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Abbi sw 180 chatroom project

  1. 1. WESTCARE Uplifting the Human Spirit By Abbi Johnson
  2. 2. HISTORY  In 1973 WestCare was formed to provide community-based substance abuse treatment for those people from low-income households who would not otherwise have had access to treatment services.  Started as a residential treatment program with a therapeutic community treatment modality and focused on long-term care for hard-core adult male heroin addicts.
  3. 3. MISSION AND VISION  WestCare empowers everyone with whom we come into contact to engage in a process of healing, growth and change benefiting themselves, their families, co-workers and communities.  WestCare will devote its best collective and individual efforts toward “uplifting the human spirit” by consistently improving, expanding and strengthening the quality, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of everything we do in building for the future.
  4. 4. COMMUNITY CONTEXT  In 1992 WestCare’s Nationally successful rehab program takes over management of Fresno's current Substance abuse program called The Third Floor.  WestCares clinical success with the Third Floor leads to opening more facilities and offering more services.
  5. 5. OFFERED IN FRESNO…  California main administrative office  SASCA criminal justice case management  Family Foundation Program  Adolescent Outpatient Services  Adult residential substance abuse treatment services  M’ella Project – pregnant and parenting residential substance  abuse treatment  Women’s Long/Short-Term Residential Program (Women to Women)  Men’s Long-/Short-Term Residential Program  Division of Juvenile Justice Transitional Program  Residential Multi-Service Center (RMSC)  Certified providers of parenting, anger management and domestic  SMART 2 therapeutic children’s center  Sober Living
  6. 6. MEN'S RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM  Located in South West Fresno on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  Treatment stays range from 31 to 180 days  Clients are either self pay or are on contracts through the CA Department of Corrections, California Youth Authority or federal probation  Services included in this program are group and individual counseling, alcohol and drug education classes, relapse prevention, 12-step meetings, mental health treatment, HIV/AIDS education and family support services
  7. 7. The mens residential facility deals with many at-risk- populations, including:  Alocoholics  Drug addicts  The unemployed  The homeless  Convicted criminals  The mentally ill Since any one of these can hinder successful reintegration into society they are all addressed and evaluated with the client at the facility.
  8. 8. AGENCY PRACTICES  Clients are offered a battery of medical tests, with a TB test mandatory  Clients sign a contract outlining what they can possess and what they can do during treatment  Participation in contracted activities is mandatory These and all other agency practices ensure the highest possible rate of success.
  9. 9. The addressing of addiction treatment as a benefit to society and to the client identifies this work as high priority and tall on the ladder of social justice.