Task 8


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Task 8

  1. 1. TASK 8 Jess Britton
  2. 2.  Since we were designing our work as the front cover of a tabloid, I decided to look up what style I should be working to. I found various images on Google for the Sun and the Daily Star, and found a few examples that I could use. I decided that I should have adverts and snippets of articles on the left of the page, an image covering most of the top right and some text covering the fist part of my badger cull article. Since there is a lot going on in every example that I looked at, I will need to make sure that I use a lot of different text and images to make mine look as busy as possible. I can see that the majority of the colours that are used are red, white, black and yellow. I will make sure that I mirror this colour scheme so that I am able to get my layout to look as similar to the real thing as possible. I will use images from the internet that relates to my article, and other images that relate to ones that I will write up. I will use text from actual articles that have been published in tabloid newspapers, which will make it look professional.
  3. 3.  Since I was looking at different tabloid newspapers, I thought it would be a good idea to use the masthead of one on my work. I believe that this makes my work look more professional, and I believe that this looks similar to the real thing. I decided that I needed to have a sidebar on the left to hold other articles from the newspaper. I believe that since I found an example from the internet it looks professional, but I know that I could have improved it by writing the articles myself. I believe however that the way I did it doesn’t compromise the quality, but if I wanted to improve my work further I would write them up myself and create new stories. I believe that because I stuck to the same layouts as tabloids newspapers my front cover looks more realistic then, for example, if I had created a front cover with a new masthead, and used colours like green or blue. Most of the tabloids that are sold have a red and black colour scheme, so it makes sense that I use the same colours. I decided to use the protest image because I believe it explains the point of the article well and it will get people interested. I made the background behind the first part of the article red because I believe that it makes the page look better and more like a tabloid paper. It makes that part of the page stand out, and it looks better overall than the white, and since there are red borders around the image and the sidebar, then it doesn’t look like its out of place or shouldn’t be there. I decided to put a drop capital on my work as well, because I believe this makes the whole page look more like a front cover for a newspaper.