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Innovative hotel restaurant designs don’t always have to be sweeping in scope. Sometimes the cleverest ones are also the smallest. Here are five tiny hotel restaurants truly maximizing their available space.

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Hotel F&B Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas

  1. 1. F&B   HOTEL   CASE STUDIES, EXAMPLES & FRESH IDEAS   A Collection of Blog Posts from   November 2013  © 2013,Aaron Allen  
  2. 2. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   Little Hotel Restaurant Designs Doing Big Business 3 7 Hotel Restaurants and Bars SettingThemselves Apart 7 5Tips for Creating Great Hotel F&B Blog Content 10 4 Creative Hotel F&B Innovations from NewYork to Singapore 12 5 Hotel F&B Marketing Ideas from the Middle East 14 7 Breathtaking Hotel Bar and Restaurant Designs from Around the World 16 10 Fun Food Holidays to Consider for Hotel F&B Marketing 19 14 Hotel F&B Promotions to Attract Epicures 25 8 Quirky Brunch Promotions to Spice UpTraffic 30 5 Hotels Getting Creative withTheir Social Media 33 About the Author 37 About AARON ALLEN & associates 38 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2
  3. 3. Innovative hotel restaurant designs don’t always have to be sweeping in scope. Sometimes the cleverest ones are also the smallest. Here are five tiny hotel restaurants truly maximizing their available space. little RESTAURANT DESIGNS DOING BIG BUSINESS
  4. 4. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   PERENNIAL VIRANT AT THE HOTEL LINCOLN Chicago The Hotel Lincoln in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago is not a big place – 184 rooms, 1,200-square-feet of meeting space. But it manages to attract a large corporate crowd. It frequently uses its farm-to-table Perennial Virant restaurant for these groups, serving an intimate, buffet or family-style group meal for usually 20-30 people but up to a 45-person buyout or 64-person plated dinner. This works perfectly with theVirant’s customized menu. The Virant’s 1,100-square-foot Clark Room is the primary dining space though smaller groups also sometimes use a hospitality suite. The concept works as the restaurant has been well-reviewed, gets large non-corporate traffic at brunch, and was named one of Chicago Magazine’s “20 Best New Restaurants” in 2012. The Hotel Chicago also has a rooftop lounge, the J. Parker. 4 LITTLE HOTEL RESTAURANT DESIGNS DOING BIG BUSINESS Photo Credit: THE LOCL RESTAURANT & LOUNGE AT NYLO PLANO AT LEGACY Plano,Texas LOCL squeezes into an 1,800 square foot area on the hotel’s first floor. Because the space is smaller, it was designed with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the patio and make the space feel larger. The restaurant has two rows of tables running down its narrow length and a curvy wooden divider separates the restaurant from the bar. The entire room has a warm and modern feel to it. LOCL also has a small 1,000-square-foot kitchen that serves the restaurant and is designed to maximize every area available. The hotel took in $65 on food and beverages per occupied room per day, which NYLO Plano says is high for their hotel category. Photo Credit:
  5. 5. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   BRASSERIE S&P ATTHE MANDARIN ORIENTAL San Francisco, California Another lobby move that worked out was the Mandarin Oriental San Francisco’s relocation of its main restaurant from the second floor of the hotel to an easily accessible lobby spot during its recent multimillion dollar overhaul. A former lobby bar was converted and built out into the Brasserie S&P, which opened in summer 2012. It can seat 90, and Eater San Francisco described it as walking “the line between airy and stately, just so.” Hotel architect and designer Michael Booth put in large, round and comfortable leather chairs, a glass-paneled wall on one side, and low, rich wood dividers between the bar, the restaurant and the lobby. 5 LITTLE HOTEL RESTAURANT DESIGNS DOING BIG BUSINESS cont. Photo Credit: GUELFI E GHIBELLINI, RELAIS SANTA CROCE Florence, Italy Florence is renowned for its arts and culture.The small Relais Santa Croce in the heart of the city is made to measure.The hotel is a converted 17th-centry palazzo near the center of Florence with an Old World feel that extends into its small, but acclaimed Guelfi e Ghibellini restaurant. There you’ll find fine food, fine wine and an elegant dining room that seats around 20 people.The high walls and ornate trompe-l’oeil ceiling, white tablecloth atmosphere, modern black armchairs, fireplace, and palazzo-inspired furnishings and accents perfectly mix Old World Italian with modern touches. Photo Credit:
  6. 6. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   BERNS BISTRO & BAR, BERNS HOTEL Stockholm Well-known English restaurant designerTerence Conrad redid the hotel restaurants and bars in 2006. But it’s the small and long Berns Bistro & Bar that stands out for its maximization of a cozy and curved space updated to have a contemporary brasserie design. The Berns Hotel was named the best hotel in Sweden in 2011 and the bistro regularly fills to maximum capacity. 6 LITTLE HOTEL RESTAURANT DESIGNS DOING BIG BUSINESS cont. Photo Credit:
  7. 7. Restaurants are awarded and ranked based on the variety and quality of their menu items as well as service, ambiance, and many other factors. But of these top ranked, who is doing more than just serving great food? Here are seven of the top hotel restaurants and bars that are adding a little extra flavor for their guests. 7 HOTEL RESTAURANTS & BARS SETTINGTHEMSELVES APART
  8. 8. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   If you’re cooking good food, why not serve a lot of it? At Vendôme, head chef Joachim Wissler serves up an extensive menu (and by that we mean 25 courses) of modern German cuisine. 8 7 HOTEL RESTAURANTS & BARS SETTINGTHEMSELVES APART VENDÔME at THE GRANDHOTEL SCHLOSS BENSBERG Bergisch Gladbach, Germany Head chef David Thompson bases many of the spectacular Thai dishes served at Nahm on recipes he found in ancient Thai cookbooks — giving guests a genuine taste of the “old world”. NAHM atTHE METROPOLITAN HOTEL Bangkok,Thailand Your menu is important, but so is the ambiance. At La Pergola, diners enjoy their meal amid the hotel’s stunning art collection of rare antiques, paintings, and pieces of bespoke handblown glass, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. LA PERGOLA atTHE HOTEL ROME CAVALIERI Rome, Italy Le Louis XV — Alain Ducasse was the first restaurant (ever) to earn three Michelin stars. Why? Well, yes, they serve great food; but they also have an enviable wine list — over 600,000 bottles. LE LOUIS XV – ALAIN DUCASSE atTHE HOTEL DE PARIS Monte Carlo, Monaco Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  9. 9. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   At Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons’ in-house restaurant, they’re cooking with produce grown on their own two acre garden. That’s 90 types of vegetables and 70-plus herbs grown right outside the restaurant. 9 7 HOTEL RESTAURANTS & BARS SETTINGTHEMSELVES APART LE MANOR AUX QUAT’SAISONS IN HOUSE RESTAURANT Oxfordshire, UK Steak and seafood are always favorites, but they become epic crowd-pleasers when cooked over a wood-burning grill.That’s how The Woods prepares their dishes, the apple, spruce, and ironbark logs adding flavor to the meal. THE WOODS atTHE FOUR SEASONS Sydney,Australia The Stue Bar’s massive windows take advantage of an unusual vista. The bar’s next door neighbor is a zoo, giving guests a unique view to ponder while they sip their drinks. STUE BAR atTHE DAS STUE HOTEL Berlin, Germany Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  10. 10. Blogging is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and keep your guests up-to-date on the latest news at your venue.Whether you highlight your food or events, guests will eat it up. Here are 5 tips for creating great hotel F&B blog content that will keep your fans coming back. 5 TIPS FOR CREATING HOTEL GREAT F&B BLOG CONTENT
  11. 11. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   11 5TIPS FOR CREATING GREAT HOTEL F&B BLOG CONTENT 1. GETTHETASKMASTERS ON BOARD Food bloggers can be extremely helpful in expanding your brand’s reach. Guoman Hotels promotes their food by blogging about bloggers. Posts include recipes “fit for food bloggers” as well as a recap of an F&B blogger dinner hosted at the Cumberland Hotel. By catering to the web savvy, they’re sharing expert advice while gaining the Internet’s attention. 2. STAY ONTOP OFTHETRENDS When a guest hears about something new, they’ll look it up online. This is a great way to reach new guests while establishing your restaurant’s reputation as a hub for the unique and interesting. Inter Continental Hotels are getting epicures to think globally by sharing culinary trends from every destination. Maybe guests never thought about vacationing in Cleveland, but a post about pastry classes could catch their attention. 3.TEACHTHEM SOMETHING What’s the use of writing (or reading) a blog that doesn’t teach you something new or interesting? The Blog Vienna International does much more than post recipes (although their digital cookbook is impressive). They’ve actually made their hotel blog into a sort of guidebook. Posts like their piece on proper etiquette for a business lunch are applicable to every reader, not just incoming guests. Meaning more people will read their blog, thus increasing their exposure to prospective guests. 4. ENCOURACE ENGAGEMENT WITH CROWD-SOURCING Guests want to feel like a part of your brand. Letting them contribute content is a great way to start. The Gansevoort Hotel in NYC uses Foodspotting to create a digital photo menu with pictures taken by their guests. 5. DELICIOUS PICTURES ARETHE KEYTO CLICKABLE CONTENT It’s true. We eat with our eyes. So get guests clicking by offering up some tasty photos like atTaste by the Four Seasons. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  12. 12. From new technology to new products to sell, these restaurants are serving up some creative hotel F&B innovations. 4CREATIVE HOTEL F&B FROM INNOVATIONS NEWYORK to SINGAPORE
  13. 13. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   13 4 CREATIVE HOTEL F&B INNOVATIONS FROM NEWYORKTO SINGAPORE 1. FAST FOOD WITH 4G SPEED atTHE HUDSON HOTEL New York’s Hudson Common is getting technical with their gourmet burgers, using text messages to alert guests when their order is in. It’s craft beer and beef patties served on a brioche buns and a side of emoticons. Maybe it’s not so rude to use your phone at dinner. 2. POP-UP RESTAURANT FROM PULLMAN PARISTOUR EIFFEL To keep guests fed during restaurant renovations, the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel opened Le 180 Only, a pop-up restaurant.The hotel keeps customers coming with food inspired by the seven deadly sins, featuring a new indiscretion (and menu) every month. 3. FARMER’S MARKET atTHE ANDAZ WALL STREET Local is in, and the Andaz Wall Street is taking advantage of the trend with their in-house farmer’s market.The event showcases some of NYC’s local fair alongside the tasty eats from the hotel’s Wall & Water restaurant. 4. AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 COCKTAILS at RAFFLES HOTEL in SIGAPORE Singapore’s Raffles Hotel is taking guests on a global journey with eight cocktails inspired by Raffles hotel locations — an excellent way for guests to imbibe a bit of wanderlust. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  14. 14. Keeping your hotel F&B marketing ideas fresh is an important part of drawing in new guests and maintaining loyal ones.These hotel F&B marketing ideas from the Middle East offer up a bit of fun for the guests, while making a name for the hotel with its attention to detail. 5 HOTEL F&B MARKETING IDEAS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST
  15. 15. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   15 5 HOTEL F&B MARKETING IDEAS FROMTHE MIDDLE EAST 1. CAMEL MILK MIXOLOGISTS atTHE RITZ-CARLTON Abu Dhabi The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal has a new offering on their menu: camel milk.To help introduce guests to the oftentimes unfamiliar ingredient, they’ve hired an expert camel milk mixologist to pair infusions (think strawberry and mint) with dishes. 2. SHISHA SOMMELIER atTHE RITZ-CARLTON Dubai Mixologists aren’t the only experts in local flavor that GCC Ritz-Carltons have on staff. At the Ritz- Carlton Dubai International Finance Center, they have a shisha sommelier to help guest choose the perfect hookah flavor. 3. MASTER CHOCOLATIER at ÇıRAĞAN PALACE Experts abound in the Middle East as the Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul has taken on a Master Chocolatier, William McCarrick, to create exceptional pairings for its guests. This innovation, paired with an F&B reorganization and peerless service garnered the Çırağan Palace the “Kempinski Best Food and Beverage Hotel 2013” award. 4. GROOMINGTHE FUTURE atTI’ME OAK HOTEL AND SUITES In January 2013, the Ti’me Oak Hotel and Suites in Dubai hosted 440 students for a lesson in fine dining.The hotel took time to teach the kids the finer points of table etiquette — starting the future of the hospitality industry young. 5. GETTINGTOASTED atTHE WESTIN Dubai The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Resort didn’t let their outlet-less terraces spoil breakfast. Determined to serve freshly made toast to patrons, the hotel purchased “Flexi-Toast” cordless units — delivering fresh toast in light, medium, and dark settings with the Westin logo branded into the toast. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  16. 16. When guests need to unwind, the hotel bar is a great place to start. Here are 7 examples of breathtaking hotel bar and restaurant designs that will leave guests speechless. 7BREATHTAKING HOTEL & BAR RESTAURANT DESIGNS FROM AROUNDTHE WORLD
  17. 17. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   Lakeside at the Wynn is one of Las Vegas’s most popular hotel restaurants, providing guests not only an amazing array of cuisine, but a spectacular show. The restaurant itself sits on the bank of the Lake of Dreams, a 20,000 sq. ft. technological wonder with underwater lights where shows are performed multiple times a night. 17 7 BREATHTAKING HOTEL BAR AND RESTAURANT DESIGNS FROM AROUNDTHE WORLD LAKESIDE atTHE WYNN Las Vegas, Nevada Ice Bar is rebuilt every year – and each year it brings something new with its design.The bar is built from crystal clear ice harvested from the frozen Torne River. ICE BAR atTHE ICE HOTEL Jukkasjärvi, Sweden Sitting 16 feet below sea level, Ithaa Undersea is the first all-glass undersea restaurant. Providing a 270 degree view of surrounding coral and marine life, Ithaa offers contemporary European cuisine with a view that has no equal. ITHAA UNDERSEA RESTAURANT atTHE CONRAD HOTEL Rangali Island, Maldives Set high amongst the canopy of an ancient rainforest rests a table for two made out of bamboo. The food arrives by way of a “flying” waiter who zip- lines from tree to tree to bring you your pre-selected meal and drink. TREEPOD DINING atTHE SONEVA KIRI RESORT Koh Kood,Thailand Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Kweez McG Photo Credit:
  18. 18. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   High above the New York skyline sits a backyard barbeque style party where organic ingredients are used to create some of the most mouth-watering cocktails available, which guests may sip while looking out over the peaks of skyscrapers and the millions of passersby. 18 7 BREATHTAKING HOTEL BAR AND RESTAURANT DESIGNS FROM AROUNDTHE WORLD SOAKED atTHE MONDRIAN SOHO NewYork, NewYork This restaurant is open only during the summer months, in the limestone caves beneath the Grotta Palazzese Hotel, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea. Dine as local nobility has since the 1700s, with crisp sea breezes hitting your face, enjoying local wines and elegant Italian food. HOTEL RISTORANTE atTHE GROTTA PALAZZESE Poligano a Mare, Italy Perched high above the Magnificent Mile at the Ritz-Carlton, the Dec Rooftop Bar is home to some of the best handcrafted drinks in the country. Guests can enjoy homemade bitters while looking at the sleek, yet cozy decor. THE DEC ROOFTOP BAR at THE RITZ-CARLTON CHICAGO Chicago, Illinois Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  19. 19. For many hotels, a holiday doesn’t have to make it onto the official calendar to call for some celebratory marketing.There’s National Margarita Day, National Hotdog Day, National Pancake Day – the list goes on. Check out 11 food holidays being celebrated through hotel F&B marketing. FUN FOOD HOLIDAYS TO CONSIDER FOR HOTEL F&B MARKETING 0 1
  20. 20. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   While guests might not expect to be served pancakes at an Italian restaurant, the Four Seasons Las Vegas’ Verandah dishes up a thoroughly American-style breakfast for National Pancake Day. Buttermilk pancakes are, of course, on the menu, but so are “earth-shattering” citrus ricotta pancakes. 20 10 FUN FOOD HOLIDAYSTO CONSIDER FOR HOTEL F&B MARKETING NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY at THE FOUR SEASONS Las Vegas, Nevada Kimpton Hotels all across America celebrated Chocolate Lovers Day by offering complimentary chocolates to accompany their lobbies’ wine hours.At Hotel Monaco Alexandria, chocolatinis were served with mini chocolate-pecan pies, while Hotel Allegro served handmade chocolate marshmallows and chocolate-substitute biscuits for pets. CHOCOLATE LOVERS DAY at KIMPTON HOTELS Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Penny Do Los Santos
  21. 21. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   The Four Seasons Chicago went all-out to celebrate National Hot Dog Month in July, 2011, serving all-beef frankfurters on poppy-seed buns. To top it all off, they added house-made relish, mustard, pickles, and celery salt. And let’s not forget the local Goose Island SummerTime Ale. 21 10 FUN FOOD HOLIDAYSTO CONSIDER FOR HOTEL F&B MARKETING NATIONAL HOT DOG MONTH at THE FOUR SEASONS Chicago, Illinois Wisconsin’s American Club Resort served chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches for $3 to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in August 2013. On top of the great ice cream served, the promotion was a great way to beat the summer heat. NATIONAL ICE CREAM SANDWICH DAY at THE AMERICAN CLUB RESORT Photo Credit: Mark Rosal Photo Credit: Ritz-Carlton Chicago
  22. 22. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   Choice Hotels International held a breakfast survey to celebrate National Waffle Day and found two thirds of their guests really enjoy waffles – blueberry being the top crowd pleaser, followed by multigrain. In 2011, the franchise served guests roughly 25 million waffles. 22 10 FUN FOOD HOLIDAYSTO CONSIDER FOR HOTEL F&B MARKETING NATIONAL WAFFLE DAY at CHOICE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL Georgia’s Jekyll Island Club Hotel celebrated National Pecan Pie Day last year by releasing their kitchen’s pecan pie recipe. That way, the hotel explained on its blog, guests could enjoy the delicacy year round. NATIONAL PECAN PIE DAY at THE JEKYLL ISLAND CLUB HOTEL Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  23. 23. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   As you’d expect, National Margarita Day is a pretty big deal at Pensacola’s Margaritaville Beach Hotel. To celebrate last year, the hotel threw a margarita recipe contest and gave gift certificates to anyone with a National Margarita Day birthday. 23 10 FUN FOOD HOLIDAYSTO CONSIDER FOR HOTEL F&B MARKETING NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY at THE MARGARITAVILLE BEACH HOTEL Sixty percent of Americans voted to make strawberry shortcake the dessert of the summer.To honor the request, Kentucky’s Brown Hotel celebrated National Strawberry Shortcake Day with berry shooters, cookies, and martinis, releasing the coveted recipes online. Head chef Laurent Géroli also madeTV appearances to promote the event. N AT I O N A L S T R AW B E R RY SHORTCAKE DAY at THE BROWN HOTEL Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  24. 24. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   British Columbia’s Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites ran into a dilemma when deciding when to celebrate National Absinthe Day. In the US, the holiday is on March 5th, but in Europe they celebrate on the first. Not to be outdone, the hotel turned the holiday into a five-day event. 24 10 FUN FOOD HOLIDAYSTO CONSIDER FOR HOTEL F&B MARKETING NATIONAL ABSINTHE DAY at THE CHATEAU VICTORIA HOTEL AND SUITES To celebrate National Escargot Day, the four Caesars Entertainment Hotels in Atlantic City, each of the hotels’ restaurants cooked up something special. Delicacies included escargot with forest mushrooms, roasted onion and escargot soup, and escargot ravioli. NATIONAL ESCARGOT DAY at THE FOUR CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT Atlantic City Hotels Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  25. 25. In 2010, the world tourism organization reported that 940 million people set off on a trip that year. Of these, 51 percent traveled for pleasure, 15 percent for business. The remainder traveled for various reasons such as family get-togethers, medical treatment, and religious pilgrimages (among others). These visitors are coming equipped with a more refined palate and are seeking out restaurants that will cater to their epicurean preferences. WHAT IS AN EPICURE? An epicure is someone who prides himself on his sense of taste.Who seeks out the most rare and unusual foods, the freshest, most luxurious, and most authentic. Here is out our list of 14 hotel F&B promotions to get these food-lovers through the door. 14 HOTEL F&B PROMOTIONS TO ATTRACT EPICURES
  26. 26. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   26 14 HOTEL F&B PROMOTIONSTO ATTRACT EPICURES 1. EXPERT APERITIFS at SHERATON HOTELS Hotel guests are 66 percent more likely to order wine if there are premium selections offered. Sheraton Hotels tried out this theory, partnering with Wine Spectator magazine to create a high-brow beverage menu. After initiating the program, lobby bars saw an average 20 percent increase in revenue. 2.TOP CHEF COOKS FOR GUESTS atTHE BERKELEY London Plenty of hotels have big names attached to their restaurant. But, at London’s Berkeley Hotel, head chef Marcus Wareing is actually in the kitchen of his restaurant (No. 69 on EliteTraveler’sTop 100 Restaurants list) cooking – a big draw for guests. 3. SHARING LOCAL FAVORITES at HOTEL INDIGO With their 2011 “Locals Know Best – Dish on the Dish” campaign, Hotel Indigo invited guests at Nashville, San Antonio, and New York to tell chef Curtis Stone about their favorite local eats for a chance to win a trip to NYC.The campaign promoted Hotel Indigo’s commitment to local foods. 4. AUTHENTIC CHINESE FARE at CHICAGO’S PENINSULA HOTEL With roughly 77 million Chinese nationals vacationing in 2012, authentic cooking appeals to homesick guests and epicures looking for the “real deal”. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  27. 27. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   27 14 HOTEL F&B PROMOTIONSTO ATTRACT EPICURES 5. CALIFORNIA’S HOTEL HEALDSBURG’S BRINGING OUT THE BACON Making the most of their California wine country location, Hotel Healdsburg launched their Pigs & Pinot weekend in 2011, partnering with 60 wineries and 10 chefs to attract guests with pork dishes and wine parings. Along with the final five-course meal, the hotel offered cooking classes and wine tastings. 6. GUESTS HUNT FOR THEIR OWN TRUFFLES at TUSCANY’S MONSIGNOR DELLA CASA COUNTRY RESORT Monsignor Della Casa Country Resort touts their local ingredients by offering a truffle- hunting package where guests can dig for their own delicacies (later served in a truffle dinner). 7. SEAFOOD WORKSHOPS at LONDON’S ANDAZ HOTEL Guests looking to learn the finer points of preparing seafood could sign up for 2011’s classes at London’s Andaz hotel.The workshops, held in conjunction with the London Restaurant Festival, taught guests how to select and cook the perfect (and sustainable) fish. 8. CHEESE BAR at ANDAZ 5th AVENUE HOTEL Lots of hotels have bars – but not many have cheese bars.The Andaz 5th Avenue Hotel in NYC does, and they’re serving vintage flavors like the 1802 Beekman Blaak Cheese. Photo Credit: Charles Gesell Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  28. 28. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   28 14 HOTEL F&B PROMOTIONSTO ATTRACT EPICURES 9. CRONUTS CROSSTHE PONT at DUBLIN’STHE MARKER HOTEL In NYC, people wait on line (or pay $100 scalper prices) to snag one of Dominique Ansel’s 300 cronuts baked each day. In The States, the cronut trend has been explosive, and now the croissant/doughnut hybrid is being served at Dublin’s The Marker Hotel with perks including free lunches and spa treatments for those who order them. 10. GUESTS SAMPLE LOCAL SNACKS at CHICAGO’S PUBLIC HOTEL For true epicures, potato chips from a hotel vending machine aren’t going to cut it. At the Public Hotel in Chicago, the lobby minibar instead offers local snacks like Garrett Popcorn and Cora Lee Candies. “Cronuts at the Marker Hotel” – CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO Photo Credit: Photo Credit: ! 1 14 HOTEL F&B PROMOTIONSTO ATTRACT EPICURES! 9. CRONUTS CROSSTHE PONT at DUBLIN’STHE MARKER HOTEL! In NYC, people wait on line (or pay $100 scalper prices) to snag one of Dominique Ansel’s 300 cronuts baked each day. In The States, the cronut trend has been explosive, and now the croissant/doughnut hybrid is being served at Dublin’s The Marker Hotel with perks including free lunches and spa treatments for those who order them.! 10. GUESTS SAMPLE LOCAL SNACKS at CHICAGO’S PUBLIC HOTEL! For true epicures, potato chips from a hotel vending machine aren’t going to cut it. At the Public Hotel in Chicago, the lobby minibar instead offers local snacks like Garrett Popcorn and Cora Lee Candies.! “Cronuts at the Marker Hotel” – CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO! Photo Credit:! Photo Credit:!
  29. 29. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   29 14 HOTEL F&B PROMOTIONSTO ATTRACT EPICURES 11. CHEF DIVES FOR LOBSTER at THE CARIBBEAN’S FOUR SEASONS, Nevis Guests looking for truly fresh seafood will be pleased to learn that, Chef Andrew Donnerbauer leads guests on dives for spiny lobster on the Dive ‘n Dine package. Later, the seafood is served at the hotel’s nightly beach barbecue. 12. PICNICS PERFECTED at NYC’S MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL Lots of New York City hotels offer Central Park picnic packages, but few do it like the Mandarin Oriental. Here, a guest’s basket comes packed with locally sourced lunch and bamboo cutlery to dine with. On top of that, the hotel donates a portion of the proceeds to the Edible Schoolyard charity. 13. FORAGE FOR EATS at ENGLAND’S TUDOR FARMHOUSE HOTEL The Tudor Farmhouse hotel in Gloucestershire, England has enlisted the help of celebrity forager Raoul van Den Broucke to take guests on a nature walk and look for edible eats. 14. CHOCOLATE LOVERS GO TO THE SOURCE at ST. LUCIA’S HOTEL CHOCOLAT Here, guests who book the Total Cacao Immersion package take a tour of St. Lucia’s chocolate industry.The trip starts with a visit to cacao farms, then on to the factory for fermenting and drying, ending with a lesson in how to make your own chocolate. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  30. 30. With the popularity of breakfast foods and your guest’s proclivity to sleep in, why limit breakfast to the morning? Here are 8 hotels spicing up their mid-morning traffic with unique brunch promotions. 8 BRUNCH PROMOTIONS QUIRKY TO SPICE UPTRAFFIC
  31. 31. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   31 8 QUIRKY BRUNCH PROMOTIONSTO SPICE UPTRAFFIC 1.A BROADWAY PARTNERSHIP atTHE NEWYORK PALACE HOTEL Arriving home by midnight wasn’t a problem for brunchers in December 2012 at the New York Palace Hotel’s Broadway-inspired Cinderella brunch. Prince Charming wooed guests over “Back By Midnight” waffles and a Princess Bellini Martini. 2. TRADITION MEETS COUTURE WITH DESIGNER PASTRIES atTHE BERKELEY London Started in 2004, the Berkeley London’s Prêt-à-Portea Tea continues to generate a fashionable amount of press with designer-inspired pastries. Marie Claire,Vogue, Elle UK, Condé Nast Traveler, and the Telegraph each praised the menu, proving afternoon tea isn’t stuffy when you add Balenciaga mousse into the mix. 3. POOLSIDE PERKS at NATIONAL HOTEL Miami’s National Hotel offered an added amenity with its 2011 Sunday brunch as access to the hotel pool took center stage. Fresh fruit, omelets, and bagels made for a rather traditional menu, but the bottomless Mimosas and complimentary towel caught diner’s attention. 4. FATHER’S DAY FARE AT CAFÉ ZUZU While brunch is often seen as a feminine affair, Café ZuZu at Scottsdale, Arizona’s Hotel Valley Ho broadened its customer base with a Father’s Day special. Nixing classic fare in favor of dad-approved Beef Tenderloin Benedict, Café ZuZu was titled “Best Place toTakeYour Dad to Brunch.” Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  32. 32. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   32 8 QUIRKY BRUNCH PROMOTIONSTO SPICE UPTRAFFIC 5. ROOFTOP BRUNCH PARTY atTHE GANESVOORT In 2009, when brunch saw an eight percent increase, New York’s Hotel Gansevoort celebrated with a rooftop party. With more than 1,200 guests on opening day, the “Get Up Get Down” meal earned a spot onTime Out NewYork’s list of Best Rooftop Brunches. 6.TEATIME FORTINY GUESTS at FAIRMONT EMPRESS The kid-friendly menu at Victoria, Canada’s Fairmont Empress Prince and Princess Tea is drawing a pint-sized crowd. In fact, the caffeine-free bubblegum tea and PB&J sandwiches are so popular that baby brunchers need a reservation. 7. BRING BRUNCH ABROAD at HOXTON HOTEL At the Hoxton Hotel’s Hoxton Grill, diners are skipping Afternoon Tea in favor of the smoothies, milkshakes, pancakes, and cheeseburgers on the weekend brunch menu. Popular enough to earn 1,226 Facebook likes, the Hoxton Grill’s “American-style dining” is a fan-favorite import. 8.ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT ANDTHEN SOME ATTHE INTERCONTINENTAL PARK LANE Weekend Brunch at the InterContinental Park Lane’s Cookbook Cafe takes bottomless to the extreme. The drinks are unlimited, and so is the food. Is supplying customers with an unending menu really a good idea? The Telegraph, Times, Evening Standard, Square Meal, MayfairTimes, and the London Paper think so. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:
  33. 33. There are plenty of ways to get guests talking about your hotel, but what about starting conversations between guests on the premises?That’s the goal of Spain’s Meliá Hotels International’s #SocialWaveTwitter program at their Sol Wave House property. With this innovative hotel experience, guests are invited to join a private hashtag designed to get them talking, flirting, and sharing photos — all under the guidance of two well seasoned Twitter Concierges. WHYTHE MOVE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING? “Travel” is among the top ten categories used on Pinterest (coming in at No. 9), and studies of Facebook habits suggest people post more about vacations than they do any other topic, making social media marketing a valuable tool for any hotel. Want to see some more inspiring ways hotels are using social media to enhance guests’ experiences (not to mention creating a good deal of consumer generated media)?Take a look at these five examples. 5 HOTELS GETTING CREATIVE WITHTHEIR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  34. 34. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   34 5 HOTELS GETTING CREATIVE WITHTHEIR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 1. INSTAGRAM PHOTO SHARING at TORONTO’S ALT HOTEL The ALT Hotel took advantage of the fact that Instagram’s 100 million monthly users love getting artsy with their pictures (posting 40 million photos every day) by initiating an interactive photo competition. Partnering with Josh Johnson, the hotel created an Instagram mural in their lobby made entirely from guests’ photos, selecting 28 winning shots and awarding the photographer with a free night’s stay. After the project, ALT Hotel had 3,185 followers on Instagram. “Instagram Photo Sharing” – CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO Photo Credit: 2. NICKELODEON SUITES RESORT USES FLIP.TOTO REACH GUESTS The average hotel guest has 130 Facebook friends, 300Twitter followers, and 60 connections on LinkedIn. Naturally, having guests post about your hotel has huge marketing potential, generating up to 22 percent more bookings than a traditional marketing campaign. takes advantage of this by integrating social media right into a hotel’s booking website, turning guests into “trusted advocates” who post links to the hotel. According to statistics, a marketing campaign generally results in 20 percent of guests becoming “trusted advocates.” This past June, after a month of using to boost brand awareness, Nickelodeon Suites Resort saw 27 percent of guests posting as “trusted advocates”—posts that were seen by over 90,000 viewers, generating more than 2,700 unique visits to the hotel’s website. Photo Credit:
  35. 35. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   35 5 HOTELS GETTING CREATIVE WITHTHEIR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 3. HIGH-TECH SNAIL MAIL VIA POSTGRAM at HYATT HOUSE This past June, Hyatt House partnered with Postagram— the brilliant lovechild of social media photo sharing and traditional postage—to offer guests two free customized postcards. By logging onto the company’s website, guests could use Postagram to create and send customized postcards (yes, the kind that’s delivered by mail) featuring a photo taken on their smartphones and a 180 character message. Photo Credit: 4. GETTING GUESTS ACTIVE WITH RITZ CARLTON MOBILE APP The Ritz Carlton mobile app is a force to be reckoned with, acting as an expert concierge in the palm of guests’ hands.The app relies heavily on QR codes, encouraging guests to explore the hotel they are staying at by offering site-specific data and promotions. For example, guests having a drink at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park who want the recipe for the hotel’s ten year anniversary cocktail need only use the app to scan the QR code on their napkin. Guests at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua can use QR codes to take a tour of the hotel’s art collection, while guests at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong use QR codes to learn about wine pairings. Kids at the Ritz Carlton Berlin can go on a digital scavenger hunt using the app. The app also includes Foursquare recommendations, a bookings feature, and hotel-specific events calendars. The hotel chain even used the app to keep followers updated on this year’s ArabianTravel Market convention. Photo Credit:
  36. 36. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   36 5 HOTELS GETTING CREATIVE WITHTHEIR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 5. MOOD MUSIC at MARRIOTT HOTELS AND RESORTS Guests are talking about the Marriott Hotels and Resorts’ Mood Reader channel on Spotify, a digital social music platform. Using the app, Marriott guests create mood-based playlists (plus enter to win prizes) to listen to while on vacation. In the first month after launching the app late last year, more than 30,000 playlists were created (a 70 percent engagement rate), making the Marriott Mood Reader the most successful Spotify campaign to date. Photo Credit:
  37. 37. HOTEL F&B: Case Studies, Examples & Fresh Ideas   ABOUTTHE AUTHOR Third generation restaurateur Aaron Allen has held every industry position from line-level employee to unit manager. By age 19, he was running a $10 million food and beverage operation at a 625- room resort. By 20, he was overseeing a $4 million gulf-front Caribbean-themed restaurant that served more than 1,800 covers per day. Having cut his teeth in operations, Allen eventually transitioned to restaurant-focused marketing. In 2001, he founded his own consultancy.  By 2008, he’d skyrocketed the company to become the world’s largest restaurant consulting firm. Major clients included esteemed brands such as Starwood Resorts and Hotels Worldwide, The Cheesecake Factory, TGI Fridays, FEMSA (Dos Equis), BJ’s Restaurants, Hofbrau, Land O’ Lakes, Marriott, SSP and dozens of other global restaurant chains, regional powerhouse brands, high-volume independents, food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, resorts, entertainment districts, hotel chains and more.  Allen has become one of the most sought-after speakers and sources for restaurant industry media. He has been a go-to source for esteemed media outlets such as the  Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Smart Money, MSNBC, TIME, Forbes, USA Today,  Nation’s Restaurant News,  Chain Leader,  Restaurants & Institutions,  European Food Service News,  Food Service Middle East, QSR Magazine, and hundreds more. 37 Aaron Allen
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