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One of the greatest superstars of music, cinema, theater and human rights causes

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Barbra Streisand - JukeBox

  1. 1. BarbraStreisandBiography&Juke-BoxYou Dont Bring Me FlowersWoman in LoveMemoryThe Way We WerePeopleThe Music of the NightI Won’t Be the one to Let GoEvergreenDuet with Neil DiamondDuet with Michael CrawfordDuet with Barry Manilow
  2. 2. BiographyBarbra Joan Streisand, born April 24, 1942, is an American singer-songwriter, actress,writer, film producer, and director.She has won 2 Academy Awards, 11 Golden Globes, 10 Grammy Awards, 5 EmmyAwards including one Daytime Emmy, a Special Tony Award, an American Film Instituteaward, a Kennedy Center Honors award, a Peabody Award.She is one of the most commercially and critically successful entertainers in modernentertainment history, with more than 71.5 million albums shipped in the United Statesand 145 million records sold worldwide.She is the best-selling female artist on the Recording Industry Association of Americas(RIAA) Top Selling Album Artists list, the only female recording artist in the top ten, andthe only artist outside of the rock and roll genre.
  3. 3. After beginning a successful recording career in the 1960s, by the end of the decade,Streisand ventured into film starring in the critically acclaimed “Funny Girl” (1968) and“Hello, Dolly!” (1969), the former for which she won the Academy Award and Golden GlobeAward for Best Actress.Other notable films include, “The Way We Were” and “A Star Is Born” for which shereceived her second Academy Award for composing the lyrics to the picture’s main song,Evergreen.Streisand established herself as one of the film industry’s most notable figures during the80’s, by becoming the first woman to direct, produce, script and star in her own picture.According to the RIAA, Streisand holds the record for the most top-ten albums of anyfemale recording artist, a total of 36 since 1963.Streisand has the widest span (48 years) between first and latest top-ten albums of anyfemale recording artist. With her 2009 album, Love Is the Answer, she became one of therare artists to achieve number-one albums in five consecutive decades. According to theRIAA, she has released 51 Gold albums, 30 Platinum albums, and 13 Multi-Platinumalbums in the United States.
  4. 4. Career Milestones1960 - Achieved success as a singer at “The Lion”, a popular nightclub in ManhattansGreenwich Village1960 - Stage acting debut, "The Insect Comedy"1961 - First television appearance, "The Tonight Show" (NBC) with host Jack Paar1961 - Made off-Broadway debut in the revue "Another Evening with Harry Stoones"1962 - Made Broadway debut in "I Can Get It For You Wholesale“, as the secretary MissMarmelstein; received a Tony nomination.1962 - Put under contract by Columbia Records in October1963 - Released first solo album “The Barbra Streisand Album”1964 - Breakthrough stage role, played Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl"; received second Tonynomination.1966 - Made London stage debut reprising her Broadway success in "Funny Girl"
  5. 5. 1968 - Made film debut in director William Wylers adaptation of "Funny Girl“1969 - Starred in the overblown film version of "Hello, Dolly!" directed by Gene Kelly1972 - Delivered a fine comic turn in "Whats Up, Doc?"; first screen teaming with RyanONeal1972 - Formed Barwood Films; first Barwood-produced film, "Up the Sandbox"1973 - Appeared opposite Robert Redford in "The Way We Were"; also sang the themesong; earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination1974 - Reprised role of Fanny Brice in the sequel "Funny Lady"1976 - First film as executive producer, "A Star Is Born"; also starred and composed someof the songs1979 - Produced first film "The Main Event"; re-teamed on screen with Ryan ONeal1983 - Made feature directorial and screenwriting (co-writer) debut with “ Yentl "; alsoproduced and played the title role of a woman who poses as a boy to study the Talmud1985 - Returned to theatrical roots with The Broadway Album
  6. 6. 1987 - Starred as an upper-class woman forced into prostitution and accused ofmurdering one of her clients in "Nuts"; also served as producer and composer1991 - Directed Oscar-nominated Best Picture "The Prince of Tides"; also starred andserved as a producer1993 - Released second recording of theater music Back to Broadway1994 - Headlined landmark multi-city concert tour; concerts were taped and aired firston HBO and in a slightly revised form on CBS1995 - Executive produced the Emmy winning TV movie "Serving in Silence: TheMargarethe Cammermeyer Story" (NBC).1996 - Directed third film "The Mirror Has Two Faces"; also starred, produced, andcontributed to the score1999 - Headlined a "farewell" concert tour with concerts in Las Vegas on 1999 NewYears Eve and New Years Day 2000; aired on Fox in 2001 as "Barbra StreisandTimeless"
  7. 7. 2000 - Executive produced Showtime original movie "Frankie and Hazel"2000 - Executive produced a series of PBS specials that aired under the umbrella title"The Living Century"2001 - Executive produced Showtime original movie "Varians War"2001 - Served as executive producer of Lifetime lesbian-themed movie "What Makes aFamily"2003 - Received Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for The MovieAlbum2004 - Teamed with Dustin Hoffman to play Ben Stillers parents in "Meet the Fockers"2010 - Reprised role of Ben Stillers mother Roz Focker in "Little Fockers"2012 - Co-starred with Seth Rogen as a mother-and-son duo driving cross-country in"The Guilt Trip"; also executive produced2012 - Compiled previously unreleased tracks into the album “Release Me”
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