History of music videos


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This is my powerpoint presentation on the history of music videos.

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History of music videos

  2. 2. 19TH CENTURYThe success and popularity of music videos startedoff with the launch of MTV, 31 years ago but peoplemay be surprised to find out that the timeline ofmusic videos goes back to the late 19th century. Thefirst music video was filmed in 1895 at ThomasEdison’s studio. It was made for a Kinetoscope.This is where the viewer would look into a peephole and watch a motion picture which would beaccompanied with sound. The sound and picturewere made synchoronous as they would beconnected by a belt.
  3. 3. 19TH CENTURY CARRIED ON- In the 1920s, a theater in New York (RivoliTheater) presented the first motion picture withsound on film, this synchronised movies andthere soundtracks.- In the 1940s, jukeboxes played soundies. Soundieswere three minute films featuring music and danceperformances by the era’s greatest talents fromjazz singers and swing dancers. They were playedin bars, restaurants and other public places.- In the 1960s, The Beatles used the power of film topromote their records. They starred in full lengthfeatures such as “Help” and “A Hard Days Night”. Rock and roll bands inthe late 1960s and 70s started to follow their lead by releasing promo films.- In the 1970s, music programs premiered in Austrailia(such as “Countdowns” and “Sound”). They featured music videosand created a large following which spread to other countries.In 1978, three years before MTV, an American program called“Video Concert Hall” showed unhosted music videos everyday.
  4. 4. - MTV first launched in 1981 and the first musicvideo they aired was by the Buggles called “Video MTVKilled The Radio Star” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8r- tXRLazs- In there early days they aired basic music videosthat were introduced by video jockeys. They wereprovided for free by record companies and as aresult, MTV was valued as a promotional vehicle.Directors of music videos including Spike Jonzeand Michel Gondry worked on music videos beforegoing into feature films.- In the 1980s MTV was a huge part of promoting careers ofartists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince and more.By the late 1980s MTV started to debut reality TV series’,documentaries, game shows and then launched the MTVMusic Video Awards followed by the MTV Movie Awards.
  5. 5. THRILLER – MICHAEL JACKSONMichael Jackson’s Thriller video is seen to be the mostinfluential pop video of all time. It is a 13 minute and 43second music video which had a huge effect on popculture and sold over 9 million units:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOnqjkJTMaAAlso, Michael Jackson’s musicvideo “Scream” was the mostexpensive music videoever.
  6. 6. VH1In 1985 VH1 was launched. This music channelfeatured soft music and had a target audience ofan older demographic which widened the audienceof people who enjoyed watching music videos.There original purpose was to build on the successof MTV by playing music videos but they then alsostarted playing reality TV shows.
  7. 7. YOUTUBEYouTube is a website introduced in 2005 whichallows people to watch videos online. Users canupload, share and view videos which has increasedthe popularity of them. For example, Lady Gaga’smusic video of “Poker Face” has 375 million viewsalone and her other music videos have previouslyreached one billion views. Also, there are 34 billion musicvideos YouTube with 183 million viewers.Recently, Vevo was introduced in 2009 which also providesmusic videos from the “big four” record labels.
  8. 8. ITUNESAlso, in 2005 iTunes opened which allows music videos(and songs) to be downloaded from the internet.Television shows, iPod games, audiobooks, podcasts andmovies can also be downloaded.This has also increased the popularity of music videosbecause if the viewers watch a video on YouTube thatthey like, it can then be downloaded from iTunes.