Client service & account management - Types of Clients


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Client service & account management - Types of Clients

  1. 1. Client Service & Account Management Types of Clients / Accounts
  2. 2. Client Service & Account Management • When you work in advertising, 10% of your job is to develop advertisements, a full 45% goes to convincing people of the work you did in the first place, 40% is revising what you already did and 5% is keeping yourself from committing suicide. • That last figure has to do a bit with the people you work with, a lot more to do with the people you work for.
  3. 3. Client Service & Account Management • Running an ad agency of any size is a juggling act. • You work on several different client/agency initiatives / projects at any given time. • The clients all the while breathing down your neck claiming “I needed it yesterday!” • Gone are the days when people used to say I need it now 
  4. 4. Client Service & Account Management If that is the case, should you prioritize? The big question.
  5. 5. Types of Clients Prioritizing your clients may help you and your team to keep focus on the most important work at hand. SUNS • Sun clients are essential to the agency. • Without these clients, the agency might cease to exist. • Sun clients provide nourishment and energy to the agency. • Sun clients allow the agency to do good work and take chances. • Staff relationships are good, and projects more often end up on time and on budget. • Sun clients are to be retained and protected.
  6. 6. Types of Clients Planets • Planet clients should be very profitable to the agency. • These clients sustain life pretty much on their own. • Planet clients should be protected but may not be essential to the agency’s existence. • Planets by definition have little opportunity for real growth and cannot ever be Suns in the opinion of agency management. • Planet clients should be worked with minimal agency investment in resources and must have limited impact on senior management time.
  7. 7. Types of Clients Black Hole • Black Hole clients suck up a lot of agency energy and give little in return. • These types of clients often overuse creative services and account management time without fair compensation. • Management often thinks they help cover operational cost, keeping the lights on so to speak. • Black Hole clients should be dropped by the agency at the first opportunity. • Their impact on the agency should be minimized.
  8. 8. Types of Clients Shooting Stars • They are most often new clients moving through the agency. Their long-term trajectory has not been established. • Shooting Stars need more management time and require more agency resources if they are going to become Suns and Planets. • Shooting Stars take up a lot of agency effort and must be watched closely. • It is the responsibility of the agency to ensure a Shooting Star client is transformed into either a Planet or a Sun
  9. 9. Worst Clients Type 1 Make three options. One is yours. One is a re-hash and third one is ours. Any guess on what is going to be approved? Type 2 Some people are abusive because that’s their nature, others are abusive because they think it’s covered by the agency fee. At times clients are people who have dysfunctional families and relationships, people who are frustrated beyond belief and obviously feel the need to channel their inner demons.
  10. 10. Worst Clients Type 3 Indecision in any setting translates to inefficiency. If it’s your client, get ready to work extra hours, extra days, extra layouts and extra presentations just because they aren’t sure. Type 4 This is the type that always manages to slip in the threat to take away their account if their demands are not met. More layouts, less fees, and you’d better like it, because they’re doing you a favor by not taking away the account.
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