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Production advert 3 powerpoint

  1. 1. PRODUCTION Jess Britton
  2. 2.  When I was creating this advert, I decided that I could create two adverts that were a bit different. For example with this one the advert would be on a double page spread. When I was looking for an image for this advert, I wanted to get an image that represented Scotland, so I looked up images of Scottish landmarks and buildings and I found this image. When I loaded it onto Photoshop I decided to change the vibrancy, the colour of the flag and use the slogan that I chose. I decided that the second advert that I created wasn’t appealing enough, so I found an image that had a few different things going on to draw the viewer in. I believe that this image worked quite well because its simple, but the use of the scottish flag would draw people in. If I was to do this advert again, I would change the image to something even more simple. I might use the image of the Scottish flag, but produce a black or blue background and have the flag as the focus.
  3. 3.  I decided that I could use the same advert, and create something that could go on one page. Since there was no place to put the image of the can that I made, I decided to cover the image with the can, change the opacity and change the look of the advert. When it is printed in magazines I would make sure that the top layer is printed onto clear plastic, so that it would look similar to the image that I created on Photoshop, and you could move the top layer so you can read what's on the bottom. I decided to make this top layer because I couldn’t fit the image of the can that I produced on the advert itself. If I was to make this advert again, I would design it the same as the first advert that I produced with the same image. I believe that if I did this the whole advert would be more appealing, and more people would take an interest because its not a landscape photograph. However I believe that this finished advert works quite well because it clearly shows what the advert is about and what the focus is, and the image ties in with some of the adverts that Irn Bru have made previously.