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  • 1. TASK 9 Jess Britton
  • 2.  For my fanzine I decided that I needed to get a few images from the internet on animal testing. When I looked up images on the subject, I found a lot of images that I couldn’t use. These are the images that I decided to use because they conveyed the message that I wanted to put across, without it being too distressing. I believe that these three images will grab peoples attention, they are images that will provoke a reaction and it will be the best three images to use. I will experiment with the layout of my fanzine layout, and I will make sure that all the images help to produce a idea of what the article is tying to say.
  • 3. For my fanzine I looked at fonts from DaFont.com. I decided that it would be best to use fonts that show how horrific the article is. I found these fonts, and I believe that these are the best fonts that I could find that show the message I want to portray. There were a lot of fonts that were quite similar, so these were just an example of what I could use. I could use this for any writing that I want in bold, like a drop capital, the headline and any words that I want people to be drawn to first. I will use these for the page numbers and the date as well because I believe that if I use these fonts a lot then it will seem more horrific. I believe that its best to use as many of the fonts that I chose as possible, because it varies the look of the page and it would make people more interested in what the page has to offer.
  • 4. When I first made my flat plan I decided it would be best to make just a single page, but after trying to put the article and the images on I decided that I couldn’t fit it all on, so I decided to change and make a double page spread. These are the two different flat plans that I made for the article. The first one is the one that I made for the single page, and the second is the one I made for the double. I believe that if I was making a layout for a broadsheet article I would be able to fit all the information that I wanted to on the one page, but since I am able to lay out the information and the images the way I wanted to I believe that a double page spread would be better. I decided that I needed to make the layout of the double page spread different, so that the text works around the images. I believe that overall the final flat plan that I made works, because I would be able to get all the text in, as well as having a lot of free space for my background image.
  • 5. This is the development of my double page spread. I believe that by doing a double page spread the layout works better. At first I tried to get all the information to work on a single page, but after moving stuff around and trying out different layouts, I couldn’t make this work, so I decided that I needed to make it a double. After deciding this I placed the article on the page. I kept changing the layout of this, and I finally decided on putting the text to the sides and the bottom of the page, so that I could fit in an image at the back. When I was deciding on an image for the background, I decided against using an image of an animal being tested in a lab. I believe that this would be too much for a background and I believe that the image that I chose works better, because it simply shows where the animals will be tested. At first I used another image of the brands that test on animals, but I decided after looking at the product finished that I needed at least one image of an animal being tested. I decided to place this at the bottom right side of the page instead of the other image. I believe that this adds more to the finished product then the first image, because it will attract more sympathy then the first. Overall I believe that I made my double page spread to a professional standard because I used aspects like drop capitals and fonts to really get the message of my article across. I believe that my use of images worked too because they show what the article is about without being too distressing.