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  • they have written, and summarize it so their audience knows what the main points to pick are and the marketers can better control their message, even when they aren't the one sharing it.
  • Timely information when you see a need gives your audience an incentive to share your information, or take an immediate action.
  • Better sharing means better visibilityBetter visibility means overall better performanceBetter Performance means happy audience and the community they are trying to create.
  • Building buzz on twitter

    1. 1. Building Buzz on Twitter SMX Toronto 2012 By: Aaron Friedman 1 @aaronfriedman
    2. 2. Twitter – CRUSH IT!“Hey @tallross, you have beencrushed by @aaronfriedman…a BILLION times!” @aaronfriedman
    3. 3. Agenda• Twitter Uses• Why Twitter is Important• Successful Twitter (3 Steps)• Twitter & The Long Tail• Wrap up @aaronfriedman
    4. 4. Twitter and the Great UnknownTwitter entered the picture with a completelydifferent platform to connect with people and learn about their lives than Facebook did. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!! @aaronfriedman
    5. 5. Although it took some time for thefunction of Twitter to be defined by those using the platform… Twitter has proven to be a valuable communication tool. @aaronfriedman
    6. 6. For Connecting Some of my first tweets ever @aaronfriedman
    7. 7. For Fundraising $5,000,000 raised in 2 days for Haiti (Red Cross) @aaronfriedman
    8. 8. For Business • Customer Service • Support • Competitions • Giving back @aaronfriedman
    9. 9. Twitter Is…• 340M thoughts shared daily• 140M+ Active Users• The loudest voice on the planet – “After the election in Iran, cries of protest from supporters of opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi arose in all possible media, but the loudest cries were heard in a medium that didnt even exist the last time Iran had an election. ” Source:,8599,1905125,00.html @aaronfriedman
    10. 10. IMPORTANTBeyond the ability to communicate withconsumers, understanding and implementing aTwitter strategy has become even more criticalfor marketers. @aaronfriedman
    11. 11. Twitter Contributes to Engines @aaronfriedman
    12. 12. Search + Social = The FutureEngines have deemed content from Twitter as avaluable source of information. Impacting how thesearch results are displayed @aaronfriedman
    13. 13. Attributes Engines Might Consider• Relevant/irrelevant messages posted• Total number of documents initiated posted by the author within a defined time period• Total number of replies or comments made by the author• A number of [online] groups to which the author is a member @bill_slawski Source: rank-user-generated-content/ @aaronfriedman
    14. 14. Which Begs the QuestionAs marketers, how do we maximize twitter to effectively communicate with our audiencebase and ensure our content is helping in the search engines? @aaronfriedman
    15. 15. 3 points of successful Twittering ClaritySimplicityIncentivize / Timing @aaronfriedman
    16. 16. CLARITY 16 @aaronfriedman
    17. 17. Be ClearHighlight thecontent in thetweet that youactually wantpeople to share @aaronfriedman
    18. 18. Oh, Also…Don’t look likeSpam… peopledon’t like that @aaronfriedman
    19. 19. Too Long; Didn’t Read• Highlight not only ON Twitter But also OFF Twitter• TL;DR is a great way @aaronfriedman
    20. 20. SIMPLICITY 20 @aaronfriedman
    21. 21. Make Sharing EasyGive users a button to share with.According to a Bright Edge Study, Share Buttons drive 7x moreexposure for web pages. Source: social-sharing-open-graph-100245). @aaronfriedman
    22. 22. And on that note…Don’t complicate posts by @tamccann• 5 posts about your space – help make others smarter• 3 posts about your product – demonstrate the role you play in your industry• 2 personal –give people something to connect to by sharing your personal side @aaronfriedman
    23. 23. INCENTIVIZE / TIMELY 23 @aaronfriedman
    24. 24. Incentivize / Timely• Give an incentive and make sure your information is timely.• QDF @aaronfriedman
    25. 25. CompetitionsAnswering a need @aaronfriedman
    26. 26. Add brand toconsideration pool Reward/ Recognition @aaronfriedman
    27. 27. ONE MORE THING… 27 @aaronfriedman
    28. 28. Twitter and The Long TailA simple methodology on how to prioritize long tail queries using information from Twitter. @aaronfriedman
    29. 29. Re-capTwitter is significant to Search EnginePerformance• Clarity - Take away the guess work. Tell your audience what to say?• Simplicity - Sharing is easy and boosts engagement• Incentives / Timely Posts – Be relevant• Use Twitter to target the long tail of search @aaronfriedman
    30. 30. Thank youAaron FriedmanSEO Manager at @aaronfriedman + @aaronfriedman