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Quick tips on how to get prepared for your job interview and pass it successfully.

Quick tips on how to get prepared for your job interview and pass it successfully.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 2. WHAT ARE INTERVIEWS ? Conversation NOT Interrogation Your first day at work ! 3
  • 3. WHY INTERVIEWS ? Interviewer + Candidate want the same thing. HIRE and GET HIRED 4
  • 4. UNDERSTAND YOUR ROLE Employer’s Role • Can this candidate do the job ? • Do I want this candidate work for me ? • Convince your candidate that your company is a perfect one to work for. 5
  • 5. UNDERSTAND YOUR ROLE Candidate’s Role • Can I do the job ? • Convince the employer that you are the best one to do the job. 6
  • 6. TYPES OF INTERVIEWS • Virtual Interviews  Phone.  Online. • One-to-one interview. • Panel interview. 7
  • 7. GET PREPARED • Read the job description carefully. • Prepare to take a test (IQ & technical). • Search about the company you are applying in, its vision, goals, products, services and fields of interest. (use LinkedIn). • Clear your schedule. • Prepare a portfolio of work. 8
  • 8. INTERVIEW TIPS • When you receive a call to schedule a phone interview, select the best time FOR YOU. • Make sure that:  Your cell is working good.  It’s available (reachable).  It’s charged. Phone Interviews 9
  • 9. INTERVIEW TIPS • Relax a time before the call. • Answer the call gently. • Speak clearly. • Understand the question before answering. • Deliver your message with no method other than your voice. Phone Interviews 10
  • 10. INTERVIEW TIPS • Don’t: o Read from a paper. o Tick on the keyboard. o Interrupt the call many times. o Talk too much (remember it’s conversation). • End the call politely. Phone Interviews 11
  • 11. INTERVIEW TIPS • When you receive a call to schedule an online interview, select the best time FOR YOU. • Make sure that:  Your internet connection is stable.  You set up the required software and tested.  Your microphone and speakers are ready.  Camera is working (if it is required). Online Interviews 12
  • 12. INTERVIEW TIPS • Set on your desk a time before the meeting. • Don’t depend on live searching for answering questions. • Avoid distractions (using social networks, chatting, …etc.) Online Interviews 13
  • 13. INTERVIEW TIPS • Prepare to get there. • Get two hard copies of your CV with you. • Understand every single word in your CV. • Personal hygiene. • Dressing (formal or non-formal). • Arrive early. Offline Interviews 14
  • 14. INTERVIEW TIPS • Put your cell on silent mood. • Watch the way you set. • Use body language. • Use eye contact. • Practice self-confidence. • Ask questions at the end. Offline Interviews 15
  • 15. INTERVIEW TIPS • Q: Tell me about yourself o Are you prepared ? o How do you speak ? o Are you proud of your work ? o Open a space to ask you questions. Offline Interviews 16
  • 16. INTERVIEW TIPS • Q: Where do you want to be in five years ? o Do you have any sort of plans ? o Do you work on self-improvement ? o Will I have a place for you ? Offline Interviews 17
  • 17. INTERVIEW TIPS • Q: What is your greatest weakness ? o Do you know your weaknesses ? o How do you work to come over them ? Offline Interviews 18
  • 18. INTERVIEW TIPS • Q: Why do you want to join us ? o Have you done the research ? o Is this just another job for you ? o What drives you ? Offline Interviews 19
  • 19. INTERVIEW TIPS • Q: Tell me a trouble that you faced before ? o Are you blamer/whiner ? o Can you learn from mistakes ? o How are your personal skills ? Offline Interviews 20
  • 20. INTERVIEW TIPS • Ask these questions: o What sorts of project will I be working on ? o Is this a new position or you are replacing ? What happened ? o Your vision ? o How can I follow-up ? Offline Interviews 21
  • 21. THANKS 22