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One of the biggest economic generators for the music business is merchandising and retail promotions. I have delved into this critical business component and learned how to determine retail strategies …

One of the biggest economic generators for the music business is merchandising and retail promotions. I have delved into this critical business component and learned how to determine retail strategies that will benefit my clients. I have examined the importance of branding and how it relates to product presentation at the retail level, explored the timeline of product development, and learned how to take their product to a retail environment. I have examined all types of distribution channels from traditional big-box retailers to e-commerce and the Internet. For more examples of work like this please refer to www.TriggaRik.com/marketing-consultant/

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  • 1. Presentation Pitch: Aaron Fredrick Huston Trigga Rik: First Phase Renegade
  • 2. Originally hailing from Madera, California Aaron Fredrick Huston (born April 28, 1989), better known by his stage name Trigga Rik, is an American HipHop artist, songwriter, USMC Veteran, and full-time college student, currently based out of Orlando, Florida. Trigga Rik credits Tech N9ne, 2pac, Mac Dre, and Bob Dylan as his major musical influences and is a proud eclectic. After graduating high school in 2007, Trigga Rik enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and served honorably for 5 years, until leaving Active Duty in the summer of 2012. During his time under Active Duty he had the honor of deploying to Afghanistan under OEF 11.2, and served the majority of his service attached to MCAS New River, North Carolina. After returning from Afghanistan in the spring of 2012, and leaving the military for a full-time college education, Trigga Rik would continue writing content based off of his life experiences, while pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business. 2013 would see Trigga Rik make his first official performance and see the subsequent orchestration and release of his first EP. 
 Trigga Rik
  • 3. Product
  • 4. Customer Analysis •Targeted focus •Males & Females (18-33) •Pre-Post College •Fairly educated •Greater Florida area •Word of Mouth motivated •Requires enthusiastic buzz to become early adopters. !
  • 5. Building Awareness Orlando Sentinel
  • 6. Building Awareness
  • 7. Building Awareness
  • 8. Retail Marketing
  • 9. Retail Marketing
  • 10. Online Selling Synopsis
  • 11. Online Selling Synopsis
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  • 13. Contact me Today Email: 2trigger.change@gmail.com PhotobyCharlieBPhotography Aaron Fredrick Huston