offer without actively seeking another job Lack of job security Dissatisfied with organizational culture Dissatisfied with work hours Dissatisfied with job fulfillment Dissatisfied with training and development opportunities Leaving the employment market Other Comments: 151HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms2. Please rank the top five items listed below in their order of importance to you. Place a “1” in front of the item that is most import to you, “2” in front of the next most important, and so on. Do not use any number more than once. Having a good boss Good salary Good benefits Opportunities to grow and learn professionally A flexible working environment Recognition for skills and accomplishments Good relationships with co-workers Working with up-to-date technology Other Comments:3. In this section, please assess supervision in your Division/Department. Please tick. Excellent Good Fair Poor Provided feedback on my performance. Treated me with respect and courtesy. Led by example. Helped me solve problems. Was available when I needed help. Followed policies and practices and applied them fairly. Provided positive feedback and recognition. Resolved complaints and problems. Represented the position accurately when 152HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms interviewed. Training opportunities were available inside the department. Training opportunities were available outside the department. Other Comments:4. In this section, please assess your working conditions. Excellent Good Fair Poor My physical work area was appropriate for the work that I did. I had adequate materials to do my work (tools, computer, phones, etc). My work schedule was convenient. Overtime demands were reasonable. Relationship with co-workers. Relationship with customers (consignees, underwriters, agents / contractors) Office atmosphere and morale Adequate guidance in resolving work-related or personal problems. Other Comments:5. Would you recommend this Company as a good place to work to a friend? ( ) Yes ( ) No6. Before making your decision to leave, did you investigate the possibility of a transfer? ( ) Yes ( ) No 153HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms7. If you left for another position, are the job duties in your new position different? ( ) Same ( ) Different8. Under what circumstances would you have stayed at ABC?______________________________________________________________________________9. What did you like best about working in the Company?__________________________________________________________________________________10. What did you like least about working in the Company?____________________________________________________________________________________11. May we share your responses with your former Division / Department? ( ) Yes ( ) No12. Any additional comments? We are particularly interested in any suggestions for improving work procedures or the work environment in the Company. ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________How may we contact you? Telephone: Address: E-mail:Thank you for participating and telling us about your experience.Written warning letterSAMPLE LETTER OF WRITTEN WARNINGTO:FROM:RE: Written warning of …………..DATE:This letter is to serve as a written warning.1. Contents of misconduct: 154HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms• March 12, 2008, Mr John found……….• Base on the interview between you and …………..2. Witness of misconduct:3. Regulations related…Based on:• Article 1.2b of ………………regulation effective on dated…………….• Article 2a of ………………regulation effective on dated…………….4. Decision5. ImprovementThis letter will be entered into your personnel file for two years from today’s date, in accordance withArticle 12b of ……….Once again, I must take this opportunity to remind you that any future repetition of …………. will leadto further discipline, up to and including dismissal. Also, I am instructing you to bring all conflictsbetween you and ………… to my attention, immediately.If there are any personal concerns you wish to talk to me about, please feel free to contact me. Inaddition.Sincerely,John TamCommunications Director/c: Union RepresentativeDepartment Chair or HeadOffice of Employee RelationsHRS personnel fileEMPLOYEE WARNING LETTERTo Mr. /Mrs.DepartmentSub. Warning Letter of absenceDear Mr. /Mrs. 155HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsIt has been observed that you have proceeded on leave without prior permission of the concernedauthorities, resulting in willful insubordination and gross negligence of duties, in your capacity asDesignation.Absenting yourself from duties without prior intimation is a misconduct for which you are makingyourself liable for necessary action.You are hereby warned to refrain from such activities; failure to do so shall invoke appropriate action.You are further advised to submit a written explanation on your unauthorized leave as soon as youreceive this letter or as soon as you resume duties.Kindly treat this as very urgent.For’ Company NameName:Designation:Dismissal letterSample / example dismissal letterFrom: John TamPosition:DepartmentTo: Mr. /Mrs.Position:Date:Re: dismissal letterDear……………,This letter communicates my decision concerning the recommendation for disciplinary action due to………….• Disciplinary action 1• Disciplinary action 2Based on• Article 2b regulation of …………….. No……… dated……………..• Article 1a regulation of …………….. No……… dated……………..• Witnesses of …………………• Meeting minutes of ………………….. 156HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsBased on my review of all information available, including prior disciplinary actions, your currentunsatisfactory performance, and your comments (or lack of comments) during the pre-disciplinaryconference, you are being dismissed from your position effective date of …………………You have the right to appeal this dismissal under the company’s dispute resolution and staff grievanceprocedure.If you have questions about your appeal rights, call the HR coordinator, phone………………….All your compensations and benefits will base on company policy, please come HR department on dateof …………………. in order to complete your compensations and benefits.Sincerely,HR managerC/c:- Director- Departmental files- Employee RecordsTermination letterREF: COMPANY/SEP07/HRD/E.CodeDateTo,NameBranchSubject: Termination of EmploymentSir,This has reference to our letter dated May 11, 2007 and the subsequent discussions we had with youfrom time to time on the subject matter. We regret to state that despite of giving sufficientopportunity there is no improvement in your behavior & attitude towards work. Moreover it has beenreported that your performance also is not satisfactory and that because of your behavior and attitudetowards work the entire atmosphere of the branch office is getting vitiated.In order to enable you to improve yourself as also to reduce the adverse impact on the team members,the management relocated you twice & also warned you to improve you behavior and attitudetowards work. However despite giving sufficient opportunities it has been observed that there is noimprovement in your behavior, attitude and performance. 157HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR FormsConsidering the seriousness of the matter, it has been decided by the company to terminate youremployment. Please note that your employment is hereby terminated with immediate effect.You are hereby advised to return to the company any property of the company that was handed overto you during your tenure with the company.Thanking you,For COMPANY NAMEAuthorized SignatoryADVICE: HR Forms Has No End but This Is what I preferred toshare with you, however please search over the net & HR paperwork, you will find a lot 158HR Forms | P a g e
    • HR Forms 159HR Forms | P a g e