How We Market Property


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Here is a glimpse into our residential real estate marketing methodology.

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How We Market Property

  1. 1. We Get Your Property National Exposure! Below are some examples of our national advertising...
  2. 2. We Get Your Property Local Exposure! Below is a sample of our local advertising campaign….
  3. 3. We Get Your Property Seen On Craigslist With Our Special Listing Algorithm Your property is resubmitted to Craigslist every 72 hours…. Your Property Gets Seen in High Definition! Below is a sample of photo gallery in High-definition….
  4. 4. We Get Your Property In The Below is a sample of our advertising with the seattletimes…. We Get Your Property On! Below is a sample of our advertising campaign….
  5. 5. We Get Your Property Specialty Website Exposure! Below is a sample of some of our specialty website affiliations….
  6. 6. We Track Your Property On The Multiple Listing! We Track Your Property On The Web! Below are a few of the tracking statistics from our affiliates...
  7. 7. We Email Over 10,000 Local Agents! Below is a sample of our email campaign...
  8. 8. We Track the Realtors Who Come Through Your Property! Below is a sample of our realtor showings report…. We’ll Provide You Preferred Lenders, Title Companies and Escrow Agents Who Are Builder Friendly! Below are some examples of companies we’ve partnered with in the past...
  9. 9. Combine Backdrop Staging Services With Our Listing Ser- vices To Reduce Your Expense and Increase Your Profits Please visit for staging examples...
  10. 10. We Get Your Models and SPECS Staged! Below is a sample of our staged properties…. Surveys show staged homes sell for 7% more money and 50% fewer days than non- staged homes. The staging com- bined with professional pho- tography sets our builders apart from their competition. Make your SPECS standout just like the model. It’ll separate you from the competition and make selling fun again! How much would you pay to sell additional inventory?
  11. 11. We Get Your Property Branded! By Partnering With Sparta Design, We Can Provide Website Creation, Signage, Logos And More! Below is a sample of some of Sparta Design’s work….
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing
  13. 13. All listings are monitored continuously. Communication with clients is easy and simple via phone, email, text message. We strive for unparalleled communication with our clients.
  14. 14. A Word About The Market Understanding your competition is paramount to success in today’s market. While non -thinking, mean pricing theories worked in an upward trending market, they no longer provide a high degree of accuracy. Today, it is important to weight absorption, mean deterioration, liquidity gaps, competitive standard deviation sizes, excess and more. While there are myriad decisions to consider when selling real estate in our current market, the builder who embraces change and competition increases the probabilities of success? Ignoring the competition is like living life in a vacuum. It just is not reality. A well defined marketing plan is not enough in today’s market – I’m ashamed to say, research shows a majority of real estate agents don’t even have a writ- ten marketing plan. Today’s marketing re- quires intelligence and understanding. When selling real estate, sometimes what did- n’t happen is more important than what did happen. Identifying the abstract points to selling real estate is much more helpful in mending a course to success. As you’ve seen, we attempt to identify the success or failure of our advertising early in the proc- ess. This allows us to build hypothesis around our failures. By identifying problems, we are able cure them and work towards success. Should our interests converge, we look forward to working with you. “A year from now, you’ll be glad you made the decision to work with us today!” -Aaron Harrington