Personalized and universal search optimization at pubcon 2012


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Personalized and universal search optimization at pubcon 2012

  1. By: Aaron Friedman SEO Manager, SPARKUniversal and PersonalSearch Optimization @aaronfriedman
  2. I. Part 1 - Current Issue in Personalized SearchAGENDA • Important Factors of P.S. • Tips to show up more and be relevant II. Part 2 - The Future of Personalized Search • How Entities play a role • What this means to us III. Re-cap @aaronfriedman
  3. Barriers of Personalized Search How do I get my How do I reach a information to larger Audience? show up? @aaronfriedman
  4. Can’t Reach a Large Audience Without One  • Buy ads on Facebook • It’s ok – Not the shady way Undressing The Secret Of Facebook: Paid Organic Is The New Black Grow your other networks • More Twitter Connections • More G+ Connections (and Google + is REALLY important) @aaronfriedman
  5. Could Have The Except MaybeLargest Network Adorableness! Ever But Without Good Content, You’re Not Worth Much @aaronfriedman
  6. Some Tips @aaronfriedman
  7. Be Creative @aaronfriedman
  8. Quality Create Unique Content @aaronfriedman
  9. Don’t Use Generic Images… @aaronfriedman
  10. BeImaginative...… but stillidentify withyour brand @aaronfriedman
  11. Don’tNeglect yournetworks Leverage them Understand interests them @aaronfriedman
  12. Be Useful and Helpful @aaronfriedman
  13. Ready to improve Quality of Your Content? @aaronfriedman
  14. Lets Talk @aaronfriedman
  15. Twitter Long Tail Tactics Suggestion To Twitter CardsImprove Quality “Force Tweet” Code @aaronfriedman
  16. Twitter and The Long Tail @aaronfriedman
  17. Twitter and The Long Tail A simple methodology on how to prioritize long tail queries using information from Twitter. @aaronfriedman
  18. Step 1:IdentifyKeywordsUnderstanding what long tail queries are driving people to your site @aaronfriedman
  19. Step 2:Look AtSocialData @aaronfriedman
  20. Step 3 : Super relevant Have a list ofDevelop user forContent outreach Grow your network MORE INFO ON THIS METHOD  twitter-118434 @aaronfriedman
  21. Is Google Special Or Something? Try Open Graph Optimization @aaronfriedman
  22. Open Graph Optimization Sample of 300 Webpages <meta property=og:title content=‘ /> Og: Title ~ 95 Characters <meta property=og:description content=‘ /> Og: Description ~ 297 Characters <meta property=‘og:image’ content=‘ /> @aaronfriedman
  23. It Makes Posts Look Bad No Image Not Utilizing Character lengths Non informative Description @aaronfriedman
  24. Tweet What You Want! You Are in ControlBE ALL THE THING!!! @aaronfriedman
  25. TwitterIntentTweet @aaronfriedman
  26. Hand Code and Adding to Text as a Link href=";text=I+tota lly+agree+with+everything+@aaronfriedman+says+http://searchenginelan 132001+Makes+Perfect+Sense!">tweet a message</a>+ The Key… …OR @aaronfriedman
  27. How Tweet Buttons Work Typically they grab: • Title Tag • Header Problem: These are underutilized 73 Characters in Header ~20 URL ~14 Twitter Handle 107 Used 33 Left @aaronfriedman
  28. Put This In Your Tweet Button <a href=”#” onclick=”tweetSelectedText()”><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> $().ready(function(){$(‘.tweetThis’).hide();}); function tweetSelectedText(){ var twtTitle = $(‘.tweetThis’).text() || $(‘title’).text(); var twtUrl = location.href; var maxLength = 140 – (twtUrl.length + 1); if (twtTitle.length > maxLength) { twtTitle = twtTitle.substr(0, (maxLength – 3))+’…’; } var twtLink = ‘’+encodeURIComponent(twtTitle + ‘ ‘ + twtUrl);,’name’,height=500,width=500′); if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()} } </script> @aaronfriedman
  29. Send a Better Message to Users <p class= “tweetThis”> Actions and what people do are the new SEO and Pinocchios lying big nose. </p> Pro Tip: Change the message the next day to reach people not interested the first time. because-content-matters-121748 @aaronfriedman
  30. But The Future Will Be DifferentEngines are more social @aaronfriedman
  31. Entity Search Rises @aaronfriedman es/2012/07/batman_jinx.jpg
  32. Google SERPsToday Entities Are Everywhere @aaronfriedman
  33. SERPSAre Also More SocialThan Ever @aaronfriedman
  34. Might Even Say Going Through A Transformation @aaronfriedman
  35. Engines are creating something separate from their text index thatconsists of entities and attributes… @aaronfriedman
  36. Its About Understanding Concepts/ Trends Through Words @aaronfriedman
  37. Verbs Action Attribution Frictionless Sharing @aaronfriedman
  38. Be Relevant For What You Want To Be Known For @aaronfriedman
  39. Its alreadyhappening on Bing Become one of these people. They are the experts. @aaronfriedman
  40. The Future Of Entity Search IsInterest-Based Demographics What I tell you I am interested in defines me Not Interested Love it! Social Data is Your Attributes @aaronfriedman
  41. Interest Graphs Already Exist See: peerindex, klout, mentionmapp, @aaronfriedman
  42. So What Do I Do With This Info? @aaronfriedman
  43. For Now Focus on Focus on Spend TimeRel=Author Quality Growing Your Content User Base• This will play a • Develop it • Don’t Build an huge role in according to Empty Following Entities what users are • They are your core Looking for • Stay Relevant to Themes @aaronfriedman
  44. Aaron FriedmanSEO Manager at @aaronfriedman + @aaronfriedman
  45. Image CreditsBrody Flying Kid with Dogs Hulk and Iron Man kid-superman-costume.jpg 77@N00/7702379958 mblr_lgepedpI2t1qergtco1_50 0.pngBrody Sun (first image) Kid All superheros ntsrevenge/7702379518/in/photostrea content/uploads/2011/12/cosplay-x-all-the-y- m/ superheroes-kid.png Kid with Sword 073/4737223879_92e986c2f5.jKid red cape Captain America on a bike pg 16122980_c812febec6.jpg idoo_images/590/draft_lens197249 44module161372326photo_134636Superman fighting impossible 0303aa-aa-.jpg Captain America Lying Down content/uploads/2012/06/superhero- 46430286@N05/4388582583/ kids.jpg 3 batmans and Robin sizes/m/in/photostream/ 9bi9zkc/TooSzvAhNCI/AAAAAAAAspidermen Tyg/xAaqtP_ipgQ/s1600/batman+c Guy Looking into the sky- no ostumes+and+robin+kids.jpg shirt cape jessoyu/4287021551/sizes/z/in guinnes-record-425ds060110.jpg /pool-423721@N20/ Turn and Transform Laser eyes /7646633612/in/photostream 08l7yhhn1qb1cd3o1_400.jpg Kid Pointing http://media-cache- Super Hero Shadom Flying 10560251855539_2mSIGakY_Kids standing http://www.thephilanthropicenterprise _resources/imagecache/blog_wide .org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Kid- b.jpg _thumb/young_superhero.jpg Superheroes-412x276.jpg Oval Office Heros /image_cache/1346262282688149.j pg 425ds060110.jpg @aaronfriedman