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Web banner powerpoint

  1. 1. WEB BANNER Jess Britton
  2. 2.  When I was creating my web banner I decided to make something that related to my advert. The background of the banner is the same as the can, and since the can has been used for the advert I thought it would be best to use it. This would help the viewer make a connection between the advert, the can and the banner because they all look similar. When I was planning on how the rest of my web banner was going to look, I decided that there needed to be a border round it, to make it look better overall. After this I decided that I would take the image of the logo and edit it so it looks only white and embossed. This would show people straight away what the advert is for. The second edit that I did is the second part of the web banner. This would appear about 2 seconds after the first and it would provide people with more information. The third edit would appear in the same way. I decided that it would be best to make the advert in three different stages, because then I could spread the information out. This would make it better for people to understand, and people will be able to read it quickly. I decided that I needed to place an image of the can that I made on the web banner because it shows the viewer what the web banner is for. I decided after I completed this and put them all on the same Photoshop document, that they needed to be changed to look more appealing. I changed the colours and the layout, and I rasterised the type so I could emboss it and give it a shadow. I also added another part to the web banner, to show people at the end what the web banner was about, because this web banner would go through the different edits quite quickly, so it would be useful for the Irn Bry logo to be used quite often. If I was to do this web banner again I would bring in more graphics and images. I would make more edits for different sections of the banner and have the image of the can bigger, so that people will know straight away what they are looking at. I decided that I needed to change the colours from black to blue and orange because it ties in better with the colours that the company use.