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SME Consulting is a well-known organization that specializes in sports, media, and entertainment. Our group provides general consulting services and management services, promotional marketing, and …

SME Consulting is a well-known organization that specializes in sports, media, and entertainment. Our group provides general consulting services and management services, promotional marketing, and contract negotiation. We have 20 years experience and are based out of Orlando, Florida, but provide services within the United States.
Due to the size of our organization and the recent increase in contracts, we are looking for a team to design, plan, and execute a solution that meets one of our two needs: a commercial for SME services or a promotional event centered around our clients.
Commercial: We would like to hire an organization that has experience in developing and executing both television and radio commercials. The minimum requirements for meeting this need include: A 15 and 30 second commercial designed for both TV and radio Commercials must be creative and entertaining Commercials should highlight services provided by SME Consulting Budget: $75,000
Event: We are looking to select an organization that will help us bring awareness to artists and athletes located in the Central Florida area. to design, plan, and execute a 4th of July event around the Central Florida Area. The event guidelines are as follows:
The event will take place over the July 4th, 2011 weekend The location must be within the Central Florida region Entertainment must be provided by local artists and athletes Event may be invitation only or open to the public The event may be designed to benefit a charity, but is not required Budget: $100,000

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. “Capturing  Quality  …  Creating  Excellence”   A Proposal To: SME Consulting Agency December 14, 2010 GGMT Entertainment Studios GGMT  ENTERTAINMENT  STUDIOS   Toll  Free:  1-­‐800-­‐556-­‐8200   Local:  407.976.8530   Fax:  401.976.8531  
  • 2. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYOBJECTIVE:GGMT   Entertainment   Studios   established   in   2000   have   been   providing   services   to   the   Central  Florida   area   for   the   last   ten   years.   GGMT   is   proficient   in   film,   video,   photography,   promotional,  marketing   and   advertising   services   in   the   form   of   commercials   via   television,   Internet   and   radio.  GGMT   has   worked   with   over   a   hundred   consulting   and   marketing   firms   that   provide   a   variety   of  elaborate  services.  GMMT  has  a  built  a  firm  foundation,  gained  valuable  business  relationships  and  have  indeed  made  an  impact  within  the  entertainment  industry.    GGMT  Entertainment  will  produce  a  high  quality  commercial  and  radio  advertisement  to  promote,  market   and   highlight   the   services   of   SME   Consulting   guarantying   to   generate   higher   revenue,  business  ventures  and  acquire  future  and  potential  clients  to  SME  Consulting  Agency.  We  promise  to  set   your   company   apart   by   creating   a   radio   “jingle”   ad   that   is   sure   to   catch   the   attention   of   potential  and   future   clients.   GGMT   is   put   into   place   to   highlight   and   provide   assistance   to   your   company’s  services  by  enhancing  the  growth  and  expansion  by  building  future  customer  relations.    GGMT  Entertainment  guarantees  customer  satisfaction  and  we  take  extreme  pride  in  the  work  we  produce.   We   guarantee   to   provide   a   timely   efficient   and   scheduled   project   with   a   practicable  budgeting  approach  that  is  manageable  and  obtainable.    Our  mission  is  to  provide  our  clients  with  the  best.    We  guarantee  that  our  commercial  and  radio  advertisement  will  bring  awareness  and  gain  mass  recognition.    In   the   allotted   time   of   eight   weeks   we   pledge   to   provide   the   final   and   completed   television  commercial  and  radio  advertisement  showcasing  the  services  of  SME  Consulting.  Given  the  budget  of  $75,000  we  only  plan  to  use  $55,000  of  the  given  amount.  With  $30,000  going  into  development  expenses   and   $8,800   going   to   Pre-­‐Production   and   $6,450   to   Production   and   $7400   to   Post-­‐Production.   Our   company   is   cost   effective   guarantying   to   provide   superior   and   top-­‐notch  multimedia  videos  and  advertisement  productions.   COMPANY
  • 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSExecutive  Summary  .............................................................................................................................1    Objective  and  Goal  Management  Section............................................................................................................................2    Deliverables    Project  Schedule    Tasks  Team  Overview......................................................................................................................................3      Team  Bios  Cost  Section   .......................................................................................................................................4    Assumptions   .......................................................................................................................................5      Appendix   .......................................................................................................................................6    Appendix  (A)  –  Sample  of  Weekly  Progress  Report    Appendix  (B)  –  Month  1  Calendar  and  Schedule    Appendix  (C)  -­‐  Month  2  Calendar  and  Schedule    Appendix  (D)  –  Financial  Graph  Chart    Appendix  (E)  –  Professional  Resume    Appendix  (F)  –  Risk  Matrix      
  • 4. 2. MANAGEMENT SECTIONDeliverablesWe   are   a   highly   professional   production   company   guarantying   to   provide   superb   client  satisfaction.     GGMT   will   provide   the   necessary   formalities   offering   security   that   will   establish  and   build   trusting   business   relationships.   GMMT   will   provide   the   necessary   documentation  pre-­‐completion  of  the  final  project.    Listed   below   is   a   description   of   each   deliverable   that   will   be   provided   during   the   projects  planning  process  and  upon  completion.      Storyboard:  GGMT  will  provide  an  illustrative  representation  of  the  film  sequence  in  a   series   of   consecutive   sketches   arranged   accordantly   depicting   the   changing   of   each   scene,   segment   and   action   in   its   precise   order   of   how   the   commercial   would   be   shot   and  filmed.        Script:   GGMT   will   provide   a   preliminary   script   by   providing   the   exact   dialogue   and   narrative  for  the  television  commercial  and  radio  advertisement.      Clearance:   To   avoid   expensive   fines   and   potential   risks   GMMT   has   the   necessary   permits   and   licenses   that   abide   by   all   federal,   state   and   local   regulations.   This   documentation   is   available   in   place   so   that   any   legal   department   can   view   to   verify   authorization.      Keynote:   GGMT   will   provide   a   professional   keynote   presentation   that   will   further   highlight   our   company’s   objective,   mission   and   brief   portfolio.   As   well   as   proving   a   digital  based  presentation  of  how  GGMT  plans  to  design,  plan  and  execute  our  vision   for  your  company.      Progress  Report:  GGMT  will  provide  a  detailed  progress  report  of  weekly  scheduled   developments,  ideas,  and  updates  of  project.  We  plan  to  execute  proficiently  within  the   given  schedule  and  allotted  time  frame.                                                                                                                                                                                              See   Appendix   (A)   for   an   example   of   weekly   progress   report.  
  • 5. Project ScheduleDuring   pre-­‐production,   production,   and   postproduction   there   are   various   tasks   and  responsibilities  that  must  transpire  in  order  to  have  a  successful  project.  Listed  below  are  the  phases  of  production  including  tasks  and  milestones.      See  Appendix  items  (B)  and  (C)  for  example  of  Calendar  and  Schedule    Phase I:In   this   phase   the   team   will   brainstorm   and   develop   a   cohesive   idea   for   both   the   television  commercial   and   radio   advertisement   so   that   it   will   be   suitable   for   the   liking   and   consideration  of  SME  Consulting.  During  Phase  I  and  after  the  ideas  and  concepts  have  been  developed,  our  team  will  then  begin  to  develop  a  full  script  and  narrative  dialogue  that  will  help  promote  the  services  of  SME  Consulting.      Phase II:In   this   phase   our   team   we   be   contacting   the   necessary   parties   that   will   help   assist   in   the  production   of   the   project.   Bookings   for   locations   as   well   as   permits   and   clearance   will   all   be  available  in  order  to  continue  with  production  to  abide  by  federal,  state  and  local  government  regulations.   During   this   stage   cast,   crew,   rental   equipment,   food,   catering   and   on   site  production  teams  will  be  formed  and  set  in  place  to  begin  and  complete  production.      Phase III:In   this   phase   our   team   will   in   the   editing   and   control   period.   Our   team   of   professional   film   and  video   editors   will   take   unedited   sound   and   video   footage   and   precisely   create   a   digital  multimedia   video   for   final   production.     We   will   provide   a   list   of   final   credits   and   give   the  necessary   thanks   to   all   who   have   all   contributed   to   the   production.   Final   distribution   in   the  form  of  a  digital  DVD  and  audio  sound  clip  will  also  be  completed  in  this  phase.      See  Appendix  (A)  for  example  of  Progress  Report    
  • 6. Description of Tasks 16   Pick  ups  –  any  missed  shots,  sound  or  1   Development  phase:  -­‐  Develop  detailed   lighting  clips  on  site  location   specifications  and  review  for  test  plans   17   Post  production  –  filming  is  complete  2   Team  Consulting:  -­‐  Meeting  Minutes  planning   for  projects,  brainstorming,  tasks  and   18   Editing  Phase.    -­‐  Rough  cut  taken  to  edit   resources     and  piece  footage  together  3   Prepare  Drafts:  -­‐  Storyboards,  which  will   19   Sound  Scoring  –  Match  and  sound  and  audio.   include  specific  drafting  ideas  and  concepts.     20   Special  Effects  –  optical  or  mechanical  effects   needed  for  the  quality  of  the  production  4   Submit  final  Drafts:  -­‐  Final  and  Complete   Idea  and  Concepts   21   Graphics  –  artist  will  incorporated  design  art   and  visual  based  graphics  needed  for  credits  5   Obtain  License.      Take  the  necessary  steps  to   and  such   meet  federal,  state  and  local  government   policies  and  laws   22   Rough  Cut    -­‐  first  stage  of  before  final  project   is  complete  6   Pre  Production  –  Scripts,  cast,  crew,  props,   costumes  and  locations  in  place  and   23   Final  Edit  –  production  is  complete  and   identified.   ready  for  distribution  and  viewing.    7   Hire  Crew.  –  In  house  production  crew,  out   24   Scrip  rehearse  (RADIO  AD)–  Rehearsal  for   source  the  necessary  crew  members  if   radio  commercial     needed   25   Session  recording  (RADIO  AD)–  In  house  8   Client  Delivers  Talent.  -­‐  SME  will  provide  the   recording  for  radio  ad.     actors,  actresses,  models  and  celebrity  talent   for  production   26   Rough  Cut  (RADIO  AD)  -­‐First  stage  before   final  audio  is  coming.    9   Rehearse.  –  Allow  cast  to  review  and  re-­‐ hearse  script.     27   Mastering  &  Mixing  (RADIO  AD)  –  Sound  and   audio  had  been  is  completed  the  proper  10   Order  Equipment  –  Order  the  needed  on  site   editing  and  mixing   equipment  such  film,  lights  and  sound   28   Final  Mix  (RADIO  AD)  –  Complete  edit  of  11   Catering  –  Food  on  location  will  be  provided   sound  and  audio     by  various  corporation.  No  cost  to  GGMT   29   Delivery  to  client  (RADIO  AD)  –  Radio  12   Production  –  on  set  location  with  film,  cast   commercial  is  complete   and  crew    13   Dress  rehearse  –  actors  are  in  costumes  in     costumes  reviewing  scripts  and  lines  14   Shooting  –  filming  occurs  15   Shooting  –  filming  occurs  
  • 7.  GGMT  Provides:    Our  team  of  professionals  will  provide  all  deliverables  listed  above,  as  well  as  a  rough  cut  of  television  commercial  and  audio  of  radio  advertisement.  We  offer  publicity,  promotion  and  strategic  marketing  concepts  that  will  increase  revenue  and  cliental  to  your  business.        SME  Provides:    With  your  consulting  firm  being  a  well-­‐known  organization  that  specializes  in  sports,  media  and  entertainment  consulting  firm,  we  ask  that  you  provide  the  following  actors,  actresses,  models,  musicians,  and  athletes  that  would  be  willing  to  be  apart  of  the  production  process.  We  would  appreciate  it  that  each  model,  actor  and  entertainer  provide  their  own  stylist,  hair  and  make  up  assistant  and  cover  their  own  traveling  and  lodging  accommodations.  SME  has  the  connects,  contacts  and  reputation  and  our  team  understands  that  SME  Consulting  would  be  more  than  happy  to  contribute  and  help  with  the  talent  and  entertainment  developments.      
  • 8. 3. TEAM OVERVIEWGMMT   Entertainment   Studios   is   not   just   an   average   production   company,   we  have   highly   trained   professionals   who   are   skilled   in   their   field   of   expertise  and  are  capable  of  standing  out  above  the  rest.  We  pride  our  selves  in  hiring  the  best.  We  are  a  team-­‐oriented  organization,  understanding  that  achieving  the  goal  of  producing  quality  work  is  a  necessity  and  number  one  priority.      Below  are  brief  bios  of  our  employees  who  will  be  over  the  pre-­‐production,  production  and  postproduction  process.      *See  Appendix  (E)  for  professional  resumes.      
  • 9.    Whitney Middlebrooks  Graduate  from  Winston-­‐Salem  State  University  in  Winston-­‐Salem,  NC  with  a  bachelor’s  degree  in  Graphic  Design.    She  has  advanced  experience  in  graphic  design,  multimedia  editing,  design  as  well  as  visual  and  applied  arts.  She  brings  the  complex  knowledge  in  the  Adobe  Suite  and  experience  in  Final  Cut  Pro  and  video  editing.  Her  skills  include  advanced  illustrations,  storyboards,  professional  keynote  presentations,  adobe  flash  projects,  web  design,  and  visual  creativity.    Aaron Turner  College  graduate  form  the  International  Academy  of  Design  and  Technology  of  Tampa.  Mr.  Turner  has  advanced  experience  in  directing,  producing,  and  script  writing.  He  has  experience  in  the  planning  process  of  pre-­‐production,  production  and  post-­‐production  on  video  projects.    Other  skills  include  multimedia  development,  spreadsheets,  HD  Photography  and  field  audio  croma  keying  via  green  screen.    
  • 10.    Rosie Grant  Rosie  grant  is  a  graduate  from  Lane  College  in  Jackson,  Tennessee  where  she  obtained  her  bachelor’s  degree  in  Business  Management  with  a  minor  in  Music.    She  has  experience  in  song  recording  and  music  composition.  Her  skills  include  financial  spreadsheets,  constructing  balance  sheets,  income  statements  auditing  functions  and  cash  flow  analysis.  She  is  advanced  in  preparing  bank  settlements,  analyzing  financial  information  and  preparing  monthly  internal  reports.    .      Eric Gore  Alumni  of  Stevens  Henager  College  in  Boise,  Idaho;  Eric  Gore  received  his  bachelor’s  degree  in  Business  Administration.  He  has  served  our  country  in  the  air  force  and  has  been  a  military  veteran  for  the  last  eight  years.  He  has  experience  in  management,  planning,  development  and  show  production.  Show  production  skills  include  sound,  lighting,  stage  and  engineering  execution.  Other  skills  include  music  production,  creativity,  and  advanced  management  administration.    
  • 11. 4. COST SECTION  GGMT   Entertainment   Studios   is   cost   estimated   valued   amounts   are     $7,000   in  efficient   offering   unbeatable   and   food,  supplies,  and  services.  Orlando  Magic  competitive   prices.   We   value   our   Group  will  be  donating  $6,000  to  help  with  corporation   and   GMMT   is   a   complete   on   location   accommodations   for  operational  business  that  is  able  to  control   entertainment   acts,   set   construction,  all   aspects   of   projects.   All   production   will   electrical,   and   operations.   Dunkin  be  done  in  house,  eliminating  cost  and  fees   Doughnuts,   Subway,   and   Papa   Johns   will  for   outsourcing.   Our   qualified   employees   be   contributing   to   the   food   donations   in  will   provide   all   labor   during   pre   the   total   amount   of   $800.   Office   Depot   will  production,   production   and   also   be   donating   $200   worth   of   office  postproduction   on   all   projects.   Included   in   supplies.  our   price   we   have   a   contingency   plan   for    any  un-­‐estimated,  or  unexpected  costs  and   Allowing   GMMT   Entertainment   Studios   to  fees.   With   the   assistance   of   sponsors   and   provide   your   company   with   superb  their   generous   amount   of   donations   we   service,   your   company   will   benefit   from  are   able   to   proceed   effectively   and   the   enormous   advertisement   and  confidently.   promotional   marketing   approach.   The     prices   we   are   offer   demolish   competitors  Sponsorships  Include:     but   we   pride   ourselves   on   quality,   which    Orlando  Magic     outweighs   all.   Advertisement   of   this    Dunkin  Doughnuts   caliber   will   bring   growth   in   revenue   by    Subway  Sandwich  shop   20%   just   in   the   Orlando   area   as   well   as    Papa  Johns   future  cliental  in  all  areas.        Office  Depot         See  Appendix  item  (D)  for  financial  graphic  chart  Sponsorship   will   play   a   key   role   by  providing   alternate   resources,   which  
  • 12. Listed below is a chart displaying exact dollar values and detailed financial reportProduction: SME Proposal Budget Draft Date: Dec. 16th – Location- Orlando, FlLength: 8 Weeks Shooting Dates: Feb 1st - Mar 30th Category Specifics/ Description Cost DevelopmentGGMT Employee Salary The amount for the four project leaders $20,000 Manages finances and financial records for TVProduction Accountant production $4,333Script Writer Analysis the production elements $750Script for radio Decides the key factors of the commercial $40Script for television Decides the key factors of the commercial $70Contingency A plan devised for when things go unexpectedly wrong $5,000 Places record on verifiable account of the date andCopy right registration content of work $200Secretaries Handles office work and answers the phone $2,000 ($200) Donated byOffice Supplies Tools for office work Office DepotPostage and Delivery Tool used to send work off $200Total $32,793 Pre ProductionCasting Director Does the appropriate hiring of actors for the script $1,000Production Coordinator Budgets everything the staff needs $1,300Permits Allows the film to be shot at a certain location $200 Produces images that tells a story/ tools used to createCamera Operator/ Equipment those images $3,500Production assistant Responsible for various aspects of a production $1,500 Styles the product shot to look well with whateverArt Director background $500Set Construction cost/ Electrical, ($3000) Donated byOperations Making the atmosphere for the script Orlando Magic To prevent financial loss and ruin/ will represent in caseLiability Insurance/ legal fees of law suit $800Total $8,800 ProductionGGMT Directors Fee Directs the actors and crew $2000Set Designers and Draftsman Creates the props that are seen by the audience $500Makeup and Hairdressing Makes sure all cast members are looking appropriate $200Mens Wardrobe stylist Gives male cast members right clothing $200Womens Wardrobe stylist Gives female cast members right clothing $200 ($800) Donated byCatering (Donations) Food for everyone on the set for both commercials various restaurants ($3,000) DonationOn location accommodations Fully stocked trailers for big name actors Orlando MagicTotal $3,100 Post ProductionEditors Fee/ post production Makes all final revisions and ready for distribution/Supervisor makes sure all of this process stays within the budget $3,000Distribution Fee Responsible for releasing the commercials $4,400Total $7,400Overall Total $52,093 SponsorshipsPapa Johns Donating FoodDunkin Donuts Donating FoodSubway Donating FoodOffice Depot Donating SuppliesOrlando Magic Donation of $6,000Total $7,000
  • 13. 5. ASSUMPTIONS  Our   target   audiences   are   individuals   who   are   aspiring   or   are  already   successful   within   the   entertainment   industry   who   may  need   extra   promotion,   marketing   and   publicity.   The   age   of   our  target   market   for   athletes   ranges   from   the   age   13   to   24   years  old.   While   our   target   market   for   the   entertainment   industry   is  for  intermediate  to  professional  aged  clients.  The  purpose  of  the  commercial   is   to   assist   in   the   prominent   services   of   SME  through  video  and  audio  awareness.                                                
  • 14. APPENDIX (A) SAMLE OF WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORTProject  Name   GGMT  Entertainment  Studios    Project  Website  Report  compiled  by   12/14/10  Reporting  period   12-­16-­10  to  12-­23-­10  (Month  1)  Day  16  –  24      The  GGMT  way  of  production  has  been  developing  well  and  as  projected.  We  have  creatively  adopted  a  wide  abated  of  advising  on  open  development  as  a  course  to  sustainability  of  open  source.  The  implementation  of  our  strategic  projects  (using  local  sources  to  promotion  surrounding  awareness)  is  beginning  to  be  beneficial,  with  a  selection  of  advertising  techniques.  Creating  a  business  plan  is  proving  to  be  increasingly  vital  to  the  progression  of  the  project.    The  project  deliverables  segmented  through  importance  and  time  have  allow  for  timely  development.  Weekly  assessments  of  intangibles  of  project  members  as  well  as  their  duties  have  proven  to  be  significant  to  our  on-­‐going  process.  Matrix  management  has  provided  the  project  with  avenues  of  strategic  correspondence  and  dimensions  of  sequences  that  increasing  project  effectiveness.    Activities  and  Progress  WP1:  Content  creation  and  management  -­‐  on  target.  Content  and  management  are  on  schedule  as  estimated    WP2:  Liaison  and  Collaboration  -­‐  on  target.  The  targeted  location  documentation  that  is  needed  through  clearance  has  been  received  and  documented  through  the  necessary  agencies.    WP3:  Studies  -­‐  No  deliverables  on  this  WP  are  due  in  this  period.  WP4:  Conferences  and  Events  -­‐  ahead  of  schedule  Meeting  documents  and  subject  matter  items  are  on  schedule.    WP5:  Business  and  Community  Engagement  -­‐  ahead  of  schedule  All  individuals  have  be  contacted  and  instructed  on  project  availability  and  dues.  Month  1  days:  16-­23  16.  Preproduction  17.  SME  Provides  Talent  18.  Rehearse  19.  Rehearse  20.  Rehearse  21.  N/A  22.  N/A  23.  Production  (see  project  schedule)  Outputs  and  Deliverables  Risks,  Issues  and  Challenges    1.Actors’  availability  is  a  risk  that  will  be  monitored  through  project  connections.    2.  Equipment  malfunction  is  a  risk  that  is  unpredictable,  but  manageable  through  proven  reliable  industry  equipment.  3.  Area  clearance  is  a  risk  that  in  regulated  through  admittance  of  proper  code  permission.    Section  Six:  Financial  Statement  –  see  cost  section  
  • 15. APPENDIX (B) MONTH 1 CALENDER AND SCHEDULE  Month  1    Subject  to  change.   Sunday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday               1               Development   Phase   Pre-­‐ Production   2   3   4   5   6   7   8     Brainstorming   Team   Prepare     Submit  Final     Consulting   Drafts   Drafts   9   10   11   12   13   14   15     Obtain   Hire  Crew     Confirm     Pre-­‐ Licenses  and   and  Oder   Catering   Production   Permits   Special   Donations   Equipment   from   Sponsors   16   17   18   19   20   21   22  Confirm   Rehearse     Rehearse   Rehearse     Production   On  site  Talent   Begins   Filming  and  provided   Dress   Shooting  by  SME   Rehearsal   23   24   25   26   27   28   29  On  site   On  site  Filming   On  site   Pick  Ups   Review  and   Edit   Edit  Filming   and  Shooting   Filming  and   Rough  Draft   Edit   Sound   Sound  Scoring  and   Shooting   Graphics   Scoring  Shooting   and  Special   Effects   30   31            Edit   Continue              
  • 16. APPENDIX (C) MONTH 2 CALENDER AND SCHEDULE Month  2      Subject  to  change   Sunday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday               1               Editing     Graphics  and   Sound   Scoring   2   3   4   5   6   7   8     Editing           Submit  Final   Post-­‐ Graphics  and   Commercial   Production   Sound  Scoring   to  SME       9   10   11   12   13   14   15     Script   Script     Studio       Rehearsal   Rehearsal   Session   radio  ad   Radio  ad   recording   for  radio  ad.     16   17   18   19   20   21   22     Rough  Cut  for   Mastering   Mastering  and     Final  Mix  and     Radio  Ad.     and  mixing   mixing   edit   23   24   25   26   27   28   29     Final  Radio  Ad.   Review   Review   Team   Submit  Final     Complete   Consulting   Project.     Audio  for   radio  ad.     30   31                          
  • 17. APPENDIX (D) Financial Budget ChartBelow  is  a  visual  based  graph  showing  the  financial  analysis  and  values  as   stated   in   the   Cost   section   for   the   salary   advancements,   development  process,  pre-­‐production,  production  and  post  production  stages.     GMMT  Graphical  Cost  chart   Salary   Development   Pre-­‐Production   Production   Post-­‐Production  
  • 18. APPENDIX (E) Resume WHITNEY MIDDLEBROOKS 3803 SUTTON PLACE BLVD APT 223 W INTER P ARK , FL 336 - 491 - 1675 WHITNEY_MIDDLEBROOKS@YAHOO.COM OBJECTIVE To perform the necessary duties as head graphic designer and multimedia coordinator. EXPERIENCE NCO Group 2010 – Present Winter Park, FL Graphic Design Coordinator  Worked on Multimedia projects and internal systems for graphic design High Point Theatre Art Gallery Summer 2009 High Point, NC Art Director  Worked for a non- profit organization as the Marketing Coordinator and Education Director.  Performed simple office tasks and created promotional marketing strategies. EDUCATION Full Sail University 2010 - Present Winter Park, FL  Graduate School Entertainment Business Winston-Salem State University 2004 - 2010 Winston-Salem, NC  B.A., Art  Concentration in Graphic Design & Animation REFERENCE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST
  • 19. APPENDIX (E) ResumeAaron  Turner     A   P.O.  Box  150124  Altamonte  Springs  Fl,  32715  (P)  941.545.1067      Objective  Under  direction,  from  contractors  or  clients  fulfill  and,  assist  in  high-­‐level  productions  for  the  creation  of  multimedia  and  related  content.  With  a  progressive  fun  laid  back  team  that  can  utilize  my  wide  range  talents  skills,    abilities  in  multimedia  to  plan,  execute,  and  accomplish  proposals  for  media  projects.  Skills    Proficient  in                          Knowledgeable  in                                  Additional  Skills                                                            Hardware  Final  Cut  Pro                          Photoshop                                                              Soundtrack  Pro                                                 Microsoft  quick  books  After  Effects                              DVD  Studio  Pro                                            compressor                                          Microsoft  Excel,  PowerPoint  Avid                                                          Live  Type                                                                Motion  Panasonic                                                            AG  HVX200HD    Education                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Full  Sail  University                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Orlando  FL    Master  of  Science  Entertainment  Business                                                                                                                                                                            October  2011    International  Academy  of  Design  Technology                                                                                                                                                                            Tampa  Fl,                                                                      Bachelor  of  Fine  Arts  Digital  Media  Production                                                                                                                                                                       April  2010  Co  -­  Producer  &  Director.                                                                                                                                      Conceptualized,  developed,  engineered  and  directed  a  dozen  web  videos  organized  and,  encourage  crew  members  guided,  instructed  and,  demonstrated  knowledge  in  the  video  industry.    Production  Management.      Launched  a  dozen  web  based  videos  coordinated  production  schedule  and,  meetings  for    The  client  Redesigned  Production  related  issues  Prioritized  managed  and,    Instructed  Production  Crew.      Videographer            Engineered  production  shoots  and,  achieved  outstanding  video  quality  results  by      Capturing  media  and,  recordings  and  Held  the  responsibility  of  bringing  imagination  and  artistry  to  many  different  multimedia  videos  for  different  clients.    Project  Experience.      Meet  me  on  the  Floor  -­‐  Producer  &  Director,  Sie  Yung  Music  Video.                                                                    November  2009  Keating  Hall  -­‐  Production  Manager                  Short  Film                                                                                                                                                            June  2009  Keep  It  Real-­‐  Director  of  photography          2fly  Music  Video                                                                                                                              April  2009  Last  Call-­‐  Production  Designer,  Short  Film                                                                                                                                                                        February  2009      Freelance  Experience  Cameras  International-­‐  PA  &  POV  Operator  on      Derby  Diva’s                                                                                                              April,  2010  Reality  Edit-­‐  PA  on  The  Art  of  Fighting  Cable  Program.                                                                                                                                April  3,  2010   Reference Available Upon Request
  • 20. APPENDIX (E) ResumeEric  S.  Gore   3040  Aloma  Ave.   Winter  Park,  FL  32792   208-­‐409-­‐9929      Objective  To  obtain  employment  where  I  am  able  to  exhibit  my  knowledge,  skills,  and  abilities  to  perform  the  tasks  at  hand.    Summary  of  Qualifications   Trained  military  and  civilian  personnel  to  use  fitness  equipment  correctly   Developed  personalized  fitness  plans  and  kept  accurate  documentation  of  clients  progress   Excellent  customer  service,  experience  working  in  health  and  fitness  facility   Served  in  Military  for  over  eight  years  and  received  medal  of  recognition   Management  and  supervision  skills   Computer  literate,  knowledgeable  in  bookkeeping   Fast  learner,  team  player,  and  a  self-­‐starter    Education   Stevens-­‐Henager  College   October  2007-­‐2010   Bachelors  of  Science  in  Business  Administration       United  States  Air  Force     2002   Certificate,  Fitness  Fundamentals     Fairchild,  Washington    Work  Experience   Hannifan’s  Cigar   October  2007  –  June  2009 Retail  Clerk  Heavy  cash  handling.  Inventory  management.  Balanced  daily  cash  receipts. June  1999  –  May  2005              United  States  Air  Force   Fitness  Specialist,  Services  Journeyman,  E-­‐5   various,  locations    Light  bookkeeping  of  fitness  facility  books REFERENCES  AVAILABLE  UPON  REQUEST.  
  • 21. APPENDIX (E) Resume ROSIE L.GRANT 7935 SHOALS DR. APT. A ORLANDO, FL. 32817 PHONE 206-714-0914 • E-MAIL RLGRANT22@FULLSAIL.EDU   OBJECTIVE To obtain further experience in a professional environment and share my skills to take the company to the next level. EDUCATION 2006-April 2010 Lane college Jackson, Tn. B.S. Business MINOR Music  Deans list fall 2006, summer 2009, spring 2010  Promising Scholars list spring 2007, spring 2009 Relevant Courses: Business law, Quantitative methods, College Accounting 1&2, Financial Management, Music Theory 1-4, Conducting, History of Music, etc. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 8/2009- 5/2010 Lane College Cafeteria Jackson, Tn. Server & book keeper  Serve students & Faculty  Balance sheets  Accounts receivable and Expenses 7/2007- 8/2009 Coldwater Creek Seattle, WA Retail sales Rep.  Cash handling  Dressing Rooms  Stock 6/2006-8/2006 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, WA Desktop Support  Paid internship  Installing memory to over 100 computers  Helping new employees install their email accounts REFERENCE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST  
  • 22. APPENDIX (F) RISK MATRIXRISK  I     • Risk  Statement:     o The  lack  of  clearances  and  permits  will  discourage  distributors  from  buying  or     showing  work.   • Consequences:     o 1.  Finishing  project.     o 2.  Legal  action  and  fines   o 3.  Bad  reputation           • Scale  of  Likelihood:     o The  likely  hood  is  low.  GGMT  has  always  retrieved  appropriate  clearances  &   permits  on  time.   • Scale  of  Impact:     o The  impact  scale  is  very  high  it  could  make  or  break  the  project.     • WHY:     o The  probability  of  risks  are  low  we  have  entertainment  business  production   license  that  grants  us  appropriate  clearances  and  permits  if  needed.   • Action  Trigger:     o 1.  Letter  of  stop  work  on  project.         o 2.  Citation  from  law  enforcement     • Avoid:     o Legal  department  will  review  all  permits  and  clearances  and  sign  off  to   production  managers  and  staff.           • Mitigate:   o  If  the  production  forecast  charges  do  to  delays.  GGMT  will  provide  schedules   changes  for  production  in  advance  we  will  work  around  delays  and  work  on   next  line  items  that  could  be  completed.     • Accept:     o To  accept  the  risk,  we  will  market  the  event  to  others  for  a  buy  out    
  • 23. APPENDIX (F) RISK MATRIXRISK  II   • Risk  Statement:     o Entertainers  and  celebrity  guest  unable  to  follow  through  with  being  apart  of     production.   • Consequences:     o 1.  Lack  of  interest     o 2.  Less  publicity     o 3.  Could  delay  production   • Scale  of  Likelihood:     o All  are  high.  Entertainers  have  very  busy  schedules  and  are  always  at  a  high   demand.   • Scale  of  Impact:     o Could  potentially  impact  the  progression  as  well  as  the  quality  and  viewer   based  attention.   • WHY:     o Very  likely,  these  entertainers  are  always  at  demand  and  unexpected   situations  could  unfortunately  arise.  This  would  impact  GMMT  and  demand  to   find  replacement  acts  in  a  short  amount  of  time.   • Action  Trigger:     o 1.  Weariness  in  SME  consulting  on  the  guarantying  of  acts.     o 2.  Unsigned  contracts   • Avoid:     o To  avoid  we  would  not  have  famous  entertainment  acts  at  all.   • Mitigate:       o Assure  that  all  contracts  are  signed  by  all  acts  which  will  guarantee  that  they   will  be  on  site  and  available  for  production.     • Accept:     o If  acts  are  unable  to  be  apart  of  the  productions,  have  ready  and  available   stand-­‐ins  and  actors  that  would  be  willing  and  ready  to  take  on  the  challenge.  
  • 24. APPENDIX (F) RISK MATRIXRISK  III   • Risk  Statement:       o The  lack  of  following  the  scheduled  and  time  requirements  efficiently  and   effectively.   • Consequences:     o 1.  Two  events  occurring  on  the  same  day     o 2.  A  day  where  nothing  is  scheduled  and  there  is  too  much  positive  slack     o 3.  Project  is  not  completed  on  time   • Scale  of  Likelihood:     o All  are  high   • Scale  of  Impact:       o High  impact;  improper  scheduling  may  lead  to  a  late  or  cancel  completion.   • WHY:     o The  probability  of  likelihood  is  low;  planning  allows  you  to  discover  critical   task  or  objective;  allocating  critical  time  with  each  critical  task.     • Action  Trigger:     o Segment  activities  fall  behind  schedule   • Avoid:     o To  avoid  this  risk  we  will  establish  an  estimate  time  schedule;  re-­‐establish  as   needed  to  accomplish  current  planning  and  contingency  planning.   • Mitigate:       o Follow  the  schedule  planning  and  reschedule  if  necessary.     • Accept:     o To  accept  the  risk  we  will  create  a  network  diagram;  estimating  early  and  late   start  dates,  early  and  late  finish  dates  to  indicate  our  critical  path.  By  doing  so   we  will  make  necessary  arrangements  to  fix  problem  areas.    
  • 25. APPENDIX (F) RISK MATRIXRISK  IV   • Risk  Statement:     o The  risk  of  electrical  failure  will  stop  production  and  completing  project.           • Consequences:     o 1.  Over  budget     o 2.  Loss  of  profits     o 3.  Off  schedule   • Scale  of  Likelihood:     o Likelihood  could  be  high,  there  could  be  a  lack  of  electrical  power  outlets  on   locations  and  poor  weather  could  cause  power  outages.   • Scale  of  Impact:     o The  scale  of  impact  is  high.       • WHY:     o The  likelihood  of  problems  on  locations  always  occurs  and  the  impact  would   cause  the  project  to  stop.     • Action  Trigger:     o Location  manager  fails  to  find  locations  with  enough  electric  sources  for   production.       • Avoid:     o Location  managers  must  address  power  resources  in  preproduction.   • Mitigate:     o To  lessen  the  impact,  GGMT  would  have  a  power  generator  approved  during   development  to  minimize  the  damage  later  during  production.   • Accept:     o If  all  else  fails  we  would  have  to  move  to  a  back  up  location  or  reshoot    
  • 26. APPENDIX (F) RISK MATRIXRISK  V   • Risk  Statement:   o Failure  to  budget  in  expenses  for  special  accommodations  for  celebrity  acts.   • Consequences:     o 1.  The  entertainer  may  no  longer  want  to  be  apart  of  production   o 2.  Budget  runs  over     o 3.  Entertainer  unhappy  during  filming  causing  tension  and  bad  reputation  for   GGMT   • Scale  of  Likelihood:     o 1.  &  3.  Are  low  because  GGMT  does  whatever  possible  for  client’s  satisfaction.     o 2.  Medium,  it  will  be  the  deciding  factor  in  remainder  of  the  budget.     • Scale  of  Impact:     o The  impact  is  high  for  all  three     • WHY:     o Probability  of  likelihood  is  low;  planning  allows  you  to  discover  all  aspects   that  will  arise.     • Action  Trigger:     o When  GGMT  receives  list  of  special  requirements  of  actors.   • Avoid:     o To  avoid  this  occurrence  we  will  ask  that  SME  does  not  provide  high   maintenance  and  high  profile  celebrities.   • Mitigate:     o Once  the  action  trigger  occurs  we  will  provide  all  items  on  the  list  that  are   achievable  within  the  given  budget.   • Accept:     o If  all  the  items  on  entertainers  list  are  out  of  our  budget  we  will  eradicate  that   entertainer.    
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