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Sustainable Boston: "A Greenprint for our future"
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Sustainable Boston: "A Greenprint for our future"


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  • 1. Sustainable Boston: “A Greenprint for our future” Mayor Thomas M. Menino James W. Hunt, III Chief of Environmental and Energy Services Maverick Gardens Boston Housing Authority Photo Voltaic Panels
  • 2. Mayor Menino’s National Leadership on Sustainability ● Early Signatory to US Conference of Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement ● Issued Sweeping Climate Action Executive Order ● Boston ranked 7th most sustainable city
  • 3. Mayor Menino’s Climate Action Agenda and Executive Order ● Ambitious GHG Reduction Goals: -7% below 1990 levels by 2012 -80% below 1990 levels by 2050 ● Enhance mitigation strategies: energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, urban forestry, recycling ● Prepare for climate change and adaptation – integrated planning ● Work with businesses and residents on city- wide strategy through the Mayor’s Josiah Quincy School Community Climate Action Task Force Green Roof Project
  • 4. Why are environmental and climate change issues important for Boston? ● Sea level rise and more intense storm activities threaten public and private property (since 1996: two 100-yr storms, three 50-yr storms, and three 25-yr storms) ● Urban Heat Island Effect increases temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit – impacting public health, safety, energy consumption ● Local air quality impacts exacerbate respiratory ailments ● Enhance Economic Competitiveness / CleanTech
  • 5. Climate Action and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions – 300,000 tons of CO2 Municipal GHGs by Sector Water/S ew age 5% S treetlights 9% V ehicles 12% B uildings 74%
  • 6. Energy Conservation • Municipal Energy Management – IEMP 362 Buildings Focusing on Top 10 • 20 – 25% electricity reduction identified in IEMP, potential savings of over $1m annually for Top 10 buildings alone LED Traffic Signals City Hall Green Roof Demonstration Project
  • 7. Renewable Energy ● 11.7% of City’s electricity purchase comes from green power ● Solar and wind power installations at City facilities ● Solar Boston Initiative Mayor Menino dedicates 2.3 kW solar panels IBEW Local 103 Boston Arts Academy 100 kW Turbine
  • 8. Clean Transportation & Air Quality City’s 450 diesel vehicles now run on ultra low sulfur fuel City purchase 650,000 gallons of bio-diesel 500+ school buses retrofitted with pollution control technologies Clean Cabs Mayor Menino Dedicates First Green Cab
  • 9. Growing Boston’s Urban Forest to 35% Tree Canopy by 2030 East Boston Roxbury West Roxbury
  • 10. Boston’s Green Building Strategy Oct. 2002: Dedication of George Robert White Environmental Conservation Center Boston Nature Center, Mattapan June 2003: Mayor names Green Building Task Force 2003-2004: Task Force Convenes over 12 months Nov. 2004: Mayor Receives Task Force Recommendations and Announces Three Year Implementation Plan
  • 11. Green Building Action Plan City Development LEED Silver Boston Zoning 80B John Hancock Building LEED Certifiable Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  • 12. Boston Green Building Zoning - Article 37 ● Requires all Large Projects (50,000 sf +) to meet LEED Certified Standards ● LEED Certified = 26 of 69 Available Points [LEED New Construction] ● Boston Priority Points
  • 13. Boston Green Building Credits – 4 Available Points Boston Public Health Prerequisite Diesel Retrofit of construction vehicles Outdoor Construction Management Plan Integrated Pest Management Boston Credits 1. Modern Grid Credit 2. Historic Preservation Credit 3. Groundwater Recharge Credit 4. Modern Mobility Credit
  • 14. Article 37 Compliance Procedures “Certified vs. Certifiable” Boston Green Building Interagency Review Committee Project Notification Form ● Identify project team’s expertise & any LEED Accredited Professionals ● Include LEED Score Card with proposed point outcome ● State if the project will be registered with USGBC for LEED Certification Artists for Humanities Building
  • 15. Review & Submission Procedures (continued) Draft Project Impact Report / Final Project Impact Report ● Submit LEED Score Card with explanation on how each point will be achieved ● Review with Boston Interagency Green Building Committee Board Approval ● Include LEED Score Card and specific point outcome ● State if the project will be registered with US GBC and if seeking LEED Certification
  • 16. Reviewed Within Existing Timeline
  • 17. “High performance buildings are the future. As we continue to grow our city, we will do so in a way that is even more sustainable.” – Mayor Thomas M. Menino