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Enterprise Architecture: The Issue Of The Century
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Workshops Monday 12 June 2006 09:30 – 17:30
09:30 – 17:30                                          09:30 – 17:30          ...
Conference Tuesday 13 June 2006
                                                         CASE STUDY
  09:00 – 09:15       ...
Conference Tuesday 13 June
role in securing cost effective funding for the           for all levels of stakeholder to acce...
Conference Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 June 2006
organizations are in their application of EA ideas:      q How to create ag...
Conference Wednesday 14 June 2006
                                                         interface for all levels of sta...
Conference Wednesday 14 June 2006
14:45 – 15:45 CONCURRENT SESSIONS                          Such an environment requires ...
Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2006
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Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2006


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Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2006

  1. 1. IRM UK Strategic IT Training Ltd presents: 7th Annual Conference Enterprise Architecture 12-14 June 2006 Radisson SAS Conference Portman Hotel London, UK Europe 2006 Case Studies include: From Technology Simplification To Business Innovation v BP Enterprise Architecture has until now been regarded by many people as a tool for IT rationalisation. v Nokia While this delivers real value, the potential is far greater. Increasingly Enterprise Architecture is being seen as a uniquely powerful knowledge base and route map to guide business and IT decision- v BMW making and innovation. If well executed, it will enable the design of more efficient, flexible organisations, create more agile loosely coupled processes, and identify new forms of value to be gained from IT. v ING The 7th Annual Enterprise Architecture Conference is the premier event in architecture globally, v NATO attracting speakers and delegates from around the world. Please join us as we engage practitioners from leading companies and thought leaders in the field, to uncover strategies for success in delivering world-class systems, products and services. v The Home Office q Identify successful strategies for maximising the impact of Enterprise Architecture within your v Westpac Bank organisation q Choose from 3 full day workshops and 4 conference tracks q Learn from leading practitioners and gain fresh insight and inspiration v National Savings & q Case studies featured throughout the conference - learn what does and doesn't work q Plenty of opportunity to network with other delegates and trade stories with them Investments v Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Conference Chair and Keynotes: v Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Media sponsors: John Zachman Daniel Lange Roger Burlton Alex Peters Zachman International BMW Process Renewal Group Forrester Research Sponsors: Produced by: In association with: Strategic IT Training Ltd
  2. 2. Conference Overview Introduction from the Chair Enterprise Architecture: The Issue Of The Century I am delighted to be chairing the 7th Annual This year my colleague Stan Locke and I will be presenting new Enterprise Architecture conference.We need as material at this conference that will help people to understand more much focus on this critical issue as possible as we clearly how the Zachman Framework and the principles that underpin continue the transition into the Information Age. It is it can be used to support this endeavour and address this conundrum. my opinion that this issue of Enterprise Architecture is not well understood in the ranks of general Of course, we also have the usual excellent choice of presentations management who see Enterprise Architecture as just from EA practitioners and experts, covering all the different facets of an IS or IT issue, nor in the ranks of IS management Enterprise Architecture from processes to technology standards, as who see it as taking too long and costing too much. My opinion is that well as an EA perspective on hot topics such as Enterprise Risk Enterprise Architecture may well be the 'Issue of the Century' as I Management and Service Oriented Architecture.This will give you a described in an article that I wrote with that title in the year 2000. good opportunity to focus on those aspects that interest you most. You will also benefit greatly from sharing your experiences and Increasingly, however, the management demand to deliver on the swapping notes with other people who are tackling similar challenges. technological promise is driving enterprise architects towards an When the going gets tough, the tough need to keep talking! implementation-dominated analysis; leaving little time to ensure that the long term fundamentals and building blocks are addressed and retained into the future. John Zachman, President, Zachman International Who Should Attend Conference v CIOs and Chief Architects responsible for translating business strategic As part of the conference proceedings, informative, thought provoking keynote vision into pragmatic IT delivery programmes presentations will be supplemented by breakout sessions as well as v Enterprise Architecture Practitioners networking and vendor sponsored activities. Sessions will be organized across v Senior Business Strategists, Chief Operating Officers and LOB the following general tracks: Managers who demand optimal investment programmes and want to ensure TRACK 1: ARCHITECTURE MANAGEMENT cross-functional integration v IT Implementers, Project and Programme Managers and Systems Quality TRACK 2: ARCHITECTURE EXPERIENCE Engineers responsible for adhering to architecture guidelines and interested in influencing standard setting activities TRACK 3: ARCHITECTURE IN DEPTH TRACK 4: ARCHITECTURE TOOLS AND METHODS Whether you are responsible for business or IT success, this conference will provide you with pragmatic tools for thinking, models and frameworks for Conference Producer analysis and decision making, and insight into the real world best practices of the most agile organizations on earth. IRM UK is an international organisation that specialises in Group Booking Discounts: 3-4 delegates 10%, strategic IT training for IT & business professionals and managers. Subject Strategic IT Training Ltd 5-9 delegates 20%, 10 plus delegates 25% areas that we cover include: Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy, Business & Systems Analysis and Data Three workshops to choose from Management. Our presenters have superior technical knowledge, teaching skills and a wide range of practical business experience.They are some of the most influential technologists, methodologists and original thinkers in IT and Workshop 1: Getting Started in Enterprise Architecture business today. A full day workshop, to get you started in EA, answering the key questions of why should you do EA, what is EA and how to get going. Aimed at Noted for the participation of top level decision makers from both the organisations who wish to start doing EA, and those who have tried and need corporate, user and vendor communities, and the lucid analysis of critical to re-think the basics of their approach, this workshop will cover foundational strategic and management issues, our events are condensed and rigorous topics and best practice to establish your EA function. combining technical explanations with management advice and discussions of future directions. Our world class speakers include John Zachman, Roger Workshop 2: Understanding the Enterprise using the Burlton, Stan Locke, Chris Potts, Larry English, Graeme Simsion, Peter Aiken, "New" Zachman Framework Suzanne Robertson, Kathy Long, Rick van der Lans and Clive Finkelstein. This workshop is for those people who want to dig a little deeper into the We are also running the following major conference in London during 2006: logic that underpins the Zachman framework. It will present the recently Data Management and Information Quality Conference 2006, published Zachman Standards which address a wider corporate audience by 30 October - 2 November use of a new more accessible language to describe the enterprise and will show how this can help you in your architecture implementation efforts. For further details on all our events visit Workshop 3: EA Think Tank In association with: Media Sponsors: This dynamic interactive workshop is aimed at practitioners of enterprise architecture who have moved beyond the basics. It will stretch your thinking beyond frameworks, blueprints, and patterns to create a new perspective on the role of architecture and how it will succeed in your organization. IRM UK Strategic IT Training Ltd, Bishops Walk House, 19-23 High Street, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5PJ, UK e-mail: tel: +44 (0)20 8866 8366 fax: +44 (0)20 8866 7966 2
  3. 3. Di e pa Agenda -s sc g Gr s Av or d e ou e ou ai et nt 2 f p lab ail Monday 12 June: WORKSHOPS le s 08:30-09:30 Registration 09:30-17:30 Workshop 1: Getting Started in Enterprise Architecture, John Good and Neil Fairhead, Serco Consulting 09:30-17:30 Workshop 2: Understanding the Enterprise using the "New" Zachman Framework, John Zachman, Zachman International, Stan Locke, Zachman Framework Associates 09:30-17:30 Workshop 3: EA Think Tank, Jeff Scott, Logical Leap, Inc 17:30-18:45 Drinks Reception Tuesday 13 June: CONFERENCE DAY 1 & EXHIBITS Tracks Track 1: Enterprise Track 2: Enterpise Track 3: Enterprise Track 4 - Enterprise Architecture Management Architecture Experiences Architecture in Depth Architecture Tools & Methods 08:00-09:00 Registration 09:00-09:15 INTRODUCTION FROM THE CHAIR: John Zachman, Zachman International 09:15-10:30 KEYNOTE: Enterprise Architecture or Just More of the Same? John Zachman, Zachman International 10:30-11:00 Break and Exhibits 11:00-12:00 Re-Architecting EA Uncertain Architecture - Developing Managing Those Dependencies: IT Qualiware Presentation: visit Jeff Scott, Logical Leap, Inc an Enterprise Architecture in an Portfolio Management for details Uncertain Environment Ceri Williams,The Integration Practice David Wright,Westpac Bank 12:00-13:15 Lunch and Exhibits 13:15-14.15 KEYNOTE: The Enterprise Architecture Knowing-Doing Gap, Alex Peters, Forrester Research 14:15-15:15 Enterprise Architecture Driving Enterprise Architecture at National Building the IT -City Plan Question-Oriented Enterprise Business Innovation Savings & Investments Bjorn Solstad, Capgemini Architecture Chris Potts, Dominic Barrow Joe Dall, National Savings & Investments & Martin Owen,Telelogic Graham Oakes, Graham Oakes Ltd 15:15-15:35 Breaks and Exhibits 15:35-16:35 Why Standards Matter: How They Implementing EA at the Ohio Application-to-Application- SOA - its relationship to EA and the Drive Enterprise Architecture into Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Connectivity Strategies combined potential for accelerating how Actionable Architecture Douglas T Erickson, Frank Baldinger, ING IT value is generated and managed Jan Popkin, OMG ENTARCO USA Inc Gareth Lloyd, glue 16:35 -17:35 Where should Architecture be Business-Driven Enterprise The Agile Architect – Bringing Measuring the Value of Information - Headed in Support of the Open Technical Architecture Agility to Architecture Assessing Value of the Information Networked Enterprise? Pekka Pulkkinen, Nokia Andrew Johnston, Questa Computing Portfolio Peter Haine, Independent Consultant John Ladley, Navigant Consulting 17:35-19:00 Drinks Reception and Exhibits Wednesday 14 June: CONFERENCE DAY 2 & EXHIBITS 09:00-10:00 KEYNOTE: Strategic Consideration for Open Source in the Enterprise, Daniel Lange, BMW 10:00-10:30 Breaks and Exhibits 10:30-11:30 Tell me and I'll Forget: Using Enterprise Architecture to The Architecture and How will your SOA Strategy Effective Communication of an Support Information Systems Implementation Conundrum Deliver Value Enterprise Architecture Strategy Development and Project Stan Locke, Zachman Framework David Hunt, Serco Consulting Martin Sykes, EDS Delivery at the Home Office Associates Abdul-Rashid M Abdi, Home Office & Ted Carroll, Impact Plus 11:30-12:30 Developing Scorecards and Using Enterprise Architecture Successful Service-Orientated New Ways to Get Value from Your Information Management in 10 Weeks at Vitens Architecture Enterprise Architecture Investments to Manage Risk Marlies van Steenbergen, Sogeti Paul Allen, CA Jonas Lamis,Troux Technologies John Ladley, Navigant Consulting 12:30-13:45 Lunch and Exhibits 13:45-14:45 KEYNOTE: BPM:The Tie that Binds Enterprise Architecture, Roger Burlton, Process Renewal Group 14:45-15:45 Through the Looking Glass: A Architecture In a Global Organisation SOA/BAM/Grid and the Quest Case Study: Enterprise Architecture Business Perspective on the Value of Chris Wilson, BP for the IT Holy Grail Deployment within 90 days Architecture Andrew Sutherland, Oracle Jeff Goins & Don Russell, Adaptive, Inc. Kellie Scott, Logical Leap, Inc 15:45-16:15 Break and Exhibits 16:15-17:15 Guru Panel - Sally Bean, John Zachman, Strategies to Realise Corporate Value Extending the NATO Architectural Radical Basics: Unlocking the Value Roger Burlton, Daniel Lange, from Enterprise Architecture Framework to represent Service- of the Network in Enterprise Alex Peters, John Good, Jeff Scott Andreas Dietzsch, Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Oriented Architectures Architecture & Christian Kluge, Queensland John Keefe, MOD Chris Smedley & Mike Ainger, Geo University of Technology 17:15-17:30 CONFERENCE WRAP-UP - Conference Chair John Zachman 3
  4. 4. Workshops Monday 12 June 2006 09:30 – 17:30 09:30 – 17:30 09:30 – 17:30 09:30 – 17:30 GETTING STARTED IN ENTERPRISE UNDERSTANDING THE ENTERPRISE USING EA THINK TANK ARCHITECTURE THE "NEW" ZACHMAN FRAMEWORK Jeff Scott, Logical Leap, Inc John Good and Neil Fairhead, Serco Consulting John Zachman, Zachman International, What is Enterprise Architecture? Stan Locke, Zachman Framework Associates What should it be? What could it This workshop will be interactive, be? And most importantly of all: and hopefully fun! Delegates will This seminar will focus on the what do you want it to be? The be encouraged to participate in recently published Zachman answers to these fundamental small facilitated groups to develop standards which clarify and questions hold the key to your their own understanding of EA, update the language of the EA program’s success. Through build an action list and network Framework. John will explain the collaborative peer group working sessions we with their peers. Using a mixture will bring clarity to EA’s current mission, of presentation and workshop, we discovery and significance of the classification system he observed envision possible EA futures, pinpoint the will cover: source of EA resistance, and create innovative in the manufacture of large solutions to EA’s persistent problems. q Why do EA? complex products and the q The EA business case - applicability of this to Come ready to think, to create, and to delivering best value enterprises. He will illustrate the collaborate. You are guaranteed to leave this q Managing EA - governance and roles simplicity of the concepts in session with a different view of architecture q Delivering EA - engaging with your order to break down a large enterprise into and a new set of innovative ideas to create a organisation more powerful, and successful EA program. q The EA toolkit - frameworks, methods and manageable pieces. techniques q Setting a clear EA mission q Where to get help - resources, publications John will show how the concentration on the q Understanding the world around you and groups deliverables allows many different methods q Creating a clear vision of the future q Developing your EA capability over time and techniques to be applied without q Creating value today q Next steps - what will you do after the constraining the architect. He will then work q Different thinking for different results conference? through the significance of the refinements in the new standards. Stan Locke will join John in This dynamic interactive workshop is aimed A full-day workshop, to get you started in EA, at practitioners of enterprise architecture answering the key questions of why should building the first bridges to Enterprise Implementation with two topics: who have moved beyond the basics. It will you do EA, what is EA and how to get going. stretch your thinking beyond frameworks, Aimed at organisations who wish to start blueprints, and patterns to create a new doing EA, and those who have tried and need q The Enterprise Framework implementation perspective on the role of architecture and to re-think the basics of their approach, this q Why the particular types of industry may how it will succeed in your organization. workshop will cover foundational topics and dictate the presence of some models best practice to establish your EA function. Jeff has over 10 years experience of building Participants will see how this comprehensive and managing EA programs in Fortune 500 Neil and John are members of the industry- companies. He is an internationally leading Enterprise Architecture practice at classification system assists with the choice of recognized thought leader in Enterprise Serco Consulting. John is a popular speaker at methods and tools and guides them from Architecture and IT business practices and this conference; comments on his sessions strategic analysis to implementations of more is a frequent speaker at international included "Excellent interactive session giving agile systems. technology symposiums and technology different ideas on implementing EA" and management forums. "A very useful and stimulating workshop". “ q My first time attending an EA conference, q Useful to see many different approaches & Exhibits 13-14 June 2006: and will be coming back.This conference has interpretations of EA. Excellent Keynotes. helped me understand the whole Enterprise Venue & Admin excellent. This is an ideal Architecture from a business perspective. Chris Eland, Developer, opportunity for delegates Raj Kumar, Demand Analysis, Consumers’ Association to network with leading GlaxoSmithKline vendors/consultancies in q Enjoyed it. John Zachman was excellent. the area of Enterprise q Good opportunity to ‘benchmark’ others Architecture. Exhibit J G Rudman, Divisional Manager, experience with ours.Well organised, aligned Hours are as follows: Old Mutual with today’s and tomorrow’s issues. Gert Eijkelboom, q An excellent introduction to EA.Very inspiring 13 June speakers. I feel I have acquired valuable De Nederlandsche Bank 10:30 – 11:00 knowledge for use when working with EA 12:00 – 13:15 q This is an excellent conference, and I would within my company. 15:15 – 15:35 want to attend it next year. Extremely Frode Torvund, Architect,Telenor 17:35 – 19:00 informative and useful for organisations implementing EA. q Good opportunity to meet / hear experts 14 June plus also hear and discuss the same sort of David Kwok, Assistant CIO for EA, 10:00 – 10:30 issues with delegates from other companies. Ministry of Defence, Singapore 12:30 – 13:45 Damon Evans, Program Manager, 15:45 – 16:15 Ford Motor Company Ltd. 4
  5. 5. Conference Tuesday 13 June 2006 CASE STUDY 09:00 – 09:15 Track 2: Uncertain Architecture - 13:15 – 14:15 KEYNOTE INTRODUCTION FROM THE CHAIR Developing an Enterprise Architecture in The Enterprise Architecture John Zachman, President, Zachman International an Uncertain Environment Knowing-Doing Gap David Wright, Corporate Centre Head Alex Peters, Principal CIO Group, Forrester Research 09:15 – 10:30 KEYNOTE of Architecture,Westpac Bank Enterprise Architecture or Just More of Ever-increasing business and technology complexity has made the Same? Enterprise architectures have great intentions but enterprise architecture John Zachman, President, Zachman International often fail. Some of the more common reasons are: professionals a key part of the they take too long; they are not wanted; they cannot contemporary IT organization. For many people, the Zachman be implemented, etc.The following four methods, Their charter is daunting: and Framework is a foundation stone includes the creation of standards used in conjunction, can help develop an agreed for technology selection and implementation for Enterprise Architecture; for others, it seems complicated and enterprise architecture: that will best support enterprise goals, deliver impractical. In this new high quality, save money, enable simple presentation, John Zachman will q A Strategic Architecture Forum consisting of IT integration, minimize risk, and provide stability. show how the Framework leadership, business leadership and technology For many, the battle is lost after the initial work actually simplifies reality by promoting the partners has been completed — when the architecture creation of primitive models of the enterprise group seeks the compliance of the wider q A hypothesis driven approach community. It is then that they find that not only that separate out independent elements yet maintain the relationships between them. He q A variety of architectural models is buy-in not guaranteed, but it is unlikely to be will also show how the Framework helps to q Roadmaps showing what is being done, and what obtained.After the difficult work of defining gain a more complete and balanced needs to be done to achieve the strategic information, application and technology understanding of organizations and indicate how outcomes strategies and choosing standard architecture these primitive models can support the elements, architects discover that governance is implementation of more agile systems and This presentation will describe the methods used, actually the hard part. businesses. It takes a major mind shift to grasp how they were developed, how they are being this idea; and without this level of q Where does enterprise IT architecture fit understanding, architects are likely doomed to implemented, successes to date, problems with the into the management process? continue to do ‘more of the same’. approach and mitigation around those problems. It q Why are so many IT organizations struggling will include examples of each of the deliverables and with a knowing-doing gap? q The practical value of normalization (one fact examples of the organisational governance. q Why is a deliberate approach to governance in one place) key to implementing enterprise architectures? q How the Zachman Framework meets the This presentation will include examples of needs of different stakeholders best practices. q The relationship between architectural Track 3: Managing Those Dependencies: q Why should architects be focusing on primitives and implementation composites IT Portfolio Management simplification? q A three-dimensional depiction of the enterprise as a hologram Ceri Williams, Consulting Enterprise Architect,The Integration Practice 14:15 – 15:15 CONCURRENT SESSIONS What most consultants don’t tell you is what 11:00 – 12:00 CONCURRENT SESSIONS product engineers have known for centuries – that Track 1: Enterprise Architecture Driving re-use creates dependence and coupling, magnifying Business Innovation Track 1: Re-Architecting Enterprise the impact of change. Of course, this is a good Chris Potts, Director, Dominic Barrow thing….and a problem. Key goals of EA include re- Architecture use, economies of scale and corporate optimisation. The potential for Enterprise Architecture (EA) Jeff Scott, Chief Strategist, Logical Leap, Inc Without Enterprise Programme Management, to drive business innovation is immense, yet often Enterprise Architecture struggles to optimise across remains untapped. Using real-life examples, Chris Many EA programs are failing to deliver significant the business as it tries to mediate tradeoffs between business areas. Even when it gets the decisions will highlight how Enterprise Architects can best value and yet we persist in applying the same through, they often unravel as inter-business unit contribute to – and lead - business innovation. If approaches again and again as if applying more of dependencies are not managed and financial our organisation has yet to uncork EA’s full the same ineffective methods will finally create implications of tradeoffs are not reflected in potential for driving business innovation, we need results. It’s time to rethink and re-architect our management scorecards.This presentation takes a to uncover the reasons why and adjust our tactics approach to EA program design and implementation realistic look at the unpublished implications of EA accordingly. In an increasingly connected world, to create EA programs that add value and are decisions and the problems of execution without an innovation relies on collaboration.Who are the broadly endorsed by IT and the business.This Enterprise Programme Management capability.Topics ‘business innovators’ that EA should be session will explore how our current thinking about include: collaborating with and influencing, and what does architecture and implementation strategies inhibits that collaboration look like? What balance should us from reaching our goals and how we can q Typical EA decisions that require cross-enterprise EA strike between shaping tomorrow’s innovations redesign our EA programs to attain the business management and supporting today’s investments? value our organizations expect. By changing the way q Dependencies, optimisation and the siren call of we think about architecture and applying basic economies of scale q How CEOs drive business innovation business concepts such as stakeholder analysis, value q Dependency gridlock q The amazing contribution of EA creation, product development, financial metrics, and q Re-use and single points of failure q Striking the balance between tomorrow marketing, we can create powerful and successful q Configuration management headaches and and today EA programs that are broadly supported. implications for testing q Learning from the product vendors CASE STUDY q Passive versus active architectures q What your stakeholders really want Track 2: Enterprise Architecture at q Why business principles work National Savings & Investments q How context changes everything Track 4: Qualiware Presentation: visit Joe Dall, Head of Information Systems, q The value of strategic clarity for details National Savings and Investments Graham Oakes, Principal, Graham Oakes Ltd q Very good to listen to and meet some of the industries gurus and talk to people who are ‘in the same boat’. With 26 million customer holdings and £70 billion invested in its products, NS&I is one of the UK’s John Lucas, Change Management Consultant, Norwich union largest savings organisations and plays an important 5
  6. 6. Conference Tuesday 13 June role in securing cost effective funding for the for all levels of stakeholder to access and use their Coupling-Integration Quadrant will provide some government. Since April 1999, NS&I’s business enterprise architecture information from System directions for global companies with a Federated operations have been delivered via a Private Sector Architect® in a comprehensive and easy manner. organisation. Partnership with Siemens Business Services. This Learn how Executive and Operational staff can The content of this presentation has some parallels, partnership has delivered reduced operational costs obtain full value from EA by questioning their mutually reviewed, with the Gartner research and significant investment in NS&I’s technology architecture in an easy to use, web-based document "Does Enterprise Architecture really infrastructure. environment. matter?" (Willie Appel). Government drivers, customer expectations and 15:35 – 16:35 CONCURRENT SESSIONS q A2A Connectivity Stack channel opportunities have all shifted significantly q SOA and Web Services overview since 1999. Accordingly, in 2005 the partnership Track 1: Why Standards Matter: How q Loose-coupling vs. integrated architectures developed a refreshed view of its IS Strategy and q Federated vs. solitary independent architectures Architecture. This presentation discusses the They Drive Enterprise Architecture into challenges of developing architecture in an outsourced environment, and the way NS&I is Actionable Architecture addressing those challenges. Jan Popkin, Chief Strategist, OMG Track 4: SOA - its relationship to EA q IS Governance in a complex, outsourced and the combined potential for Successful EA programs have always been based on environment industry standards. What exactly is the role of accelerating how IT value is generated q Strategies for agile Enterprise Architecture and managed standards in an EA effort? How can standards help q Real world case study an organization use their EA to drive action? Gareth Lloyd, CEO, glue A long-time advocate for standards in modelling and Track 3: Building the IT-City Plan SOA has, to date, developed largely as a set of architecture and a current OMG board member, Jan architectural principles and technical standards that Bjorn Solstad, Principal, Capgemini will discuss the changing landscape of standards and have been created independent of emerging EA Recently there has been a growing interest in explore how they are affecting the EA landscape. He frameworks and methodologies. However, this Enterprise Architecture.This has been considerably will examine the various standards organizations and needs to change. SOA needs to be considered an helped by the new architectural buzz word, "SOA – their roles in today’s architecture landscape. He will integral part of the EA planning and management Service Oriented Architecture" and the various look at various modelling and architecture standards, process if it is to progress beyond the 'web tools developed to support this concept. the place of standards in the IT world and their services' and technical re-usability scenarios with However, there is one question that seems to importance to organizations as they leverage their EA which today it is most commonly associated. recur: How to get started with EA/SOA? for competitive agility. Jan will also review the value Furthermore, the CIO now has the opportunity to This paper presents a simple roadmap to build an proposition of standards for organizations, including embrace SOA and EA as key transformational and "IT-City Plan" – the foundation for a solid EA and an overview of the standards lifecycle and how it can change mangement disciplines to help drive a SOA. It starts by focusing on the business processes be applied to help maintain a successful EA program. fundamental change in the value generation and and their information needs and develops a high Finally, Jan will discuss how to leverage the industry economic model for IT in the future.... Is the IT level SOA, showing how the business processes expertise of standards organizations to build an EA function ready for this? group themselves into applications – high level vision. Highlights include: services – integrated through a set of common q The role of standards in an EA effort q What is the consequence of the CIO making or databases.This HLSOA can then iteratively be q Roles of standards organizations not making the above one of his top 3 priorities decomposed into more and more detailed services, q Value proposition for standards over the next 3 years? all of them aligned with the levels above. q Status of current standards q What are the implications for the IT function The roadmap will be illustrated by practical and the key challenges on the way? examples from real customer projects. CASE STUDY Track 2: Implementing EA at the Ohio 16:35 – 17:35 CONCURRENT SESSIONS q How to get started with EA and SOAs? q How to develop a process-driven application Bureau of Workers’ Compensation architecture as a foundation for SOA? Track 1: Where should Architecture be q How to involve the business people in Douglas T Erickson, President, ENTARCO USA Inc Headed in Support of the Open architectural work? q How to measure the value of architecture? This presentation will describe how Enterprise Networked Enterprise? Architecture has been implemented at the Ohio Bureau Peter Haine, Independent Consultant of Workers’ Compensation, what value and benefits Track 4: Question-Oriented Enterprise have been achieved and its role as a foundation for their Five years ago, the subject of Enterprise SOA and Agile enterprise initiatives. They are now in Architecture the 8th year of implementation. This presentation is Architecture barely raised a flicker of interest amongst IT Directors, yet today the IT world Martin Owen,VP, Enterprise Architecture Products very oriented to the methodology used to implement bristles with talk of service oriented architecture, Telelogic EA and actual, real-world results. application portfolio management, etc. But are these Enterprise Architecture stakeholders want to analyse q How to achieve highly aligned, integrated, flexible, ideas enabling organisations to become the kinds of and make business decisions based on architectural responsive enterprise information systems flexible, agile business networks that will dominate information.The three main levels of stakeholders for q Use of a disciplined methodology for implementing in the future? architecture information: Executives, Operational and Enterprise Architecture very cost effectively Technical staff, all require different capabilities: For the past eighteen months Peter Haine has CASE STUDY participated in the Open Networked Enterprise q Executives want to view architectural information Track 3: Application-to-Application- programme at Don Tapscott’s IT Think Tank, New in pie charts, bar charts, time lines etc. Paradigm.This has analysed the potential of ten q Operational Staff want to use explorer Connectivity Strategies breakthrough ideas, including EA, to fundamentally type diagrams to analyse relationships Frank Baldinger, Corporate IT Associate, ING transform businesses. Members of the programme between objects include American Express, Canadian Tire, Met Life, q Technical staff want to view their models either in This presentation gives an overview of the areas of Federal Express, General Motors, Procter and UML, network concept diagrams or in the myriad Web Services and SOA. For a global company like Gamble, Roche, Citigroup and technology partners of other modelling techniques ING there is a need for Application-to-Application IBM, SAP and Intel. (A2A) connectivity strategies across all LOBs in all Executives and Operational staff also want to report the regions. Looking at the SOA-WS field we need In his presentation Peter will give a high level on specific questions about their architecture. strategies depending on the type of architecture introduction to the programme and share his Questions will differ per organisation so using the involved. An A2A connectivity stack together with a assessment of where members and other latest web technology,Telelogic provides an interface 6
  7. 7. Conference Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 June 2006 organizations are in their application of EA ideas: q How to create agile models of the enterprise 10:30 – 11:30 CONCURRENT SESSIONS solution landscape and data architecture q What is meant by the Open Networked q How an agile architecture supports change Enterprise (ONE)? Track 1: Tell me and I’ll Forget: Effective q What are the characteristics of the ONE? Communication of an Enterprise q How does Enterprise Architecture play its part Track 4: Measuring the Value of Architecture in the ONE? q What are organisations achieving today? Information - Assessing Value of the Martin Sykes, CTO, Offender Management, EDS q What are the leaders doing to significantly Information Portfolio outperform through the use of Enterprise ‘Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. John Ladley, Director, Navigant Consulting Architecture ideas? Involve me and I'll understand’. (Confucius) q What are the barriers to others following the If information is an asset, is there any relevance in In today’s organizations, everyone is bombarded by leaders? placing a value on the information portfolio? This information of various kinds from many sources. A seems like an intellectual exercise, but is evolving into clearly described Enterprise Architecture can avoid CASE STUDY an effective approach to show the value of the ever increasing rate of change to business, Track 2: Business-Driven Enterprise information management applications to information systems and technology being seen as management. Information management is now being anarchic and even lunatic. Technical Architecture examined for its abilities to add real value to an Pekka Pulkkinen, Senior Platform Architect, Nokia enterprise, directly enhance balance sheets and However, not everyone can be involved in EA income statements and mitigate risk. production and architects cannot assume that their Nokia’s enterprise architecture consists of five logic and insight will be sufficient to convince architecture dimensions that are based on business This session will examine the various views and people unmotivated to change of the value of this models and operating models of the business units. aspects of determining the risk and value of work. Technical architecture focuses on non-behavioural information assets, and provides some guiding aspects that have high cost impact on the principles to help you develop a better case for An architecture will remain shelf ware until its infrastructure creation and use phases. Nokia’s proactive information management. Specifically, this customers and stakeholders can clearly understand enterprise technical architecture speeds up the talk will examine: how it affects them. Understanding all the different business infrastructure product creation by defining customers of EA and the products required to a set of architectural design patterns.The q The components of information value communicate with them in a way that grabs their application patterns describe typical software q Specific techniques for valuation and risk attention and imagination is vital to the success of assessment component integration scenarios from standalone the endeavour. q Defining proactive business cases applications to applications interacting with multiple partners.The technical design patterns describe the q The different customers of EA and their requirements best practices to improve the performance, security, q Real world examples to show what has worked availability, and IT continuity.The selection of the Wednesday 14 June 2006 and what has not patterns is based on end user behaviour analysis q Key elements of the winning set that remove and information risks assessment. All patterns are 09:00 – 10:00 KEYNOTE resistance and engage the imagination modelled in UML to enable easy reuse. Strategic Consideration for Open Source q Well defined methodology to derive detailed in the Enterprise CASE STUDY non-behavioural requirements from the business IT Strategy & Innovation, BMW Track 2: Using Enterprise Architecture model to Support Information Systems q Application design patterns describe typical Open Source Software (OSS) is Strategy Development and Project software component integration scenarios making a major impact on the IT q Technical design patterns describe how the landscapes of many corporations. Delivery at the Home Office requirements of the dominant non-behavioural Apache web-servers have some 70% of the market and Eclipse Abdul-Rashid M Abdi, Senior Information Systems aspects are met Strategist, Home Office has taken over the Java Integrated q Training of the practitioners and use of company Development Environment (IDE) Ted Carroll, Head of Technology Exploitation, wide modelling methodology and tools enable market at such a tremendous pace that you can Impact Plus easy reuse of the designs now get your favourite IDE from Sun or Oracle for free, too. In collaboration with Impact Plus, the Home Office The cost savings are real but most corporations Track 3: The Agile Architect – Bringing still want support from IBM or HP, never embarked on a project to investigate possible uses compile Linux themselves and if they did, would and benefits of Enterprise Architecture (EA).Twelve Agility to Architecture lose that valuable promise of support. months later, an early EA model linking high level Andrew Johnston, Independent Consultant, But OSS is not just about cost-saving.Architects aims and objectives with people, processes and Questa Computing need to get better acquainted with new license programmes was delivered. The model was used to and development models and with the assist with the 2006-2008 Information Systems (IS) In the real world of ever-changing goalposts and opportunities that OSS brings, such as increased strategy development and the rollout of a large limited architecture resources, enterprise architects interoperability or reduced vendor lock-in. Electronic Document Record Management (EDRM) must themselves adopt agile methods of working. Participating in an OSS community to achieve project. these benefits brings new challenges such as By doing so, they can deliver greater value to both helping that guy in Uzbekistan with your agile and formal developments.The architect’s The EA project also defined a road map for setting people’s work time and selling this activity to primary tasks – understanding the enterprise’s upper management.This presentation will up and running an in-house EA service to provide needs, envisioning and communicating the describe these challenges as well as outlining strategic assurance and guidance for projects during architecture, managing change and complexity – all how to build a plan on what to do with OSS in the feasibility stage, assist with assessment and benefit from a pragmatic approach focused on your enterprise and what issues to focus your evaluation of options in the design phase, and assist people and communication rather than tools and attention on. with identifying strategic themes. processes. q Open Source licenses from a corporate perspective q EA project phases and deliveries This presentation draws on the presenter’s q Opportunities and Threats in Open Source q EA model structure and relationships experience as an agile architect in a leading utility Software q Using the EA model to aid IS strategy company, to explain: q Market evolution estimation development q Building an Open Source Strategy q Using the EA model to assist with EDRM rollout q Why architects should "go agile" q Examples of strategic and architectural q Setting up and running an EA service q How agile concepts apply to an enterprise practices at the BMW Group architecture 7
  8. 8. Conference Wednesday 14 June 2006 interface for all levels of stakeholder to access and Track 3: The Architecture and use their enterprise architecture information from Track 4: New Ways to Get Value from Implementation Conundrum System Architect® in a comprehensive and easy Your Enterprise Architecture Investments manner. Enterprise architects must now be Stan Locke, Managing Director, Zachman prepared to proactively manage risk and point out Jonas Lamis,VP EMEA Marketing, Framework Associates liabilities and benefits in the information portfolio. Troux Technologies Over the past 20 years as Enterprise Architecture q Compliance does not mitigate risk In 2006, Enterprise Architects find themselves on the has become a recognized way to express business q Identifying and classifying current risk areas front line of needing to provide business answers to requirements, controls and governance, many people q Overview of processes, technologies and cultural a broad set of IT questions. In this presentation, Mr. ask how the architecture elements relate to systems action that are required Lamis will discuss ten New Ways of demonstrating implementations. business value with existing Enterprise Architecture CASE STUDY We will examine the assembly of the enterprise assets.These new ways tie EA assets to Compliance, descriptions, building on the material given by John Track 2: Enterprise Architecture Portfolio Management, and IT Governance initiatives Zachman in the Workshop and his opening keynote in 10 Weeks at Vitens going on within your company. Some key areas that speech.We will touch on the new areas of virtual will be covered include: frameworks, information and service oriented Marlies van Steenbergen, Principal Consultant approaches and the rapidly appearing Model Driven Enterprise Architecture, Sogeti q Resolving enterprise redundancies Architecture work being done by clients operating in Developing an enterprise architecture need not be q Identifying IT non-compliance a global enterprise. a mammoth exercise taking many months. In my q Supporting the outsourcing decision process This session will explore the recent work, in the presentation I will show how Vitens, a water supply evolving standards, methodology choices, and tool company in the Netherlands, developed in only 10 bindings, essential to narrowing this understanding weeks a usable enterprise architecture that is fully 13:45 – 14:45 KEYNOTE gap in the following areas: accepted by the organization. An effort that not only delivered results very quickly, but was also fun BPM: The Tie that Binds Enterprise q The Classification Framework and educational for all parties involved. Architecture q The Methodology Choices and Implications q The Integration and Transformation Requirements Keywords in our approach were speed, involvement Roger Burlton, Founder, Process Renewal Group and fitness for use.We developed an approach to True enterprise architectures actively involve stakeholders from different parts of cover all aspects of all business the organization, get them to communicate with capabilities, not just its Track 4: How will your SOA Strategy each other and to solve their differences amongst technologies.This includes gaining Deliver Value each other. All this, of course was carried out in a and exploiting knowledge about way that fitted the very full agendas of the many domains as viewed from David Hunt, Director, Serco Consulting many perspectives.A critical link stakeholders. among them and the path to alignment across SOA is gaining ground in the market, as it does so q The use of workshops to obtain speed and Zachman Framework columns and traceability questions are being raised about the adequacy of involvement down its rows are business processes.This current technologies to deliver on the promises q The use of timeboxing presentation asserts that processes act as the q The path from business vision to technical prime organizer of aligned and traceable Business Alignment and Value: We believe that realisation architectural models when it comes to such success is driven by understanding and aligning delivering an optimally functioning enterprise. q Lessons learned With the emergence of new standards for the benefits of the approach with business needs and Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), drivers.To this end we will present a 'Best value' the growing role of processes in Model Driven Model and SOA Maturity Framework. Architecture (MDA) and the undeniable Track 3: Successful Service-Orientated connection between processes and Service- Architecture: Adding the A into SOA requires that Architecture oriented Architecture (SOA), we have the we have an architectural framework for the opportunity to build more versatile enterprises development and assessment of systems utilising Paul Allen, Principal Consultant, CA that employ infrastructural components that are either Services or ESB.This work builds on reusable and can be assembled into solutions Loss of control of the enterprise software portfolio fast under a process choreography layer. IEEE1470-2000 and assessment frameworks from the is a common problem in organizations faced with Without an Enterprise Architecture, builders Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon. increasing pressure to outsource and to cut will have to hand craft unique components and corners.This trend is fuelled by service orientation, the links among them one process at a time at 11:30 – 12:30 CONCURRENT SESSIONS a business model concerned with the buying and the expense of the adaptability of the enterprise and the satisfaction of its stakeholders. selling of services to achieve increased profits and This session will deal with the insidious role of Track 1: Developing Scorecards and long-term commercial advantage.The challenge is to process in synchronizing Enterprise Using Information Management to evolve a set of agile services as part of a service- Architectures and business solutions. oriented architecture (SOA), in which services are Manage Risk q Strategic Intent clearly specified and dependencies understood. At John Ladley, Director, Navigant Consulting q Stakeholder Analysis and Process Strategy the same time a practical migration strategy q Process Architecture and Process Models as involves an incremental approach that delivers Glue Risk management has occupied a small corner of "quick wins". In this presentation we look at how a q Process Notations, Metamodels and the corporate mindshare until the last few years. SOA can enable the organization to achieve this Global Standards Debate Terrorism, regulation, natural disasters, and the pace goal, while regaining control of its software q Managing the Alignment among Zachman of globalization have created environments where portfolio.We introduce several enabling techniques Cells suddenly Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is including the "line of commoditization" and service- dominating the agenda at corporate board oriented viewpoints. Real-world examples are used “ meetings.The need for ERM is dropping squarely to illustrate application of these techniques. into the lap of those charged with maintaining q Very good, good overview, good mixture the enterprise processes and technologies that q The line of commoditization of theory, visions and practice. manage data. q Service specification q Service-oriented viewpoints Oswald Schnappinger, Head of This session will review the risk-based drivers that q Achieving business value: execution strategies Architecture Group,Wacker are altering the shape of Enterprise Architecture. Questions will differ per organisation so using the and examples Chemie GmbH latest web technology,Telelogic provides an 8
  9. 9. Conference Wednesday 14 June 2006 14:45 – 15:45 CONCURRENT SESSIONS Such an environment requires real-time monitoring industry partners investigating various strategies to at various levels (systems, applications, business enable corporate value from an Enterprise Track 1: Through the Looking Glass: processes, etc). New event-based Business Activity Architecture. In cooperation with Mobiliar and Monitoring (BAM) technology provides the means other partners an EA value realisation framework A Business Perspective on the Value for this overall control. was developed. It focuses on an increased EA of Architecture awareness by non-IT related stakeholders and the subsequent realisation of an EA’s entire Kellie Scott, Principal Strategist, Logical Leap, Inc The combination of SOA, Grid and BAM into a potential value. single comprehensive architecture represents a Want to know what the business really thinks about major step towards the IT Holy Grail. q Involvement of non-IT stakeholders This presentation introduces these new concepts q Value realisation framework architecture? Want to know why when you mention q Approaches for evolving EA value and their associated technologies from an the word "enterprise" they run the other way? Want q The framework for corporate EA success realisation to know how to get real buy in for your initiatives? architectural perspective and explains how they (strategies) Attend this session and find out all of this and more. provide the IT environment of tomorrow. q Strategies to increase EA awareness and realise Take a look at EA from a business executive’s potential value perspective to fully understand the EA/business q How to structure their IT environment using q Swiss Mobiliar EA (strategies, processes, benefit) integration challenge. We will discuss real life a Service Oriented Architecture examples of what works and what doesn’t when q The full capabilities of SOA (e.g. supporting Grid CASE STUDY attempting to integrate enterprise architecture into a computing) Track 3: Extending the NATO business project. The topics to be covered will be q How this architecture allows more efficient Architectural Framework to represent monitoring of business functions how alignment really works, how to gain business Service-Oriented Architectures buy-in, knowing when and how to pick your battles, obtaining and maintaining funding as well as ongoing John Keefe, MOD enforcement and governance. Track 4: Case Study: Enterprise NATO Network Enabled Capability (NNEC) is the Architecture Deployment within 90 days realisation of a need for flexible, configurable military q What business leaders want (and don’t want) from EA Jeff Goins, CEO & President & Don Russell, Senior capability using new and existing sensors, decision q How to present EA’s case in business terms Consultant, Adaptive, Inc. makers and effectors in concert.The systems q How business executives think about strategy providing the required functionality are often q Why relationships are important The presentation and demonstration will outline one complex. Planning and implementing NNEC will financial institution’s approach to implementing a require a new way of managing vast amounts of dynamic EA solution for managing an IT application operational and design information and CASE STUDY portfolio and associated processes, to ensure proper understanding the connections between them.The Track 2: Architecture In a Global alignment to the business objectives is achieved on NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) provides a Organisation way of organising and presenting this information in an ongoing basis. It will describe the pain points and manageable views. Chris Wilson, Enterprise Architect, BP the process this organization went through to achieve its EA objectives and ROI and will conclude To achieve NNEC, NATO wishes to move towards a As a truly global organisation, with operations in all with a demonstration of the actual implementation, coalition Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).This parts of the world, BP brings a unique challenge to which was accomplished within 90 days. presents a different set of challenges to the architecture.Added to this has been an aggressive stakeholders who currently work with the NAF since strategy of merger and acquisition resulting in a q Getting to the root of the problems current military Architecture Frameworks – e.g. multitude of architectural experience and technologies. q The adventure of the EA journey: from selecting DoDAF, MODAF & NAF – are not designed for This talk is an overview of how BP addresses to implementing an EA solution explicit representation of services. Extensions to the architecture, training and standards across the q Case study demonstration NAF are needed if SOA is to be successfully adopted organisation.There will be a focus on BP’s various in NATO. internal organisational models and how, pragmatically, 16:15-17:15 CONCURRENT SESSIONS This presentation describes the work to date on architecture is delivered in these models. A major focus extensions to the NAF for SOA. will be on ‘making architecture work’ in a company with Track 1: Guru Panel: Delegates can pose diverse drivers and varying degrees of architectural q Representative view examples, illustrating how questions for debate among this panel services are defined, how they are composed and maturity. of expert practitioners orchestrated, how they provide capability, and how they interact with the environment and q Growing architecture in a large organisation Moderator: Sally Bean, Independent Consultant other services q Architectural governance in a diverse company John Zachman, Zachman International q Metamodel defining allowable architecture q Pragmatic architectural engagement Roger Burlton, Process Renewal Group elements and how they are related, and decisions q Enterprise architecture skill learnings taken while defining extensions to it Daniel Lange, BMW q “Top Down” v “Bottom Up” q Wider international efforts to harmonise Alex Peters, Forrester Research architecture frameworks John Good, Serco Consulting Jeff Scott, Logical Leap, Inc Track 3: SOA/BAM/Grid and the Quest Track 4: Radical Basics: Unlocking the for the IT Holy Grail CASE STUDY Value of the Network in Enterprise Andrew Sutherland,VP Technology, Oracle EMEA Track 2: Strategies to Realise Corporate Architecture Imagine an IT environment where new business Value from Enterprise Architecture Chris Smedley, MD & Mike Ainger, Director functions can be added seamlessly and integrated Operations and Business Development, Geo Andreas Dietzsch, Business Process Engineer, with each other to provide new business processes; Swiss Mobiliar Insurance q The traditional tension: networks vs Enterprise where there is automatic reconfiguration in the event Architecture of overload or failure.This IT Holy Grail is getting Christian Kluge, Queensland University of Technology q A new perspective: strategic network ownership closer due to the development of event-based and and total customer control Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). q Optimising the flexibility/risk balance Swiss Mobiliar has had an EA function since 2001. SOA reintroduces the concept of software Today it is a widely accepted and valued change q The re-emergence of Long Term Planning components, but independent of programming management instrument. As Mobiliar’s experiences q Case Study languages, transport or activation protocols. show, an early involvement of non-IT related Integration is made easier and the activation of stakeholders and widespread EA use by them is 17:15 – 17:30 CONFERENCE WRAP-UP components is no longer an issue.The Grid extremely important to gain its full corporate value. In 2003 QUT Brisbane started a joint project with John Zachman, Zachman International computing concept can as a result, capitalise on SOA. 9