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Results from questionaire.ashx

  1. 1. Aaron Thomas – Magazine survey Questionnaire results (each bullet point is what my audience ticked from the questions)
  2. 2. How old are you? I asked this question to start off my interview lightly and to get an understanding of the accurate target audience who are interested in the genre of my music magazine. As you can see, people between a 16-20 age range were picked for the survey. This is because I can help relate my magazine to their needs as teenagers are stereotypically more judgemental at their specific age of childhood. Therefore, I wanted to receive more trustworthy results to give me strong ideas for my main task. Question 1 16-20 15 or under 26-30
  3. 3. How much money would you normally buy a magazine for? I asked this question to get a strong understanding of how much money my audience will buy my magazine for. It is important to get a good understanding of this because if I aim to high then no one will buy my magazine and if I set my price too low, people may stereotypically judge that my magazine is bad. Therefore, I had to choose the right price value for my magazine. Question 2 $2.00 $1.00 $1.50 $2.50
  4. 4. What do you think is important for the front cover of the music magazine? • The majority have stated that a powerful main image should be the highlight of my magazine front cover because it has major importance within the whole piece of the front cover. To be honest I agree because my audience need a ‘star’ (personal relationship ‘katz’) that they can receive a personal relationship with. If my audience can get that instant relationship with the main image of my front cover then my audience is most likely to purchase my magazine regardless of the price. Therefore, I need to make sure I use a model that fits the genre of my magazine by using props, (instruments and clothes) to make my model look appealing and eye-grabbing. • Bold and colourful text is clearly not the most essential part of my front cover because I think that my front cover may have that slight disadvantage of becoming messy and unorganized. Therefore it is best I just stick with plain black and white text to write about cover-lines. Better yet, I could try and use my masthead font through the page to make my front cover appear neat and noticeable. Question 3 A powerful main image Bold and very colourful text
  5. 5. What gender are you? I asked this question so I can have a rough idea of what my genre should become of my main task magazine. If I received more female participants then my genre should stereotypically be classed as a pop magazine, because Pop is read by females rather than males. As you can see, males have participated in this survey more than females. So, my genre should be targeted stereotypically towards a more hip-hop or heavy metal genre. This structure is important because if I target boys to read my magazine but create a pop based magazine then the audience that I initially targeted will be dissatisfied to read the magazine. Therefore, time will be wasted making the magazine perfect because no matter how I amazing my magazine could look, the targeted gender readership will refuse to read my magazine. Question 4 Male Female
  6. 6. What music genre would you rather prefer the magazine to be about? Tick and specify your answer in a sentence Comments • Rap • Rap – “Rap songs have a nice and catchy beat.” • Rap – “because I can rap really fast and I want to learn more.” • Rap • Rock – “because I prefer the genre.” Question 5 Rap Rock Pop From these results, I now know that my magazine should include: tips and advice on how to rap and also exclusive lyrics from various artists on their new singles, (Drake/ Chris Brown and others). However, I want to go with something outside my comfort zone to gain a better understanding of other music genres, so I shall base my final magazine designs on a rock heavy metal genre. Therefore, I will annotate a rock magazine of inspiration to help make the perfect magazine for my specific audience. The Pop genre idea for my magazine, has no results whatsoever, so I will not base my magazine on this type of genre. I used these 3 genres in particular because they are the most mainstream genres in today’s society, so that way I can avoid obtaining biased results effecting my final magazine design.
  7. 7. What masthead (magazine title) do you prefer? • I asked this question so I have a good idea of what to call the name of my magazine. As you can see ‘Roc-O- Way’ gained the highest results between ‘Vice’ and ‘Shout-Out’. This means that in order to satisfy my readers I will use the masthead ‘Roc- O-Way’. The name of the masthead, ‘Roc-O-Way’ denotes the way my magazine is to to with Rock and heavy metal artists from the older and more recognized artists and bands to the more new artists and bands. I was inspired to come up masthead name by reading a rock magazine. As I saw the main image of my magazine of inspiration I thought he looked cool, talented and important which instantly gave me the idea of calling my magazine ‘Roc- O-Way’ because the name of the magazine can be compared easily with the thoughts and ideas I had towards the main image of my magazine of inspiration. Question 6 Roc-o-way Vice Shout-Out
  8. 8. Would you normally buy a music magazine? (If Yes why would you buy it and if No why wouldn’t you buy a music magazine?) Comments • No • Yes – “Main image such as celebrity juice.” • No – “Don’t want to waste money on a book.” • Yes – “To inspire me about singing.” • Yes – “I want to make sure I’m up to date with the latest current affairs of the music industry.” Question 7 No Yes I mentioned this question in my survey to give myself some targets. For example, if people do not normally red a music magazine then I need to make sure my magazine is perfect and can appeal to the people who do not normally read magazines. I can make my magazine perfect by ensuring the price is cheap but keep the quality of my front cover eye- catching, (“don’t want to waste money on a book”). However, if people do normally buy music magazines then I have to ensure that I create the magazine in a way that can appeal to occasional readers and this can be done by carefully repeating codes and convention from my magazine of inspiration.