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Prabhavya for nh hospitals Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Social Media StrategyProposed Approach
  • 2. Social Media: Defined What is Social Media anyways? Tools Trends How people use decentralized, people-based networks to get the things they need from each other rather than from traditional institutions, like business or media. The Bottom Line: Social media isn’t just a list of destinations. It’s a new standard of expectations.
  • 3. Education Observation Broadcast Participation Relationship Collaboration 1 WAY > 2 WAY TAKE VALUE > GIVE VALUE Social Media: History
  • 4. CONTENT Works like: Blogs RECOMMENDATIONS CONNECTIONS Works like: Digg Works like: Facebook Wikis Twitter You Tube Google Social Media: How We Use It The ways people use social media today: - Create Content - Make Recommendations - Make Connections
  • 5. Social Media: How We Use It Online quest for healthcare information: ­ Symptoms ­ Health problems ­ Treatments ­ Referrals ­ Specialists ­ Costs ­ How to cope with diagnoses ­ Support for friends and family That ultimately impacts purchasing decisions: • Where to go • Who to see • What to buy
  • 6. How Can a Hospital Use Social Media? Hospitals can leverage social media in following ways: •Customer Service A contact point for customers •Community Outreach The people in your community are on these sites right now •Patients Education A natural extension of effort to reach & teach •Public Relations The media is looking stories & sources •Crisis Communication Take control of the message and keep the community updated in real time
  • 7. Social Presence: Global Hospitals Facebook Since: September 2010 Fans: 2710 PTAT: 186 Twitter Followers: 753 Following: 1827 Tweets: 597 Influence: 0.2 YouTube Since: April 2010 Subscribers: 36 Avg. Video Views: 305 LinkedIn Followers: 488 Posts: 0
  • 8. Objective Drive awareness and engage with target audience by effectively communicating expertise & thought leadership through Digital Media Engage Target Audience Address Needs Inculcate Trust
  • 9. The audience for Narayana Hrudayalaya will typically fall under the following segments: •Patients – National & International •Community •Employees •Physicians •Key Stakeholders Audience Segments
  • 10. AAwareness CConsideration PPreference AAction LLoyalty Value Chain Advertising We find the Audience Discovery The Audience find Us Consumption Brand Content Conversation Third Party Discussions Engagement Content & Social Platforms, Experience, Value Demonstration, Social Devotion
  • 11. Awareness Advertising • Based on Audience Profiling and Segmentation • Brand Driven – Pay to appear where the audience is • Could be Display, Text, or Video – CPC/CPM Based pricing Discovery •Based on Audience Interests •Audience discovers brand content while searching for something they want •Generates Qualified Engagement and Leads •Driven by High Quality Content + SEO
  • 12. Digital Dichotomy Engagement opportunity • Cater to the digital Need Spectrum- Consume – Converse – Create & Contribute • Leverage Primary Audience Motivation & Drivers • The 9:1 Rule Demonstrate Value • No Hard Sell What Brands are used to Marketing Message Broadcast One Way Communication Unbiased Information Value Choices Mutual Relevance
  • 13. Content Grid Articles Ebooks News Events Ratings Demo Videos Reports & White Papers Widgets Community Forums Celebrity Endorsement Reviews Case Studies Product Features Interactive Demos Checklists Data Sheet/ Price Guide Webinars Numbers Infographics Guides Press Releases Trends Competitions Quizzes Virals Brand Videos Games PurchaseAwareness Entertain Educate Convince Inspire
  • 14. Engagement Strategy Ongoing Engagement Objectives: •Drive awareness & Build relationships based on demonstrated value Indicative Tactics: •Broad-based content strategy that focuses on communicating the value proposition in terms of Competence, Convenience, and Customer Centricity •Engagement through value-focused content to drive recall & build credibility – E.g. Infographics, Flowcharts •Highlighting – achievements, patents, certifications , testimonials & reviews •Project a humanized brand personality on platforms like twitter to attract secondary audiences. Campaign Driven Engagement Objectives: •Preference & Adoption Indicative Tactics: •Integrating on ground activities with digital – Community Health Outreach - •Social Cause Slacktivism Campaign E.g. Blood donation, Organ Donation •Focus on Conversion (Trial) and supported through PPC advertising
  • 15. Digital Assets Types • Paid - Advertising (Display & PPC) • Earned - 3rd Party Mentions, online PR, User Review & Ratings • Shared - 3rd Party Social & Content Platforms like Facebook/Twitter • Owned - Website, Blog, Social Aggregation Platform Medium Term Asset Strategy Objective • Minimum Paid Assets to Engagement Campaign Focused Advertising • Maximize Earned Assets • Maximize Shared and Owned Asset engagement
  • 16. Recommended Digital Assets Owned Assets Brand Website: • B2C Focus • Blog • Social Content Aggregation & Conversation Curating • Contest, Apps & User Generated Content • Unified Social experience • RSS Feed to enable syndication Shared Assets •Facebook - Visual Content •Twitter - Alerts and Conversation •Youtube - Video Content •Pinterest - Visual Content •Google+ – Visual Content •LinkedIn – Corporate Branding & Recruitment
  • 17. Digital Strategy Overview Owned Brand Assets • Brand Website • Blog Content Web • Article Directories • 3rd Party Blogs •Shared Content Platforms e.g. Slideshare, Scribed Social Web •Social Networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn • Social Media Platforms e.g. Youtube, Pinterest Search Optimization Traffic Traffic Traffic Advertising (Display & PPC) Traffic, Content Curation & Aggregation Search Optimization Modular Content Marketing Tracking & Monitoring (Web + Social Analytics)
  • 18. KPI & Analytics In addition to tracking and measuring digital assets, all modular digital objects (shareable content) have unique urls in order to track effectiveness and overall contribution.
  • 19. | +91 9980008984 Thank You