Facebook iLeadership Mastery - Project Edition


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  • ~ Build an Influential Project on Facebook – 1) Attract floods of Fans onto Facebook 2) Build a rapid fire FB Community
  • ~ Innovative Project Content to help you build Online Leadership with Flair and Creativity
  • ~ Build a Legacy – Strive for Highest Ranks in Jannah – Empower – Build FB Leaders – Revolution
  • ~ The WOW Online Project– Build a Legacy – Build WOW Online Leaders
  • ~ Does your Project match the DEFINITION of an All-Star Online Project?
  • ~ Does your Project UNDERSTAND EVERY FB Follower?
  • ~ Be the FULL ‘n COMPLETE Package init, why? Because your WORTH it...
  • ~ Which Suicidal FBing MISTAKES are YOU making?
  • ~ Transform your Project ONLINE with these 3 Revolutionary iLAWS...
  • ~ Use MAILCHIMP – Create a Professional Sign up Page – Link with YOUTUBE | FB | Website
  • ~ VIDEOS are the MOST powerful FB Community Builder – Maximise FB Growth!!
  • ~ Strive for EXCELLENCE and Build a Culture of FB Leadership
  • ~ Build a Project FULL of ACTION – Be Practical, Confident and get really STUCK IN!
  • Facebook iLeadership Mastery - Project Edition

    1. 1. iUNITE iLEADER iCOMMUNITY iMOTIVATE iISOC iCREATIVE iFUN Building the Ultimate Facebook Legacy Page 3 Module 1: The WOW Facebook Community! YOU and Facebook? HUH?? Why? Page 5 The Definition of an All-Star ONLINE Project Page 6 Instant EMPATHY Avatar Page 7 Complete Online Project Backpack Page 8 3 Suicidal MISTAKES to avoid with Facebooking Page 9 3 Essential LAWS of Facebook Projecting Page 10 BUILD A 10K Project MAILING LIST PRONTO!! Page 11 WOW The fine art of AMAZING YouTube videos Page 12 Top 3 Secrets to MAGNETIC Facebook Leadership Page 13 iTakeActionNOW Page 14 [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    2. 2. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS Building the Facebook Legacy Imagine a Jannah driven Project that attracts EVERY Muslim Worldwide onto your FB Page, that has a BUZZING Community daily, one which delivers OUTSTANDING content to Fans. A Project so powerful that through proven Facebook Marketing strategies attracts a SELLOUT crowd at EVERY Offline event. A - Project so strong that gets many SHAHADAs through Facebook yearly. A REVOLUTIONARY Project that builds an Online SYSTEM so simple, so effective and so magnetic that EVERY year new team members can use this easy SYSTEM with their eyes closed. A Project so influential that impacts Muslims daily Online on a Worldwide scale. Our Ultimate VISION... U EXCITED? Super Energised and MOTIVATED? [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    4. 4. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS YOU and Facebook? HUH?? Why? -> Reach Audience within a CLICK of a button -> Influence | Impact a WHOLE Community Online -> SAVE TIME – Only takes a CLICK or a POKE lol - -> SAVE ENERGY – Why run around Offline? -> SAVE MONEY - Why spend £100s on Marketing Material? -> EVERYONE is on Facebook even your Target Audience WOW [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    5. 5. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS Definition of an All-Star ONLINE ISOC? All-Star Online Project [awl-stahr-on-line-pro-ject] Adjective & Noun 1. Consisting of a TEAM chosen as the BEST at their positions. - e.g. All-Star Online team encouraging FB Leadership Daily.. WOW [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    6. 6. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS Instant EMPATHY Avatar Understand EVERY type of FB Follower Questions: - WHO is your target audience? E.g. Sisters between 18-24 - - WHAT is their name? Age? Hobbies? Appearance? Interests? - What’s avatars biggest DREAMS, ambitions and goals? - What’s avatars biggest PAIN and problems? Place yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask yourself these questions:WOW 1- What steps do they NEED to take to achieve their goals? 2- What VALUE and experience can the Project give me Online? [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    7. 7. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS Complete Online Backpack -> Facebook Fan Page – Daily Online Community building <<Create a FB Landing Page e.g. www.facebook.com/iPOETOnline>> -> Facebook Profile Page 1) FB Chat 2) FB Messaging 3) FB Profile -> Mailing List 1) Mail Chimp is FREE for up to 2,000 Subscribers - http://mailchimp.com/ -> Youtube page - Snappy Clips of Speakers ‘n Target Audience -> Website 1) Quality Content drive via ARTICLES | VIDEOS WOW [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    8. 8. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS 3 Suicidal MISTAKES to avoid with Facebooking 1) Posting ONCE every Week or ONCE every few DAYS, YIKES! -> Build momentum and maximise FB growth by Posting 3 times Daily 2) Posting RUBBISH and BORING Content on your FB Page, YAWN! -> Study successful FB Pages and look at valuable CONTENT they use 3) Being Disorganised as-an ISOC Online, OH NO! -> Run a Simple but Effective system Online including: a) An FB Community Leader – Sets Direction for Online Team b) An FB Content Officer – Researches and Shares Content c) An FB Promotional Officer – Promotes FB Page WOW [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    9. 9. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS 3 Essential LAWS of Facebooking 0- Have Sincere Intentions, be Authentic and FULLY Commit!! 1- Recruit a Strong Team of FB Leaders who can Delegate 2- Run a FB System for Marketing | Recruitment - 3- Give constant Feedback to Online Team Members e.g. +ve & -ve WOW [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    10. 10. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS BUILD A 10K MAILING LIST PRONTO!! WorldClass Proven Strategies for Mailing List Growth 1- Link FB Page with Mailing List via Landing Page 2- Launch Online Webinars with Established Speakers on catchy Themese.g. iPOET | Baba Ali Webinar on ‘How to know if they are the One!’ generated 1,000+ - Subscribers within 30 Days 3- At OFFLINE EVENTS ensure EVERY person has signed up to List4- Form PARTNERSHIPS with established Organisations and utilise their List WOW 5- Deliver great content so List Subscribers LOVE da Project 6- Link Mailing List with YOUTUBE Videos & WEBSITE [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    11. 11. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS The fine art of AMAZING YouTube videos 1- Keep VIDEO simple, easy to edit and short e.g. 30 Seconds to 5 minutes MAX 2- Use iPHONE or your Mobile phone to record and upload video CLIPS 3- Deliver WOW content using Event Speakers, FB Fans and Non-Muslims - 4- Be CREATIVE, be FUNNY and think outside the BOX 5- Promote, PROMOTE and PROMOTE!! a) Use Mailing List b) Facebook c) Website WOW [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    12. 12. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESSTop 3 Secrets to MAGNETIC Facebook Leadership -> Be Honest Online -> Be Sincere - -> Be Authentic"[Ihsan is] to worship God as though you see Him, and if you cannot see Him, then indeed He sees you." (Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim). WOW [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM
    13. 13. iWORSHIP iSHARE iWRITE iMOTIVATE iINSPIRE iSPEAK iBUSINESS iTakeActionNOW -> Go through each Slide – TAKE ACTION NOW!!! -> Use www.surveymonkey.com to do Market Research -> Complete your Backpack, got MAILCHIMP? -> Create your Landing Page -> Form an Online System e.g. Post 3/4 times Daily on FB Page -> Create an A* Online TEAM with clearly defined roles - -> Study 3 Successful run FB Pages -> Build Mailing List via 1 Partnership -> Plan your 1st Webinar and Theme -> Form 1 YouTube VIDEO interviewWOW 1) Schedule a Skype Meeting with iPOET to help FULLY Consolidate Strategies , Advice and Ideas given here ASAP... Email ME here NOW: ipoetdawah@gmail.com [FACEBOOK] WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/iPOETDAWAH [E-MAIL] iPOETDAWAH@GMAIL.COM