Task 5 font re done
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Task 5 font re done






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Task 5 font re done Task 5 font re done Presentation Transcript

  • FONT TEST Jess Britton
  •  Since I am making a brand new product, I need to find a suitable font. I decided on these five fonts because I believe they have a strong resemblance to the original Irn Bru font. These five fonts are all quite different, and I found that the last font would work the best. This would be because it would be easy to place on many different products, and it will be easy to read. I decided against the other four because even though they would be good enough to use, they wouldn’t be able to use on a whole range of products because they wouldn’t be that easy to understand. I can see this because I decided to see how the sizes would effect the look of the text. Most of them were quite hard to see when they are made smaller, and even though the first font I experimented with was easy to understand it didn’t look the part because its quite bland.
  • For my second font test I decided to find a simple font and see what the change would be in front of many different colours. I believe that this change would be the same with any font, so I decided to only use one font, because then I can focus on the difference. I found out that brighter colours might be too distracting to use when creating my products, and the example with the black background works best because it highlights the text the best. I believe that if I use quite calm and dark colours, like dark greens reds and blacks, then the text that I produce will stand out more then if I use a bright coloured background. I will take this into account when I am making my products because I believe that people will want to see what the brand is more then how bright the products are, I believe by making the brand stand out more will be more useful when making my products.