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  • 1. Technology & Language Learning - Group (991) - Term (2) 1434-1435 Item Topic Class Activities Orientation Class Date Online Activities DF-0 Introduction Thurs. 06/04/1435 Quiz-0 About the Course 10.00-11.40am Assign-0 A picture for me DF-1 Technology in our life and learning Thurs. 13/04/1435 Quiz-1 Technology, Learning and Language Learning 10.00-11.40am Survey-1 Are you a tech learner? DF-2 The Impact of Technology on Language Learning Thurs. 20/04/1435 Quiz-2 The Impact of Technology on Language Learning 10.00-11.40am Assign-1 Word and PowerPoint for Teaching DF-3 Internet information resources Thurs. 27/04/1435 Quiz-3 Internet Language Learning 10.00-11.40am Assign-2 Internet sites Test-2-1 Thurs. 05/05/1435 OR 10.00-11.40am Test-2-2 DF-4 How can e-learning improve our learning Thurs. 12/05/1435 Quiz-4 E-learning 10.00-11.40am Survey-2 Are you an online learner? Groups Wikis Topics in Technology & Language Learning Thurs. 12/05/1435 1st Draft 10.00-11.40am Final Draft Mid Term Vacation DF-5 Technology and Language Acquisition Thurs. 03/06/1435 Quiz-5 Technology and Language Acquisition 10.00-11.40am Assign-3 Internet sites DF-6 Mobile Assisted Language Learning Thurs. 10/06/1435 Quiz-6 Mobile Assisted Language Learning 10.00-11.40am Survey-3 Are you a mobile addict? Mon. 09/05/1435 OR Tues. 10/05/1435 Mon. 14/06/1435 OR Tues. 15/06/1435 Orientation About the Course Topic (1) Technology, Learning and Language Learning Lecture-1 Class Activity-1 Topic (2) The Impact of Technology on Language Learning Lecture-2 Class Activity-2 Topic (3) Internet Language Learning Lecture-3 Class Activity-3 Test Course Tests and Exams Topic (4) E-learning Project Course Project Topic (5) Technology and Language Acquisition Lecture-5 Class Activity-5 Topic (6) Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) Lecture-6 Class Activity-6 Test Course Tests and Exams Mid-Term Exam (Paper) Thurs. 17/06/1435 10.00-11.40am Topic (7) Virtual Worlds and Language Learning Lecture-7 Class Activity-7 Thurs. 24/06/1435 10.00-11.40am Topic (8) Social Media Language Learning Lecture-8 Class Activity-8 Thurs. 02/07/1435 10.00-11.40am Test Course Tests and Exams Test-3 Thurs. 09/07/1435 10.00-11.40am Revision General Questions Revision Thurs. 09/07/1435 10.00-11.40am Test-1 Lecture-4 Class Activity-4 Project Introduction Dr. Abdel-Fattah Adel Mid-Term Exam (Test) DF-7 Virtual Worlds and Language Learning Quiz-7 Virtual Worlds and Language Learning Assign-4 Virtual Worlds DF-8 Social Media Language Learning Quiz-8 Social Media Language Learning Survey-4 Social Media Language Learning Test-4-1 OR Test-4-2 Assign-5 General Revision Survey-5 Final Survey Due Date Wed. 12/04/1435 Wed. 19/04/1435 Wed. 62/04/1435 Wed. 04/05/1435 Wed. 18/05/1435 Wed. 16/06/1435 Wed. 16/07/1435 Wed. 09/06/1435 Wed. 16/06/1435 Wed. 01/07/1435 Wed. 08/07/1435 Mon. 13/07/1435 OR Tues. 14/07/1435 Thurs. 16/07/1435