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My friends
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My friends


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  • Hi Mrs. Deese! I hope it is okay that this PowerPoint is so silly. All the same, I hope it was a little different than the others you received.I do have real friends, it was just more fun to write about fictional ones. Have a good day!
  • Transcript

    • 1. MY FRIENDSFriends are born, not made.-Henry B. Adams I disagree.
    • 2. Harry James PotterHarry tragically lost hisparents at the age of 1, whena demented, psychopathickiller found his parents athome with the doorunlocked. I met him shortlyafter, though I am notexactly sure of the date.Harry is very brave andloyal, which reflects thevalues of his HogwartsHouse, Gryffindor. Harry hasalways been a very goodfriend to me, and I havelearned a lot from himthrough the years. Clockwise from top left: Harry allows his pet owl, Hedwig, to perch on his arm. He demonstrates his skills as a quidditch player, and then stands outside the tent that became his home for several months while he was in hiding from his parents’ killer and plotting justified revenge.
    • 3. Ronald BiliusWeasleyI met Ron Weasley when hewas eleven, at King CrossStation. He is one of thefunniest people I know, andhe never fails to break thetension or make someonesmile. Ron’s family isgreat, but very poor, and heis sometimes jealous of hisclosest friend’s wealth. Ronis also loyal and brave, butsometimes this is hard tosee, as Harry’s fame oftenovershadows Ron. He had alongtime crush on oneHermione Granger, andeventually married her and Clockwise from top left: Ron gives his new friend,had two children, Hugo and Hermione, an odd look. He looks dismayed at his frillyRose. new dress robes while preparing for a ball, and celebrates being a star Quidditch player and winning the house cup.
    • 4. Hermione JeanGrangerHermione Granger annoyedme at first. She is an absoluteknow-it-all, but in the bestwas possible. She truly is thebrightest witch of her age,and she can do anything, Ibelieve. Hermione is morethat smart, however.Hermione is quick-witted andcan always find a solution ina matter of seconds. She isbrave and caring and loyal.More than anyone, she iseager to defend the rights ofothers and strives forequality. Clockwise from top left: Hermione brews a very complicated potion at a young age. She participates in class, following along attentively to the lesson. Hermione prepares to defend her life and the lives of her friends.
    • 5. Severus SnapeSeverus Snape may be themost loathed person I haveever known. He can be vileand petty, often holdinggrudges. Severus teachespotions, an area where he isprodigious, but has alwayswanted to teach DefenseAgainst the Dark Arts. He isparticularly well qualified toteach that class, but pleasedo not tell anyone. I foundout several years after I metSeverus that he is actually aDeath Eater, or at leastpretending to be one to saveHarry Potter’s life. Severushad an epic romance long Clockwise from top left: A young Severus looks up from his studies at bullies that are quickly approaching. Severus protectsago, but it ended badly, and I Harry, Ron, and Hermione from a werewolf seeking to harmbelieve he still suffers from it them. An adult Severus Snape stands in his Potions’ classroom,today. appearing doubtful.
    • 6. Albus PercivalWulfric BrianDumbledoreAlbus Dumbledore is ascomplex as his name.Dumbledore has a hiddenpast that he reveals toalmost no one, and I feelprivileged to know the little Ido about him. Dumbledore isalso a prodigious wizard. Heis quite eccentric, and dealswith the hardships of life bymaking odd and often crypticremarks. Dumbledore ownsthe most powerful wand inexistence, but he is not likelyto brag about this. He is very Clockwise from top left: Dumbledore toasts the sorting of Harryhumble, but also perfectly Potter into Gryffindor and the annual start-of-term feast.aware of his abilities. I Dumbledore opens the gate at Hogwarts. He sorts his memoriesadmire him very much. and deposits it in the Pensieve, on of the many odd gadgets he enjoys.
    • 7. Nymphadora TonksTonks hates the nameNymphadora. She has manyspecial abilities, including thepower to transform her faceinto any configuration. Thefirst time I met her, Tonkschanged her nose into a pig’ssnout to lighten a darksituation. She has alwaysbeen funny and generallycheerful. Tonks is extremelyclumsy, and she has adifficult time walking in astraight line without fallingover. She is veryintelligent, and excellent at Clockwise from Top left: Tonks fights Death Eaters in theher job as an Auror, or dark Department of Mysteries inside of the Ministry of Magic. Shewizard catcher. poses with her husband, Remus Lupin, whom she shares a child with. Tonks, her mentor Mad-Eye Moody, and Kingsley Shackle bot arrive at Harry Potter’s home to save him from Lord Voldemort.
    • 8. Minerva McGonagallMinerva McGonagall mayseem very harsh. She is verycareful about obeyingrules, and she forces othersto obey them as well. Underthis harshexterior, however, she is avery caring and kind person.She is a teacher and watchesafter her students fiercely.She takes great pride inbeing a Gryffindor and in thestudents of her house.Minerva is staunchly goodand loyal. She has enormousskill and great inner strength.She has the uncanny ability Clockwise from top left: Minerva confronts a coworker forto transform herself into a mistreating children. She comforts a women she does not like, who has just lost her home. Minerva fights in the battle to savecat. Hogwarts from evil forces.
    • 9. Fred and GeorgeWeasleyFred and George Weasley arethe biggest jokesters I know.They are happy to lighten themood at the expense ofsomeone else whenevernecessary. They work off ofeach other to create comedymagic. Besides their sensesof humor, there is realsubstance to the Weasleytwins. They are willing totake on seriousresponsibilities, even if theytake them with a joke. Theyhave very good businesssense and have been verysuccessful in every venture Clockwise from top left: The young Mr. Weasleys pose in theirthey have taken, except Quidditch beaters uniforms. The two survey an exasperated Harryschoolwork. Potter with humor. Fred and George battle for Hogwarts.
    • 10. Neville LongbottomNeville is the kid who isoverlooked in almosteverything. He has neverbeen very good atschoolwork, except inHerbology, where he excels.Neville was a very awkwardchild, but he has maturedgreatly. He was forgetful andfilled with self doubt, until hefound a cause that he caredfor and could work with.Since then, he has become apowerful leader. Always avery loyal person, Neville hasactually chosen thepossibility of death ratherthan betray his friends. Hehas a strong sense of right Clockwise from top left: Neville claps when his contribution winsand wrong. Gryffindor the House cup. He prods his exotic plant. Neville show off the sword of Gryffindor, which he used to kill one of Voldemort’s most deadly horcruxes.
    • 11. HagridHagrid has an abnormal lovefor strange and dangerouscreatures. This makes himvery capable to preform hisduties as groundskeeper andCare of Magical Creaturesteacher at Hogwarts. Hagridis half giant, but he is quitefriendly and warmhearted.He is fiercely protective of hisfriends, because the loss ofthem hurts him so much.Hagrid is not allowed to usemagic because of a terriblemistake that caused him tobe expelled from Hogwarts. Clockwise from top left: Hagrid hangs out around the groundsHagrid is a sweetheart. with libations for his latest pet hanging around his neck. He appears in Knockturn Alley just at the right moment to save Harry from hooligans. Hagrid skips stones in his most horrible suit after hearing some dreadful news.
    • 12. Ginny WeasleyGinny Weasley grew up withsix brothers, so she isnaturally tough. Ginny is anexcellent quidditch playerand she often puts the boysto shame. She is very niceand accepting of others.Ginny is brave and not afraidto stand up for herself andothers. When she wassmall, she was painfulshy, but she has sincebecome very sociable andfun to be around. She ishilariously funny, much likeher brothers, Fred andGeorge. Ginny is a great Clockwise from top left: Ginny displays the diaryperson. that very nearly killed her. She practices a spell in Dumbledore’s Army. Ginny helps Harry, her future husband.
    • 13. Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood is a bitethereal and strange. Sheholds a lot of beliefs thatseem completelyridiculous, but that is justpart of her charm. She seesthings that others do not andmaintains that untilsomething is systematicallydisproven, it is very likely tobe true. Luna has a deepconnection to herfriends, mostly because shefound true friendship muchlater than most do. Luna livesin her own world, but sheseems to have an inner peace Clockwise from top left: Luna practices spells. She reveals thethat few gain during their secrets of thestrals, which she can see because of her tragic past, to Harry. Luna sportingly dons a lion hat to supportlifetime. Gryffindor in its match.
    • 14. HedwigFriends come in all shapes,sizes, and species. Hedwig isno exception. She is a deaduseful bird, who delivers mailand provides friendship.Hedwig can, however, be alittle bit mean. She oftenbites at people a bit, whichisn’t exactly kind. She usuallyforgives and forgetseventually, which is a goodquality. Hedwig protects herfriends when possible, evenwhen she has to protectthem by cheering them up ordelivering a timely piece ofmail. Hedwig is, quite simply,a wonderful companion to Clockwise from top left: Hedwig rests with Harry in his room. She takes flight with a fierce attitude. Hedwig lands on a young Harry’shave around. arm, greeting him after a long day.
    • 15. Moaning MyrtleMyrtle is that friend yousometimes wish would goaway. I met Myrtle after herdeath, which did not seem tochange Myrtle much at all. Infact, it just accentuated heralready present traits.Now, she merely complainsmore and is more apt toappear out of thin air, quiteliterally. Myrtle can be pettyand sensitive, which oftenleads her to misunderstandothers. Under all ofthat, however, Myrtle is Clockwise from top left: Myrtle teases a student. She floatsreally a good person. She nearly invisible in front of the bathroom window. Myrtle stareswants to help and be a good straight into the camera, eager to tell if cameraman has beenfriend, she just does not talking about her lately.know how to begin.
    • 16. JK RowlingJK Rowling was living inpoverty when she wrote oneof the highest selling booksin the world. In manyways, Mrs. Rowling is a rolemodel for fledglingauthors, who look at her asan example forperseverance. She createdvivid characters and aplotline that drew inreaders, and combined thesewith a will to follow her taleto the end. She is an absolutesuccess story. JKR is highlycreative and Clockwise from top left: JKR attends one of the Harry Potterintelligent, qualities that are movie premieres. She fulfills her role as the Harvardreflected in her work. commencement speaker. Mrs. Rowling poses with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last book in her bestselling series.