Federal Enterprise Architecture and Asset Management
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Federal Enterprise Architecture and Asset Management






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  • Software as Capital Capital as embedded knowledge Reuse - enable, promote, measure CBSE Components IT as core Complexity multiple dimensions - potentially infinite IP Asset management across time and space ip retention, expertise capture Re-invent the wheel
  • Flashline Registry benefits fall into 3 distinct categories: Visibility, Governance, and Analytics or See, Manage, and Measure .

Federal Enterprise Architecture and Asset Management Federal Enterprise Architecture and Asset Management Presentation Transcript

  • Federal Enterprise Architecture and Asset Management Charles Stack CEO and Founder Flashline, Inc. 26 January 2004 Paul Pocialik CTO and Co-founder Noblestar Co-presenters:
  • Agenda
    • Asset-based Software Engineering
      • Commercial practices for Federal Agencies
    • Flashline Registry: Visibility, Governance, and Analytics
      • Eliminate duplication, manage compliance
    • Flashline Registry Demo
      • Multiple asset types
        • Focus on Web Services
      • FEA -> ARM (Agency Reference Model)
    • Noblestar Roadmap to Common Process View
      • Enterprise Architecture
      • Asset lifecycle
      • Common Process View
  • Software Endures
    • “ Not the 90’s”
    • Long-lived platforms
      • Java
      • .Net
      • Web Services
        • Hardware independence = Migrate forever
    • Software doesn’t wear out
    • Valuable intellectual property
    • Software transcends developers
    • Cost of duplicative systems
      • Cut maintenance by 20%
      • “ Write Less Software”
  • Wide array of Assets
    • Rationale
      • Software is strategic
      • Increasingly long-lived
      • Capture and transfer intellectual property
    • Tenets
      • View software as an asset
      • Embrace mixed workload environment
      • Engineering discipline
      • Portfolio management
      • Measure-Evaluate-Improve
    • Benefits
      • More discretionary cycles
      • Reduced time-to-market
      • Improved productivity
      • Increased quality
      • Simplicity
    ..an enterprise-wide, asset-centric discipline to improve the return on software.. << documentation >> << best practice >> << requirements >> << framework >> << component >> << models >> << interface >> << test script >> << standard >>
  • Commercial Practices for Federal Agencies
    • Focus on assets
    • Implement engineering discipline
    • Encapsulate functionality within web services
    • Common Services Team
    • Measure, measure, measure
    Stage 1: Creating EA Awareness Stage 2: Building EA Management Foundation Stage 3: Developing EA Products Stage 4: Completing EA Products Stage 5: Leveraging EA to Manage Change Enterprise Architecture Management Maturity Framework
  • Visibility, Governance, and Analytics
    • Flashline Registry delivers Enterprise Architecture solutions to large organizations which provide:
    • Visibility
      • Inventory assets
      • Enables reuse
      • Reduces duplication
    • Governance
      • Alignment of initiatives, projects, and assets
      • Compliance
    • Analytics
      • Portfolio value
      • Asset quality
      • Reuse savings
  • Flashline Registry
    • Leading software asset management solution
    • Embodies Asset-based Software Engineering best practices
    • Integrates with existing development tools and repositories
    • Eliminates redundant development
    • Supports developer communities for assets, projects, and initiatives
    • Measures impact for ROI analysis
    FLASHPACKS OPTIONS Asset Governance Unified Asset Environment INTEGRATIONS Asset Management Software Asset Management for Enterprise Programs OPTIONS Achieving a Higher Return On Software through Asset-based Software Engineering Enterprise Initiatives Collaboration REGISTRY SERV I CES Expertise
  • Flashline Registry Web Services Demo
  • FlashPack for Federal Enterprise Architecture
    • Implements
      • Five FEA reference models
      • 24 E-Government initiatives
      • OMB 300s support
      • ET Component Schema as taxonomies and asset types
    • FEA compliance tracking reports
    • Professional Services
      • Asset metadata customization and configuration
      • Sample asset setup
      • Development of FEA Asset Usage Guide
    • Compliance tracking
    • Customize FEA categories
    • FEA asset-usage guide
    Professional Services:
    • Previous & Next Version
    • Availability
    • Integration Standards
    • Components
    • Standards
    • Component
    • Data Connector
    • Automated loading for FEA reference models
    Special Extensions:
    • Performance, Business, Service, Technology, and Data & Info Reference Models
    • Asset inventory
    • Implements
    • Replaces/ Replaced by
    Key Relationships:
    • FEA Compliance
    • Technology
    Key Metadata:
    • Frameworks
    • Services
    Sample Assets:
    • Framework
    • Services
    Asset Schema: Federal Architecture FlashPack At-A-Glance
  • Flashline Standards and Practices
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Flashline’s Registry is built upon J2EE-compliant architecture and implements web services, XML/SOAP and WebDav for communications and asset management
    • Standards Organizations
    • On the Eclipse Board of Stewards
    • A member of the OMG
    • Flashline, with IBM Rational, submitted the Reusable Asset Specification (RAS) to the OMG
    • Sharing Best Practices
    • Flashline’s Software Development Productivity Council
    • Flashline delivers Best Practices seminars on Asset-based Software Engineering, Web Services, and Asset/Component Reuse and Governance
    • Industry award for Best Web Services Strategy 2003 by Software Business Magazine
  • Paul Pocialik CTO and Co-Founder Noblestar Systems, Inc. 26 January 2004 Road Map to the Common Process View
  • EA is a Management Discipline
    • Alignment
    • Governance
    • Investment
    • Speed, quality, productivity
    • Responsive and cost effective
  • Functions to Process – Crossing the Chasm
    • BRM v2.0 is a function-driven framework
      • 4 business areas
      • 39 lines of business
      • 153 sub-functions
      • Cross reference of agencies by sub-function, LOB
    • Business process implications are not clear !!!
    • CPV architecture, infrastructure and intelligent process mining required to move forward
    process lense
  • Common Process View (CPV)
    • CPV is NOT the “to-be” business process model
    • CPV is NOT a standardized PM toolset/BPM methodology proposition
    • CPV is a transformation architecture
    • CPV provides a pragmatic and intelligent way to leverage disparate PM assets
      • Harvest
      • Render
      • Mine
  • Road Map to Common Process View
    • Scalable methodology
    • Collaborative communities
    • Process model diversity
    • Asset management
    • Uniform analytical architecture
    • Intelligent process mining
    • Operationalization !!!
  • Assets are Fundamental
    • An asset is anything that has value in the sense the it can be shared, reused, referenced or otherwise leveraged in EA
    • Assets include very discrete and tangible software components (the obvious)
    • Assets also take more subtle forms – analysis/design specs, system and data architectures, business plans and models…
    • BRM artifacts are assets, including related business process models and other derivatives
    • All assets have a lifecycle (creation, utilization, and sunset phases). For example, BRM v2.0 derived from BRM v1.0
    • Any EA solution needs to manage the lifecycle of each asset and the horizontal and vertical linkages between assets
  • CPV Architecture operationalize the EA (decompose, share & reuse) heterogeneous homogeneous process patterns process model transform process mining assets (XML, UML) process model process model generic views web services assets (originals; proprietary) process model CPV
  • Operationalizing the EA Harvested Hot House Open Source Freeware Submit Review reject Incoming Assets Produce/Update Custodian Consume/Analyze Interest/ Gap Analysis Evaluate Redundant/ Compliant? Document Deploy Commercial Subscribe/Accept / Reject Registry Usage/ Governance Reuse or Develop/Buy Decision Log/report Change Notification Analytics Search/Locate
    • Classify:
    • Emerging
    • Current
    • Twilight
    • Sunset
  • Summary
    • Noblestar uses a proprietary Program Management and Best Practices discipline for EA initiatives
      • a) a defined, documented and proven process
      • b) tested, effective, and best-of-breed tools
      • c) experienced business and IT process expertise
    • Result is a Road Map to the Common Process View
      • Ensures that business mission expectations are managed into program and project initiatives
      • EA alignment to applications and components is met through linkages throughout various reusable asset types
  • The Noblestar/Flashline Difference
    • Extensive experience
    • DC/Federal presence
    • Our culture
      • Methodology centric
      • Strong business modeling
      • Sophisticated SW engineering
      • Change agents
    • Public track record of innovation and successful commercialization
    • Our road map to the Common Process View and operationalizing the FEA
  • Noblestar / Flashline Representative Customers
      • Standards adoption of EA initiatives
      • Web services (.NET and UDDI) promotion
      • Application and web service platform consolidation efforts
      • Developer portal for Java, data and tools integration components
    • Federal Agency
      • Open Source management
      • Web service dissemination platform
    • Large DoD Contractor
      • Hardware design language inventory portal across 5 design centers
      • Software reuse program and development portal for code components and related documentation
    • Freddie Mac
      • Reuse Program Office
      • Governance for SW build process
      • Open Source management
  • Company Bios
    • Noblestar
    • An expertise-based business and technology professional services firm with 150 employees, established 1987
    • Headquartered in Reston, with field offices along the East Coast USA, in the Southwest USA, London, and Warsaw
    • Known for applying process and architectural rigor to solve complex business problems
    • Flashline
    • A software company of 55 employees pioneering Asset-based Software Engineering management solutions since 1998
    • Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio
    • Emphasis on promotion, management and governance of software asset portfolios
  • Contact Information: For More Information & Demonstrations
    • Noblestar
    • Charles Westbrook
    • Senior Manager, Federal
    • (703) 464-4069
    • [email_address]
    Flashline, Inc. Charles Stack CEO (216) 861-4000 [email_address] Jana Crowder Business Development (703) 464-4006 [email_address] Karen Perry Director, Solutions Consulting (410) 489-5974 [email_address]