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Andrew Goodwin's Theory
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Andrew Goodwin's Theory


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  • 1. The Wanted – „Glad You Came‟Andrews Goodwin‟s Theory By Abbie Yapp
  • 2. Andrew Goodwin‟s 6 Features of Music Videos1. The relationship between lyrics and visuals. The lyrics are represented with images.2. There is a relationship between music and visuals. The tone and atmosphere of the visual reflects that of the music. ( Illustrate, amplify and disjuncture)Illustrate – Music videos can use a set of images to illustrate the meaning of lyrics and genre. Amplify- The meanings of the song are added to by the visuals. The visual aspects add an extra layer of meaning. Disjuncture- This is where the meaning of the song is completely ignored.3. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics.4. The demands of the record label will include the need for lotsof close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs whichrecur across their work.5. There is frequently reference to notion of looking andparticularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body.6. There are often intertextual reference.
  • 3. Relationship between lyrics and visuals “The sun goes down” “Im glad you came”“And I decided you look well on me, well on me” “Now Ill take you by the hand”
  • 4. Relationship between lyrics an visualsWithin the video there is a clear link shared between lyricsand visuals which relates back to Goodwin‟s theory.Examples of this include the band members interactingwith various people in the video in the certain ways thatare mentioned in the lyrics. For example, when the lyricssay „Take her by the hand‟ the video shows one of theband members joining hands with a woman.The lyrics are clearly depicting how the band members arehappy that they are joined by various attractive women.The visuals display each band member with beautifulwomen surrounding them and enjoying various holidayactivities such as on the beach and partying.
  • 5. Relationship between music and lyricsThe visuals relate to the music as it changes as the music does. Afterthe short vocal and piano intro the music fades out and the main beatkicks in. when this happens the visuals fade out in time with the musicand a montage of various shots are cut as the beat kicks in and eachshot matches the changing of the beat.The way in which the video responds to the music is via amplification.The visuals on screen add to the meaning of the song and emphasiswhat the band is singing. The editing of the video is relatively quick cutto match the music. The video also cuts between the performance ofthe band and various party scenes that are illustrating the lyrics o thesong, and creating a type of montage effect.
  • 6. Genre CharacteristicsThe Wanted display a typical pop genre boy band, this isdemonstrated through the use of characteristics within the video.The Wanted appearance displays a laid back look which reflectsa relaxed and informal atmosphere. The Wanted don‟t subjectifywomen in their video instead they idolizing this rejects the typicalboy band video you usually see within the music industry.The genre of video is categorised under pop genre whensearching in iTunes. The video displays typical group shots andindividual shots of the band members to allow the audience tointeract with each member. The montage of shots displayingparty scenes feature typical generic features commonly seenwithin the boy band pop genre.
  • 7. A common theme boy bands focus on is love, this is a clear theme throughout the video. A variety of mid shots are used to show close and sexualrelationships shared between the band members and the beautiful women.Throughout the video we are displayed with mid close ups showing bandmembers embracing beautiful women.
  • 8. Demands of the record label The record label has gone for a variety shots varying from close up‟s of each band member to a group shot of the whole band. As there is no dominant singer within the band each member has equal amount of camera time allowing each member to be recognized. This is done to demonstrate the importance each band member has within the video.The Wanted don‟t contain a visual style but follow with a casualclothing style within their music videos. This allows them to beknown for their music rather their visual style which allows theaudience to focus on the lyrics of the song rather than the visuals.
  • 9. Frequently reference to notion of looking Selected parts of the video shows women in a voyeuristic ways. In this mid shot a woman is being represented in a voyeuristic manor this promotes the notion of looking.Throughout the video woman are beingpresented in voyeuristic ways by wearingminimal clothing which centers our eyes to thewomens bodies.
  • 10. IntertextualReference The opening credits to the video apply intertextual reference to an opening credits of a film. The name of the band is the first text to be displayed within a shot which applies the importance of the band. This is becoming a common feature of their videos which allows them to create a brand image for the band. Similar styled fonts are used throughout their videos which is another way to create a brand identity.
  • 11. Examples of intertextualreferences