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  5. 5. Use this slide to annotate your final image
  6. 6. Use this slide to annotate your final image
  7. 7. When I was planning my work I decided that I wanted to create five final images, three being of old looking photographs, and the other two experimenting with light. With these three images I can see that I have completed my goals; I have used different photographic techniques, and I have tried to make my images look as old as possible. I decided that I needed to find different objects that looked quite old, to make the image look more legitimate. I was going to try using multi media techniques for my final images, but I found that that didn’t work out. The first final image that I completed was just an experiment with the clone stamp in Photoshop. I found that this technique worked well, and I found that it was a modern take on the photomontage effect. I believe that this image is experimental because it doesn’t look like a regular photograph of an old watch. For these images I tried to get the images to look as antique and old as possible, but with a modern twist. I decided to use the black and white effect in that way because it conveyed the same effect, its trying to look old but modernised at the same time. I used the same effect on the next final image, and I made it look like two negatives have been printed onto the same image, just like it used to do when negatives got printed together by mistake. When I was editing the second two images together, I found that I needed to make the image look grainy, to make it look older. When I was creating these images I found that it was quite easy to get the effect that I wanted. I anticipated this, and created another two images later on. The influences I have for these images would be all the old photographs that I have seen in the past. I always thought that old images looked better sometimes then new ones, and they told a better story than images do now. I was going to get an old passport, make it look old and place in an old photograph. I would have done this by using tea and coffee to get the old look on the pages, then edit the photograph of the person on Photoshop. This didn’t work because although I have an old passport that I don’t use, I couldn’t find it. I believe that my work looks aesthetically pleasing because I believe they all look quite interesting and unusual. I believe that the first image worked the best simply because it looks so unique and different. I decided after I experimented with the clone tool that this image would look better than the original. This was when I figured out that making old looking images was a good idea to start of with, but then making them look different and weird would make it look better overall. The aspects of these images that I believe could have been better would be the techniques that I used. Since the main technique that I was going to use for these was multimedia I can see that a lot more could have been added to it. 7
  8. 8. If I was to do these images again I would make sure that I use a particular technique, and I plan exactly what images I was going to take. I would make sure that the images look more professional and interesting, and I would use Photoshop to highlight this. I could do additional work for these images, I could use paint over the images, I could frame them or put them onto a canvas, and I could maybe produce a few negatives, since these are supposed to represent images taken when negatives were use. I believe that the colours that I have used with these images show exactly what I wanted to achieve when I planned my images. The first image is monochrome, as well as the second. This is the colours that would have been used at that time, because it wouldn’t be able to be printed in any other colour. With the first image that I did I found that I needed to get the right black and white look, since most of them look too fake. I believe that the composition of my images worked well, because I was able to take the image at a decent angle. Even for the second image, which was difficult to pull off because the subject wouldn’t stop moving. I believe that the images that I have produced fit the brief, because I believe that these images are experimental. I believe that overall my images fitted the brief. I believe that they worked together as a set and they matched the planning that I did at the beginning. Overall I believe that these two images are experimental because they are experimenting with trying to make a new photograph look old, while adding something modern. 8