Federal Green Building Policies and Programs


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Federal Green Building Policies and Programs

  1. 1. Federal Green Building Policies and Programs Cynthia Greene, Sr. Advisor Office of Assistance and Pollution Prevention 7/25/07
  2. 2. Federal and EPA Green Building Efforts Federal Legislation and the Capitol Facility EPA’s National Network EPA New England AIA MOU EPA New England Buildings Community Energy Challenge
  3. 3. Green Building and EPA In the United States, buildings account for: 39 % of total energy use 12 % of the total water consumption 68 % of total electricity consumption 38 % of the carbon dioxide emissions 136 million tons per year of construction and demolition debris
  4. 4. Federal Legislation High Performance Green Building Act
  5. 5. Green the Capitol
  6. 6. Congress – The House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi’s Green Capitol Initiative – Carbon neutrality in 18 months – Energy efficiency projects – Environmentally Preferable Procurement – Fleet – Energy Expo for staff – Green Revolving Fund
  7. 7. EPA’s National Green Building Workgroup Formed in 2003, meets monthly Coordinates cross-office interaction, information sharing and marketing 30 Offices and 10 Regions participating www.epa/greenbuilding
  8. 8. EPA New England and Green Buildings On-line resources EPA programs and sectors Educating our staff AIA MOU Our Buildings Work with the States
  9. 9. EPA New England On-line Resources Energy Website www.epa.gov/region01/eco/energy/index - Energy Star - Global Climate Change - Transportation and Fuels - Community Energy Challenge Green Building Website - www.epa.gov/region1/topics/envpractice/gbuildings - Residential green building guide - Reuse in New England guide - College and University Best Management Practices
  10. 10. EPA Programs and Sectors Brownfields Smartgrowth Hospitals College and Universities
  11. 11. Green Expo
  12. 12. Memorandum of Understanding with American Institute of Architects 2/2005 EPA HQs signs an MOU with AIA 5/2005 EPA Region 2 signs MOU with NY and NJ AIA 1/2006 16 Federal Agencies sign Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings
  13. 13. EPA New England MOU with AIA
  14. 14. North Chelmsford Laboratory Gold LEED building
  15. 15. Post Office Court House
  16. 16. EPA New England Community Energy Challenge New England has among the nation’s highest energy costs – Our 1500 cities, towns spend nearly one billion dollars every year on energy for buildings and schools Energy used in buildings is the number one source of GHG emissions in most communities
  17. 17. EPA New England Community Energy Challenge (continued) EPA is Challenging Every City and Town to: – Commit to energy efficiency by taking the Challenge – Benchmark all buildings and/or schools – Set a target to reduce energy use by 10% or more – Promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in the community EPA will provide: – High Profile Regional and National Recognition – Free training and technical support
  18. 18. For more information Green Buildings Cynthia Greene 617-918-1813 greene.cynthia@epa.gov Myra Schwartz 617-918-1696 schwartz.myra@epa.gov Community Energy Challenge Shubhada Kambli 617-918-1584 kambli.shubhada@epa.gov