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Media presentation project

  2. 2. IntroductionThe funding of militarytechnologies is a high part ofmost every governmentsbudget. Governments want tohave the piece of mind thatthey will be able to protect theircitizens, assets, and resourcesin the worst case situation ofwars. The government isalways spending money tohave the most advancedmilitary in the world . A lot ofthe funding goes into researchand development of militarytechnologies. The advancedweapons that I will talk aboutare future weapons that willhave the capability if usedtogether to destroy our planet.
  3. 3. To Be Discussed Weapons of Tomorrow1. XM29 Airburst Rifle2. Electromagnetic Rail gun Drone Technology1. The Predator Drone2. The X47B Bomber Drone3. The Quadrotor Drone Nuclear Weapons
  4. 4. Weapons of TomorrowThe XM 29 Airburst Rifle  This Modern Weapon Created by OIWC [Object Individual Combat Weapon] Began in Late 1986 (World Guns)  The weapon is used in combination with a tactical computer (fire control system) and helmet mounted display system.  The fire control system automatically judges distances of targets and will allow for greater aiming errors (World Guns)  v=XNdLFRhDhtk
  5. 5. Weapons of Tomorrow The XM29 Airburst Rifle Pros of the XM29 Cons of the XM29Provides greater accuracy because it This makes warfare simple. Researchcorrects aiming errors shows it “can be 500% more effective than the present small arms” (World Guns)Easier form of Use: Less Training needed Not Much skill is needed to use it. Soldiers will not be as skilled as in the past. Chance that anybody could pick this advanced weapon up and use it.Capable of defeating hidden targets The weapon will cause complete mayhem and bring many casualties on the Battlefield like never seen before.Smarter Weapon. Used in combination The weapon has a high complexity ofwith a computer electronics in it. Easier chance of the weapon malfunctioningWill be the Most advanced small arms to The cost of the Weapon, Tacticalever see a battlefield computer, ammunition, Helmet mounted display is very expensive
  6. 6. Weapons of TomorrowElectromagnetic Rail Gun  The weapon shoots projectiles instead of million dollar warheads.  The 3ft long projectile has a range of 290 miles and travels at a speed of over Mach 7  How the system works is the projectile is placed between two parallel 20ft long conducting rails that has electricity fed through them to make a magnetic field. The magnetic field then forces the projectile out of between the rails at the high speed.  =4OqlTXwLG40  INFO FROM POPSCI
  7. 7. Weapons of Tomorrow Electromagnetic Rail Gun Pros of the Electromagnetic Rail Cons of the Electromagnetic Rail Gun GunThe Rail Gun will be the strongest Whatever the Rail Gun fires at willweapon to ever be produced without either be destroyed or have massthe use of warheads damage. The weapon would be able to destroy any fleet of Ships that any other country has.Battleships carrying the technology The Electromagnetic rail gun requireswill no longer need to carry warheads mass amounts of power to fire. “Oneon board as it will use projectiles. would have to build a new generationMeaning it will be safer for the ships of vessels with the energy system thatcrew would supply enough energy to both their engines and weapon systems” (Pravda, 2012)The weapon will be so advanced that The system is expensive to producemilitaries will be deterred to start war as would a new fleet of brand newat sea with the USA battleships to fit the Rail Gun
  8. 8. Drone Technology The Predator Drone The MQ-1B Predator is the current drone that is being used by the USA government The unmanned aircraft is used in “killer/scout role as an intelligence collection asset and secondarily against dynamic execution targets” (U.S. Air Force)  The Predator is currently operated by humans but soon will be run by computers
  9. 9. Drone Technology The X47B Bomber Drone The X47B is the U.S. Navy‟s next generation Stealth Drone that is a fighter jets size and is stronger than the predator drone “The X-47B is a computer-controlled UAS that takes off, flies a preprogrammed mission, then returns to base in response to mouse clicks from its mission operator. The operator actively monitors the aircraft and responds to air traffic control instructions, but does not fly it via a remote stick-and-throttle control the way some unmanned systems are currently operated” ( 5LQ0
  10. 10. Drone Technology The Quadrotor Drone The Quadrotor Drone is the next generation of drone technology. It is lifted by four propellers and has maneuverability like no other aircraft created by Mankind This Technology is still being developed for military purposes and has high capabilities. “A quadrotor is much more accurate in firing because it can hover in place, and it can be launched by an operator staying down behind cover” (Popular mechanics)  Here is a video of a Quadrotor drone‟s maneuverability  m/watch?v=MvRTALJ p8DM&feature=player _embedded
  11. 11. Drone Technology Pros of Drone Technology Cons of Drone TechnologyDrone technology is a safer form of air Drone technology takes away humancombat that takes away human adaptability and intuition from aircasualties combatThese systems can be deployed at These systems will be run byease and are perfect tools to gather computers and we could have in theintelligence future a „terminator situation‟ where the machines turn on usDrone technology will be deployed in The systems are run by computertime sensitive situations to take out technologies there is a possibility ofhigh targets such as how the US uses the drones being hacked into andthem in Afganistan controlled by other militaries
  12. 12. Nuclear Weapons They are the most destructive weapon technology that mankind has ever developed and used. Hiroshima is a perfect example of how dangerous this technology Most advanced governments have this technology and use it as a deterrent. There are no pros to nuclear weapons as they are the true technology that has the capability to destroy us all.
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